Best Way to Finance Buying a Car

Many people agree that the best way to go about buying a car is through cash. However, other financing options are also available if you don’t have the cash. Either way, it is important to save some money towards buying a car. Set some cash aside and see what is available within what you can afford. It is important to buy a car that you can afford based on your income drawn from all your financial sources.  When cash isn’t available to get you the car you need, here is the best way to approach your car purchase:

  1. Know your Credit Score First

Make sure you understand your credit score prior to visiting any dealership. Your credit score should be good enough to get you the facility you need to buy a car. It doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a car loan if you have bad credit. However, it may attract high-interest rates. Therefore, it is important to understand this aspect first and consider the consequences of each one of them before embarking on the process.

  1. Obtain Financing Quotes

If your credit rating is not good, go for financing quotes. A broker serving various lenders could the best to help you get the best dealership. You can try out online lenders. All you will need is make an application and be presented with the max amount you need for the car alongside the interest rate. Gathering as much information as possible is important in helping you make the right decision. In most cases, credit unions and local banks can provide borrowers with average credit that have competitive rates on both used and new car loans. Therefore, find time to weigh all the options.

  1. Make Some Down payment

Don’t buy your car entirely from a loan facility. Be prepared to put down some payment, say about 20% of the total cost of the car. This will help you avoid a scenario where you owe a lot of money compared to the value of the car. Many car dealers may not require you to do that, especially if you have a good credit score. However, it is for your good – consider making a down payment first.

Getting that new car without some down payment is possible but at the same time, it is a risky move. Should you be required to sell your new car at some point, it may not be possible in the event that you owe more on the loan than the value of the car. With a huge down payment, this option becomes a possibility.

  1. Go for a Short-Term Facility

A short loan term though with high monthly payments will come with lower rates of interest. You definitely need these tricks of managing your car loan so that your car doesn’t end up being more expensive than you can afford. Car salespeople will in most cases try to negotiate with you based on the estimate car payment per month and not on the overall cost. Lower payments come with long terms for the loan with increased interests henceforth and not by cutting down on the cost of the car.

Financial institutions tend to impose high-interest rates for loans that take long to be repaid back. Therefore, the cost of credit can only go higher and higher when you go for a long-term loan and not a short one.  You can be tempted to go for a long-term auto loan due to the small monthly payment but look at the upsides before going that path.

  1. Use Cash to Pay for Taxes and Fees Incurred

Reduce the amount of loan you are getting for your car by all means. One of the ways to do this is by using cash to finance any miscellaneous expenses that come with the purchase of the car. These include documentation fees, registration fees, sales tax and any other additional charges that tag along with the purchase. Dealers can easily roll these charges into the financing which is not good for you because it increases your loan amount. Ideally, it doesn’t add any value to the car which acts as security for the loan.

If you don’t have the cash to buy your new choice car, there is another way out – well-researched financing option. You need to be very practical while sourcing for funds through other means. Understand your credit score and compare different offers in the market before settling on one that serves your needs. Make it a short-term loan facility.

Building Your Team on the Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been hailed as one of the greatest innovations of our time, bringing a new era of accountability, security and a new approach to the way we will conduct our businesses and our lives. Deemed “The New Internet” and “The Blueprint For a New Economy”, blockchain is ready to transform the entire architecture of technology. The “Blockchain Revolution” is upon us all, yet despite all of its promises, the truth is, most blockchain projects can’t even be executed. Stuck on a whitepaper and living on as a concept, the blockchain has not yet been able to reach people’s lives in a significant way. But for those startups that have taken it upon themselves to create their own chain, a team of strong collaborators and innovators, hard-workers and vision seekers, this is all starting to change. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

At this point, you are probably wondering what exactly the blockchain is. Put simply, blockchain can be defined as a means for recording data. Each record is placed into an encrypted block of code, known as a block. Now, each block keeps track of every block before it, through time and through each transaction along the way. Chaining each of these blocks together, you get the blockchain, where authorized users may make verified transactions and take part in streamlined exchanges called smart contracts. So what makes the blockchain so special, anyway? The blockchain takes place on a decentralized platform, distributing information on a wide and complex network to inhibit outside manipulation. It is secure, it is transformative and its possibilities are endless.

