A New Standard in Financial Processing – Fujitsu’s ScanSnap and HubDoc Accounting Software


A New Standard in Financial Processing

When technology and (GAAP) – (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) work together in harmony, it is indeed a beautiful thing. Fujitsu continues to show a commitment to evolve each year and that is exemplified by their industry leading status of having the number one global image scanner market share for nearly a decade.

Working in the cloud creates more time to manage resources efficiently and increases workflow productivity. Deviceless scanning is even possible with Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Cloud, as it delivers scanned data directly from the ScanSnap iX1500 to your favorite cloud services, without a computer or mobile device. ScanSnap Cloud automatically classifies your scanned images as documents, receipts, business cards or photos, and sends them to the appropriate cloud service based on your pre-set profile, all while reducing paperwork.

Enter Hubdoc, a software company that helps accountants save time, scale their practice, and build deeper relationships with the businesses they serve by automating document collection and management. Hubdoc’s ever-growing partnership with Fujitsu pays dividends to both technology users and financial software end users. This new software is based on basic accounting rules that turn “shoe box accounting” into a digital workflow that is both intuitive and user-friendly. Simply put – Hubdoc enables businesses to easily and securely scan and submit financial documents to their accountant or bookkeeper from anywhere using the cloud.

Hubdoc allows you to collect, sort, and file all your physical documents onto the cloud in a secured “digital filing cabinet” that is easy to access and search. No more chasing documents or conducting manual data entry. Hubdoc makes it easy for the finance and accounting departments to access their small and large business clients’ financial documents. It automatically collects bank statements, bills, receipts, and invoices from hundreds of suppliers and financial institutions. Clients can also upload documents via Hubdoc’s mobile app, desktop, and email.

With the integration between Hubdoc and Fujitsu’s ScanSnap, going completely paperless is painless. Ultimately, the ScanSnap iX1500 helps you save time and money without ever compromising on the quality of your work.

The convergence is here. Fujitsu and Hubdoc now share a partnership designed for accountants in need of a better, more efficient way to service their clients.

With Hubdoc’s intuitive software integration with Fujitsu’s user- friendly hardware, the usual setbacks are a thing of the past. To learn more about Hubdoc’s accounting software benefits, please visit: To learn more about Fujitsu’s ScanSnap iX1500, please visit:

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Leveraging the Power of Online Advertising for a Professional Financial Benefit

Online advertising is a behemoth these days. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages ruling advertising. Gone are the days of newspapers mattering when it comes to getting your promotions out there. Physical media don’t do much for your bottom line, especially in specific industries. 

That’s why it’s so important to understand how online advertising works and how you can use it to benefit your company, your brand, and your personal financial bottom line.

In competitive industries, online advertising is even more brutal. Can you imagine what it’s like trying to advertise yourself as a law firm? What about if you are trying to promote yourself as a life coach? Any sales pyramid that requires top-down advertising will feel like an uphill battle as well. Because of this, you need to be creative, and you need to understand the data-driven science behind what you’re trying to accomplish.

Law Firms

If you’re trying to advertise a law firm online, there are several different options that you can choose from. You can write search engine optimized articles. You can find out the value of pay per click advertising. You can use social media for business and figure out which platform makes the most sense to promote your cause. 

Every law firm has to advertise online. You need to figure out how to make your advertisements different enough to attract the degree of attention that you want.

Life Coaching

Another example of an online cage fight when it comes to attention and competition would be for life coaching. The idea of a life coach itself is very interesting. And it’s not a regulated industry. Anyone can claim to be a life coach. 

They provide a valuable service that often seems like it’s halfway between a personal mental trainer and a pop psychologist. With thousands of people making claims about the benefits of their service, what is it that you can promote or advertise that makes the most sense to these individuals?

The Not-Quite Pyramids

You see a lot of people online selling essential oils, clothes, makeup, or food storage kits. When you learn how pyramid schemes work, you’ll find that a lot of these sales concepts fit in that category. They aren’t exactly illegal, and they do provide good products and services for certain people. 

It’s the folks on the bottom of the chain who end up losing more money than they gain. One of the ways to make it up the structure is to understand online promotions and advertising to a better degree than the other people you are competing with. This is the kind of leverage that you need to be one of those success stories.

