Using Facts to Foil Instagram Myths

Instagram is currently one of the most important social platforms on the internet today and has provided entrepreneurs with opportunities to build their brands. The popularity Instagram enjoys has brought misconceptions, rumors, and myths that prevent ecommerce marketers from taking full advantage of everything the channel has to offer. Here we use Instagram statistics by country to bust some of the most common myths so that your business will not suffer from believing them and acting upon them.

Myth #1: Instagram’s practice of “shadowbanning” is commonplace.

Shadowbanning is the practice of banning an account that Instagram deems unsuitable and is falsely perceived as being used regularly and arbitrarily. When people see a drop off in their engagement or reach, they automatically jump to the conclusion that they are being shadowbanned. The truth is that there are many factors that can cause an Instagram post to perform badly. Instead of analyzing if there is an issue of the day or time of post, a poor mixture of hashtags, or a problem with the content itself, account holders assume that they have been shadowbanned without prior warning. Accounts are not shadowbanned for using too many hashtags or some other small infraction. A decrease in engagement is more likely due to poorly designed content, deficient marketing, or the use of the wrong hashtags.

Myth #2: Placing hashtags in biographies helps profiles in search rankings.

The truth is that the content in your Instagram profile biography isn’t searchable and hashtags in your bio have zero impact on your search rankings. While using a branded hashtag in your bio allows people to see content with that hashtag, it is probably the only time you should use one there. It is also important to note that the hashtag you create for your brand on Instagram is not your private property. You don’t technically own it, and other members are free to use your branded hashtag without obtaining your permission. Even if you get a trademark for a specific hashtag, you cannot prevent others from using it on social media. Everything that you publish on the Instagram platform becomes the property of the website. It’s important to learn everything you can about using hashtags on your Instagram account.

Myth #3: Instagram only shows posts to 10 percent of your followers.

For the last time, Instagram isn’t hiding your content. Despite rumors that Instagram’s algorithm changes every so often, the truth is that the Instagram algorithm is, for the most part, the same as it has always been since the advent of the channel. Unlike Facebook, nothing major has been done to it, and it remains a priority ranking system. Instagram no longer shows your posts in chronological order on your timeline in the order that you published them. Instead, the Instagram algorithm determines the value of the post based on the importance to your audience and orders the content according. As a follower, if you like and comment on an account’s content frequently, the algorithm will mark that account as high priority. If you follow an account and you don’t engage with it, the algorithm marks it a low priority.

Myth #4: There is a tie between Instagram Stories and the reach of your main feed posts.

On Instagram, there is no connection between what’s going on in Stories and what is occurring on the feed posts. While feed posts can get a small boost in reach with the new share post to the Stories function, it is important that you share only the wants that are important and are critical for your audience to see. Share the ones that are important and that you want your audience to see, and understand the ways you can use Instagram Stories to boost your brand. Instagram business profiles also retain their rankings in the news feed compared to personal profiles. Likewise, Instagram monitors your personal and business accounts, and the value of your business account is the same as the value of a personal account. Switch to a business account does not negatively influence your brand with your followers, advertisers, or influencers, and it will not decrease your overall visibility. Instagram business profiles retain their rankings in the news feed compared to personal profiles. Instagram is not Facebook, and if you’ve been wanting to switch to a business account, there’s no logical reason not to.

Are you aware of other Instagram myths or rumors you’d like to bust? Feel free to share the information being shared and the truth behind the story. We’re waiting to hear from you!


David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.