News and information have long been the subjects of controversy.  Since the decline of the “fact checker” in media conglomerates, criticism has sparked as to whether the pieces being reported are accurate, one-sided, or politically sparked.  While we aren’t going to go into the political side of disinformation, as that would be an article unto itself, it is important to understand that the far-reaching impact of disinformation can be found anywhere, from the business world to the political one.  

For those that don’t know the term “disinformation,” it’s false or misleading content intended to deceive or promote discord. For disinformation to have an impact, it has to be released to the general public, and the best way to do that is through either traditional or social media.  According to Wasim Khaled, the CEO and Co-Founder of, “disinformation is dangerous because it’s designed to change people’s behavior by amplifying outrage around race, religion, and politics, exploiting the differences, usually, for some financial or political goal.”  Disinformation comes in many forms — from a quick comment to a full story with graphics — and what appears to be “back up” evidence supporting it.

“Disinformation’s sophisticated propaganda and divide-and-conquer approach,” continues Khaled, “goes hand-in-hand with today’s connected society and a 24-hour news cycle.  It has made it a dangerous assault on our society. If the problem is left to intensify, it will become impossible to discern fact from fiction.” Inasmuch, disinformation can be compared as being akin to a news-related cancer which intensifies over time if not stopped cold in its’ tracks.

The news cycle regularly reports that disinformation comes from Russia; however, that is not always true.  While at times it may generate from there, in fact, it can come from anywhere, at any time, causing a deleterious impact wherever it reaches.  


Disinformation can also be found anywhere, at any time, in many forms.  Blackbird’s CEO believes that, “disinformation is used so predominately because it is so effective.  The fight against disinformation campaigns, helping to preserve consumer trust and brand loyalty, is an ongoing battle and will continue to be such.”  Regardless of where you look, you can find examples of disinformation campaigns on any given day; some sophisticated and some not so sophisticated. For companies, this can impact brand reputation, corporate reputation, or even stock prices.  It can impact everyone from the CEO of a company to a neighborhood mom to the Pope himself.

In 2015, Pope Francis fell victim to a disinformation story with widespread political repercussions.  In fact, that story was so pervasive that the Pope himself began to understand and condemn disinformation.  In the Pope’s own words, disinformation is “probably the greatest damage the media can do.” Further, he noted that the media’s obsession with scandal was out of control.  As a result, the Pope suggested that, people could not make a “serious judgement” about any situation when they are provided “only a part of the truth and not the rest.”


As if this wasn’t complicated enough already, many times, purveyors of disinformation use fake videos as well to get our attention.  The reason: fake videos produce a credible yet false sense of a story’s authenticity. These images, when given appropriate SEO, will run rampant at the top of the Google rankings. It is well known that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, believes this is a dangerous mechanism that must be stopped.  In his letter the the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and others, he noted that, “a timely, convincing deep fake video of a candidate could hijack a race – and even alter the course of history.” If that isn’t a powerful reason to stop, or at least combat disinformation before it strikes, what is?

We are at the early stages, but not the very beginning, of companies deploying tactics to identify fake news, disinformation and other related items before they can have a major impact.  Social media companies are deploying artificial intelligence filters and other related means for the sole purpose of enhancing the safety of what is on their networks. Governments around the world are looking into the massive problem of disinformation awareness and resolution, as are a myriad of companies.

For Blackbird, solving the problem of disinformation and the impact of it is at the core of their very foundation.  As a mission-driven organization with a highly interdisciplinary team working round-the-clock to fight the onslaught of disinformation campaigns, every day brings new challenges.   Khaled believes that companies will have to deploy tactics to identify, manage, prevent, and remediate from disinformation campaigns on an ongoing basis. It just makes sense. If you’re looking to find out how your audience is being manipulated by social media, memes, videos, and more, it’s time to take a hard look at Blackbird.  Companies need to understand where disinformation is originating from and why; they need to know if these are brand-related conversations or something else, and finally, they need to truly understand the core of the intent behind them. Frankly, it’s yet another way to protect the bottom-line, whether that’s financial, emotional, political, or brand-related.


Are You Ignoring an Important Customer Group?

What did the companies Adidas, Netflix, Reebok, and Estee Lauder, and Ace Hardware do wrong? Believe it or not, their websites at one point were not ADA compliant, which did lead to serious legal trouble for these huge companies.

Once websites became mainstream, authorities realized that a set of guidelines need to be established to provide a sense of order and fairness. With that mission in mind, Americans with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, was outlined for the public, specifically those planning to set up a website.

Becoming law in 1990 – and revised in the following year – ADA essentially rules that all electronic and information technology have to be accessible to the disabled public within the United States. 

