Understanding The Cost of Replacement Windows

When looking at replacement windows, not only should you consider function, but you should also consider the value that new windows add to your home. A good quality replacement window doesn’t only look nice, but it can add a plethora of benefits to your home, such as increased functionality, decreases to your energy bills, and a high return on investment.


One of the more direct advantages to getting replacement windows is the updated functionality that a new window will give you. With changing technologies in the window market, new windows include an array of features that may not have been present in older windows. Some replacement windows for example include special glazings on the glass that interact with UV to loosen dirt and almost self-clean themselves. In addition, you’ll find some replacement windows include adjustable features that only allow the window to open to a certain point so as a homeowner you can have air flow throughout the day without worrying about someone breaking into your house. Lastly, some contemporary windows also include updated functions that make opening and closing the windows a smoother process that do not require constant greasing or maintenance. As a result of these updated functionalities, not only do new replacement windows make using your window a lot easier, but they also add value to your home when it comes to the resale appeal of your home.

Energy Savings

When considering replacement windows, one of the biggest benefits is the reduction in energy consumption. Older windows typically aren’t as air tight and thermally resistant as contemporary windows, and as a result your home is losing a ton of heating and cooling through these spaces. When you go with a quality replacement window however, you’re less likely to have your heating and cooling leave through this space and as a result will consume less energy. Keep in mind that while a good quality replacement window will reduce energy consumption, it also comes down to having a good quality installer ensuring that the space the window is setting in is thermally resistant as well – using spray foam around the space the window sets in for example.

Quality replacement windows are up to 40% more efficient at preventing heating and cooling escape from your home. That 40% reduction is huge since over 30% of your homes heating leaves through the windows in your home. As a result, by using more thermally resistant windows you can reduce your energy bills by up to $465 a year.

Resale Value

When it comes to making any home renovation purchase it’s always best to consider the return on investment that this renovation will bring your home. While a quality replacement window can be a large investment, the good news is that you’ll typically get most of that cost back in the sale of your home. According to CNBC a $10,000 investment in new windows will typically bump up the asking price of a home to $8,500, giving windows an 85% return on investment.

One of the key reasons quality windows give such a large return on investment is their durability. With many modern windows being made of vinyl, the chances of rot or failure are no longer common like they were with aged wooden windows. Due in part to vinyl windows being so durable, many manufacturers are offering lifetime warranties on their products which can be very appealing for the home buyer’s market.

David Jackson

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