Starting a Business and Want to Accept Bitcoin? Keep the Following in Mind

Bitcoin is slowly becoming a popular way of accepting payment for old and new businesses alike. Especially small start-ups like coffee joints, cafes and retail stores, have started accepting Bitcoin as an alternative source of payment. But what are the ways in which you can accept transactions through bitcoin?

Quick Recognition (QR) Code Sharing:

Bitcoins work on the simple QR code identification and transfer method. The QR code is encrypted, so there is no chance of any fraud happening here. Since it is a Peer-to-peer network, merchants need not worry about third party charges while accepting payments. However, one should be careful about sharing the right QR code with customers. If your Bitcoin account QR code becomes visible accidentally, then other customers can transact with your Bitcoin reserve, and there is no way to reverse the same unless the fraudulent customer gets caught and pays up at will. Business owners need to be careful about fraud payment gateways as well.

Volatile prices of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin prices are extremely volatile. If you wish to transact with a customer, it should be done at an average price in which bitcoin is trending in the international market. This is fair both for the business owner and the customer as well. However, as a business accepting Bitcoins, it should be immediately converted into flat currency. You should not hold on to your bitcoin payments, just so that the bitcoin price improves. Experts have seen that this becomes detrimental in the long run as this method only gives you short-term gains.

It is advisable to tie up with automated trading apps like Bitcoin-Profit from that uses complex AI algorithms to detect market trends and keeps a tab on when to invest for the maximum gains, with an average conversion rate of over 90%. You can now build on your core business while having an automated investment using Bitcoin profit.

Taxation Challenges:

Bitcoin payments too should be under a tax declaration. Since there is no involvement of any third-party banks, regulation of Bitcoin payments received becomes extremely important. It should be treated just like receiving cash payments. Holding on to Bitcoin payments also attracts attention from the IRS.

Online Payments:

When you are accepting payments online, make sure your bitcoin address is correct. A redirect URL that will display your bitcoin address should make sure that you receive online payments via bitcoin. The other effective way is to get a programmer and print your bitcoin payment address on each invoice. In order to keep track of the payments, you should create unique addresses. This will help you track your SKUs, and services individually.


Bitcoin payments have helped so many new start-ups begin payment for goods and services offered. The advantage of decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange helps new businesses manage payments in an easier way, as there is no involvement of third-party banks and merchants whatsoever. At the same time, it brings an equal amount of challenges, as deregulated transactions are susceptible to fraudulent activities, and once the transaction is done, there is no way to reverse the same.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.