Capital Matters: A Washington D.C. Education & Workforce Chief Leads A New Charge on Behalf of Workers – and Has a Message for Canada & the World


Canada, meet the new boss in town.

In the U.S. capital of Washington D.C., a new woman now helms one of the most important agencies in the country designed to educate, train and assist workers.

Her name: Dr. Unique Morris-Hughes.

This week, Morris-Hughes began her new position as the Interim Director of The Washington D.C. Department of Employment Services, or DOES. It’s a post that calls for a hefty role: since she operates as State Labor Commissioner. It’s a post that calls for hefty financial management skills: because the agency is responsible for all things workforce-related, it, along with the U.S. government, administers an estimated $150 million budget of federal, local and specific-purpose funds. Throw in another $80 million budget for capital projects. And it’s a post that calls for a leader who drives innovation, promises disruption and demands excellence.

On all fronts, Morris-Hughes is happy to lead the charge.

In her new role, Morris-Hughes vows to give everything from workforce development to grants management an upgrade. These “upgrades” would impact workers from a wide range of ages and experiences, from every part of the city. And her goals extend beyond Washington D.C.’s borders. For any organization in Canada or elsewhere looking to invest, looking to partner, or looking for a new place to plant corporate roots, Morris-Hughes wants them to know: the District is home to a highly-accomplished base of talent due to a thriving, knowledge-based economy. Simply put, Washington D.C. has an embarrassment of professional riches that the rest of the world should continue to notice, engage and benefit from. The welcoming to the city of companies like Uber and Yelp — both of which are helping to usher in workforce-related change — underscores Morris-Hughes’ point.

For those not already apart of Washington D.C.’s talent base, Morris-Hughes is re-tooling existing programs and creating new ones designed to help level the playing field in terms of advantages, education and opportunity.  At DOES, she has led massive turnaround efforts designed to better administer programs for youth — efforts that have become examples for other U.S. states. At Washington D.C.’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education, she wore many hats: leading the agency through a federal corrective action plan and ultimately helping Washington D.C. reverse a “high risk” status for grant oversight, operation management and fiscal reporting; and leading management functions to support the agency’s mission, including a $270 million education grant portfolio and $600 million in student-per-pupil funding. She’s also expanded the talent base by taking on numerous teaching assignments, even on the college graduate level.

Helping those who need it — and those at risk — is a steady determination for Morris-Hughes. It’s borne of her theory that positive change and success come with the integration of educational training and economic responsibility. Now, with her new appointment and ambitious plans, her theory will receive a fresh test.

The Art, Science, and Business of Natural Skin Care

“Because I’m worth it.”  Four words that began as an ad campaign for L’Oreal in 1973, and have proven to be timeless globally.  Four words uttered by women everywhere, when making their spending decisions. Four words which have helped turn the business of skin care into a global phenomenon – growing exponentially through Amazon and other retailers.  “Because I’m worth it” – four words women recognize and live by every day, regardless of what it means to them. And most importantly, four words which changed the mindset of Abha Saraswat, the Founder and CEO of Sano Naturals (

A corporate executive who determined early on that her skin would become her greatest asset, after struggling with its imperfections.  After using makeup to cover them, Abby decided to embrace her inner entrepreneur, and create a natural skin care regimen for herself that worked.  As her skin evolved, so did her mindset. She quickly realized that what worked for her, would work for others. Saraswat created Sano Naturals after researching the beauty space, and learning how the business of beauty is big business in and of itself.

According to, the United States is “the world’s largest market for the beauty and cosmetics industry.  This is also reflected in the number of online purchases carried out last year, which amounted to more than $7.2 billion.”  Of those purchases, “facial and skin care products account for 27 percent of total online sales.” In other words, there is a substantial market that that both women – and men – are embracing – and it is growing exponentially each year.

