Highest Paying Affiliate Programs on a Pay Per Click Payment Method

Pay Per Click is an advertising model in which the publishers earn a commission when the ads are clicked. One can earn money with affiliate programs by promoting the programs that pay per sale.


You get paid for sending traffic to merchants. The merchants pay when the publishers generate leads. Now let us check out a few of the highest paying affiliate programs with the PPC model. Check out https://www.journalreview.org/high-paying-affiliate-programs/ for high PPC affiliate programs.

1). WP Engine

It provides managed WordPress hosting service for many critical sites around the world. Affiliates can get up to 100% of their first sale and earn a bonus of $1500 after making more than 10 sales.


2). SemRush

SemRush is one of the highest paying SEO affiliate programs as well as a powerful suite for online marketing. It helps in finding high paying keywords and track keyword ranking. You can choose the PPC keywords, allocate your budget and start bidding. SemRush helps you to benchmark yourself against other competitors. Also, they pay a 40 % lifetime recurring commissions.

3). Bidvertiser

If you are looking for some quickly paid traffic to your website, then Bidvertiser is the best internet marketing solutions. Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network. Their ads are well targeted and can monetize everything from website toolbars to search domains. They also display the highest bidders to maximize their revenue from the ads. Unlike other pay per click affiliate programs, Bidvertiser has a very low minimum payout limit.

4). Adbuff

Many bloggers consider Adbuff as one of their top affiliate programs and the best monetization solution for their site. They are also an alternative to the AdSense ad network. Many people have said that they earn much more money from Adbuff than they did with the Google ad network.

Adbuff is a contextual ad network which pays high rates to their publishers. They bring the best partners to bring in the highest revenues for you. It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs as the advertisers share a 90% of the advertiser revenue directly with the publishers.

5). Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is a self-service ad platform that helps publishers to generate high revenues with their contextual and geo-targeted ad serving technology. RevenueHits referral program allows you to refer bloggers, affiliate marketers etc to sign-up RevenueHits for free. It is a professional PPC network which helps businesses to grow on the internet through their ad programs. RevenueHits can enhance your brand identity as well as your site content.

6). Adsterra

Adsterra is an online advertising network which monetizes both the website’s desktop and mobile users with PPC ads. It one of the reputed PPC networks in the world. It offers performance-based solutions to its publishers. If your site has a lot of traffic, then Adsterra is a good option to earn high revenues.


The best reason why people opt for Adsterra is that one can earn 5% of the revenue generated by the publishers you refer forever. Unlike other PPC affiliate programs which provide this commission for over a year, Adsterra provides you with a recurring commission for a lifetime.

7). Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks with a multi-channel format. It offers monetization to website owners and advertisers in several ways. This is one of the best pay per click platforms that provides access to millions of targeted users.

8). VigLink

VigLink is an automated affiliate marketing program which can turn your regular links to affiliate links. So you get paid for the links which you would normally not be earning money from. By referring someone to VigLink, you get to earn a commission of 35% for the first year.

VigLink identifies the products and services mentioned in the websites like etsy.com, amazon.com, bluehost.com and so on, then they change these normal links to money making links. These links could then be shared on social media platforms which use affiliate programs.

9). ShareASale

Shareasale is an affiliate program with high Pay Per Click payment. They have reliable tracking tools and offer real-time reporting. Shareasale has hundreds of affiliate programs provides services to merchants and affiliates. The affiliates find products to promote and earn commissions for referrals on those products. 

Online Marketing for the Best SEO Strategies for your Digital Branding

The marketing world has changed quite a bit over the years. It has been said by some experts that the transformation was highly drastic in the past two years. Most marketing strategies are online and digital in nature. Majority of startups have adopted this mode but few get it right.


There is a vast array of options open to a digital marketing executive. However, some of these yield good returns and are effective in the long run while others are less so. If you want to save years worth of toil, trying and testing different methods to find the optimum solution, read on. The following is a list of the top SEO strategies that every startup should keep in mind.