With these outlines, an ADA compliant website contains readers, descriptive links, and keyboard access for the content displayed on the screen to assist the visually impaired.

When a website does not follow the outlines of ADA compliance, legal action can be one of the consequences and loss of money the other. Converting a non-ADA compliant website is simple, cost-effective, moral, and can save you from a lot of trouble.

Lawsuits against companies using non-ADA compliant websites have been increasing every year since 2016. 

Also, ADA non-compliance can lead to a steep fine of $150,000 (or possibly more…), which happens to more than a fair share of companies nowadays.

The amount of Title III ADA lawsuits filed in the United States federal courts in the first half of 2018 alone was much higher than in 2017. With the growing number of websites on the world wide web, ignorance toward ADA compliance has also increased. 

One of the most crucial results of not having a website ADA compliant is the loss of multiple customers, specifically the disabled community. 

Within the United States, there are over 25 million visually impaired people, as well as more than 30 million individuals suffering from hearing impairment. Between these two categories of disabilities, non-ADA compliant websites are neglecting over 17% of the American population.

Not only is it important for all company websites to cater to this demographic of the population on a moral level, but also to avoid being penalized, and generate more business. 

According to Digital Authority Partners, an uninsured website can not only receive backlash from the outcasted group and lawsuits but also incur potential revenue loss.

In simpler terms, a single website representing an entire company can lose possible business from 20% of a whole country. 

From a business perspective, a non-ADA compliant website can cost plenty of money and time. The lack of standard designs for the disability community is morally wrong and a hindrance to the brand name.

Companies that do not follow the ADA not only break the law but they deny access to every single disabled human being. Since this can be turned into an ethical issue, the organization possibly will have to deal with gaining a negative reputation.

Without a doubt, those former customers then spread the word about the company’s wrongdoing, causing a greater impact.

Imagine about one-fifth of the United States from the get-go not supporting a business due to its non-ADA compliant website. From there, negative customer experience is going to spread due to the immorality behind the situation, causing a company to significantly suffer. This can easily be avoided. 

While a company can ignore a whole customer group, a non-ADA compliant website can also lose other customers – those that endorse and believe in the company’s product, service, and overall mission.

Some businesses are funded by local, municipal, and federal government organizations that clearly would prefer the companies to follow the law, including the ADA. 

With that in mind, the funding, assistance, and contracts from public groups can be lost when a website fails to be ADA compliant. 

Even though the loss of business with government organizations may seem about money, the relationships and support systems lost are also vital and notable. There is a lot at stake due to a non-ADA compliant website.

As established before, people suffering from disabilities are the major customer group that is ignored by a company launching a website without ADA compliance. Perhaps the companies that are most impacted by that loss are the ones involved in healthcare.

Healthcare organizations are of the utmost importance for the disability community. Every website should accommodate its users. It just so happens that a website discussing the topic of healthcare will mostly attract those who are interested and in need of it – the disabled.

According to Healthcare Weekly, ADA compliance for healthcare websites should be taken seriously, as such ignorance causes damage to their reputation within the disabled community. 

Some of the more prominent healthcare organizations that have undergone lawsuits for ADA compliance include HCA Holdings, WellPoint, and CAC Florida Medical Centers. 

From a concept that causes a lot of negative outcomes, ADA compliance is not a difficult task to achieve when creating a website. On the other hand, it is easy to make a few adjustments that can follow the guidelines of the law and provide an equal service for every party involved.

Screen readers, keyboards, joysticks, larger text, and descriptive links are just a few examples of technological tools that can avoid waste of time, loss of money, mega lawsuits, and a stained brand name of the company.

Although it may sound a lot, the addition of these implements is not a hard task, not to mention can go a long way for the company as a whole.

Companies overlook ADA compliance even though it is a helpful law for both the business and its customers. Perhaps some businesses are unaware of both –  the law, and the number of disabled people in the country that should have the same user experience through a company’s tech platform.

In all circumstances, the customer base should always be pleased by every business for financial and moral reasons.

Instead of dealing with multiple complaints, justified lawsuits, and hampering existing relationships, a company can simply install helping tools to serve all humans that enter their website. If you are a business owner or executive, no matter what industry you are in, do not make the mistake of ignoring this important customer group.


This article comes from Julian Gnatenco @ JGBilling 

How Small Businesses Can Attract and Retain Young Talent

Small companies have a limited hiring budget hence hiring experienced candidates is out of their budget. But there is nothing to be worried about as young talents are equally good, in fact, some are even better and can add better value to your company.

While hiring young talent may be lighter to your pockets, to retain them is not that simple as they have a short attention span, always seeking different opportunities. You need to take a step ahead and provide them a work environment that they would not want to leave.

