How to Best Invest Your $1,000 This Year

If you have $1,000 to invest, you can make money in a myriad of ways. Having said that, there are some methods that are better than others. The buzzword here is “speed”; we’re not talking about long-term buy-hold strategies. Rather, we’re talking about ways you can make money fast.

Even when it comes to markets that might take time to move, investments can often turn into legitimate profits and fast gains by simply utilizing the right strategies.

So, what are the right strategies?

While you absolutely need a long-term strategy for saving and growing your money, the following investment strategies will help you create some momentum and generate some capital quickly in the short-term.

Play the Stock Market

There is no question that day trading is not for the faint of heart. It takes a great deal of grit and determination. It also takes understanding the different market forces at play. This isn’t something intended for amateurs. However, if learned properly, it is a way where you can quickly (within the span of hours) make a significant amount of money with a relatively small investment.

Invest In a Money-Making Course

Believe it or not, there is a myriad of money-making courses on the Internet. The most difficult part is choosing the right one. While many of the gurus might follow you around on social media platforms such as Facebook, not all courses from all experts are created alike. Spend the time doing the necessary due diligence and research to choose the best one that’s right for you.

Having said that, investing in yourself is one of the best possible investments you can make. While you might not be able to pinpoint an actualized return on investment, there’s no money that’s better spent. Take time to invest in yourself and your education.

Trade Commodities

Trading commodities like gold and silver present a very rare opportunity, especially when they’re trading at the lower end of their five-year range. Numbers like that give a strong indication on where commodities might be heading. Not always. But usually.

The basics of economics drive the price of commodities. As supply drops, demand increases and prices rise. Any disruption to a supply chain has a significant impact on prices.

Trade Cryptocurrencies

There is no question that cryptocurrencies are on the rise. While trading them might seem a tad risky, you could limit some fallout from a poorly-timed trade if you hedge your bets. Eric Gordon, CEO of ErGo Ventures LLC, a private equity and venture capital investment company, knows there are plenty of platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. Having said that, it’s important to educate yourself before you dive in head first. Find courses on platforms like Kajabi, Udemy, or Teachable in order to learn the ins and outs of trading things such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others.

Only a handful of cryptocurrencies really matter today out of the over 3,000 in existence. You’ll want to find an exchange, examine the trading patterns, look for breakouts of long-term moving averages, and get busy trading.

How to Overcome Your Addiction to Cannabis

If you have used cannabis for quite a long time, you may no longer feel like you are being as productive or feeling as motivated to get through the work you need to complete. If it is something you have used daily for months or even years, you may have trouble remembering certain things and could no longer feel motivated enough to do the kinds of things that you said you would do. If you are struggling to concentrate, are always in a bad mood, and are having a hard time keeping relationships with people in your life, you may want to stop using cannabis completely.

After choosing to quit, many people wonder about the level of damage they may have caused to their brain. While you may assume that you are going to continue to feel this way for the rest of your life, it is not necessarily true. There are a few different things you can do while focusing on your recovery from an addiction to cannabis so that you can start feeling motivated again and memorize more of what is going on instead of forgetting so much.

Tips For Improving Your Memory

If you are struggling to remember a lot of the things that have happened, you should watch what you are eating and make sure you are consuming foods that support brain health, including foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, such as blueberries and salmon. Aside from altering your diet, you should play different types of games to focus on improving your ability to remember things and concentrate even more than usual. You do not have to go out and purchase games to play because you can easily download some memory games on your phone from the app store.

How to Start Concentrating Better

If concentrating has become a real struggle for you and you are having a difficult time focusing on one specific task at a time, you should create a to-do list and make sure you are only working on one task on the list at a time. When you are trying to complete different tasks, you should avoid any potential distractions. Turn your phone on silent, turn the television off, make sure you are in a private room, and focus solely on what is in front of you.