For those that are new to the space, skin care isn’t a “one size fits all” vertical; there is a science – and an art to it; it all begins with 5 key areas: ingredients, skin knowledge, product interactions, packaging, and last but certainly not least, credibility.  Skin knowledge happens both in front of the proverbial camera and also behind the scenes. Because our skin is such an important organ, and is easily damaged, it is important to take care of it. It actually covers more than 18.5 square feet of space, and makes up about 16 percent of our body weight.  Our skin plays an extremely important role in regulating our body temperature, and regenerates itself.

According to Everyday Health and Dr. David Bank, the Director at the Center for Dermatology, “your skin sheds its dead skin cells on a daily basis, creating a new layer of skin every 28 days.”  As a result, pampering the skin has become a business in and of itself. Companies like Sano Naturals produce products that are both natural, and incorporate science and nature for the purpose of protecting, healing, and replenishing the skin.  

“All our products are made from a combination of real science and nature.  We promise real results. Our company’s mission is to work with the busy, cost-conscious consumer offering high quality, accessible products,” said Abha Saraswat.  From the very beginning, Saraswat made the decision to sell her products online and to use Amazon as her company’s premier sales channel. “Regardless of where you’re located, we want to be accessible,” said Saraswat.

Sano’s K2Slay Beauty Box is renowned in the industry and includes several products, all packaged and designed to fit the needs of the busy consumer.  From a packaging perspective, their Korean Beauty Mask product and packaging are fantastic – because the mask is sealed for individual use, it keeps its efficacy longer.  From a credibility perspective, it’s at the top of its class. The products in the box are designed to work with any skin type, and adjust automatically to the skin they’re on.  Therefore, the difference is clear.

At the end of the day, regardless of the type of skin care ritual one elects to participate in, the reality is that natural skin care is a mix of art, science, and business.  When beauty brands are winning at E-Commerce, like Sano Naturals, the users are the real winners…because they’re worth it.


The Great Disparity In C-Level Positions

There is a great disparity in the number of women in technology and C-level positions; and the numbers don’t lie.  From the board room to the cap tables, men are dominating in certain roles, while equally qualified women are given a back seat.  According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, “most Americans say women are about equal to men when it comes to key leadership traits such as intelligence and capacity for innovation, yet women still make up a small share of top leadership jobs.”

Today is International Women’s Day, and a perfect time to take stock of the problem, and do something to evoke change.  Instead of just talking about fixing the problem, organizations like Alpha Edison ( are taking specific action.  By creating the #StartWithEight initiative which begins today, they have challenged people to go outside their pre-existing networks and meet with 8 women in the month of March.  In doing so, participants are broadening their horizons, and looking at ways women can bring fresh ideas, and fresh minds, to the table.

Start With Eight works like any other initiative.  There is an “ask” and a “reply”. In this case, the program “asks” people in senior roles to speak with their mentors and their networks to identify and recommend eight women to meet with in the month of March.  Once these meetings are completed, the initiative requests that the meetings are shared on social media with the hashtag #StartWithEight. Postings should recommend people for roles and positions, understanding that the ultimate long-term goal is to the decrease the amount of inequality found in the workplace.

Because we know that diversity in technology and other related verticals isn’t a talent or pipeline issue, it is sometimes much harder to understand.  It has been studied time and time again, and according to the Center For American Progress, “women make up a majority of the U.S. population, and yet, although they hold almost 52 percent of all professional-level jobs, American women lag behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership positions.”  In other words, the greatest inequality is found in the C-Suite and the Partnership Track.

While the past few decades have brought progress for women in top roles, and the gender gap has narrowed a bit, the divide is still too great.  According to the Center For American Progress, progress has been uneven and is actually slowing, as women filling senior roles continues to fall short of matching the success of their male counterparts.