For blockchain platform and multichain oracles framework,, the goal is to deliver ready to use results. Ducatur believes that as a blockchain project, you must never be limited to just one protocol. This is why their team incorporates multiple frameworks, which integrate with all the platforms out there such as EOS, NEO, ETH, etc. By understanding each protocol in depth and by constantly adapting to technological advancements, is bringing flexibility to the infrastructure world and efficiency to all businesses.

The team has now won four blockchain ‘Hackathon’ competitions in the last six months. This is an incredible achievement, particularly its latest accomplishment – winning a place in the Grand Finale of the EOS Hackathon, beating 76 other teams. Though, win or lose, it is the team that is most integral to this company. While an application may change over time and target markets might evolve, it is the core team that will most likely stay the same through it all. Building an amazing team spirit and collective culture, Ducatur is here to stay.

According to CEO, George Bell, “The most important element when building a blockchain platform is your team. We’ve worked hard to ensure we have the right team to execute and deliver. Blockchain developers are hard to find. Let alone build a team around. I’d advise entrepreneurs to find their tech team as early as possible and build a strong, hard-working, and winning culture, which also knows how to have fun!”

While the blockchain can provide many solutions for many businesses, implementing the blockchain can be a challenge in and of itself. makes it easy for businesses to make the transition and to choose the blockchain that complements their business in the best way possible. From there, Ducatur can connect businesses to different data providers on the blockchain, in their own efficient ecosystem. Within this ecosystem exists a framework of oracles. Oracles are one of the greatest crypto innovations at this time. Bringing information from outside the blockchain, to the blockchain system, Ducatur diversifies the capabilities of the blockchain from the inside out. This is especially true for its collaborative culture, which will support the growth and potential of the company into the next eras of technology. If you are a startup, a tech innovator, or a company in need of some team spirit, this story is for you.

Here are the five most important things has learned as a team:

  1. Be flexible – learn all technologies and know how to adapt
  2. Build a strong tech team – without one you have no chance of succeeding in the long run
  3. Find strategic partners – finding a few large investors who believe in you is more important than raising more money from people looking for a quick flip.
  4. Focus on all platforms – ETH, NEO, EOS, etc. will change and evolve. Other protocols may launch soon with better features like Cardano, VeChain etc. Never stop learning about each technology.
  5. Have fun, travel, and meet people – don’t keep your team locked up in an office coding all day. Visit hackathons around the world and test your capabilities!
Search Engine Optimization

Parxavenue Top Calgary Search Engine Optimization Company – SEO and SEM

What’s the point of building a website if it’s going to rank on Google’s last page?

Building a website in 2018 is a lot different than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Back in the day; companies could create a website and use all kinds of flashy and spammy methods to rank their site in search engines, and it was quite easy to do. Search engines’ algorithms have become a lot smarter in the past decade and can now detect these old-school methods in a matter of seconds. Can you imagine a time when you can rank on Google’s first page 24 hours after building a website stuffed with 20 exact match keywords? Ranking your site used to be, that easy!

Many penalties have been given out lately as algorithms get smarter with the growth of technology. If your website has been penalized in any way whatsoever, many experts in the SEO industry will tell you that it might be easier to purchase a new domain and start fresh. Recovering from a penalty is time-consuming. Building back the trust you once had, won’t be easy – possible, yes, but not easy.

Parxavenue Ltd. an excellent SEO company based in Calgary, Alberta; has experimented with multiple domains, using all major search engines to see how hard they can “push.” The answers didn’t come right away, but after a few short months, they did find out how easy it is to receive a penalty and even have your website de-indexed!