1). Email marketing

Emails were predicted by many tech pundits to die out by the end of this decade. Surprisingly, it hasn’t and remains one of the greatest tools for garnering attention with little investment. There are also quite a few studies which say that emails generate the highest return on investment as well. All in all, it wouldn’t be wise to ignore this strategy imagining it to be dated.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you are undertaking an email marketing campaign:

  • Subject lines should be catchy
  • Lucid language is the key
  • Optimize for mobiles
  • Use bullets


2). Social Media Marketing

Social media has been ruling the minds of youth today and hence it isn’t odd that it is used as a marketing platform by most companies. It significantly increases exposure as well as brand value.

Also, if SEO is concerned, it generates a lot of backlinks, which improves your overall search ranking in Google’s PageRank. However, it takes lots of patience and perseverance to get sizable returns.

3). Pay-Per-Click Marketing (Google AdWord)

It is a type of advertising where you pay only if a customer clicks on your ad links. It is a kind of search engine based advertising.

Pay-Per-C ads are highly focused. They help you reach the right customers at the right time.

It also has a high return on investment. Along with this, it also reveals a lot of statistics as a by-product and doesn’t make you wait for the results.

However, it has a high initial cost and requires a clever implementation to improve returns without burning out your budget.

4). Search Engine Optimization

Given the ever-increasing number of websites on the internet today, it is virtually impossible to be ranked on the first few pages of a Google search without SEO. SEO directs traffic to your website and helps improve your rank on keyword searches. This increases the trust of customers as well as brand visibility. This will directly improve your sales and exposure and earn you a loyal customer base.

However, SEO is a very dynamic and challenging concept. It is also not widely understood and everybody has their own version of ‘Best SEO Practices’. Thus, it is best to seek help from a professional SEO firm.

5). Retargeting Ads

Customers need a little more than a single ad to convince them to buy your stuff. A little nudge in the form of retargeting ads may help. Once a customer clicks on one of your ads, you insert a cookie(a JavaScript) into the customer’s browser and display ads from your website wherever he/she visits on the internet. This helps to increase your conversion rate of visitors to your site.

6). Viral Marketing

Nowadays, if you can think of a novel and weird way to market your product, you’ll probably be viral on the net. Viral marketing helps businesses rise meteorically. However, it is rare to find an example of sustained success due to viral marketing. But if your ploy is brilliant enough, it wouldn’t need much investment and you can spend the rest of the allocated budget on something useful, which would help earn revenue and keep a loyal customer base.

The challenges faced by modern startups may seem insurmountable because of the fierce competition they face in today’s business world. However, following these strategies may help give you an edge over the others and get you greater revenues and returns for lower amounts of initial capital investment. Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!

Top 5 myths of accounting career

One of the foundational operations of each and every business is accounting. Accounts play an imperative role within a company which determines it success in many ways. This is why businesses need to hire good teams like Accountant Brisbane to ensure optimal operations.

The growing demand of accountants is the one of the reasons why more individuals are heading towards this field. Every year millions of accountants come into the market looking for jobs. However, there some students change the field due to a number of misconceptions, and to be more precise, myths. Here are the top 5 myths within the accounting career:


  • Mathematics is the base


This is not true. Accounting does not equate to mathematics. There is a difference between both the subjects. Even though both of them require you to be with good with numbers, there are significant differences between both the fields. So if you are planning to drop accounting pathway due to your weaknesses in mathematics, then do not. The role of accountants is more towards analysis and investigation.


  • Accounts is boring


One of the reasons why people divert from this interesting field is the misconception of it being dull and boring. Some say that it suits more introvert personalities. This is not the case at all. In fact, accounts is an interesting field with a room for experimentation. Many successful people who choose accounting move on to interesting career options due to their prior development of analytical, problem solving and communication skills. The job is not at all boring.


  • You will be restricted to computers


There is no doubt to the fact that accounting involves a lot of computing but it is not the only thing you are required to do. There is a lot more to accounts than computers. The daily lives are not only based on sitting at desks and just crunching numbers. The role of accountants is changing gradually due to the advancement in technology. A whole area is related to meeting clients and reaching their needs and objectives.


  • Accounting suits only men


This is a clear-cut misconception that accounting is only for men. This not true at all, especially in this day and age. Even though the gender gap is yet to be closed completely, it is definitely getting closer in the field of accounting. Studies and statistics have shown that more and more women are now getting involved in the accounting field which seems to be a positive indicator for women.


