4 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

Whenever you manage to make money as you travel your journey can continue without limits. Traveling is a dream for many and the possibility to make money is one you most likely want to take into account. It is normal to be afraid of something completely new to you but the reality of the matter is that thousands of people already read the dream. Boris from dzhingarov.com is an example of such a person. We got in touch with him and he mentioned the following methods to take into account if your goal is to make money and travel the world.

Freelance Websites

There are numerous small and large businesses that post jobs on the internet for projects related to literally anything you could imagine and that could be done with the use of the internet, ranging from tutoring to web design. The freelancer that completes the job will receive a payment for it that is negotiated prior to the job starting.

Most people associated freelancing with working from home but since the internet is practically everywhere these days, why not take this to the road? With a little bit of planning you can turn this into a huge career as you visit the world.


Most people do not take Fiverr into account since the premise of the site is that you get $5 for various different things. It is easy to think that this is not a lot but what many do not know is that $5 is just the premise of the site. You can always charge more. What is particularly interesting is that people pay you $5 for some pretty interesting jobs that do or do not require technical skills. All you need to do is to take a look at the people that have great results. See why that happens and emulate them for better results.


This is a site that is great for both students and teachers. The teachers are going to teach lessons in person or through internet apps like Hangouts or Skype. Online lessons are what you will consider although it is possible that you will find some clients where you travel so that that into account. Do not think that you cannot teach people because you do not have a degree. You can always offer things like acting lessons, language lessons, singing lessons or even work with technical subjects like WordPress or development.


The best way to describe this site is a combination of the other two mentioned below. The difference is it is business-focused so it is recommended for those that have experience with technology, design and online marketing. You basically create an account and set the call rate you have. This is how much people will pay per one minute in order to discuss with you via Skype or on the phone.

You may think that you are not an expert but just browse through the projects as you will be surprised how many jobs are available for something that you are actually experienced in.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.