What to Do About Low Reaction Times

If you do not have a quick reaction to things and have noticed a slowed reaction occurring over a certain period, you should play some video games in your spare time. When you are playing a video game, you need to focus on what is in front of you while listening to the sounds around you to make sure you know what is happening in the game. While you do not want to sit in front of the television for hours on end, it helps to play a video game or two for an hour each day to improve your reaction times.

If you are not into playing video games, you could always participate in other types of games that will help you react much faster than usual. Some of these different activities include baseball, basketball, and softball. If you start playing for an hour or two each day, you may quickly start to notice such a significant improvement.

How to Overcome Sluggishness

You may feel sluggish and sleepy most of the time. If you never feel fully awake, it is going to have a negative impact on your life because then you are not going to want to go out and do things or have fun with anyone. You have likely thought about drinking some coffee or even drinking one of those energy drinks from the store, but those beverages are only temporary fixes. The problem could be that you are just not getting enough sleep. Try going to bed a little bit earlier so that you can get a few extra hours of sleep and see if that makes a difference for you.

Become More Motivated

If you want to be motivated enough to get things done but never feel motivated enough, you should start coming up with a list of all the different goals you would like to achieve after you quit. Develop a rewards system where you would get to treat yourself to something special if you were to achieve at least one of the goals on your list. It is a great way to keep yourself more motivated to get certain things done.

4 Alternative Financing Options for Small Businesses

Traditional financing is hard to come by when you run a small business. Banks often require an excellent credit history and at least two years in business. According to a report from Biz2Credit, less than 25% of small business loan requests were approved by big banks in March 2016.

Alternative forms of financing can help small businesses obtain the funds they need to grow and thrive. Here are four alternative financing options for small businesses.

1. P2P Loans

Peer-to-peer lending allows businesses to borrow money from their peers rather than a single lender. A banking platform may approve the loan to go live for bidding, but the funds will come from ordinary people who want to make an investment in your business.

To start the process, businesses must fill out an application. The platform then assesses the business’ credit risk and applies an interest rate to the profile. Investors can then view the profile of the borrower and determine whether they want to invest. Businesses with good credit generally have better luck with P2P loans.

P2P lending rules vary from state to state. The practice is legal in all U.S. states aside from Ohio.

2. Crowdfunding

Similar to P2P lending, crowdfunding allows businesses to raise money from their peers. There are four types of crowdfunding: rewards, debt, charity and equity. Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo generally use rewards crowdfunding, while GoFundMe is more focused on charity.

With rewards crowdfunding, the business doesn’t have to pay the money back. Backers are sent something in return for their donation. With equity crowdfunding, those who invest in the business receive a share of the business or product.

Crowdfunding is often used by startups looking to launch a new product or service, small businesses looking to expand and creative professionals looking for funding for a project.

There may be fees associated with the crowdfunding platform.

3. Lines of Credit

A business line of credit can be obtained from a bank or an online lender. Unlike a conventional loan, a line of credit gives you access to a sum of money that you can draw from at any time. Businesses are only charged interest on the amount of money that is withdrawn.

Lines of credit work similarly to a credit card.

If your business is in need of working capital or extra funding to cover expenses during a slow season, a line of credit may be a good option.

4. Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is different from other forms of lending. Invoice factoring companies purchase your business’ unpaid invoices at a discount and you receive the majority of the money upfront. The client pays the invoice, and the factoring company sends you a second installment (less the factoring fee).

The factoring fee is a percentage of the total amount of invoices that are being factored. Typically, the factoring fee for 30 days ranges from 1.5% to 4.5%.

Invoice factoring is appropriate for businesses that have unpaid invoices. Bad credit isn’t normally an issue with this form of lending, as the factoring company is more concerned with the client’s ability to pay – not yours.





4 Ways to Save Money on Home Repairs

Home repairs are a key reason many homeowners have an emergency fund. When an emergency strikes, you need to be able to protect one of your largest investments. If a repair isn’t an emergency, you’ll be able to take your time and save even more money on your repairs.

