3 Small Business Trends In 2020 That Should Have Your Attention

As trends shift with time, they present many investment and business opportunities. Some types of businesses will not stand the test of time. Others that seemed like bad ideas a few years ago now look like ripe to be exploited.

Jumping on new trends can be risky as they don’t always last long. The trick is to find some ideas that are trending up but also have staying power.

In this article, we will cover some ideas that should be given a longer look to see if you may want to start a business in that sector.

1 – CBD 

Marijuana and hemp are becoming legal all over the world. The trend is definitely looking good. In fact, the best time to have jumped into the fray was three or four years ago. The second best time to invest is now.

There are so many ways to make money with CBD

CBD is short for cannabinoid which is taken from the hemp plant. It contains no THC which is a psychoactive drug. Taking CBD is known to be safe and is legal in many areas. And it doesn’t cause a person to get high so it is safe for people taking drug tests. 

Businesses using CBD can be in the form of baked goods that use CBD oil in the recipe, oils to use for tinctures and even body lotions and creams. There are many niches within the industry that there is always room for a small business using CBD to succeed.

Just do a little research on sites like Money Monarch to learn about financing and productivity no matter which type of business you are starting. 

2 – Plus size clothing

People are demanding that the fashion industry be more inclusive t what women actually look like. There is more demand than ever for fashionable clothes for plus size women. 

If you are a designer, then this is the most logical area to be focusing on for a small business in 2020. From dresses to lingerie, plus size women are looking to be fashionable and comfortable.

Avoid using terms in your advertising like plus size as it turns many women off. Instead use terms like “Curvy Attire” or “Curve Appeal.”

3 – HIIT gyms

Short for High Intensity Interval Training, these gyms are gaining popularity thanks to the success of Crossfit.

You don’t have to franchise a Crossfit gym to be successful. Even a small mom and pop type gym in a town or city that is underserved can do very well.

This is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down as people are looking for unique and interesting ways to work out. The traditional gym where the focus is either on cardio or lifting weights is becoming seen as boring, uninspiring and ineffective for the modern gym goer.

The market is not even close to being saturated yet, so this is the ideal time to start a gym or personal training service that is almost guaranteed to take off. 


David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.