Following are a few tips that will help you in retaining young talents;

  1. Provide Hourly Remuneration:

Young talents are basically Millennials who have short attention, hence instead of hiring them for a salaried job, an hourly remuneration is a great way to benefit maximum from their talent. paying them per hour will improve their efficiency and drive them to work harder, without being less distracted.

Based on the amount of work, fix the number of hours the employee needs to work per week so that they do not stretch the time just to get extra paid. Defining the number of hours prior will encourage them to finish it within the allotted time as if they extend it, it is of no monetary benefit to them.

  1. Flexible Work Culture:

Young employees do not follow a disciplined lifestyle like many others hence it is a common thing that they would not wish to stick to a routine timing. Most organizations have introduced flexible timings to break the monotony of fixed time office and switch to flexible timings.

Young employees are also extremely technology-friendly and do not believe much in office culture hence if the nature of your job supports, allow them to work from home as well. This is one of the most lucrative things you can offer them over money as the young generation likes to lead a happening life.

  1. Generous Recruitment Packages:

While hiring young talent, you also need to offer them a good remuneration package as per their talents. Millennials are aware of their worth and if you pay them less then they will not be interested to associate with you for a long time. Also, work towards increasing their pay every year as per the inflation rate.

  1. Think Like Millennials:

Young talents work in a very different manner than previous generations. They are more tech-savvy and believe in smart work rather than hard work. To attract such talent, create a workspace that is different from most other companies. Do not design a formal office, instead keep it informal and fun to work at. Have couches and work areas where your employees and move around for a change of scenario to work.

  1. Provide them With a Purpose:

Young generation nowadays does not work for money but most of them are passionate about something. That is the reason why many young people have come up with start-ups. They are really hard working when it comes to accomplishing their goals. When you hire such talents, have a one-to-one session with them explaining your passion which made you start this firm and what difference you aim to bring about in the society. If they are able to connect to your values, they will work harder to achieve it.

  1. Provide Them Opportunity for Growing:

Youngsters when joining an organization do not look at the monetary compensation, they are more interested to know the growth the organization is willing to provide them hence if you introduce an employee skill development program for these young talents every year then they will love to associate with such an organization as it will add value to their resume.

If you are running a small start-up, arranging for an employee development program may become an expensive affair. Experts suggest that a small organization should always have a backup investment to cater for company development. Look out for investment options which will give you good returns that can be reinvested in such employee development programs. Trading can be considered an investment option which does not need you to spend much time as you can hire a broker to do the majority of the task. Verify the broker after thoroughly reading their reviews and hire a reliable one like Wealthcapital Bewertung 2019.

Finding an alternative source of capital for company development will make sure that business profits can be used for other important purposes.

It is not necessary that even after all the changes you make, the young talents would not switch to another company. Frankly, it is inevitable as they always seek for a change but by bringing in these changes, you will definitely manage to retain a few and that in itself is a big achievement.

Innovation And Commitment Are The Keys To Success In The Startup World

The mindset of an entrepreneur is one that is always looking for a new solution, a new success, or to make an idea profitable.  But, what about when you need to build a team, turn your ideas into a full-fledged business, or expand upon them? It takes actionable ideas, tasks that are sorted out, and a specific mindset to succeed in all of these areas. There are challenges that come from every direction, but it is perseverance and commitment which separate the successes from the proverbial failures.   Finding solutions requires both talent, and a passion for problem-solving. For entrepreneurs like Barbara Janczer, this mindset began at an early age.

“During my time at my university, I fell in love with innovation management and all the different applications to startups and established companies,” says Janczer.  From working in the Austrian startup scene advising C-Level teams to moving to the United States and working as a Product Manager at Splunk, to Co-Founding Curah, Barbara Janczer has consistently demonstrated that women can achieve at very high levels, while continuously learning and engaging those around her.  

Regardless of where you look in the news, it is easy to find articles discussing the statistics showing that women are underrepresented in the startup world, and in tech itself.  For Janczer, this doesn’t work. So, she Co-Founded Curah, during her Master’s Program at the University of San Francisco. Curah is an intelligent peer-to-peer marketplace for on-demand self-care and beauty services.  While this grew, Janczer Co-Founded GLOWIN, (Global Women Innovate) a nonprofit with the mission of empowering women, while supporting underserved communities. Between her work at Splunk, a cloud-based big data company, and her startups, Janczer has smashed through the proverbial glass ceiling in San Francisco, California, and has paved the way for other women from underserved communities to demonstrate their brilliance as well.