How can you save money?

1. Call Around and Ask for Quotes

If you have repairs that you’ve been putting off, sit down and write down a list of the repairs you need to make. Do-it-yourself repairs will require you to sit down and determine all of the materials you’ll need to make the repair, including tools.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to call different hardware stores and check online for the best price possible on materials.

But if you want to call on a professional, don’t be afraid to call multiple professionals and ask for a quote. You need to know the going rate for all of the repair work you need complete, and this is the absolute best way to determine local, fair pricing.

2. Manufacturer Rebates are Your Friend

Being frugal pays off in the long-term. Manufacturer rebates allow you to save a lot of money on home repairs, and if you buy expensive equipment, this can mean thousands of dollars in savings.

Ask retailers about any rebates that may exist, or call the manufacturer directly.

Incentives often include products that are environmentally-friendly, so if you keep the environment in mind when making your purchase, you’ll be able to save money in the process.

3. Search for Deals from Contractors

If you plan on hiring a contractor, don’t be afraid to scour their site for deals. You’ll find contractors or service providers won’t tell you the deals they’re offering unless you ask or find them yourself.

I opt to try and find deals before negotiating on price.

You can do a quick Google search for the company name and “discounts” or “coupons.” I did a quick search on Miranda, and I’ve found savings of $30 on a variety of services. Some service providers will openly promote these deals on their website, too.

If you happen to see a deal, print it out and have the website available on your smartphone for further validation.

4. Qualifying Tax Credits May Exist

Tax credits often exist for home improvement and remodeling projects. These deductions can be significant in the long-term, and you can often find out how much you’ll save by checking out the latest rebates and credits.

Every country is different when they offer tax credits, and your country may not offer a tax credit at all.

New homeowners, and this can extend up to four years for Canadians, may also be able to apply for a tax rebate. These rebates may not lower your repair bills, but they’ll be able to offset costs, which is a welcomed money-saving opportunity.

If you wait too long to make a repair, you also risk causing further damage, which is costlier in the long-term. So, stop putting off those much-needed repairs and start saving on potential future repairs.

Top 5 Professions That Will Never Leave You without Money

The rhythm of life in the modern world demands us more and more, the strong competition in the labor market and inflation are factors that contribute to decapitalize us. Many people run out of money without having spent a week of their collection day. Finding options that help you generate additional money is a way to solve and prevent the inconveniences caused by the lack of this important asset to acquire the necessary assets to live. Professions such as reverse phone, writing, photography, design are in great demand, practical to perform and are very well-paid.

The activities most in demand and that offer great possibilities to work are the activities related to education, the technological area, and marketing, are fields of work that are in great demand in today’s world.

In education, the request for essay writing services generates a wide source of work, because the academic evaluation is based on rehearsals and students are constantly overwhelmed by a large number of assignments and the lack of time to fulfill their obligations.

The technological area offers a wide range of work opportunities, the programming and technical service of electronic devices generates another labor field with great demand.

The life of marketing is writing; therefore the works related to the writing have a high demand in this world of great competitiveness. There will always be work for writing, for designers, and for the technological area.

Among the most profitable professions, with the highest demand and that adapt to your lifestyle are the following:

  1. – Photography services; It is a profession with a lot of demand, you have the freedom to choose where you do it, it’s nice, you can travel, enjoy the adventure, the recreation, and rest while you make money. It is a profitable job and requires little effort. You do not need to make large investments; the investment is initially made when you acquire the equipment. It is a work from home college students ideal since it is done in free time and the topics are varied, you can specialize in the area that you like. In free moments and summer, you can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes, enjoy and make money.
  2. – Freelance; It is a profession that you can do from the comfort of your home, it has the particularity that you choose your schedule, which allows you to study, enjoy and take care of your loved ones. It is a working modality in which you can offer the world your services according to your best abilities. Freelancer is a job that will not leave you without money since you can constantly receive projects. You just have to be responsible, provide good service and make sure you get a good income, plus you do not need to make a large investment. You can offer freelance writing online design services, programming or marketing, depending on the area in which you have more skills. The investment is minimal, only with a laptop or PC with Wi-Fi or Internet connection; you reach all corners of the world and offer your service.

