4 Ways to Afford Expensive Dental Work

In a nation that has focused a great deal of time and energy on finding affordable healthcare for all, oddly, there is quite a way to go before we can say that everyone has access to good dental care. In fact, a whopping 33.6% of Americans do not have any dental insurance at all. And given that dental procedures can be quite costly, this is leaving many people’s dental health totally in the dust. If you are looking for ways to afford costly dental procedures, the following is a list that should serve you well.

Dental Schools

One of the best ways to afford costly dental procedures is by visiting your local dental school. It is a little known fact, but dental schools often provide discounted or even free work to their patients. This is because dental schools are essentially using your mouth to train new dentists. However, do not be alarmed. All procedures are done under the supervision of a qualified dental professional. Therefore, you can get your work done and save a lot of money in the process.


While it may seem like their prices are set in stone, this is rarely the case. In fact, many dental practices will provide discounts to help their patients afford the dental care they need the most. If you need costly dental work and believe you will never be able to afford it, visit a local dental clinic in Guelph to see if they are willing to negotiate. On rare occasions, you may even find a practice willing to accept your payment on a sliding scale.


Another option is financing. Many dental practices work directly with financing companies to offer patients the chance to receive their much-needed dental care. Often times, these companies will provide you with financing with little to no interest for a specified period of time. This is a great option for those who have decent credit and need thousands of dollars of dental work completed.

Smile Makeover Contests

Lastly, you may have already heard of a smile makeover contest in your area. If not, these contests are often used as a way for dental practices to get publicity and give back to the community. In general, a participating practice will choose one recipient each year. The winner gets to receive all their much-needed dental care for free. All the winner typically has to do is enter the contest and agree to allow the practice to use their pictures for promotional purposes. This is a great way to get your dental work completed if you do not have many other options, or even if you do.

Dental work can be highly expensive. However, by trying to suggestions on this list, you are likely to find an affordable way to finally get your teeth fixed for good.


David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.