Search Engine Optimization
Calgary SEO – Calgary SEM – Parxavenue Top Search Engine Optimization

If your SEO staff, team, or agency is using “Old-School” methods today in 2018, be aware that these techniques will catch up to you faster than you might be thinking. The best-ranking websites from any niche market have a very natural flow to them, using exact match keywords only when completely necessary. When working with the best SEO tools on the market today, it is quite clear that you have to follow Google’s best practices and again, that’s how simple it is. “Don’t be Evil” For helpful information regarding the best ways to go about working on your own website’s SEO, please click here.

5 Good Canadian B Corp Examples

In recent years, the business practices of large organizations has been under a great deal of public scrutiny. This is as both authorities and the general public believe that profit should not be more important than that organisation’s environmental and social footprint.

Transparency and business ethics are two keywords that are starting to define the modern corporate environment and there is even a certification that measures performance in these fields; the B Corporation certification.

Also known as B Lab certification (or B Corp certification) this is issued by B Lab, a non-profit organisation with offices around the world in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. This certification attests that an organisation delivers social and environmental performance.

Not to be confused with Benefit Corporations, which are a type of business entity, B Corp certifications measure the impact that an organisation has on the environment, on the local community and on its employees. At present, more and more companies are interested in obtaining a B Corp certification and there are more than 2,100 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and over 130 industries.

After reading about US B Corp Giving Assistants’ mission to help non-profits we looked at five B Corps in Canada that set a positive example in the local community and redefine the role of businesses in society.

1. Laridae Communications Inc.

Laridae Communications Inc. is a full-service management consulting firm based in Peterborough, Ontario that works only with non-profits, charities, associations, and public-sector organizations to boost performance and help make a positive impact. They offer consultancy in various fields, including governance, human resources, marketing, branding and engagement, so that leaders can make better decisions and build sustainable, value-oriented organisations. Laridae Communications have worked with more than 120 organisations so far, such as Peterborough Child & Family Centres, Peterborough Public Health and Student Nutrition Ontario. They are also a Vendor or Record in eight categories: Management Consulting Services, Organizational Effectiveness Specialist, Strategic Provincial Entity Review Specialist, Strategic Public Engagement Specialist, Organizational Transformation Capacity Consultant, Strategic Advisor, Workplace Restoration and Commissioned Research Services. Although Laridae only became a Certified B Corporation in 2018, their widespread reach on multiple corporate processes makes them a strong contender for one of the best B Corp examples in Canada.

2. Sustainable Societies Consulting Group

Similarly to Laridae Communications, Sustainable Societies Consulting Group (SSCG) helps organisations maintain a value-oriented corporate culture while at the same time helping them thrive. Their consultancy services focus on social and environmental performance and they promote transparency across all business sectors. SSCG’s mission statement includes three core values: community safety & wellbeing, environmental sustainability, health equity & inclusion. The companies who collaborate with SSCG will receive bespoke advice on how to incorporate these three core values in all their corporate processes and create a sustainable working environment for everyone. Sustainable Societies Consulting Group is based in Kitchener, Ontario, was certified in September 2017 and currently has a B Score of 83.

3. Social Impact Advisors

Just like their name suggests, Social Impact Advisors is all about delivering social impact for building a better community for everyone. They are a team of facilitators, coaches and consultants certified since July 2017 and with a B Score of 109, with offices in Oakville/Burlington, Ontario. Working with enterprises in various fields, they aim to make their clients stand out in the modern marketplace and build a transparent corporate culture. From finance to management, Social Impact Advisors suggest a different approach to running a business, where ethics, sustainability and employee satisfaction are just as important as profit. Sally Fazal and Lynn Fergusson, the founders of Social Impact Advisors, are both certified coaches the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s Innoweave program, in Impact and Strategic Clarity, and senior coaches in Collective Impact, including Youth CI. Their coaching experience in no less than 150 organizations enables them to deliver strategic solutions aligned with B Corp principles.

4. Phil Communications

Phil Communications are non-profit communication experts. When they obtained their B Corp certification in 2017, they pledged to give everything they have to building a better community for businesses and individuals alike. Based in Montreal, they have an impressive project portfolio and a consistent track record of transparency and innovation. Thanks to their thorough understanding on the Canadian economic landscape and the specific needs of businesses here, they are able to help their clients measure their social-driven statements across all channels of communication, social media included. Phil Communications also teaches their clients how to integrate the principles of fundraising into their organisation and define sustainable long-term goals.

