3 Trends in Women’s Oxford Shoes for Work

Marie Claire released their top shoe trends for 2019, and the focus of the article was on women. The women’s shoe industry is booming, with many investors flocking to the growing footwear industry as a low-risk investment.

People are always going to need footwear, and the companies that sell footwear are often steadily growing with billions in revenue per year.

The trends this year show that Oxford shoes for women are growing in popularity. Women are stepping into leading roles in their companies, and professionalism is of the utmost importance. Investors who are taking notice of the growing shoe industry may want to consider strong women brands that focus on shoes that are durable, affordable and comfortable.

Oxford shoe trends for work include:

1. High-end Leather Options with Leather Lining

Oxford shoes come in either high-end versions or cheaper options that use non-leather materials. The high-end leather options offer a higher level of durability and comfort compared to their cheaper counterparts.

Leather is also being seen in the lining of the shoe to keep the shoe warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Offering genuine leather, these shoes are long-lasting and require a little more upkeep than traditional footwear. Take care of the leather, and you’ll be able to enjoy a shoe that will last years or more with daily wear.

2. Professional Meets Casual Trend

Women and men are in a transitional fashion stage. People are just as likely to get dressed up to go out and meet friends as they are likely to wear gym clothes. Comfort is of the utmost importance to consumers, but there’s also a growing demand for professional attire.

The Oxford shoe is a perfect middle ground which allows for the upscale, professional look while also being a shoe that can be worn outside of the office.

Color options and style will dictate whether or not the Oxford can be used for both occasions. A traditional black or brown Oxford can pass as an upscale shoe while also being toned down with the right attire to be used to go out to dinner with your friends.

It’s the perfect, versatile style that is here to stay. Consumers want footwear that is multi-purpose and comfortable, and the Oxford exceeds both of these requirements.

3. Monkstrap is Growing in Popularity

Tightly laced is what the Oxford is best known for, but there’s a shift in the industry. We’re seeing more women’s Oxfords being made with Monkstrap. These straps fit perfectly on the side of the shoe, adding to the high-end look of the Oxford.

The Monkstrap provides an even more professional look and is being seen on the feet of many of the world’s top female executives.

A small change, the strap adds to the classy look and allows the wearer to have a break from the traditional lace options being seen.

Women’s Oxfords are a growing trend because of the popularity of the shoe. We’re seeing slight changes in the style of these shoes that allow them to be worn for any occasion.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.