Gold or Bitcoin: Which is the Better Investment?

The cryptocurrency rose to popularity as a peer-to-peer decentralized currency sometime in late 2010. The concept was introduced in a white paper in 2009 where the author highlighted the advantages of currency exchange in a secure manner, without any involvement of banks whatsoever. There were no third-party merchants in the transactions. If you had computing power, then you could mine your own bitcoins using decryption methods, and trade them with one another, in a secure channel.

Why Cryptocurrency?

In the past decade, Cryptocurrency has seen the rise and fall in terms of transactional value. Bitcoin trading is unlike normal trading. There is no fixed trading value for bitcoin. It just uses the last transaction exchange rate for future transactions. This is a two-sided sword for investors. On one hand, you could benefit from a previously executed higher than the normal transaction, but on the other, a downward spiral of prevailing transaction rate may incur uncontrollable losses. This volatility makes it unpredictable as an investment. But, on the upside, the security aspect of transacting only with the one that you intend to, using the unique QR code, brings about a sense of reliability in the cryptocurrency transaction. Peer-to-peer decentralized transaction means that there are no losses involved in value exchange. This brings about a fairground for both buyer and seller alike.

Is It Safer than Gold?

Gold has always been a standard of investments. It has appreciated in a steady fashion. Ever since the beginning of forms of currency, elemental currencies like gold, and copper have been widely accepted forms of exchanges. Time has played an important role in increasing the dependability and acceptability of Gold among civilizations. Moreover, Gold investments have been traditionally dominated among families and are passed on as generation-to-generation safe investment advice. Often if you ask an individual investing in gold, the most obvious reply would be of influence from family members. Hence, individuals have traditionally preferred to invest their hard-earned money in well-known investment modules like gold.

Things are, however, now changing. An average investor with little knowledge of investments is aided by a variety of data-crunching automated investments applications like Crypto-trading software, all they have to do is lock in their money, and the AI trading software from does the rest. This has given to the rise of cryptocurrency trading and is being portrayed as the next big investment to gold. The absence of intermediaries and zero-loss transaction security, along with distributed ledger technology has further boosted the confidence of neo-investors to invest in Bitcoin.


Conclusion: A Road with an Unpredictable Dead End?

The crypto-trading field is an upcoming field that promises higher returns on a short term basis. However, it is not without cyber-security threats, and the fact that it is a virtual-money puts an inherent sense of unpredictability in the minds of investors, who wish to grow their financial investments in the long run through cryptocurrency trading. Gold, on the other hand, shall continue to be a safe investment, as it is the most widely accepted form of investment in the whole world. This acceptance increases the reliability and dependability for investors, as against a virtual-money with no guarantor for any cyber-crime that may wipe out cryptocurrency investments.

Still, we cannot deny the fact that many of the big financial investors and reputed industries are investing in cryptocurrency which is slowly increasing the trust amongst the general public. And the increase in the bitcoin investments is taking it towards a scarcity as we are aware that the quantity is limited, which means this is the best time to invest in cryptocurrency if you are looking to gain huge profits in the near future.



David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.