Start With Eight aims to counterbalance these challenges, by encouraging women to come forward and proffer their enthusiasm, ingenuity, and professional expertise to organizations which, in attempting to look for their best candidate, may not have contacted them in the past.  With only 2 percent of venture capital funding going to female founders, Start With Eight is just the beginning. And it doesn’t have to end here…it’s a program designed to help reduce the disparity over time. While it isn’t about specific positions themselves, it is about recognizing the gap and helping to find ways to fill it. This really can all be summed up according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center.  In the study it is noted that, “most Americans say women are about equal to men when it comes to key leadership traits such as intelligence and capacity for innovation, yet women still make up a small share of top leadership jobs.”

From Old School Dialing to Photo-Based Interaction: How Eyecon Is Changing The Way We Think About Communication

In a day and age when communication is primarily mobile-oriented, it is critical to be able to work faster and more expertly than ever before.  Companies from Microsoft to Google are helping us work smarter and more effectively. However, the one area commonly left behind, ironically, is the dialer.  Dialers, like Eyecon (, are literally changing the way people communicate through the use of a proprietary app.

Users can be anyone, of any age, demographic, or location that wish to stay connected in a more intuitive, visual manner.  You can literally see who is calling, or who you wish to call, long before you hit the talk button. While this does, in effect, provide a much easier way to screen calls; it is, more importantly, an easier way to useyour phone book.  The picture-enabled phone book makes calling easier; and because the app is intuitive and user-friendly, setup is a breeze.

Eyecon imitates the natural behavior of people for a more intuitive experience.  It creates an emotional connection even before the call is connected, and it puts people first, and central, to the experience, while updating seamlessly.

Dialers are already changing how people communicate, and have been for a while now.  At a time when remote work is king and people need to feel less isolated, a photo-based dialer not only bridges this gap, but it also enhances one’s sense of security.  

Since the dawn of time, communication has always been an emotional exchange and has driven our actions.  At times, communication is one dimensional; Eyecon changes that. Instead of merely hearing what people are saying; with the app, you can literally see them on your phone.  That intimacy is something everyone needs at different times. The app enhances this by learning your calling habits and preferences for each individual contact in your phone book.  In addition, through its customization features, it shows the user the contacts they are most likely to use at any given moment in time, making the older, more tedious method of searching for numbers outdated.

Interestingly enough, after looking at several other dialers and apps, Eyecon is the only picture-based phone book we could find.  It was designed based on the belief that everyone who calls should identify themselves, so unknown callers are no longer able to get through unless you want them to.  It is simple and it enables you to communicate across messaging and calling platforms from one robust location. According to Yuval Samson, Founder and CEO of Eyecon, “our minds process photos 60,000 times faster than words, and therefore, the task of searching through a large contact list is frustrating, compared with our quick and simple communication experience.  It’s as if we took gravity and made it lighter, but for the brain.”

Eyecon is the only app to feature pictures in two locations: your caller id and your phone book.  The results are based on data people publicize directly about themselves, and on social media. Therefore, users automatically know the information is always up-to-date and posted by potential callers themselves.  

At this point you, the reader, are probably wondering what else the app can do.  Yes, it’s caller id and a phone book on steroids, but it also enables users to make their own calls directly from their social and messaging apps.  In other words, it works across networks, across profiles, and brings it all to your fingertips in one inclusive app. Users can also use the “brand yourself” feature to control what is shown on other phones, especially when calling them for business or professional reasons.

Almost everyone in technology today understands the importance of machine learning and artificial intelligence and the impact of it on almost every aspect of technology – from mobile to social, and beyond.  Because of the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are now seeing areas where our technology can learn how we operate – recognizing behaviors and solving old school communication issues. Eyecon is no different and, in fact, is already utilizing these technologies to enhance the calling experience.

The app is available currently on iTunes and Google Play and has millions of installs. Because Samson’s goal is to change the methods, habits, and behaviors related to how we communicate, he has made the app free of charge, and ad free.  “Think of it this way,” says Samson, “it wasn’t that long ago that texting was introduced…now, most people couldn’t live without it. In the same way we adopted texting, we seen an even more rapid adoption of Eyecon.”