  • Accounts will be replaced by robots


This is another misconception that has restricted many interest students to opt for this field. Even though automation is at its peak and robots are becoming a norm, it is a clear myth that robots will take over the field entirely. The accounting role is getting transformed rather than simply replacing humans. The demand is going nowhere soon. However, the field tends to get more competitive and students need to work harder and smarter.

Marketing Tips for Personal Injury Attorneys

If someone has been injured in an accident that was not their fault, they are usually entitled to claim compensation. However, there is quite a large percentage of innocent accident victims who never make a claim, the two main reasons cited being that they were not aware they could make a claim, and concerns over the cost of paying an attorney. Personal injury attorneys can help redress these two problems by making sure more people are aware of the facts, and this could be done through clever marketing.

Making Their Website Responsive

Personal injury attorneys need to make sure that their website is responsive to all devices so that even someone searching on their mobile will get the results they need. Using the old method of one website for PCs and one for mobiles no longer works; users need to be able to access the same information no matter which type of device they are viewing on.

For some innocent accident victims searching for information, finding out that if they use a personal injury attorney such as Rees Law Firm they will not have to find huge upfront fees can be such a relief that they will then consider making a compensation claim.

Having a Good SEO Strategy

Content that people are interested in is very important, but so is having keywords that will help with the firm’s search engine optimization (SEO). The old saying coined by Bill Gates many years ago, ‘content is king’ still stands today, and written content is just one of the things that search engines consider when deciding on rankings. New technology also means they can now take account of images and videos, so making sure they are top quality too is just as vital.

Personal injury attorneys, just like any other business, want to be as high up the rankings as possible and to achieve a good spot, they need a good SEO strategy in place.

Reaching Out with Social Media

One of the best ways to get information into the public domain is through social media platforms. If a personal injury attorney uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social media platform, they are more or less guaranteed that there is the potential for millions of people to see their services. For many of the users, it will be the first time they become aware of being able to claim compensation after an accident, but as long as they were injured no more than two years before they see the post, they may still be able to make a claim.

If personal injury attorneys market their brand and get the information in places where it is readily accessible, more people will be aware of their ability to make a claim, and others will claim when they realize they do not have to pay huge sums of money for the work to be started. Then hopefully, there will be fewer innocent accident victims suffering from the dire financial problems that an accident can create.

Demonstrating Business Viability: Here’s What Lenders Are Looking For

Demonstrating Business Viability: Here’s What Lenders Are Looking For

When you step into a lender’s office seeking a small business loan, it’s common to experience some anxiety. After all, you might know what to bring – a business plan, tax statements – but what exactly is the lender looking for? While they want to see your documents and learn about your business, your lender is ultimately assessing your paperwork on a more holistic level and with a single term in mind: viability. They want to know that your business is in it for the long haul, but business viability is far from a precise term.

What Is Business Viability?

At its core, a viable business is one that can turn a profit year after year, but in reality, the concept is much more complicated because it hinges upon the unknown. As a business owner, you can have the most detailed business plan in the world, but the fact is that there are always things we can’t know – about our customers and our product, about the future of the economy, and about our personal lives. This is why solvency and cash flow often act as stand-ins for viability in the lending process.

Tell Your Story

When assessing a business for viability, then, lenders want to see how you plan for those unknowns and how you cope with uncertainty more broadly. Business owners need to be flexible and inventive, but they also need to be detail oriented, able to develop a plan and stick to it if they’re going to create a viable business. In other words, even though you’re going to fill out a lot of paperwork and go over endless profit and loss scenarios, viability often hinges on your business’s narrative, so be sure you have a good story to go with your statistics.

Know Your Lender

In addition to having a clear business narrative, it’s important that you understand how your lender approaches the assessment process. For example, Seek Capital encourages entrepreneurs to explore a range of funding options, including startup business loans, to increase the likelihood of borrowing success. Since different types of lending rely on different lending criteria, this means – with proper support and guidance – startup founders are more likely to qualify for a loan. And for those applicants pursuing traditional loans who fail to qualify, Seek Business Capital helps borrowers understand what changes they need to make to secure funding.

Of course, most lenders aren’t so forthright, especially with applicants who don’t initially qualify for a loan, and that’s why it’s important to do your homework. Even if the lender won’t work with you to outline weaknesses in your particular case and strengthen your application, take time to read their website, consult with more experienced investors and entrepreneurs, and keep revising your business plan.