Business event marketing

From product launching to charity auctions, when you are organising a business event, you want to make sure that you will draw attention to it, and you will have numerous guests. You decided the date, chose the venue, and ordered the cookies. Now your biggest concern is that people will not show up; and at the event, your employees will be the only guests. In case you do not know what strategies you should use to market a corporate event, in this article you will find the best marketing strategies companies are using right now.


Use event discovery sites in your advantage

The latest studies show that people are always interested in the events that happen in their area, and they are using local guides to find out what events they can attend in the near future. You can reach prospective clients by promoting your event on multiple event discovery sites. People are using apps and websites to browse through the events they may be interested in. You can take advantage of sites like Facebook Events, Spotify or Eventful to let people know that you plan to organise a business event.  

Create an event page

The best way to create buzz around your event is to design it a website page. If you have a company website, you can create a specific page for the event, you plan to organise.

  1. The description of the event should offer details about the place, time and topic of the event. Let the attendees know what advantages and benefits will have if they will choose to be your guests.
  2. Use the event page to share pictures, videos and another type of content to let people know what they could expect from the event. When you create content for the page you use to promote the event, make sure it will offer memories to the viewers because they are the best way to catch their attention.
  3. If you have a famous person who will be a speaker of the night, then you should let the audiences know that they will meet the person that night.

Traditional media still has a great role in marketing events

Businesses tend to ignore traditional media nowadays because they have access to multiple modern tools. If you run a business that gravitates towards social media, it is the moment to make a change and to include television and newspaper in the marketing plan.

Some of your clients may not use social media, and the only way to let them know about your event is to use traditional media. Send a press release to local newspapers. The persons who want to find more about your company will not miss this chance.

Launch a YouTube channel

The companies that want to grow their customers’ base can use this strategy. It will help them reach new clients. YouTube is the second-biggest search engine in the world, after Google, so people are spending a lot of time checking videos.

If you use the YouTube Live feature you can offer people glimpses of what happens inside your company daily, and they will consider your brand customer-friendly. If you do not know what to film to create videos that will be shared on your YouTube channel then you should start with sharing people who your team members are. Offer them sneak peeks from how the products are made or from the creative process. Also, you can offer them tips on how to increase the effectiveness of your products. There are numerous ways to create content for a video page.

Once you have established a reputation on YouTube, you can use it as a promotional tool. Announce the event with the help of a promotional video.

Send pre-event emails

In case you have a list with people you would want to attend your business event, then it is a great idea to send them pre-event emails. The mail is one of the best marketing strategies you can use nowadays. Ask your partners, loyal clients and friends to take part in the event. In case you have another event planned before this one or one of your partners will organise a one, you can use promotional materials to announce yours. You can offer the attendees of these events wristbands to promote your corporate event. They may not pay attention to the message on the wristband when they receive it, but when they will want to take it off, they will definitely want to find more info. Make sure to write the web page of the event on the wristband to help them find details fast.

Find new partners

If you will collaborate with another company, you will have new guests at the party. It is advisable to collaborate with a non-profit organisation that has as a goal to help the local community. In this way, you associate your name with a cause people support and you can expect numerous guests to come to your event. This collaboration will also offer you the opportunity to reach new clients. Make sure that the values of the charity organisation you choose are similar to the ones of your brand.

Hire a professional photograph

If you want your business event to be remembered, you should hire a professional photograph because they will take memorable pictures. These pictures will help you promote your future events and even your products. You can hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your products and during the manufacturing process, to help people have a glimpse of what you do. When people are interested in finding details about a certain product or company, they use a search engine. If they have the possibility to check pictures inside the company and with the different stages of the manufacturing process, they will prefer to scroll through the album instead of reading multiple paragraphs.

Pictures are used to tell a story and you should use them to set the vibe for the party and to create the atmosphere. Take pictures of the venue and on the activities you plan to have during the event, it will help you show people what they can expect to experience during the event.


How Your POS System can Save You Money

The cost of running a business can be overwhelming, and many companies close because they are unable to manage these costs. Therefore, reducing these costs can ensure more profits and continuity of your business. Here is how your POS system can save you money:

1. Encourage Email Receipts

In business, you have to take every opportunity available to reduce costs in order to maximize returns. Since paper used for receipts is a business expense, use of a paperless sales process can remove this cost and increase your profits. A great POS system allows for printing and emailing of receipts to clients. In addition to saving the cost of the receipt paper, you will be able to collect emails for your mail list. Even if it is a small expense, it will be significant when quantified in the long run.