3.-Technical service of electronic devices; we are used to the lifestyle that the automated world facilitates us. Technology is necessary to make tasks more practical and increase productivity. Every day thousands of requests for technical service of devices are generated, it is an activity that you can do in your free time, you do not need to make a large investment and it is very profitable. Only with the necessary knowledge, basic tools, you can provide a good service.

4.-Writing services; It is a profession with a very high demand and very well remunerated. Students are constantly requesting essay writing services, and you can offer writing services for various purposes. It is a job that is related to all areas of life in society. You can do it in the comfort of your home, in free time while you study, at a time that you decide and what is even better, money is always present.

5.-Programming; It is a very demanded profession at present. The world is automated, devices or machines need software to work, so it becomes a good option when choosing a profession that does not leave you without money. Every minute thousands of requests for this service are made. It does not require investment; only knowledge mixed with responsibility and honesty. It is a profession that guarantees permanent income from money.

Before starting an activity, it is advisable to look for information regarding the activity to be performed, document, take into account the experience of other people so as not to make the same mistakes, make a good study of the target market, read a money magazine to learn more of the topic, make an evaluation about the costs and possible gains and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Taking into account these recommendations you have the advantagewon of starting an activity with security and the money will always be present.

Best Way to Finance Buying a Car

Many people agree that the best way to go about buying a car is through cash. However, other financing options are also available if you don’t have the cash. Either way, it is important to save some money towards buying a car. Set some cash aside and see what is available within what you can afford. It is important to buy a car that you can afford based on your income drawn from all your financial sources.  When cash isn’t available to get you the car you need, here is the best way to approach your car purchase:

  1. Know your Credit Score First

Make sure you understand your credit score prior to visiting any dealership. Your credit score should be good enough to get you the facility you need to buy a car. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a car loan if you have bad credit. However, it may attract high-interest rates. Therefore, it is important to understand this aspect first and consider the consequences of each one of them before embarking on the process.

  1. Obtain Financing Quotes

If your credit rating is not good, go for financing quotes. A broker serving various lenders could the best to help you get the best dealership. You can try out online lenders. All you will need is make an application and be presented with the max amount you need for the car alongside the interest rate. Gathering as much information as possible is important in helping you make the right decision. In most cases, credit unions and local banks can provide borrowers with average credit that have competitive rates on both used and new car loans. Therefore, find time to weigh all the options.

  1. Make Some Down payment

Don’t buy your car entirely from a loan facility. Be prepared to put down some payment, say about 20% of the total cost of the car. This will help you avoid a scenario where you owe a lot of money compared to the value of the car. Many car dealers may not require you to do that, especially if you have a good credit score. However, it is for your good – consider making a down payment first.

Getting that new car without some down payment is possible but at the same time, it is a risky move. Should you be required to sell your new car at some point, it may not be possible in the event that you owe more on the loan than the value of the car. With a huge down payment, this option becomes a possibility.

  1. Go for a Short-Term Facility

A short loan term though with high monthly payments will come with lower rates of interest. You definitely need these tricks of managing your car loan so that your car doesn’t end up being more expensive than you can afford. Car salespeople will in most cases try to negotiate with you based on the estimate car payment per month and not on the overall cost. Lower payments come with long terms for the loan with increased interests henceforth and not by cutting down on the cost of the car.

Financial institutions tend to impose high-interest rates for loans that take long to be repaid back. Therefore, the cost of credit can only go higher and higher when you go for a long-term loan and not a short one.  You can be tempted to go for a long-term auto loan due to the small monthly payment but look at the upsides before going that path.