The only real test of business viability is long-term performance, but obviously, lenders can’t grant funding based on the unforeseeable future – the aforementioned unknowns. As such, a strong application is one that demonstrates that no matter what the future throws your way, your business can withstand it. If you’re adaptable, have a great team of employees, and a stable funding stream, then, the unknown isn’t much of a threat. It’s just an exciting challenge and a chance for you to prove your business acumen by thriving even when the odds are against you.

Tips for Using Finviz Stock Screener to Find Undervalued Stocks

Using a stock screener can help you find stocks that meet your search criteria much faster than browsing news about companies. Finding these stock picks requires you to have some knowledge of how the trading world works. Finviz is invaluable because it highlights hidden gems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Understanding how to use Finviz and Finviz Futures to find hidden gems will help you feel more in control of your investment ideas. Let’s take a peek at some of the best ways to use Finviz.

Finviz Offers Both Fundamental and Technical Screening Criteria.

Finviz is unique in that it offers both fundamental analysis and technical analysis criteria. This feature means you can see which stocks are trending as a potential undervalued gem, but you can also look under the hood at the company’s balance sheet to see if the pick makes sense. Fundamentals should always be taken into account before you trade and Finviz makes that easy.

Tips for Setting up your Screener.

When it comes to setting up your stock screener, there are a few tips you should follow. For picking stocks with a cursory look at their fundamentals, you should be going for settings that estimate EPS growth through the next five years as positive with a debt/equity ratio under 1. You don’t want to invest in a company that has taken on too much debt, as it could be an early warning sign that the company is not managed correctly and could lead to trouble down the road. Technical indicators like SMA20 above SMA50 and SMA50 above 200 are perfect for finding stocks that are trending upwards over a long-term period. Another good technical indicator for your stock screener is looking at stocks that are close to or near their all-time high. Stocks that are within a few percent of their 52-week highs tend to trend higher.

Bring Everything Together

Since Finviz allows you to search fundamental and technical data within one search, you can find stocks that meet your criteria. You’ll typically be limited to just a few stocks that match your search criteria, which is perfect for day traders and swing traders. Each tab on Finviz holds the relative data, so make sure you’re looking at both the fundamental and technical tabs to get a full picture of how the company is performing. For traders who need to look at IntraDay data, Finviz Elite offers that with real-time search results. The price for Elite can be worth it if you plan to make your money through investment. Finviz data can be divided up into tabs with charts at the forefront, so you can watch the handful of stocks that have been screened for you in real time. Using a stock screener to find picks is the best way to find an undervalued stock that can turn a profit when you trade. You won’t always have success with your stock screener assisted picks, but your success ratio should be higher than your loss ratio if you’re not doing risky investing.

Government negligence pushes Allan Endresz to take drastic measures

Albury’s well-known businessman Allan Endresz has been in a legal battle against the federal government for quite some time. After submitting a colossal damages claim against the ACT Supreme Court and dealing with frozen assets from 1999, Endresz has resorted to drastic measures.

The battle began when one of Endresz’s accountants David Muir – a government consultant, transferred $6 million from a gold mining company, formerly known as Hallmark Gold (now TNG) to another company known as CTC Resources NL, whom Endresz’s parent’s owned.

Later Muir transferred another $2.275 million to Davis Samuel who was in business with Endresz. Muir was later tried and convicted for the embezzlement of $8.275 million. Endresz explains that he had accepted the money from Muir in good faith, as he had no part in the embezzlement and was not aware that the money was not a bona fide investment from the government.

He agrees that the funds should be returned to the government but argues that his affairs were victim to the embezzlement as well.

After nearly two decades of dealing with the government and this lawsuit, Endresz has been pushed to take drastic measures through this legal battle. He hopes to recover AU$60 million through the current court action taking place. This would cover the original grants, as well as interest.

Endresz knows there are things he could’ve done differently to avoid these issues. In hopes that others can avoid finding themselves in his situation, he addressed what he could have done differently.  He says that he “could have engaged more with his advisors/consultants, ensured a higher level of asset protection, cultivated a more strategic business plan and put business processes in place from day one”.

While we wait to hear the outcome of the legal action, all we can do is learn from Endresz’s experience and be more aware of possible government negligence that could take place.