The Challenge Isn’t Gender Specific, But The Problem Certainly Is

Challenges to problem solving are not gender specific.  They are problem specific. Because “men still take up a high percentage of hires in the tech space,” claims Janczer, “it can sometimes feel difficult for women to compete.  This isn’t the case. Innovative ideas are always in vogue; however, the reality is that most startups today are founded by men and it’s on us to close the gap.” That’s where Curah comes into play.  As a woman, Janczer understands the buying power of women, and the problems they are consistently working to solve. Her solution, being built now, is one which will eventually give thousands of women an opportunity to grow into their own financial freedom and independence.  McKinsey recently estimated the innovation potential of women to be around $12 trillion. That’s a lot of innovative spirit and spending!

With her business, Janczer is motivated and really excited to see more women in tech, wanting to solve the problems faced by women, including those focused on female-oriented products and technologies.

To that end, Janczer has been working in high-tech product management for several years now, although she has also served as an innovative consultant for startups and mid-sized companies for over 6 years.  She is quite different from the average woman working in the technology industry. Because she believes that it is “unacceptable for female founders to raise only 2.2% of all venture capital worldwide when over 35% of all businesses in the United States are owned by women,” she is doing everything she can to help women even out these numbers.

YOU Can Do It!

An understanding of the market is just one phase of the solution; however, in reality, the inequality goes much deeper.  Because the issue is so great, for many, it is a turnoff from the industry itself. When you have women who are empowering women, it makes a significant and life-changing difference.  To Janczer, this is why she gets excited to get up each morning and help change a life. “I want to continue to be an empowering force for all girls and women who are reluctant to start working in tech without necessarily having a technical degree or education.  I want to be the person that tells them, ‘YES, YOU can do it!’ If you want to be a Product Manager, a Co-Founder, or the head of a tech firm, everything is a possibility,” says Janczer.

Sometimes succeeding means finding the creative, or alternative path in tech, or finding the problem that hasn’t been solved yet.  It means sharing a female perspective on both disruption and innovation. It also means finding the mentor who will work with you and help you through the process, regardless of age, gender, demographics, or socioeconomic status.  For Janczer, there are no boundaries to these roles, nor does she miss an opportunity to help those in need. “When it comes to actually bringing your innovative idea to reality, ideas are easy but solutions and the implementation of them are not.”

Find a Mentor And Get Started

If you have an idea, it is important to find a mentor to help you through the process.  Whether that means writing a business, product or marketing plan or going out to pitch for funding.  Mentors change the way companies look at other companies, founders look at other founders, and also how the industry looks at what a company is doing.  It can also make a major difference when it comes to the construction of business plans and/or the acquisition of funding.  

Finding the mentor that’s right for you takes some time.  It takes some research and it also takes some great chemistry to work together.  Mentors like Barbara Janczer understand this and so much more. From her perspective, finding a mentor that truly understands your space is mission critical to your success.  It drives business and it drives growth. Regardless of the company she’s working with, she gives 110 percent. “Being a consultant and a mentor means being counted on,” says Janczer.  “Understanding how to share a knowledge base and give back begins with smaller initiatives until they grow into larger ones. As a board member of the Financial Women of San Francisco, my encouragement of women includes everything from providing professional development and leadership opportunities to serving as a mentor and beyond.”

At the end of the day, it still comes down to one thing: determination.  Women who work together succeed together, whether that is in tech or any other business.  Janczer’s advice: stay determined, ask for what you want, know your numbers, and finally, know your worth.  “Recognizing and owning your worthiness requires self-awareness of your unique strengths and experiences,” says Janczer.   That, says Janzcer, “is how I broke through the glass ceiling and joined the world of technology and innovation.”


Starting a Business and Want to Accept Bitcoin? Keep the Following in Mind

Bitcoin is slowly becoming a popular way of accepting payment for old and new businesses alike. Especially small start-ups like coffee joints, cafes and retail stores, have started accepting Bitcoin as an alternative source of payment. But what are the ways in which you can accept transactions through bitcoin?

Quick Recognition (QR) Code Sharing:

Bitcoins work on the simple QR code identification and transfer method. The QR code is encrypted, so there is no chance of any fraud happening here. Since it is a Peer-to-peer network, merchants need not worry about third party charges while accepting payments. However, one should be careful about sharing the right QR code with customers. If your Bitcoin account QR code becomes visible accidentally, then other customers can transact with your Bitcoin reserve, and there is no way to reverse the same unless the fraudulent customer gets caught and pays up at will. Business owners need to be careful about fraud payment gateways as well.