5 Things To Consider Before Sinking Finances Into Your eCommerce Business

Kevin O’Leary could have been the prime minister right now. Some say he would have won the election easily if he spoke French. We’ve been enjoying his financial tips for many years, but it’s something else Canadians seem to love most.

They’ve started eCommerce sites in huge numbers thanks to his appearances on Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. Now they want them to grow, but they’re afraid to invest in SEO. We’re going to look at what you should consider before spending any money.

1. Length Of Time You’ve Been In Business

Even the best SEO companies in the world can’t produce miracles. If you haven’t been working on your business for at least 6 months don’t expect to rank in Google. Sadly, it’s not the same as a few years ago.

Before Google got their act together you could rank for huge keywords in days. Now you have to wait before you can expect them to take notice of your site. It’s crucial you’re patient at the start of your journey.

2. Being Willing To Do Whatever It Takes

Let’s say you’ve got your eye on a particular keyword you know will bring in sales. You’ll have a good idea who your competition is. What are you going to do when you finally knock them off their pedestal?

They will come at you hard and you’ll need to do everything to hold onto the keyword. Will it be worth spending all that money? Maybe not if you’re in competition with companies that have much deeper pockets.

3. Find Out Where You Are Ranking First

It’s impossible to tell how much money it will cost you to rank for a keyword. Don’t throw all your finances into one you think will bring you success. Instead, start by targeting all the low hanging fruit.

You can do this by using software with the ability to tell you where you’re sitting in Google. Attack the keywords that are already close to page one. If you go after anything you else you could waste a lot of money.

4. You Need To Be Publishing Regularly

If you want to go down the SEO route it definitely helps when you publish regularly. If not, there are other ways you can drive traffic to your website. You have to figure out if you’re willing to commit to writing a lot.

Invest in SEO if you think you’ll be able to write articles on a constant basis. Don’t spend much if you won’t in the long term. You’ll end up losing the rankings you fought hard for and it might leave you in the red.

5. A Few Keywords Will Never Convert

E-commerce SEO is special because you can rank for keywords with buyer intent on your product pages. Unfortunately, a few keywords will never convert even if you’re sitting on the top spot in Google.

It’s unfortunate if you’re running a general blog because you’ll try to rank for anything. Try to focus your attention towards keywords with buyer intent and your eCommerce site will fair a lot better.

It Can Work Wonders For Your eCommerce Site

If you do have the finances to spare, SEO could skyrocket your business. Just consider everything we’ve spoken about today before sinking money into it. Also, don’t forget you sometimes need to take chances.

Sunil Tulsiani, the man who wants to make you a millionaire

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need a mentor. Someone that has walked the path you chose and succeeded. In real estate investment, there are few people that are as qualified to serve as a guide as Sunil Tulsiani.

With names like Robert G. Allen and Robert Kiyosaki, the before mentioned claim might sound a little exaggerated. However, Mr. Tulsiani not only has achieved huge financial success during his career but he has also managed to develop an exceptional level empathy that makes him the logic choice.

According to more than a hundred recommendations on his LinkedIn profile, Sunil has helped several people learn how to create, maintain and develop stable sources of income. Moreover, many of his apprentices go on to become industry leaders and give speeches about real states investment. Or as Nam Ratna says:


“We hired Sunil as our mentor a couple of months ago and in less than 90 days, we had more than doubled our investment! Furthermore, my partner/brother has shared stage with Brian Tracy and my other partner is selected to share stage with Robert G. Allen in Toronto. 

I find Sunil to be down to earth, well connected and a top mentor!

We look forward to be part of Sunil’s 100 millionaire list.

Thank you Sunil!!”

As you can see, his clients not only trust Sunil Tulsiani but they also want to make him proud. This inspirational pattern repeats testimonial after testimonial which makes you want to learn more about the man.