5. Common Good Solutions Inc.

Start-up businesses play a crucial role in the Canadian economy and the experts at Community and Social Enterprise Development Services are fully aware of that. Their Impact Incubator, and Social Enterprise Institute are platforms that help local start-ups define their goal and become involved in the community. From business planning to impact measurement and budgeting, they assist clients to start and grow social enterprises that are fully aligned with the B Corp principles. Although they are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Common Good Solutions work with hundreds of small businesses, nonprofits and community groups across the United States, where B Corps and Benefit Corporations are more popular than ever before.


How A Life Coach Can Help You Improve Your Finances

While speaking with a financial adviser would be the best person to consult with to improve ones monetary outlook, many are also now turning to an online life coach because those who struggle financially tend to also struggle in other parts of their life as well.

Unless a person has inherited their money, it is quite rare that you would find someone who is financially sound also struggling in other areas of their life. Generally speaking, successful people are usually very responsible and self-motivated while individuals who find themselves in debt or living paycheck to paycheck are generally ones who are unorganized, lack discipline, are not focused, and have a hard time following through on their commitments.

Here are four simple ways a coach can be supportive to those who need help:

1. Find Meaning In Your Life

Quite often those individuals who struggle lack purpose or meaning in their life as they tend to bounce from job to job with no clear objective. One of the first tasks of a life coach is to help their clients discover their “why” as to what drives them in life so that they become more self-motivated.

When individuals find meaning in their life, they tend to become more engaged and driven to want to succeed financially.

2. Set Clear Financial Goals

Once a coach has helped their client find their purpose in life, they can then guide them through a process of defining their success so that they can set clear financial goals. Once an individual becomes clear on what success means to them and what lifestyle they would ideally like to live, their choices in life become much easier to make because it creates a clear path as to what they need to do to reach their financial goals.

3. Get Organized

Many people who have a hard time with their finances are generally just disorganized in their life. Some find themselves overwhelmed with clutter while others lack the ability to prioritize. By working with a life coach, they will be forced to get organized quickly because they will be taking on more work which means they will need to let go of anything in there life that does not serve a purpose towards their goals.

4. Time Management

As the saying goes, “Time is money” and most people who struggle financially do a terrible job of managing their time effectively. One of the most common complaints or excuses people use is that they don’t have enough time. Whether they realize they need to go back to school, get a second job, find a new job, or learn a new skill, it becomes quickly evident to these individuals that they need to do a better job of getting the most from their time.

One of the exercises a life coach has their client do is keep a journal of how they spend their time from morning until evening. Through this auditing process the client will quickly see how much time they are actually wasting and what needs to be done to improve their output.

10 business plan mistakes that will make investors lose their interest

Creating a convincing business plan is the most important step in attracting investors. Without paying attention to the way you build your business plan, you risk not being able to launch your business because no one is interested in co-funding it. The truth is, a good business plan is a sure way to success because it clearly states what the purpose of the respective company is, what goals you want to reach and what sort of assets you possess. Before starting to create the business plan, you have to make sure that you already established your strengths, weaknesses, and purpose. After managing this step, you need to start projecting your vision outward, by communicating your ideas and beginning to believe in them. The next thing to focus on is represented by investing resources into making it happen. Increase your knowledge about the respective topic, learn from people who already went through that experience and put things into practice.

Once you are ready, you can start thinking about writing down your ideas and putting them together in a business plan. You will want to get a better grip on compelling writing because you have to convince investors of the idea’s worth by simply using words. You need to state your point of view on the matter, to make strong points and back them up by evidence and solid arguments, you have to build convincing conclusions to your ideas and to be very confident on what you are sustaining. This article is meant to emphasize the possible mistakes that people make when building a business plan. Here are ten different mistakes that you should avoid making in order to attract investors instead of making them lose interest:


  1. Your business plan contains spelling mistakes

When you are writing down ideas in your business plan, you have to check what you are typing least twice to correct any spelling mistakes. Grammatical errors are the biggest enemy of professional-looking business plans, so avoid them at all costs. If you’re not good with spelling, have a professional check it out for you before presenting it to your investors. The final outcome should be error-free and good-looking.

