How Does WhatsApp Web Integration Work?


WhatsApp Web has made much progress since it first officially started. The web application has made many people’s lives easier especially for those who constantly work on their PC’S. WhatsApp Web has made it very easy for businesses to contact other business and clients. This is due to the integration feature that WhatsApp offers. WhatsApp allows you to integrate your WhatsApp details and chat on your business profiles in order to help clients and visitors easily contact you at once. Compared to emails and texts, WhatsApp has proved to be a faster and efficient means of communication. If you read below, you will learn and see how WhatsApp Web integration works.

How to Integrate WhatsApp on Your Website

Mentioned below are a few ways you can integrate your WhatsApp account on your business website:


  • Callbell Chat Widget


Callbell is a chat widget that allows you to integrate a WhatsApp chat option on your independent website. In order to create this chat widget, you have to first create an account on Callbell, which is free of cost. As, soon as you have made your account, you can start creating your own chat widget by just following a few steps, which will lead you to the installation button. You can install it on your website via Google Tag Manager or WordPress. As soon as you have installed the widget on your website, your site visitors will be able to get in touch with you.


  • WhatsApp API Documentation


WhatsApp API documentation allows you to create a personalized link for your website that will help to create a click-to-chat link. In order to create your personalized link, you have to first enter your phone number. The link will appear against your phone number; however, do not forget to remove the + sign that comes before the country code. You can add your personalized link to a button image or any call-to-action for your website users. This way your website visitors can easily get in touch with you.


  • WhatsApp Help Chat Widget


You must have seen the WhatsApp help chat widget on many websites. This widget allows you to start a conversation on WhatsApp with the owner of the website. The WhatsApp help chat widget is one of the best ways to create a chat widget for your website. It also helps you to integrate different channels within the chat widgets. WhatsApp help offers many advanced features for your chat widget. However, you have to pay extra for it.


WhatsApp Web integration for sure will bring many benefits to your business as this way; you will get in touch with potential clients that would benefit your business. People also find it easier to get in touch through WhatsApp as it is free of cost and almost everyone uses it so there are more chances of a quick reply. Use one of these ways and create a chat widget for your business website. 

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