Who is Sunil Tulsiani?

Sunil Tulsiani is an entrepreneur that has been reaping the benefits of a successful career in the industry of real estate investment in Canada. He and his family migrated to Toronto in 1981 looking for a better life.

During an interview with the Canadian Real Estate Magazine, he explained he and his family lived in a “difficult area of Toronto.” But he didn’t let the challenge of being an immigrant nor the toxic environment that surrounded him corrupt his convictions. And as soon as he could, he went on to accomplish his first professional dream: Becoming a police officer.

Being a minority in the force, Sunil Tulsiani had to work twice as hard as his colleagues, and after years of “catching the bad guys,” he attained the rank of platoon commander. But, after 15 years of sacrificing his personal life for his job, he needed a change.

So, he took a year’s leave and decided to become financially independent. He wanted to spend more time with his family.

With that goal in mind, Sunil started attending as many business conferences as he could, until he stumbled upon Robert G. Allen’s $5000 workshop. Not 7 days had passed, when Tulsiani purchased his first condo covering only 5% of the full investment. Following the best practices in the industry and using tricks he picked up on the road, he managed to earn almost a million dollars in profit during his first year as an investor.

The creation of the Private Investment Club

His success in the real estate world gave Sunil Tulsiani name recognition, and before he realized it, a public speaking career started to take form.

“I was petrified. I was always the shy guy in meetings, so to go up on stage was very daunting,” Mr. Tulsiani on his first speech.

Sunil overcome his shyness and quickly became a confident and reliable speaker. Moreover, the tips and tactics he shared were so valuable that more and more people started to attend his conferences.

So, the former police officer decided he wanted to help others achieve the same level of success he was enjoying as a real estate investor. His goal? Transforming 100 unknown individuals into millionaires. It sounds crazy, but there was a clear strategy behind it all.

The solution was simple and elegant. Sunil was going to gather a group of like-minded people that wanted to thrive in the real estate industry, regardless their background. He called it the Private Investment Club, and this organization’s objective was to provide its members with the tools to become high-performing investors.

From coaching to financial support, the members of PIC started cooperating with one another with a simple goal in mind: Making money investing in properties. The initiative took off as PIC collaborators’ portfolio started to grow, establishing Sunil Tulsiani as a guru of real estate investment.

A big mistake that could have killed the guru’s reputation

Tulsiani met Joe Henry Chau in 2007. The latter was a developer working on a hotel-condo in Curacao, a famous touristic spot off-shore Venezuela. Usually, business people are wary of projects that are under development, but Sunil had already made millions with similar projects using different tactics to mitigate the risks. So, he took the bait.

His brother flew in to scout the place, and confirmed everything Mr. Chau said was true; it was a good investment opportunity. So, Tulsiani decided to pitch the project to PIC members, and many of them were interested since they only had to cover 10% of the total cost.

Then, the infamous 2008 real estate crisis kicked in which forced Tulsiani and his collaborators to inject capital to keep the project alive. However, Joe Henry Chau had used shady methods to run the initiative, and he was later found guilty of fraud. The result? Tulsiani and several members of the Private Investment Club lost millions of dollars.

That of course affected the guru’s reputation, and many of the people involved even accused him of having deceived them. However, he was cleared of any fraud charges. In despite of that, he took money out of his own pocket to cover some of his client’s loses.

Instead of shutting down his company and accepting defeat, Sunil decided to use the knowledge from that experience to become a wiser investor. Now, he doesn’t take unnecessary risks with pre-construction developments, and clearly explains the risks of investing to anyone that wants to work with him. But, what about his reputation?

The waiting list to join the PIC grows every day. Even after the Curacao fiasco, people still believe in Sunil and want to do business with him. If you want proof, that first recommendation we mentioned at the beginning of the article is from few days ago (February 7, 2018).