  1. It looks sloppy and unprofessional

Talking about good looks, a business plan should be carefully organized in the page. Keeping the business plan tidy is a must for making it easily readable for the investors. Don’t write huge blocks of text that people won’t look forward to reading. Always choose to distribute the text evenly to both margins by using the justified alignment option. This will give the business plan a professional aspect.

  1. It doesn’t cover all aspects of the business

A business plan should contain a client summary, a brand summary, market validation, a competitive analysis, your business goals, the services and products you are going to offer, some details about potential pricing, a marketing plan, details related to workflow and processes and so on. Excluding one of these aspects will make your business plan look incomplete and investors won’t trust it. Try to cover every aspect you may think of. You may want to read a good business plan and follow its structure while composing yours.

  1. The language is repetitive and vague

When the vocabulary you use is repetitive and doesn’t correctly express what you want to say, it might induce the investors into confusion, which will make them lose their interest. You have to use clear, professional words instead of familiar language and you should avoid repeating the same idea over and over again. Even though you might have to spend more time composing your ideas, it is worth the trouble, as it will attract the attention of investors easier.

  1. The business plan is too lengthy

You don’t want to expand your ideas too much. Investors won’t have the necessary time or patience to write a business plan that’s hundred-pages long. You want to keep everything between reasonable limits. Again, you should keep a good business plan example next to you at all times and make your own one similar to that. You don’t want your business plan too short either.

  1. You are making unrealistic assumptions

The business plan is supposed to realistically present some facts and future predictions. If you are going to make unrealistic assumptions that are clearly not achievable in the next few years, then your investors will instantly lose interest. Being a good entrepreneur is all about knowing what to expect from the market and from your future business. Keep your feet on the ground when writing about it.

  1. No research has been done

A business plan has to contain at least a research chapter. Market research is paramount to get to know your competition and foresee the obstacles that your company may have to overcome in the future. Without research, your business plan won’t be credible enough. Invest time and resources into making a consistent research to back up your business plan and investors will appreciate the efforts. Plus, research will transform your business plan into a compelling, persuasive one.

  1. The competition was not analyzed

As mentioned before, in order to know what to expect from your business journey, you have to analyze the competition. By skipping this step, you don’t know what you involve yourself in, meaning that you can’t tell if the business plan is effective or not. Analyzing the competition is not optional – you have to do it for ensuring the applicability of the business plan.

  1. No second opinions were considered

When you write a business plan, you should ask for different opinions to see what other people have to say. Receiving feedback is very important, as people may notice some mistakes or poor explanations that you didn’t observe until now. Correcting these mistakes and accepting other people’s opinion is a step you shouldn’t miss.

  1. You used unfounded/fictive arguments

Never try to fool investors with fictive arguments. Use real arguments that are backed up by research or other sorts of solid information. Investors might look into the arguments you brought and if they found out you lied, they will lose interest in an instant.

Is Ecommerce Right for You?

Maybe you’ve been considering a new entrepreneurial endeavor. Or perhaps you want to explore some options for a new career. If you haven’t already thought about ecommerce as a possibility, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

What is ecommerce? Ecommerce refers to buying and selling online. It draws upon technologies like electronic funds transfers, supply chain management, internet marketing, electronic data interchange, inventory management systems, online transaction processing. Ecommerce is affecting how business is conducted in every industry including ticketing and banking, but online shopping is the most popular form of ecommerce. Digital Commerce 360 reports that “in the fourth quarter and in 2017 as a whole, US online retail grew faster than it has since 2011. E-commerce represented 13 percent of total retail sales in 2017 and 49 percent of the growth…Consumers spent $453.46 billion on the web for retail purchases in 2017, a 16.0 percent increase…That’s the highest growth rate since 2011.”