If you can only Spend Marketing Budget on One Thing (Do This)

Knowing how to spend your yearly marketing budget can be difficult. Not only do you have to compare different options including these 5 Crazy Effective Ways To Spend Your 2019 Marketing Budget, but you also need to consider which will have the most significant impact on your business today and years from now.

While there are many options to choose from, if there’s one that you need to consider strongly then it is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO is the process of optimizing your website and your digital presence so that you appear at the top of the search results.

The result of this is that when people search on Google and other search engines, your web pages will appear near the top. As a result, more people are likely to come to your website, where you can market to them and convince them to become customers.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Plus, while paid traffic and advertising only last for as long as you are paying the cost of the ads, search engine optimization can last for years to come. For this reason, it’s one of the most highly recommended methods of generating traffic among digital marketing experts.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is complicated, but it can be distilled down to two separate sections. The first is the content on your website, while the second is your off-website presence. What this means in principle is how often you’re being referenced around the web through links, in practice this means which websites are talking about your company.

Google and the other search engines want to rank the very best content for the users to give them to the most superior experience possible. To achieve this, it’s essential for them to look at the content on your website, to analyze it and to estimate its quality. Doing this is very challenging, which is why they use links from other sites as a rough estimate for the popularity of your pages.

How to Rank Higher

The idea behind this is that the highest quality pages will get the most links from other trust worth pages which is why Google chooses to rank the highest. To benefit from this, your companies should want to spend money wisely on content for your website including articles, sales pages, and blog posts.

Similarly, you need to invest in public relations and digital marketing so that your company can have a greater media presence. By doing this, you’ll ensure that more websites are linking back to your site which Google will treat as a quality signal, therefore improving your rankings.

Why SEO is Superior

Studies suggest that over 90% of people who use the web find websites through search engines. For this reason, it’s the most critical marketing tactic in the entire world. If you’re not using search engine optimization, then it’s very challenging for new potential customers to find your business. SEO can be thought of like the modern-day Yellow Pages, and without it, your company is falling behind your competitors.

While ten years ago it could have been considered a nice to have marketing tactic, today it’s the bare minimum that you need to run a company. Without it, you will be forced to rely on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals to generate new customers, which are far less reliable and effective methods than SEO.

The reason why search engine optimization is the one thing that you should do if you had to pick any single marketing tactic, is because it utilizes Google and other search engines which are the most popular websites in the entire world. While a large percentage of the adult population uses social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, almost everybody uses search engines.

For this reason, search engine optimization is the superior tactic when compared to social media marketing. Similarly, paid traffic such as Google ads is an effective way for you to increase brand awareness, but it’s costly and only delivers results while you continue to pour more money into the system.

Search engine optimization is a true investment because it continues to payback long after you stop investing in it. The same cannot be said for other marketing tactics, and therefore if you were to pick one, the logical option would be search engine optimization. Many experts believe that it is the most cost-effective solution for small businesses to generate new leads while simultaneously expanding brand awareness, which is why it’s becoming a more popular tactic than ever before.

Want To Save Your Company Money? Employees Should Avoid Dangerous Intersections

Every year businesses try to find ways to keep their costs low while increasing productivity and efficiency. If you’re a business owner in the Vancouver area that has employees that travel while on the clock, you may be able to save money by simply encouraging to explore alternate routes.

Why It’s Important To Avoid Some of Vancouver’s Most Dangerous Intersections

In the Vancouver area, there are five intersections that are notorious for being the most dangerous intersections in all of Canada and the intersection at Knight Street and SE Marine Drive has even made some international “Top Ten” lists for the worst intersections. With over 1,300 accidents in a four-year period, ICBC names this intersection the most hazardous.

Even though every intersection has the potential to be dangerous for the thousands of motorist who enter and exit them every day, the most dangerous intersections in Vancouver are due several contributing factors like speeding, the failure to yield to the right of way, and even drunk driving. Traffic congestion also plays a significant role in accidents at some of these busy intersections.

So while it may be difficult to avoid some of the worst intersections, here are some reasons why they should be avoided, particularly if you are a business owner

Keeping Your Employees Safer

Whether your employees are commuting to and from work or travel while on the clock, the safety of your employees is important. If an employee is involved in an accident during their commute, they may be late to work or sustain injuries that force them to stay home from work.

