Where to Send Extra Energy for Earnings

If you work from eight to five or a college student, you always have some extra energy and time to spare, no need to waste time and energy while you can make some extra money. You do not really need to have lots of time and sometimes you will be surprised you can earn money while sleeping. If you are a full-time college student there are several jobs you could redirect your energy on such as freelance writing jobs. Within minutes of each day, you can make extra money, it would be even over the lunch hour.

Areas where to send extra energy for extra earnings

Online surveys

Sign up with many survey companies online. The companies send many links so that you answer questions that determine if you are qualified to tackle the real survey. After you qualify to take the actual survey, which is paid according to your agreement with the company. Surveys are paid between $ 0.50 up to $25. The extra money comes in handy to lay off some financial burden.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping business is a lucrative business to work on with extra energy. You purchase products and sell to others through numerous e-commerce sites online. You do not have to own a physical location to hold an inventory. Find products that customers are looking for then have the goods drop shipped to them. You don’t need much capital so the business is low-cost and you don’t need a storage facility. You will make a few extra dollars a day with this.

Writing and editing

Become a freelance writer or editor for web content.  When you become a freelance writer, you can gain some editing skills too to make yourself marketable. Depending on different clients these jobs are either paid hourly, by post or by each word written. Editors make lots of money too.

Social media strategist

You can become a social media strategist to help businesses develop and maintain their online presence. Help businesses with digital marketing strategies and strategists are paid depending on the skills, past projects, and connections while some are salaried and some are paid by the project.

Mystery shopping

This is also known as secret shopping because you are hired to go into a business and pose as a customer. The main objective is to note their service skills, the quality of the products and others like checking the cleanliness of the area. You are reimbursed for whatever you use and you earn about $10 to $15 per shopping done. Sign up with different companies to be a mystery shopper.

Stock photos

Are you good with photo taking? Take some few hours on the weekends and take photos of things, people and landscapes among other objects and sceneries. This is a money making opportunity because of the numerous sites where you can upload them for sale to small businesses. There is no limit to how many times the photo can be purchased. Increase your earnings by increasing the number of photos you have on site.

With the extra energy you can earn extra money and everybody needs some extra cash in their pocket to spend. Make sure you have the right skills for the right jobs that you can handle easily. Some of the income making avenues, like Write Zillas, need outgoing people while others are great opportunities for introverts.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.