2. Pulling Sales Reports for Tax Purposes

Getting accurate sales information from your POS system can help to save money and simplify the tax process. POS systems offer accurate sales data for your tax purposes. The system also differentiates sales tax as well as other non-income fees from overall sales. As opposed to using a lot of time calculating your final sales, you can just get the data from your POS system sales report and know it’s accurate. When gross receipts, returns, and allowances are accurate, you can be confident you are paying correct taxes. Therefore, your POS system will aid you in preventing human errors and avoiding substantial penalties.

3. Check Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and Gross Profit

Being keen on your COGS and gross profit can save you costs and increase your profits. COGS is the expense of acquiring your inventory. Two items with different prices have different COGS. The cheaper product can be bought in more quantities than the expensive one, offering you the opportunity to make more money. You can also put more focus on the item with a higher gross profit to maximize returns.

4. You Don’t Need an Accountant

A POS system can be used with an integrated accounting solution that offers comprehensive reports. There won’t be a need for hiring an accountant to organize your data and provide financial reports. In addition to cost savings, you will be knowledgeable regarding your business finances.

5. Verify Hourly Sales

Confirming hourly sales can be an excellent way of saving your company money. It is essential to note that a day can be profitable, but some hours can be unprofitable. Some hours such as the first and the last, are usually slow and your business can lose money during those periods. Check these hours in terms of the energy bill and the staff salaries. Then compare with the amount of revenue generated at those times. If you are not making a profit, it would be ideal to open later or close early. In addition to saving money, you will have time savings that you can use for your business or personal tasks.

6. Saving Time and Salaries

Time is money, and your POS saves you both cost and time. A good POS system can count in-store inventory and compare it to warehouse inventory, help to order stock, aid in contacting the vendor, assist in re-ordering goods that are in high demand, and more. This saves personnel time that is used to handle sales and customer service. It also reduces the cost of hiring more employees to perform these tasks.

If you want to maximize your profits by reducing your expenses, then an excellent POS system is the answer to your problem. Get a POS that’s best for your industry and enjoy high cost-savings.

Search Engine Optimization

Parxavenue Top Calgary Search Engine Optimization Company – SEO and SEM

What’s the point of building a website if it’s going to rank on Google’s last page?

Building a website in 2018 is a lot different than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Back in the day; companies could create a website and use all kinds of flashy and spammy methods to rank their site in search engines, and it was quite easy to do. Search engines’ algorithms have become a lot smarter in the past decade and can now detect these old-school methods in a matter of seconds. Can you imagine a time when you can rank on Google’s first page 24 hours after building a website stuffed with 20 exact match keywords? Ranking your site used to be, that easy!

Many penalties have been given out lately as algorithms get smarter with the growth of technology. If your website has been penalized in any way whatsoever, many experts in the SEO industry will tell you that it might be easier to purchase a new domain and start fresh. Recovering from a penalty is time-consuming. Building back the trust you once had, won’t be easy – possible, yes, but not easy.

Parxavenue Ltd. an excellent SEO company based in Calgary, Alberta; has experimented with multiple domains, using all major search engines to see how hard they can “push.” The answers didn’t come right away, but after a few short months, they did find out how easy it is to receive a penalty and even have your website de-indexed!

Search Engine Optimization
Calgary SEO – Calgary SEM – Parxavenue Top Search Engine Optimization

If your SEO staff, team, or agency is using “Old-School” methods today in 2018, be aware that these techniques will catch up to you faster than you might be thinking. The best-ranking websites from any niche market have a very natural flow to them, using exact match keywords only when completely necessary. When working with the best SEO tools on the market today, it is quite clear that you have to follow Google’s best practices and again, that’s how simple it is. “Don’t be Evil” For helpful information regarding the best ways to go about working on your own website’s SEO, please click here.


RRSP.ORG Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Registered Retirement Savings Plan – RRSP.ORG the original website that best describes everything you wanted to know about Canadian registered plans and schemes has taken a turn for the best. The information and knowledge base on RRSP.ORG is more than ready for change and a complete overhaul.

MONEY.CA the leading Canadian money and personal finance website has acquired the aging website for all the right reasons. RRSP is just one of many keyword subject sites that most of Canada wants and needs. For over 20 years this small and meaningful site providing news and information in the world of Registered plans for Canadians has now been taken over by people who know and care dearly about the subject matter and the benefits and advantages it brings to Canadian’s, the government and the country as a whole.