Am I interested in overcoming my current geographical boundaries? While brick and mortar businesses can often tie you to a physical location, an online store or service utilizes the whole world as its market. As a result, it is not limited by geographical boundaries and allows the owner of the business to work remotely from any area where a computer can be set up, and internet access is available.

Utilizing dropshipping wholesalers means you will not even need a home or warehouse to store the products you offer. If sitting in a cubicle or engaging in a daily commute is wearing on you, ecommerce allows you the flexibility and freedom to work from just about anywhere in the world. Not only does this provide a great deal of freedom for the business itself, but it also increases the potential for sales. Customers interested in the product or service will not need to go to the physical location to purchase items or schedule services, and the ecommerce business will have unlimited potential for success and eventual growth.

Am I in need of some mental stimulation? Any new endeavor requires real planning, follow through, and a strong work ethic. If your current employment situation is mind-numbing and rote, you may be ready for the challenge that ecommerce provides. Starting an ecommerce business can be fun and exciting because you are building something that is uniquely your own. You choose the product or service you wish to provide, and you choose the manner in which you design your website and market your product or service.

Building your business can be a source of new knowledge and skill as you will need to learn a wide range of information to facilitate your business’s success. You can exercise your creativity as you choose a business name, develop a logo, generate a slogan, and put it all together on a website of your creation.

Does my current job fit my personal preferences? Are you a night person forced to rise at 5 am to work a day job? Are you someone who likes to chunk their day into two-hour blocks of productivity, separated by long periods of diversion but find yourself working steady eight to ten-hour shifts? Many people find that, based on their chronotype, they work better in specific ways and at given times, but their current employment does not accommodate the physical and mental manner in which they operate best.

Ecommerce, as an online business, is not restricted by time or space. Running an online business means that it is always open, allowing you to conduct it in a way that is better suited for your personal preferences. Left unrestricted by working hours, time zones, or other time constraints, ecommerce business owners can organize themselves in whatever way they wish, as customers are also unrestricted, giving them unlimited availability and increasing your chances of online success.

Do I want to start a business with little to no startup cost? Most traditional businesses require a large startup investment. From purchasing product or raw materials to make the product to sales staff needed for service, there is a great deal that goes into starting many traditional businesses. With an ecommerce business, there is no need to invest in those initial or ongoing running costs. The automation of the checkout process, billing and finance transactions, and online payment platforms allow you to run the business yourself for the most part. Without a storefront, you have no need for real estate or leasing costs. The largest investment you will have at the onset of building your ecommerce business is time and effort.

Do you have an online business? What do you see as the advantages of ecommerce?

Understanding the Benefits of Streamlining Your Accounts Payable Management

Whether you run a home business that caters to select clients or a big company with thousands of customers, maintaining a healthy cash flow is an important thing to do. For the business operations to run smoothly, you have to make sure that the amount of money coming in matches the expenses and bills you have to cover.

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Better accounts receivable and accounts payable management is one of the ways you can improve your cash flow. In this article, we are going to focus more on good accounts payable management and how streamlining the management process brings a lot of benefits.

Automation to the Rescue

Business functions can now be automated with the help of solutions. Some business solutions can even take automation a step further and eliminate the need for human input entirely. Automation is also a great way to streamline the way you manage your accounts payable and it comes with a number of benefits.

For starters, you can save a lot of time and money handling payments to vendors. With invoices processed automatically, the right accounts payable software can actually be connected with your bank accounts to allow for payments to be made automatically.

You also save money on late charges and additional fees, since they can be avoided entirely. These are small savings to make, but they are savings that will lead to a substantially better cash flow. Besides, automating the AP management process all the way to payment means you – or the person handling your finances – can focus on more important things.

Better Forecasting

The task of a good accounts payable software isn’t just to help you manage payments to vendors. The right solution can also handle all the process of dealing with vendors, from generating purchase orders automatically to monitoring every step of the purchase process. The A-to-Z approach to AP management brings even more benefits to the table.