If you are considering becoming a property investor and are looking for a reliable mentor, Sunil Tulsiani is the smart bet. You can start by checking out his books and YouTube channel where he gives invaluable entrepreneurship advice. Be warned, you might become a fan after a couple of research hours.

5 Ways Lightning Network Will Be an Added Advantage to Cryptocurrencies

When Bitcoin was introduced, there were little or no transaction fees and very little waiting time before a transaction was completed. But the popularity of Bitcoin soared, and wait-times became unbearable. Bitcoin miners could only confirm a few transactions at a time, and those that wanted their transactions completed urgently had to pay high transaction fees. As of now, Bitcoin transaction fees are as high as $36 per transaction.

After Bitcoin became popular, other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum were introduced. Ethereum was initially fast, but as it became popular, transaction confirmation became slower, and transaction fees also increased. So, the introduction of more cryptocurrencies will not make transaction fees and transaction wait times go down as some think. The more people start to use a cryptocurrency, the more crowded the network will be and the higher the transaction fees and wait-time will be.

The Lightning Network was introduced as a second layer of payment protocol that will help make transactions faster. The blockchain will still be available, but the Lightning Network will be used for instant transactions with only the final transaction being recorded on the blockchain. So, transaction fees and long wait-times will disappear with the Lightning Network. Bitcoin and other alt coins will be using the Lightning network when it launches. The following are the advantages of using the Lightning Network:

1. Fast transactions:

The number one reason the Lightning Network was created was to make transactions ‘lightning fast’. Transactions will even be confirmed faster than Bitcoin Cash. So, you can pay for goods, make microtransactions and process other payments within seconds. With the Lightning Network, there won’t be a need for cryptocurrency authentication and mining operations won’t be involved in transactions. Miners will only be needed for the initial transaction to access the Lightning Network.  

2. Privacy:

When you use the Lightning Network, only the final transaction is recorded on the blockchain. So, all prior transactions made between parties are not visible on the public ledger. This gives cryptocurrencies an added layer of privacy. It is only transactions that are required to be public that will be made public. Microtransactions and other transactions between private parties won’t need to be on the blockchain.

3. Cryptocurrencies will soar:

The long wait times and heavy transaction fees has seen a drop in the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies worldwide. This has in turn caused the values of these cryptocurrencies to drop. But with the Lightning Network, more transactions will be made with cryptocurrencies, and the values of these cryptocurrencies will rise.

4. More acceptance of cryptocurrency:

A major problem affecting cryptocurrencies is acceptability. Several individuals and companies are pessimistic about the future of cryptocurrency. There have been arguments as to why people should resort to using a digital currency that is expensive to use, is not 100% anonymous and is slow. We are in a digital age where everything is moving at a fast pace. No one wants delay in transactions, and so very little people have adopted cryptocurrencies. But with the Lightning Network, cryptocurrency will gain more acceptance, and more companies and individuals will start using it.

5. Support for more transactions:

The lightning network will enable cryptocurrencies to support more transaction. As at now, the bitcoin blockchain supports 3 transactions per second while VISA supports about 4000 transactions per second. With the Lightning Network, more cryptocurrency transactions can be completed per second.


Litecoin, Ethereum, zcash, Ripple and other altcoins plan to test and implement the Lightning Network. The advantages are great, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be happy with this new technology. For more information on the Lightning Network, you can visit

Five Reasons Your Blog is Key for Small Business Success

It’s a common thing to hear. A business will say that they have a website, but they never get any traffic to it. It is more of a digital placeholder than anything else, a domain name they own so no one else will take it from them. At the same time, they look at their competition and see that their website is thriving with tons of traffic and a robust following for their blog.

“How do they do that?” they wonder aloud, and even look for a new marketing manager or advertising agency to take their digital presence to the next level. The truth is, a good website and blog are often the keys to business success. It can make the difference between viability and failure in today’s digital world. Why is your blog such a key to your small business success?

Here are five reasons, and what you should do about them.