Volatile prices of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin prices are extremely volatile. If you wish to transact with a customer, it should be done at an average price in which bitcoin is trending in the international market. This is fair both for the business owner and the customer as well. However, as a business accepting Bitcoins, it should be immediately converted into flat currency. You should not hold on to your bitcoin payments, just so that the bitcoin price improves. Experts have seen that this becomes detrimental in the long run as this method only gives you short-term gains.

It is advisable to tie up with automated trading apps like Bitcoin-Profit from that uses complex AI algorithms to detect market trends and keeps a tab on when to invest for the maximum gains, with an average conversion rate of over 90%. You can now build on your core business while having an automated investment using Bitcoin profit.

Taxation Challenges:

Bitcoin payments too should be under a tax declaration. Since there is no involvement of any third-party banks, regulation of Bitcoin payments received becomes extremely important. It should be treated just like receiving cash payments. Holding on to Bitcoin payments also attracts attention from the IRS.

Online Payments:

When you are accepting payments online, make sure your bitcoin address is correct. A redirect URL that will display your bitcoin address should make sure that you receive online payments via bitcoin. The other effective way is to get a programmer and print your bitcoin payment address on each invoice. In order to keep track of the payments, you should create unique addresses. This will help you track your SKUs, and services individually.


Bitcoin payments have helped so many new start-ups begin payment for goods and services offered. The advantage of decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange helps new businesses manage payments in an easier way, as there is no involvement of third-party banks and merchants whatsoever. At the same time, it brings an equal amount of challenges, as deregulated transactions are susceptible to fraudulent activities, and once the transaction is done, there is no way to reverse the same.

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Exchange App Development

Did you know that Japan has recently legalized cryptocurrency making it an official payment tool? The rest of our world also uses digital money in their daily reality. No wonder that bitcoin segment development attracts many people since bitcoins are considered to be the most demanded cryptocurrencies.

Today we shall discuss bitcoins exchange services making to understand various details.

All bitcoin operations are administered by a substantive peer-to-peer structure having one joint database. Such a deconcentrated P2P system takes advantage of online signatures together with proof of work protocols to assure funding legality.

How to obtain bitcoins

It’s pretty clear that when you’re about to make a bitcoin wallet app, firstly, you shall get such cryptocurrency. Surely, you could get bitcoins with mining, however, it’s rather a complicated procedure with multiple traps. Fortunately, there exist other solutions:


  • Currency Exchanges


That would be a certain online program for selling or purchasing a cryptocurrency particular quantity for a peculiar price. The customers are the ones to do such business, and that’s P2P distinctive feature.


  • Exchange Services


Similar services are to change regular money for bitcoins or vice versa.


  • Purchasing Directly


In such event buyers and sellers are to negotiate in person their deal conditions agreeing upon conversion rates.

After getting bitcoins users will definitely need some kind of service to handle digital money. Would you like to benefit from such a necessity?

Bitcoin exchanges platform building – a website or a mobile service – is only one of the options you have. And there are more.

Cryptocurrency platforms suggestions

In case you’re hesitating to build a bitcoins exchange solution, we have tons of other concepts for you.

# Bitcoin Wallet Application

Isn’t it the first thing you think of when speaking of bitcoins? Mentioned type of mobile applications is engaging more and more users, since being a perfect tool to manage digital currencies. Before starting cryptocurrencies exchange service creation, you better explore the world of bitcoin’s wallet programs, cos it’ll facilitate and speed up your process.

# Conversion rate tracking

Customers prefer being posted and updated, thus, they’ll appreciate having an online program for that purpose. Such a platform could advise the audience and assist them in keeping track of conversion rates.

Take a look at the Blockfolio experience. Given app is truly in demand, as it provides data on rate movements allowing customers to profit off coins investments in a smart way.

Moreover, there’s BitcoinChecker to keep an eye on exchange rates. Mentioned solution submits very detailed info since it receives data from over 80 relevant sources.

# Gaining bitcoins

Additionally, to mentioned earlier approaches, the owners have discovered another way to obtain bitcoins. Ignoring traditional options they’ve come up with a one-of-a-kind platform for its audience to receive bitcoins when answering their messages or carrying out certain tasks. Maybe you also have a unique idea to implement into your bitcoin program?

# Bitcoins close-by

There’s BitcoinMap which helps people to locate facilities or individuals in the vicinity trading items and services paying with bitcoins. As its name implies, such program has interactive mappings as well, as valid lists of nearest facilities, lists of users’ preferred shops, bitcoin conversion calculators, etc.

# Selling products & services

Indeed, today’s bitcoins world is a shapeshifter. There exists another interesting service called Gliph. It serves for customers to sell or purchase various items or services – and, obviously, bitcoins are the currency – via people direct interactions. Gliph is well-thought-out and safe, thus, clients take advantage of in-application operations.