If you have an employee that drives for the company or travels while on the clock, an accident may result in injuries that require that you need to file paperwork and claims with Workers’ Compensation.

In the event that your employees are involved in an accident, regardless if on the job or on the way to work, missed days from work can affect productivity, efficiency, and other costs.

Saving Your Company Money

When you discover alternate routes, which avoid some of the most dangerous intersections in Vancouver, for your employees to take while on the job, you can reduce company costs.

Consider some of the contributing factors associated with accidents at intersections. Traffic congestion not only increases the risk of accidents, but it takes motorists longer to get to their destination. If you have an employee driving while on the clock, you may need to end up paying them for overtime.

When your employees take the safer alternate route not only are they less likely to be involved in an accident, but you can save money by not spending money on vehicle repairs or even a replacement. Even if you have good insurance, there’s no guarantee that all costs will be covered.

Additional Tips

While avoiding dangerous intersections can help keep your employees safer and save your company money, you can take additional steps to ensure safety and keeping costs low. Always hire employees with a good driving record and who can drive defensively. You should also provide adequate training and encourage safe driving incentives.

5 Ways Business Owners Can Save Money on Their Websites

Every business owner understands the importance of creating a website. It allows you to capitalize on potential customers in ways that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. However, if you’re already running a cash-strapped business, starting a website might not be at the top of your priority list.

Still, contrary to what you may believe, it’s more than possible to launch a website on a budget. In fact, if you’re very cash strapped, you can get your website up and running for under $100. If you want more flexibility, $200 can more than cover the job. With that in mind, here are five ways to save money on your website.

1) Opting for Shared Hosting

If you’re running a relatively new business, then a shared hosting setup would do. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting option available, and can save youa few bucks each month, which certainly add up if you’re a business owner on a budget. With shared hosting, you share your resources with other websites on the server.

“Shared hosting is a lot like living in an apartment building with a courtyard, garden or pool that is also used by your neighbors,” says DreamHost. But, as DreamHost advises, you aren’t at risk by sharing those resources, which are more than enough for new and growing business owners. You can always upgrade to a virtual private server later down the line.

2) Utilize Freelance Platforms

Freelancer platforms like UpWork and Fiverr make it easy for business owners to connect with potential freelancers who can work within your budget. You can set your budget for a range of services you’ll need for your website, like logo design, copywriting, graphic design, and much more. For as little as $5, you can get the most basic services completed quickly with good quality. Browse through an extensive list of profiles that you can filter by skills, ratings, service charges, and more, and check out different profiles and reviews.

3) Use The Right Platform

Choosing the right platform to build your website can drastically change what you spend on your hosting each year. For example, WordPress is the most popular option, and can cost as little as $6 per month. However, many new business owners are also also attracted to other appealing options like SquareSpace (which costs $26 for a business monthly plan).

You also have to consider functionality and design. You can find hundreds of WordPress themes for free, and even premium options that are cost-efficient. SquareSpace templates, on the other hand, are limited and more expensive. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with working on a platform like SquareSpace, when it comes to building a website from the ground up on a budget, you have to consider your choices carefully.

4) Take Advantage of Support & Online Tutorials

While you can always pay for help when you need it, you’d be surprised at how much you can actually learn online. Instead of jumping to professional help at every turn, research the help you need and try to figure it out before you pay for it. Not only will this help you learn something new, but it will save you some money in the long run. YouTube is a great starting platform for this. Something as simple as “How to add my logo to the address bar” can be solved with an article or online video. Even more complicated areas that involve changing a bit of code will be less complicated than previously thought.

Another area you want to take advantage of is the support teams of the services you use. For example, your hosting company will be happy to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to something like switching your domain from a previous provider or increasing server requirements.

Similarly, if you’re using WordPress and have purchased a theme, that theme typically comes equipped with support that will be invaluable as you design your site.  A great theme support team will be there to answer any questions you have about creating your site using their theme design, and will often request your login credentials so they can go in from the backend and make custom adjustments for you.

5) Use Drag & Drop Plugins

WordPress drag and drop plugins are the perfect way to help you save time—and money. If you aren’t technically savvy and don’t want to invest too much into learning a platform, using plugins can help you do the job. Easily create blocks of texts, slideshows, drop widgets, and add icons and images in just a few seconds. Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi are just a few of the more well-known builders. Check out each to see which works for you.