Content is King

There is an old saying that content is king, and it is. Every year there are those who say that it does not matter, and link building and SEO are dead. Not true. Even Google tells us they are not. Links still matter to your Google ranking, and a solid Google ranking in the right niche can mean a lot to your sales and bottom line.

It is helpful to know the science behind search engines. Google does not display the live internet, but what it has collected in its own database. How does it decide what matters? Things called “spiders” crawl the web, looking for new content, and update the database based on what it finds.

If your site is updated every day, Google will look at it every day. If it is updated weekly, the same principle follows. The less frequently your site is updated, the less Google looks at it, and the lower your ranking.

Google also looks at expertise and authority on each of your web pages or blog posts. The more expertise and authority you have, the higher you rank. This authority is determined by your web content, and in large part the content of your blog.

Therefore, you content matters to Google, and so it should matter to you as well.

The User Experience Rules

If content is king, the user is the queen, and everyone knows if the queen is not happy, nobody’s happy. Google cares about your content, yes. You should care about that. But the user cares as well, and it is the user who in the end will become your customer.

Also, the more Google uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, the more it looks at your website like a user would. Paginated articles and large pop up ads will actually get your site penalized in the long run, and the overuse of them can potentially get your site delisted from the SERPS, something that will dramatically impact your bottom line.

This means you must give the user what they want: answers to questions they are asking, how to articles and videos, practical uses for your products and services, white papers and case studies. You must also write for the different kinds of internet users:

  • Streakers: these users are looking for a quick answer to a question. FAQ pages, short blog posts, and even short videos appeal to them.
  • Strollers: Otherwise known as headline readers, these users read the headings of your articles to see if they want to read more. Medium length articles and video tutorials, even photo articles appeal to them.
  • Studiers: The student is doing a lot of research before they buy your product or sign up for your service, and as a result you will need to provide them with a lot of information: long form blog posts, in depth descriptions, and case studies. These users are also more likely to like and share your content if they find it useful.

Your blog content, if it appeals to all of these types of users, is a potential gold mine.


What is the one reason your blog is the key to your small business success that matters the most to many entrepreneurs? Conversion. The right blog content structured in the right way will lead your user from a seeker to a customer, all the way through the buyer’s journey. The sales funnel can be created, and the user led through it to conversion using your blog posts.

This means one simple thing: you can convert customers with content alone and may not even interact with them one on one until they have pressed buy in their shopping cart. This type of conversion comes at almost no cost to you except for the initial creation of content and the maintenance of your website.

The purpose of Google rankings and creating great user experiences is in the end, conversion.

Location, Location, Location

We mentioned above that often a blog or website is just a placeholder for a business that does not know what to otherwise do with it. However, this is not entirely a bad thing. Your virtual location matters, and if you have not yet claimed the ideal domain name for your business, you should do so sooner rather than later.

Your domain name is your virtual location, similar in many ways to a physical location. It is often the first impression a user will have of you and your business, so choose carefully. Make sure your domain name is relevant to what you do and who you are, and make sure it is simple to say, spell, and enter into a web browser.

Mobile Matters

More customers than ever before read blogs, shop, and make purchases on their mobile devices. The reason your blog is the key to your small business success is that people are looking for your content and your website on their mobile device, and if they find your competition first, they will probably buy from them instead.

This also means your blog and website must be mobile compatible, either responsive or in line with the Google AMP project requirements. If it isn’t, get it that way as soon as possible. In the meantime, you are losing customers and revenue.

Your blog and website are the key for your small business success not just because everyone needs to have one, but because it matters to Google, your customers, and to your attraction of new customers. Make your content killer, your virtual location amazing and mobile friendly and you too can win at the small business game.

4 Important Elements That Should Be Part of an Employee Benefits Package

An key factor in attracting and retaining the best employees is offering a comprehensive benefits package. While there are all sorts of ways to structure such a package, there are a few essentials that should always be included. Here are some examples of what should be in your company’s plan even if it’s not possible to offer other benefits right now.