As you’ve discovered, there are plenty of ideas, however, the most popular one is still a bitcoin currency exchange building (both, web-site and m-service).

Blockchain exchange services fundamental functionalities

Wondering what such a program actually is? It is to transmit, exchange or withdraw your online currencies. Well, let’s distinguish a few critical features of mentioned programs.


  • Logging in & Registration – Could you possibly imagine a service with no authorization solution? Most likely not. Thus, bitcoins services need one as well.
  • Profiling – Customers’ profiles are to be well-designed making the application easy and smooth to navigate and apply.


  • Wallet creating – users enjoy such parameter, as it’s a handy tool for cryptocurrencies management.
  • Digital currency conversions and exchanges – that’s actually the key purpose for building your program.
  • Establishing a connection between a mobile service – and its wallet, of course –  and diverse payment & credit cards.
  • Conducting operations – it’s a logical extension of the functionality mentioned above.
  • The records of previous activities.

Are you eager to build an MVP model solely? Then mentioned above characteristics are all you need. Though, when going for the more sophisticated platform you shall think up more appealing and fascinating parameters for your brainchild. Those are a few ideas for you to start with:

  • Gamification. Why not come up with some kind of fun games for users to enjoy digital currencies transactions even more?
  • Searching for bitcoin sellers;
  • Searching for locations for paying in cryptocurrencies;
  • Keeping track of digital money rates.

Shall we now speak on how expensive it is to make a bitcoin platform? It’s actually high time to proceed to that point.

How much is it to build a bitcoin exchange solution?

After making a decision on creating a bitcoin website or a mobile program, or both, you should think of your project costs. We’ve prepared a list of experts you’ll most likely require, specifying their rates.

✓ A Project Manager

Make sure you devote enough time to find a responsible and experienced professional. Your task is to be confident about that person since he/she is to coordinate and supervise the whole developing process.

✓ Designers (UX & UI)

They’ll be in charge of making an appealing interface of your creation. Moneywise, in case of developing a web platform together with a mobile one, the approximate costs are $11.000.

✓ Front-end developers

You’ll need them when creating a website version, and the service price is $15.000 roughly.

✓ Android & iOS developers

It’d be your advantage if you develop a bitcoin application for all operating systems. A starting price would be $60.000.

✓ Back-end developers

Mentioned IT gurus are to work on the database connection, as well as on server seamless operations. Don’t even expect less than a $25.000 cost of it.

✓ Quality assurance staff

They are to test various program parameters during diverse phases of your service making.

One important clarification – those figures have been calculated taking into account an average rate of $35/h which is applicable for Ukrainian and Eastern European specialists. When applying to other experts, for instance, in the USA, expenditures shall grow considerably.

We hope you feel prepared and inspired to build your bitcoin exchange masterpiece. We wish you success and the best of luck!

4 Common Things All Successful Start-Ups Have

No matter how talented you are, there are many other factors that will contribute to the success and failure of your start-up. For starters, the future of your company will not only be determined by your work but the work of the people who work for you. This means being passionate about an industry is not enough to succeed and there is much more to achieving success. We have discussed below the common factors of successful start-ups that will help your start-up, up and running as well.

  1. Do Not Force a Not-Needed Solution:

The supplier-consumer market works on the principle that products that solve a purpose for the customers only will succeed. Imagine you have come up with an idea which you wish to launch as a solution in the market but is there really a problem which needs this solution? Before you decide upon your products, start from listing the problems customers face and work on the solutions, not the opposite. If you forcefully create a problem to launch your product, it will not really succeed as customers will not be interested to invest in such a product.

  1. Build Meaningful Relationships:

Being in business means you will have to build meaningful relationships with colleagues, investors, employees, other business heads and also family and friends, you never know when you will need a favor from someone. Even before you start your business and work to gain experience, start building relations within the industry for meaningful advice when needed. While running your company, arrange for meetings with investors once in a while and take your employees for lunch once a month. Spend quality time with your family and friends as well, because being an entrepreneur can take a toll on your mental well-being due to the stress and only being around the people you love will relieve you from stress.

Do not forget to build a relationship with your customers as they are the reason your company is still profitable You can’t interact with them on a personal level hence show them gratitude by sending complimentary gifts with products or special offers.

  1. Think Above Investors:

Yes, to run your business, you will need some capital and investors can help you with that but every time, you need to invest in the company, finding a new investor is not a solution. A number of investors means you will have to share more of your profits. Instead, find a way to multiply your funds until your core business gives you enough profit. Venturing into a side business such as forex or bitcoin trading by finding the right broker or trading software after reading the reviews from trustedbrokerz will be a great way to earn revenues from investments to increase your funds. This way you can avoid many investors and fund your own business.