Look forward to the changes and updates as Canadian financial consumers will learn how to make, save and preserve more of their hard earned wealth. The advisor channel is more than welcome to contribute news, information, stories and articles that make sense and pays dividends to the average Canadian.

The Mortgage Broker

The Mortgage Broker
The Mortgage Broker – Canadian Mortgage Broker – Mortgage Broker Canada

Make save and preserve more of your money with The Mortgage Broker. Home of the “Best Rate Around”. The independent mortgage broker in Canada is usually allies with a national brokerage to get better and lower rates by volume. Join your local mortgage broker to get the best rates. MONEY often refers Canadian financial consumers to licensed and reputable mortgage brokers and not to big banks directly in order to save you more and get better information, benefits and privileges. Learn more for a direct referral for your mortgage and real estate needs with professionals that know and understand that price and service rule the day. Call us toll free 1-800-789-1011 x101 to know more and get more value for service.

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Andex Chart – Free Canadian Andex Chart

The Andex Chart is probably the single most important investor – advisor learning tool and education wonder when first seen by anyone. The Canadian economy at a glance, what happened when and how things are related and can change often and without notice or comprehension.

One can analyze the information in hundreds of ways and enjoy seeing the big picture of Canada’s capital markets. There is no doubt the value of these important charts that explain a lot and allow the imagination to research and drill down from macro-economics to the local pocket book.

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Let’s promote financial literacy with a buy one and give one Andex Chart that makes sense and pays dividends.



Its your call – How to get new clients.

Its your call – How to get new clients.

Humor me for a second. Think back to the last deal you closed and ask you, “Who was the decision maker I had to reach and influence? How did I do it?”

The reason I asked you to think about that is because there will always be someone you will need to contact and influence to get the next deal and the one after that and all the deals you could ever possibly close in one lifetime. Your success doesn’t just happen. You make it happen, and it all begins with prospecting.

Prospecting is nothing more than the art of speaking with people who might do business with you, and engaging them in a meaningful conversation so that they will want to see you and talk further. Let’s not make it any more complicated than that. At the end of the day a telephone sales call is only a conversation between two people.

Make a list of everyone you just identified. It doesn’t matter if you need to speak with fifty people or only one; your focus is on precision not volume.

Once you have the names write down the main issues facing each person on that list. The reason I’m suggesting that is because you will have to address their issues, not yours.

If you start your conversation rambling on about your products and services you will sound like you’re selling something. When you talk about their issues you hit their Greed Glands which address what’s in it for them. Retirees are not waking up in the morning wanting financial products. (It would be nice.) They are, on the other hand, concerned about the rising cost of living.

Once you’ve worked out what you want to say you will have to get the person on the phone. The objective of your call list is not about making calls. Many financial advisors base their lists on volume, in other words the more names on the list the better because if they don’t contact someone there are plenty more to call. What happens with this approach is that most people end up leaving a lot of money on the table, missing up to 75% of their opportunities, simply by not contacting people. A call is not a commodity. It’s precious.
It would be nice if we were mind readers and knew where our biggest opportunity was, but we don’t so we have to speak with everyone. Your objective is to book appointments.

So whether you have twenty people to call or only one, get them on the phone. All of them. Without exemption.
Leaving a voice message doesn’t count. That only fools you into thinking you contacted someone when in fact all you did was leave a voice message. The easiest way is to ensure that you connect with your prospects is to simply find out when they are in, and then call at that time.

By planning your calls and your message you stay in control.
Once you get your prospect on the phone you will have the opportunity to speak for all of about thirty seconds at which time you will either ask for an appointment or ask a qualifying question. From the time you introduce yourself to the time you ask for an appointment there are less actually than thirty words. Make each word count. The words you speak paint images in people’s minds and you have complete control over what those words are.

Twice as important as what you say will be how you say it. Speak slowly and send the message that what you have to say is important. It’s so important that you will take a minute before the call to focus on how you can make the prospect’s life better, and that will bring out the passion in your voice.

At the end of each call you will either be sitting there with an appointment or you won’t. Either way self-assess to either see what you did well so that you can do it again on the next call, or look at where you need to improve.

If a call does not work out for whatever reason figures out if it was they or you. If there was something you could have done better, make sure to take correction action for the next call and then reward yourself for learning from your mistakes. When you consistently self-assess you stop repeating the same mistakes, and when that happens your performance benchmarks rise as like gravity.
By making yourself more effective you ensure that your next deal will be more successful than your last.

Mark Borkowski –