  1. Use Cash to Pay for Taxes and Fees Incurred

Reduce the amount of loan you are getting for your car by all means. One of the ways to do this is by using cash to finance any miscellaneous expenses that come with the purchase of the car. These include documentation fees, registration fees, sales tax and any other additional charges that tag along with the purchase. Dealers can easily roll these charges into the financing which is not good for you because it increases your loan amount. Ideally, it doesn’t add any value to the car which acts as security for the loan.

If you don’t have the cash to buy your new choice car, there is another way out – well-researched financing option. You need to be very practical while sourcing for funds through other means. Understand your credit score and compare different offers in the market before settling on one that serves your needs. Make it a short-term loan facility.

Cryptocurrency: Value Without “Value”

Yes, that’s right. The title may have a few of you baffled. Why is the second value written within quotations? That’s because value is inherently subjective. We all view things differently, each with varying degrees of importance. Currency is the one true standard that we use to be are able to assign a value to things. Before currency was established, barter was the means of trade. That had many problems in itself, chief of which is the accuracy of what you’re trading for what you’re getting.

Currencies are regulated and managed by the governing body of any community. This central authority regulates the ebb and flow of money and it also monitors the value of the currency with respect to currencies from other countries. This requires another governing body to determine which currency has more value than another — that is in fact the whole premise that foreign exchange is built upon.

Of course, we aren’t here to discuss the foreign exchange. Rather, we’re going to discuss something that’s been quite disruptive in recent years — cryptocurrency.
What is it, how is it used, and most importantly, how do cryptocurrencies have value?

Cryptocurrency is a form of electronic currency that was initially introduced in the form of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamori. Satoshi, as a matter of fact, did not intend to create cryptocurrency. At the time of this serendipity, Satoshi actually meant to create an online cash system.

But the important premise of cryptocurrency is that it presents an alternative currency that’s transparent and secure at the same time. And this was achieved through decentralization and blockchain. The security of cryptocurrencies actually lies in its transparency, which are two concepts that typically don’t mix — and yet, here we are.

Cryptocurrencies are used as a form of electronic currency, but really, the hype surrounding it primarily revolves around the volatility of the currency, where its value can easily soar up to 10 times its initial value, but it also has the risk of dropping just as much in value.

And while a transparent, decentralized system may sound like it’s just asking to be hacked, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is because of blockchain, a security process that protects cryptocurrencies by allowing each member of the network (a node) to access the blockchain (or master ledger), which is both unalterable and permanent. Basically, whenever a transaction is conducted, a node is assigned to verify the transaction. When the process is verified, the updated data is then added to the blockchain, which, as we established earlier, is unalterable and permanent. Each member of the network is then able to view this updated information and in turn, update their own ledgers to match the master ledger. This way, any inconsistency is easily seen and can easily be singled out.

Now, there are a lot of factors that influence the value of cryptocurrencies, and these are the same factors that influence the value of just about anything. The two factors that have the most influence in this case are Public Perception and Supply/Demand.

The fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and secure is enough to raise the inquisitiveness of the general public, and as a general rule, anything that raises curiosity on such a scale is bound to have a high demand for it. Couple that with a limited supply of just 21 million Bitcoins, for example, and you’ve got the basic recipe for a high-value item.

But that’s just the basics — the link provided above is the full and specialized explanation of cryptocurrency value. And I’m speaking of the totality of the cryptocurrency value here. The security, transparency, and the limited supply all contribute to the inherent value of cryptocurrency. And while some governments are slowly recognizing cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of currency, most governments would still disregard its value.