  1. Show Your True Self:

Authenticity is absolutely important, and it is highly expected by the customers and investors. Stick to your ideology and do not deviate from it just to please your customers. Be genuine about the mission and vision of the company and hold on to it. Investors and customers can see right through the company and if a brand is going against its ideologies, then they lose interest in such brands.

If you are being asked a question about something you do not know, don’t make up an answer but be upfront about the fact that you are not aware of it. This builds trust as the person understands you are truly yourself and do not try hard to please someone. Being open in business about your weak points will not demonstrate your weakness, it will show your authenticity and urge to learn and improve.

Every year, 60% of the start-ups fail hence it is important to learn from the success and failure of other companies and implement the positives in yours to be amongst the 40% successful start-ups.


A New Standard in Financial Processing – Fujitsu’s ScanSnap and HubDoc Accounting Software


A New Standard in Financial Processing

When technology and (GAAP) – (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) work together in harmony, it is indeed a beautiful thing. Fujitsu continues to show a commitment to evolve each year and that is exemplified by their industry leading status of having the number one global image scanner market share for nearly a decade.

Working in the cloud creates more time to manage resources efficiently and increases workflow productivity. Deviceless scanning is even possible with Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Cloud, as it delivers scanned data directly from the ScanSnap iX1500 to your favorite cloud services, without a computer or mobile device. ScanSnap Cloud automatically classifies your scanned images as documents, receipts, business cards or photos, and sends them to the appropriate cloud service based on your pre-set profile, all while reducing paperwork.

Enter Hubdoc, a software company that helps accountants save time, scale their practice, and build deeper relationships with the businesses they serve by automating document collection and management. Hubdoc’s ever-growing partnership with Fujitsu pays dividends to both technology users and financial software end users. This new software is based on basic accounting rules that turn “shoe box accounting” into a digital workflow that is both intuitive and user-friendly. Simply put – Hubdoc enables businesses to easily and securely scan and submit financial documents to their accountant or bookkeeper from anywhere using the cloud.

Hubdoc allows you to collect, sort, and file all your physical documents onto the cloud in a secured “digital filing cabinet” that is easy to access and search. No more chasing documents or conducting manual data entry. Hubdoc makes it easy for the finance and accounting departments to access their small and large business clients’ financial documents. It automatically collects bank statements, bills, receipts, and invoices from hundreds of suppliers and financial institutions. Clients can also upload documents via Hubdoc’s mobile app, desktop, and email.

With the integration between Hubdoc and Fujitsu’s ScanSnap, going completely paperless is painless. Ultimately, the ScanSnap iX1500 helps you save time and money without ever compromising on the quality of your work.

The convergence is here. Fujitsu and Hubdoc now share a partnership designed for accountants in need of a better, more efficient way to service their clients.

With Hubdoc’s intuitive software integration with Fujitsu’s user- friendly hardware, the usual setbacks are a thing of the past. To learn more about Hubdoc’s accounting software benefits, please visit: To learn more about Fujitsu’s ScanSnap iX1500, please visit:

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Social Cloud Storage Is The New Normal

When Cloud Storage became a necessity and was first introduced, it took the Internet, and the way we communicate by storm. This methodology for data storage has become the way we personally keep and track our files, photos, data and other related information.  The same holds true in the workplace. I would proffer that there are very few organizations, if any, that don’t rely on the Cloud in some – or many ways. Businesses swear by Cloud Storage for many reasons, all of which are, in turn, based on the business of doing business, protecting your assets, and common sense.

Both analyst firms and IT professionals understand that the Cloud protects, to a large degree, against natural and other disasters.   When a disaster does happen, businesses can count on cloud storage to restore their most important data – from documents to images and beyond. According to, 20% of cloud storage users recover from a site disaster in four hours or less. For those outside the cloud, a mere 9% of storage users can typically restore their information. For those that don’t use the cloud, this can be disastrous.

Centralizing Data Management is another reason to utilize the cloud – both professionally and personally. By doing so, you can organize, store, and manage your data all in one place.  With social cloud storage, on the other hand, you are able to merge your information into one easily searchable area and then utilize the best aspects of cloud storage and social communication.

