Size Really Matters: Big Dreams Happen In Small Places

We all have our own path to walk in life and each one can diverge and converge with other’s paths for a time. But ultimately, it is about our path and our journey to our goals and to where life has to lead us. The path you may walk is as unique, beautiful, challenging, and life-changing as you are. Yet one of the biggest struggles people face is knowing where to go, how to start, and what they should be dreaming for and shooting for.

Size Really Matters: Big Dreams Happen In Small Places encourages those who pick it up and read its pages to dream and think bigger in regards to how they choose and walk their path in life. Using something that has come to be known as the Size Theory, Malcom Allen teaches readers insider tips on how to go about achieving their life’s aspirations while setting bigger, better, and more challenging goals to keep themselves motivated and focused. Allen discloses the approaches that will help dispel the trap of getting stuck in small scale thinking. He also shares the important steps that are needed to create and maintain momentum towards goals that at one point and time would have been considered too big to even be dreamt of. Throughout Size Really Matters, Allen shows his readers why it is important to dream big and why it is important to allow ourselves to dream bigger and on a grander scale in every area of life.

Reaching for the stars is a risky move as you may not always succeed and may not reach your goal; however, by taking that risk ad trying you will surely achieve more than you would have if you didn’t at least try. This is the kind of mindset and outlook Allen is trying to instill in his readers and Size Really Matters unleashes the power of changing the small mindset for bigger dreams in order to open the doors to a world of unimaginable potential. By inspiring his audience to strive for greatness, Size Really Matters challenges readers to change their mindset and to take active steps to thinking bigger and bolder so that they can reach their full potential. This book is an appropriate piece and very opportune reminder that big dreams happen in small places and that anyone with the will to dream big can achieve big things.

From imagining one’s own personal goals and ambitions to discovering the internal power to realize them, Size Really Matters will guide its readers from start to finish. In this book, readers will learn how to be motivated and focused, and by the end, they will be able to experience what it’s like to accomplish their biggest desires without fear of failure.

Malcolm Allen is known across many industries and markets as a best-selling author who currently has 21 groundbreaking books to his name. These books include best sellers and true game-changes such as CEO.OLOGY, Startups Gone Wild, and The Inside Man. Allen is also well-versed in the business, marketing, and press relations as he is also the Founder of Graduate America, the Chairman of the Board of The MyCEO Corporation, and the CEO of MyCEO. He also bravely served for years with the U.S. Navy. In all that he has done, Malcom Allen’s mission has always been focused on serving his community through multi-national education and business services and helping others unlocks their hidden potential and achieve their goals, no matter who they are or where they come from. For more information, visit

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