With the entire process managed by a capable system, you can also plan for the future more meticulously. You can carefully see when bills are due and when expenses need to be made. You also have a clear picture of details such as the amount you can save by settling a vendor’s invoice early.

These details are invaluable to the health of your cash flow. Combined with better financial management in general, taking your cash flow to the next level isn’t difficult at all.

AP in the Cloud

The last advantage of good accounts payable management is the fact that you can now have the entire system running from the cloud. This means things like automation and data analysis continue to work even when the office is closed.

You can also keep track of your bills no matter where you are. Cloud-based solutions can be accessed from anywhere. The best accounts payable software can even be accessed using mobile devices, giving you more flexibility and better control over your cash flow.

These advantages are too good to miss. If you are serious about maintaining a healthy cash flow for your business, starting with good accounts payable (and accounts receivable) management is the perfect step to take.

Putting the “I” Back into the AI in Intelligent Businesses

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have our own personal assistant? Don’t we all just want to feel heard and understood, to bring greater ease and purpose into our lives?

In the digital space, there is a great abundance of all of these things and the demand for intelligent personal assistants is on the rise. AI technology mirrors the inner-workings of the human brain, possessing the ability to learn, process, remember, adapt, and interact with human input. With an increase in big data businesses, AI is becoming very relevant and is a promising means for understanding patterns and applying insights that will service consumers and their needs. With new hyper-personal adoptions, innovators are putting the ‘I’ back into the AI.

The applications for artificial intelligence assistants are endless. From healthcare to education, business, and consumer products, AI is here to make our lives easier and more personalized. Here are two very different companies that are transforming industries and paving the way to a more intelligent society.


As legalization spreads across the US, Canada, and Europe, more and more people are beginning to replace synthetic drugs with medical cannabis. A variety of research has been completed, evidencing the medicinal properties of marijuana and its promise for such conditions as anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, Multiple sclerosis, among others. The stigma is being lifted, creating a green wave of possibilities and innovative technologies. GANA  (Green And Nature Association) combines big data with AI technology. Offering a highly secured platform, GANA reaches its users by serving as an informative guide to medical and recreational use. With limited resources on the subject, many people are ignorant to important safety information, including correct dosages and interactions with other medications. This can bring a lot of unknowns to people who could benefit from medicinal use but fear unwanted side effects, both physical and emotional.

Luckily GANA’s AI technology provides a reliable source for any concern that a user might have. The mobile application gleans personal data and takes note of important information that could affect your medical cannabis experience. It may then find somebody else who is similar to you and offer implied insight into the problem and the solution. From the business standpoint, GANA provides essential data that can be used to complete research and improve users’ experience.

GANA collects and stores its data on the blockchain, a decentralized platform that prohibits outside manipulation. The platform is anonymous and is committed to reliability and transparency for all users. In its essence, GANA modernizes the cannabis industry, ensuring safe usage, positive health benefits and data security. According to CTO, Reid Lee “This will act as part of an accelerator for the cannabis legalization movement around the globe.” Inc.

Ever found yourself screaming at your computer screen or portable device? While many enterprises provide chatbots to help you, these chatty systems are bringing all of us to the brink of frustration. Chatbots do not remember what you say. They can’t learn in an interactive format, and they can’t adapt in a way that informs any type of meaningful conversation. Frozen in time, chatbots deliver impersonal service and are promiscuous with our data, either using it to sell their products and services, or sharing it with other companies to do the same, at the risk of our security.

The first ever AI personal assistant, Aigo is moving forward with a revolution in cognitive ability, security, and interactivity. On a mission for ultra personalization, Aigo’s conversational interface will serve consumer products and become useful as an automative assistant and a co-pilot for enterprise software.  

Aigo posses an advanced cognitive ability to understand context as well as complex sentences. Aigo has the capacity to adapt to the needs and goals of the consumer and even provides users with the opportunity to teach new skills in natural language, without requiring complicated programming.