For companies, the bottom-line is always the cost savings, but it is also important to remember that costs come in many forms.  For example, productivity, when properly measured, can add value to the bottom-line. When productivity is down because your team cannot connect properly – or because they need to take unnecessary time to find specific items in files – that can hurt the bottom-line.  For most companies, cost savings is the goal. The best way to get the most bang for your buck, according to IT professionals, is to make the most out of the cloud. Most people that are new to the space don’t realize that cloud storage has been proven to reduce IT costs by up to 75%, while enhancing security and maintain the efficacy of files at the same time. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to cloud storage. The future is bright and experts in the space are continuously challenging themselves to take the cloud further than ever before.  That said, what does the cloud’s future look like? According to Arvind Raichur, CEO and Co-Founder of, MrOwl, a platform that utilizes the cloud in new ways, the answer is simple. Raichur and his team have literally given birth to a new category for technology applications entitled Social Cloud Storage™. 

Social Cloud Storage enables the sharing of content directly out of your cloud storage to a community beyond your contacts. With social cloud storage, users can share information, and discover what others are sharing, with their own personal cloud storage.  

According to Raichur, “it’s all about enhancing communications and building a wider community where individuals feel heard, understood, and above all, connected.  And, it’s never been easier to share knowledge and resources because MrOwl offers unlimited storage for public content as well as 10GB’s of free private storage.”*

“We believe that consumers are looking for new technologies, like MrOwl, that provide them with more of a balance between being able to personalize their experience and having greater control over their privacy. Both things are important. People want to be able to customize the Internet based on who they are and what’s important to them and their digital needs. They want more control over their experience and over their own individual privacy, because they are more aware than ever that their data is being used to target them and they want to have more control.”

If all of this is leaving you excited to learn more about the space, it is important to build your own foundation first.  That foundation comes in the form of enhanced privacy. MrOwl enables users to opt for a premium package in an ad-free environment, that will keep the users’ personal information completely anonymous. For those that elect to use MrOwl’s free version, it is important to understand that they will receive targeted advertisements.  By having choices available to the user, users are able to create stronger, better, longer-lasting Internet environments. They are able to use MrOwl, whether professionally or personally, in the manner that suits them most, while understanding that their data is protected in the cloud.

“We are really excited as MrOwl has the ability to change the world and become the primary place where people can access, share, and interact with one another in a more positive setting, not just about cool content, but about smarter and more meaningful content,” Raichur concludes. “We’ve come to a point in our “social media lives” where we are a bit drained at just looking at repetition, and we are excited to give everyone a chance at something new that brings more meaning and empowerment to internet users everywhere.”

*Free unlimited files stored in public branches up to 20MB per file. Files over 20MB will count towards private storage. 

What are prop trading and its benefits?

The term prop trading is the short form for proprietary trading, which simply involves a company or bank investing for market directly, in order to make a profit from it. This is an old method used by many banks and firms to earn money without giving heads to the commission from the client.

These investment styles can sometimes make a good annual return to the company and then again without the client’s margin. Hence, this kind of trade occurs through bonds, stocks, Nostro accounts, and different currencies.

Strategies of Proprietary Trading

Many times banks and firms intentionally show unclear details on the proprietary and non-proprietary trade just to endorse interest for the company. Then again their traders are a pro at making the deal best possible to obtain the profit without any margin for the second person.

The traders follow strategies of 

  • arbitrage that includes statistics, merger, and index
  • fundamental analysis
  • hedge funds
  • macro trading 
  • Balance sheets for increasing commercial dealings 

This system can provide 10 out of 10 profit from the investment thus making it easy to earn for all the banks and investment funds.

There are some other benefits as well;


  • Volatile Profit


Volatile is a finance term used as a financial instrument to measure fluctuation of the market and the prices ranging in the given time period. The proprietary investments only depend on the company itself without concerning any clientele mid person, hence it has the highest possibility of volatile profits. 


  • Creates a Market


The banking system does not only revolve around deposit and money transaction but also raising funds for capitals, currency exchange, and marketing. While these jobs, banks also offer an international business for their traders and money exchange with trading interests.

The strategies of these traders to promote independent earning in buying and selling shares gave birth to the proprietary trading. So in this way when we sum up this whole scenario into a nutshell, we can surely say that proprietary trading creates a whole market active and working. 


  • Increased Employment


Today this kind of trading has reached to the point that we need experts for gaining most profits, thus only old players can play well in the prop trading. While the banks also offer these seats independently to the traders who seek prop trading as their specialty with previous achievements. 


  • Arbitrage


To know about term arbitrage, the words “neutral guess of profits” is simplest to explain this strategy. It comprises of the securities savings with the profit discrepancy or one can say a perfect guess while gaining the most yield from it. 

The business and investments are always mattered of big risks so the arbitrage creates a neutral lock to this trade. Though the most common usage of this strategy is the prop trading which mostly relates all types such as merging, statistic and index arbitrage. 

So in order to take advantage of all these benefits, one needs to consult the experts such as, who not only give best advice but also enables a trader with latest technology.