Life Insurance Plan


A basic term life insurance plan that is provided at no cost to the employee is a great element for any benefits package. Many people don’t seriously think about life insurance until later in life. What would happen if an employee suddenly passed away and left behind a spouse and young children? The funds from that term life policy would help settle end of life expenses and provide some additional funds to help the family through a difficult financial transition.


Employee Assistance Program


Many life circumstances can make it more difficult for employees to continue providing the higher level of productivity that employers expect. In many cases, the issues can be addressed and resolved with the help of an employee assistance program. Programs of this type are designed to offer support when an employee is going through transition like a divorce, the loss of a loved one, or who is dealing with an addiction. By providing help during these difficult times, the employer does more than protect the company. Ultimately, the employee also moves through the crisis and is able to be happier and more productive.


Retirement Plan


There are many different forms of retirement plans that employers can offer their employees. Offering at least one provides the opportunity to amass financial resources that will come in handy later in life. Plans that allow employees to make contributions and also provide for employers to match those funds up to a specified annual limit are an incentive to stay with the company for at least the number of years needed to become fully vested.


Health Insurance and Related Plans


Working with professionals to create a custom health benefits plan for your employees is another crucial part of any benefits package. Health insurance that covers the majority of potential ailments paired with something like a health spending plan is a great approach. When employees don’t have to worry about how to pay for necessary medical treatments, it’s easier to get well and be back at work sooner rather than later.


Take a look at what you offer your employees right now. Can you do better? Do you have the resources to add something to the current list of benefits? If so, talk with an expert who can help you improve the benefits package. The effort will pay off by giving your valued employees a reason to stay with you instead of looking for work elsewhere.

4 Factors That Determine Your Eligibility for the GreenON Rebate Program

Are you thinking about replacing your residential windows? Before you decide the project will cost more than you can afford, it pays to learn more about the rebate program offered through Green Ontario. If you qualify, the amount you can receive will make a difference. Here are a few of the requirements that you must meet.


You Must be a Resident of Ontario


The rebate is only available to individuals who are legally recognized residents of Ontario. That means you must live in the province, own a home, or at least live in a rented dwelling that is owned by someone who is also a resident of Ontario.


The Type of Residence Matters


Several different types of residences are eligible for the replacement windows rebates offered through GreenON. Detached homes are one example. Semi-detached dwellings also qualify. If you happen to own a townhome, you also have a good chance of being approved. Before assuming your residence would not qualify, contact an expert and get an answer from a reliable source.


Tenants Must Have Written Permission from the Owner/Landlord


You don’t necessarily have to own the home in order to receive the rebate. Tenants who have agreed to pay for the cost of installing new windows may qualify if they have written permission from the person who owns the property. In many cases, this will be the landlord. If as property manager is your main contact, work with that person to secure the necessary documentation. You will need to include it with your application.


You Must Work Through an Approved Dealer  


When you set out to check options for replacement windows in Ottawa, make sure that you only talk with dealers who are approved by GreenON to participate in the rebate program. Should you choose a dealer who is not approved, your application for a rebate will be rejected. This is true even if the windows you select would normally be in compliance with the program.


Another benefit of working with an approved dealer is getting help with the application. Many dealers will walk the client through the process and ensure all the paperwork is in order. Some dealers will even submit the application on behalf of the client. All you will need to do is submit your proof of purchase to the Green Ontario Fund once the work is completed. Your rebate will be mailed directly to you in approximately 8-12 weeks.


Take a good look at your residential windows. Can you see yourself living with them for another year? If not, now is the time to make plans to replace them. Learn more about the GreenOn rebate program and talk with local dealers who are approved. Doing so will make it easier to determine if you are eligible for the rebate, get help with filling out the application, and know exactly how much the rebate will help in terms of covering the cost.