5 Ways To Find The Money To Pay Your Lawyer

There are numerous reasons why you might need a lawyer at some point in your life, and you probably already know that good legal representation isn’t cheap.  Free or court appointed representation doesn’t usually turn out the best.

There’s no question you’ll need to come up with a couple grand for a lawyer, should you ever find yourself in the position to need one.  Here are a few ideas for how you might go about wrangling up several thousand dollars for a competent lawyer.

Understand the different types of legal fees

There are several different types of charges you might encounter working with a lawyer.  Here is a quick description of a few key legal fees you should understand before entering a legal office.  

  • Hourly rate – This is the most common type of payment lawyers use.  Clients pay by the hour, and it can be quite expensive.
  • Flat fee – You will get a flat fee to pay when you need a lawyer for formulating your will.
  • Contingency fee – The legal fees will be paid out of the sum awarded to you from the case.
  • Retainer fee – A sum of money is placed in an account for your lawyer to use during the case.  When the case is resolved, the remaining funds go back to your account
  • Statutory fee – When the court sets a fee ahead of time.

Negotiate for a contingency fee

Sometimes you will have the right type of case to request a contingency payment for your legal representation.  If you suffer a personal injury from an accident, you will likely have a sum of money owed to you.  Your lawyer will simply take a portion of your winnings.

Contingency payments are a lifesaver when you don’t have the money to hire a lawyer.  Just make sure you’re getting a fair deal. The cost of representation wavers drastically, so do your research.  

Try raising money online for costs

You could try raising money for your legal fees by setting up a crowdfunding campaign.  Crowdfunding will allow you to plead your case to hundreds of different people at once. If you build a convincing crowdfunding campaign, you can have your legal fees paid in full.  

Take out a personal loan

You may not have good luck with the law, but you do have good credit.  You could consider going to the bank to inquire about getting a personal loan.  This way, you’ll just have a payment to pay each month.  The payments will also do your credit some justice, so you could turn a bad situation into a beneficial setup.  

Charge it to a credit card

You could consider using your credit card to pay for your legal fees, but you’ll have to have a high credit limit.  You may even need two different cards to cover the damage.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.