Basic Tips To Help You Have A Perfect Lawn

So many homeowners want to have a truly perfect lawn but do not actually know how to do this. Taking care of the lawn is something that is not as easy as you might think. It needs a lot of work. You need to be sure that you do all that is needed in order for the lawn to be perfect. This requires a lot of knowledge. The tips below, offered by Fix It Right Plumbing, will help you do exactly that.

Preventing Weeds From Showing Up

You have to stop the weeds from gaining roothold inside the lawn way before they start to germinate. This is pretty easy to do when you use a suitable herbicide. You want to buy a pre-emergent one that will control dreaded crabgrass, all while eliminating some specific weeds that are damaging for lawns. The idea of these herbicides is that they stop seeds from sprouting. Just be sure that you follow the package instructions in regards to protective equipment, safety precautions, application procedures and proper clothing.

Remove Broadleaf Weeds As Soon As They Sprout

When broadleaf weeds appear they are instantly obvious. They are bright yellow, like dandelions, have white-flowering clover and a big-leaf plantain. You want to treat this by applying granular weed control. When just some offenders are seen, as is often the case with most lawns at the beginning of the infestation, hand removal is possible.

As a helpful tip, wait until heavy morning dew appears if you want to apply the granular weed products. Granules require moisture in order to properly stick to the weed leaves. Dewy mornings give you exactly that.

Frequent High Mowing

When you mow the lawn short it all seems like a wonderful time saver. The problem is that this practice can actually damage the grass. Weeds also end up rooting faster. You want to keep the law just a little bit taller. This makes the grass healthier. Generally, the idea is to never cut off anything more than one-third of grass blade.

Sharp Mower Blades Are Mandatory

When the lawn mower has dull blades, grass will be torn. This results in ragged edge in the blade, which makes overall lawn appear grayish brown. You want to replace or at least sharpen lawn mower blades if wear signs appear. As an alternative, do this once if mowing season starts.

Lawn size and mowing frequency always dictate if you should replace or sharpen blades more often. You want to look at grass blade right after you mow. When it is frayed or shredded, you want to sharpen up the blades.

Water During Mornings

No matter what you might think, the very best time to water the lawn is always during the morning, early during the morning. This is because sun helps dry grass. If you water during the night or when it is dark, prolonged blade moisture appears. This can easily lead to lawn diseases. Water less but for a longer period of time. This is always better.

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