Building Your Team on the Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been hailed as one of the greatest innovations of our time, bringing a new era of accountability, security and a new approach to the way we will conduct our businesses and our lives. Deemed “The New Internet” and “The Blueprint For a New Economy”, blockchain is ready to transform the entire architecture of technology. The “Blockchain Revolution” is upon us all, yet despite all of its promises, the truth is, most blockchain projects can’t even be executed. Stuck on a whitepaper and living on as a concept, the blockchain has not yet been able to reach people’s lives in a significant way. But for those startups that have taken it upon themselves to create their own chain, a team of strong collaborators and innovators, hard-workers and vision seekers, this is all starting to change. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

At this point, you are probably wondering what exactly the blockchain is. Put simply, blockchain can be defined as a means for recording data. Each record is placed into an encrypted block of code, known as a block. Now, each block keeps track of every block before it, through time and through each transaction along the way. Chaining each of these blocks together, you get the blockchain, where authorized users may make verified transactions and take part in streamlined exchanges called smart contracts. So what makes the blockchain so special, anyway? The blockchain takes place on a decentralized platform, distributing information on a wide and complex network to inhibit outside manipulation. It is secure, it is transformative and its possibilities are endless.

For blockchain platform and multichain oracles framework,, the goal is to deliver ready to use results. Ducatur believes that as a blockchain project, you must never be limited to just one protocol. This is why their team incorporates multiple frameworks, which integrate with all the platforms out there such as EOS, NEO, ETH, etc. By understanding each protocol in depth and by constantly adapting to technological advancements, is bringing flexibility to the infrastructure world and efficiency to all businesses.

The team has now won four blockchain ‘Hackathon’ competitions in the last six months. This is an incredible achievement, particularly its latest accomplishment – winning a place in the Grand Finale of the EOS Hackathon, beating 76 other teams. Though, win or lose, it is the team that is most integral to this company. While an application may change over time and target markets might evolve, it is the core team that will most likely stay the same through it all. Building an amazing team spirit and collective culture, Ducatur is here to stay.

According to CEO, George Bell, “The most important element when building a blockchain platform is your team. We’ve worked hard to ensure we have the right team to execute and deliver. Blockchain developers are hard to find. Let alone build a team around. I’d advise entrepreneurs to find their tech team as early as possible and build a strong, hard-working, and winning culture, which also knows how to have fun!”

While the blockchain can provide many solutions for many businesses, implementing the blockchain can be a challenge in and of itself. makes it easy for businesses to make the transition and to choose the blockchain that complements their business in the best way possible. From there, Ducatur can connect businesses to different data providers on the blockchain, in their own efficient ecosystem. Within this ecosystem exists a framework of oracles. Oracles are one of the greatest crypto innovations at this time. Bringing information from outside the blockchain, to the blockchain system, Ducatur diversifies the capabilities of the blockchain from the inside out. This is especially true for its collaborative culture, which will support the growth and potential of the company into the next eras of technology. If you are a startup, a tech innovator, or a company in need of some team spirit, this story is for you.

Here are the five most important things has learned as a team:

  1. Be flexible – learn all technologies and know how to adapt
  2. Build a strong tech team – without one you have no chance of succeeding in the long run
  3. Find strategic partners – finding a few large investors who believe in you is more important than raising more money from people looking for a quick flip.
  4. Focus on all platforms – ETH, NEO, EOS, etc. will change and evolve. Other protocols may launch soon with better features like Cardano, VeChain etc. Never stop learning about each technology.
  5. Have fun, travel, and meet people – don’t keep your team locked up in an office coding all day. Visit hackathons around the world and test your capabilities!

How A Lack of Sleep Can Affect Your Job

Sleep is important, yet a surprising number of us are living with lousy sleep habits and terrible sleep patterns. You may know from personal experience that a lack of good sleep can leave us feeling exhausted in the morning. The consequences continue all day long. We’ll tend to be more irritable, we’ll find it harder to pay attention at work, and our work and personal lives will suffer. The list of consequences of sleep deprivation goes on and on — but what can we do about it?