According to CEO and Chief Scientist, Peter Voss, “Natural Language is the holy grail of AI. We have an architecture that allows us to continuously increase the intelligence of digital assistants, making it a true companion, an advisor, a helper for everyone.”

Aigo is a true Personal assistant. Aigo belongs to you, is customized for you, and is private to you. Much like GANA, Aigo exists on the blockchain where users may own and control their own data. On both platforms, users may also monetize their experience, empowering individuals to become the force of change in digital spaces. With these game-changing technologies, comes a profound impact on global intelligence. As users, creators, businesses and consumers, we may all begin to have meaningful conversations without the headache.

The Global Supply Chain And You

Have you ever stopped to think about how you are best able to navigate your day, and all of the tangible items that play a significant role in your daily life? From the food that we eat for three square meals, to the smartphones and laptops that we depend on to connect all of the dots of our personal and professional lives, the global supply chain is quite literally the backbone of how we are able to power through each day.

The global supply chain is essentially the powerful worldwide network that connects us from raw materials and production to finished products and shipments. Small and large businesses alike depend on the global supply chain to create links to manufacturers and/or suppliers of products that they will then pass on to their consumers. Of course, when considering how integral the global supply chain is to how life in every country operates, it would not be an odd expectation for this network to move along seamlessly from beginning to end. That is not the case.

The very nature of the global supply chain can be described in one word: complexity. This complexity spans oceans, continents, and thousands of different moving pieces that can undoubtedly be difficult to keep track of. Despite this complexity, the technology used largely remains outdated, rarely giving us the right information that we need to make the most efficient decisions.

According to Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading research and advisory company, effective supply chain management is hinged on robust processes that can create and fulfill demands for goods and services that will ultimately satisfy end consumers. A 2014 analysis conducted by Software Advice reported that, among prospective purchasers from thousands of companies actively seeking software that would help them to better manage their supply chain, approximately fourteen percent of these companies were still using outdated, unsophisticated to track materials, products, as well as to conduct necessary accounting management.

Globally, businesses operate under high-pressure conditions, largely expected to always to deliver their goods on time and in perfect condition. Without the right kinds of tools to track deliveries, execute binding agreements, or to serve as effective payment systems, late, lost, or inefficient deliveries abound, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars in lost revenue.  MOVA is disrupting the supply chain management industry to make significant changes to that.

MOVA is an innovative solution driven by the need to rectify two of the main factors contributing to the ongoing complexity of the supply chain, which undeniably drives up costs: lack of transparency and poor options available for risk-management tools. MOVA leverages the Ethereum blockchain to seamlessly link producers and shipping providers with automated smart contracts, accurate instant payments with built-in incentive mechanisms, as well as the ability to track the movement of goods in real-time with robust GPS technology.

Essentially, MOVA is a tracking and performance tool that allows businesses to wield control over how their products are moved, while reducing barriers to market access and removing the need to rely on premium and express services. According to Lachlan McDonald, Co-Founder and CEO, the mission of the MOVA Project “…is to make every truck on the road more efficient, increasing competition and decreasing carbon footprint.” With this global decentralized platform, businesses will benefit greatly from real-world performance data, as well as access to cost-effective logistics capacity.

Five key features of MOVA are:

    • Faster Transactions: with instant, incentivised payments for delivery without the meddling of a third-party, cash flow is increased.


  • Robust GPS Technology: automated smart contracts with built-in GPS technology ensure certain pickup and delivery performance.
  • Lower Rates: MOVA reduces the need for costly express options, while providing a significant level of clarity and security.
  • Global Market Access: removes barriers to global market access for those who may not have been able to participate fully in the global supply chain.
  • Autonomy: Pending verification, as well as mutual agreements on key terms, automated smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain help to level the playing-field for all involved.


Already finding success performing real-world trials, with multi-billion dollar mining and equipment dealer, Hastings Deering, MOVA is set to shifting the narrative on how the problem of complexity in the global supply chain is solved. With a commitment to transparency within their own company’s practices, MOVA has started a reputation of being leaders intent on setting trends on the best way to simply, and make more efficient, the global supply chain.