The best ways to get regular sleep involve real lifestyle change and healthy decisions. Our sleep patterns are just that — patterns — so smart sleep habits include going to bed and rising at regular hours and respecting our bodies’ circadian rhythm — a natural pattern associated with the day-night rhythm of the earth. Getting regular exercise and eating well can help our sleep, too, as can avoiding alcohol and other intoxicating substances (especially right before bed — in addition to encouraging us to stay up later, these substances can often affect the actual quality of our sleep even after we nod off). So it may be worth opting out of happy hour a couple of times a week.

Of course, in our high-paced corporate world, we seem to celebrate those who can stay at work late and night and run on 4 hours of sleep a night. But less sleep can make us less efficient, so the reality is that, in order to do your best work, you should be well-rested. Any good boss will recognize and respect that.

However, even the most careful work on sleep patterns and lifestyle decisions can be insufficient for those of us who suffer from sleep disorders. The number of us who fall into that category is very large.

Sleep disorders are very common, experts say. The most common sleep disorders include insomnia and narcolepsy, each of which affect about 10% of the population. That’s a lot of people — and not all of these folks are diagnosed! In fact, some of the most common sleep disorders are also among the most underdiagnosed.

One striking example of an underdiagnosed sleep disorder is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is treatable, experts at SoClean Canada — a company that specializes in cleaners for CPAP machines, often used to treat sleep apnea — tell us. However, there’s no way to treat a patient who does not know that they have a problem, and a startling number of sleep apnea sufferers are undiagnosed. Some 80% of moderate and severe cases go undiagnosed, experts estimate, which means that there are as many as 22 million sleep apnea sufferers in the United States — the vast majority of whom are dealing with the condition in ignorance and on their own.

Sleep apnea, by the way, is a disorder that involves breathing disruption during sleep. The symptoms include difficulty staying asleep and loud snoring. This is not a diagnosis, of course, but if you’re experiencing exhaustions, you should speak to a medical expert about the possibility that you are suffering from sleep apnea or another sleep disorder.

That’s the bottom line here: to get the kind of help you need, you should speak to a doctor. Don’t let your work or home environment suffer, either due to poor habits or an undiagnosed condition. Make that your next step, and start reclaiming your sleep — and your life!

Search Engine Optimization

Parxavenue Top Calgary Search Engine Optimization Company – SEO and SEM

What’s the point of building a website if it’s going to rank on Google’s last page?

Building a website in 2018 is a lot different than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Back in the day; companies could create a website and use all kinds of flashy and spammy methods to rank their site in search engines, and it was quite easy to do. Search engines’ algorithms have become a lot smarter in the past decade and can now detect these old-school methods in a matter of seconds. Can you imagine a time when you can rank on Google’s first page 24 hours after building a website stuffed with 20 exact match keywords? Ranking your site used to be, that easy!

Many penalties have been given out lately as algorithms get smarter with the growth of technology. If your website has been penalized in any way whatsoever, many experts in the SEO industry will tell you that it might be easier to purchase a new domain and start fresh. Recovering from a penalty is time-consuming. Building back the trust you once had, won’t be easy – possible, yes, but not easy.

Parxavenue Ltd. an excellent SEO company based in Calgary, Alberta; has experimented with multiple domains, using all major search engines to see how hard they can “push.” The answers didn’t come right away, but after a few short months, they did find out how easy it is to receive a penalty and even have your website de-indexed!

Search Engine Optimization
Calgary SEO – Calgary SEM – Parxavenue Top Search Engine Optimization

If your SEO staff, team, or agency is using “Old-School” methods today in 2018, be aware that these techniques will catch up to you faster than you might be thinking. The best-ranking websites from any niche market have a very natural flow to them, using exact match keywords only when completely necessary. When working with the best SEO tools on the market today, it is quite clear that you have to follow Google’s best practices and again, that’s how simple it is. “Don’t be Evil” For helpful information regarding the best ways to go about working on your own website’s SEO, please click here.