8 Innovative Tips for International Travel on a Budget

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union.

Many people dream of traveling the globe, but stay parked at their work desk despite their wanderlust. Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” but the unexplored life spent sighing at pictures of other people’s vacations on social media is sad, too. Is it possible to adventure in foreign countries on a budget?

Sure it is! While some destinations can prove pricey, others cost less than staying home. And public transportation systems make travel safe and inexpensive. Here are some tips to help would-be adventurers honor their globetrotting wishes this summer or any time of year.


  • 1. There’s an App for That


Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, and finding cheap international travel is no exception. Apps such as GasBuddy help road-trippers save money at the pump, while those like Google Flights allow those crossing the ocean to find the best plane fares.

One particularly handy app for those with wanderlust is WanderU. The app compares various ways of getting around, such as bus, train or other means.


  • 2. Study the Secrets of Locals


Before heading to the destination of choice, savvy travelers should take some time to go online and seek out local hotspots on the cheap. Websites such as Yelp offer reviews of restaurants and points of interest, including their prices. It’s smart to seek out reviews by locals — just because a restaurant offers low prices doesn’t mean the food is not delish!

Those who want to save even more can make their first stop a grocery store or market to stock up on food inexpensively. And here’s an insider tip for those who want to enjoy a cocktail on the plane, but don’t want to pay airline prices for booze: Empty and re-purpose a travel-sized mouthwash bottle and fill it with vodka or whiskey, then order a cranberry juice or cola mixer for far less.


  • 3. I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday


Airports get jam-packed on weekends, and as airlines know people will pay more for such getaways, tickets cost more Friday through Monday. The best time to find a low-priced plane ticket is 3 p.m. on a Tuesday, an hour few travelers covet. Here’s where those in service industries can benefit in particular — as many restaurants and hotels are also busier over the weekend, staff can fly off midweek and still make it back in time for their Saturday night bankroll shift.


  • 4. Use the Barter System


Another way to save big on traveling the world can take a tip from the days preceding the invention of money and work out a swap. Social media connects people with similar interests who reside on opposite sides of the globe. After establishing trust with an online friend, work out a tit-for-tat deal, and alternate turns staying with each other while traveling.


  • 5. Step Outside the Comfort Zone


Fearless adventurers can slash travel costs by noshing on $1 street foods instead of dining out at five-star restaurants. Those hoping to get to the other side of town without spending a dime can give hitchhiking a try. Despite the unsavory reputation the practice has stateside, it is far more common in many nations.


  • 6. Choose Inexpensive Destinations


Why blow two months’ salary in Paris when a similar stay in Indonesia or Mexico can sate the traveling urge? Many foreign countries have a lower cost of living than the U.S., meaning lodging, food and transportation comes cheaper. True, the hostel may not offer views of the Eiffel Tower, but they do offer the adventure of a lifetime.


  • 7. Work for It


Folks who are handy with swinging a hammer, taking care of tykes or working with pets can consider swapping those skills in exchange for overseas lodging. Getting a travel-related job is an excellent way to see the world for free, or at least cheaply. Workers can act as au pairs, serve as crew on a cruise ship or help build shelters for the needy in exchange for the cost of their trip.


  • 8. Tire out Those Tootsies


Seeing the sights proves difficult when driving past at 45 miles per hour. Walking is always free, and it gives travelers an in-depth look at their destination of choice. Additionally, walking is great exercise, and it helps keep off the extra pounds from calorie-laden meals.


  • International Travel Need Not Be Costly


Those who dream of traveling the world don’t have to wait until they’ve saved their pennies. With a bit of ingenuity, it’s possible for those with the travel bug to visit the pyramids along the Nile or anything else they may wish to see on the cheap.

For more frugal travel tips, check out this helpful infographic created by PSECU, a not-for-profit credit union in Pennsylvania!

How To Save Money When The Budget Is Really Tight

If money is tight and you want to increase savings, it is a certainty that you think about how to actually save more money. This is not at all something that is easy to do. In most cases, people are so affected by the situation they are in that they are overwhelmed. It is often difficult to save money, especially if you have no idea what to do. This is why you may want to learn about the following really simple things that you can do right now and that will make a difference.

Change The TV Service

This is quite a simple thing that you can always do. By cancelling the cable bill, you can easily save a lot more than what you initially expect. There are many that actually pay over $100 every single month. This is not necessarily just because of the cable bill. There are maybe some other subscriptions that also apply. As an example, if you have Hulu and Netflix, you end up paying over $16 every single month. Cancel these services and you get more money.

Fix Home Problems Before They Get Serious

There are situations in which you need to make some repairs but you cannot because you do not have the cash for them. This is actually one of the situations in which you absolutely have to borrow some money. When you do not fix a home problem in time, it tends to become much more serious. For instance, if you have a plumber leak and you do not contact an experienced plumber Frankston, you end up having to pay hundreds more.

Analyze The Food Bill

This is another great way to save some extra cash. How you eat can easily lead to losses that you simply cannot actually control. For instance, one of the best things that you can do right now is to stop going out to eat. It will take longer to cook your meals every single day but this can easily lead to some pretty large savings.

Remember that you often lose around $50 per week simply because you eat out. Many homes actually lose a lot more. If you eat out rarely, money can be saved by removing convenience foods.

Online Deals Help

Sticking to your budget is quite difficult but it does become a lot simpler in the event that you take advantage of the deals that you find on the internet. Budget the money that you spend on entertainment. Just buy the things that you need and take advantage of online discounts when they appear.

Cut Back On Your Big Expenses

Analyze the overall budget and see when you pay a little too much for things. As an example, your car payment might be a little too high and you might renegotiate for better deals. You might even consider huge changes like moving in with someone else so you can save money on rent.

There are always many big expenses that we have and ways to cut down on them.

Why You Should Consider Investing In A CBD Related Business?

The first thing that you need to know is that CBD oil is set to cross the $4 billion mark by 2021 and it literally exemplifies the gold rush of the 18th century, in more ways than one. It is certainly a prospective field and one that offers many investors a viable opportunity to earn some quick money. If you are still not sure about investing in pot or marijuana stocks, then you need to read on.

Health benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil is legal in all the 50 states across the US and as such, it has been found to have several medicinal properties. It has been known for its calm and relaxing effect and effective research has shown the fact that it helps to mitigate chronic pain which many patients suffer from.

Apart from this, it also has anticancer properties and can cause the death of several tumor cells, especially in the case of Leukemia as well as Colon cancer. It has also been found to be therapeutic where Alzheimer’s disease is concerned, with the patients being more responsive and functional as a result of consuming CBD oil.  A recent study revealed that it also comes with anti-seizure properties as well.

A more detailed study of this oil needs to be conducted at the earliest but it is evident that it comes packed with several health benefits, which is all the more reason for this particular product to become more popular.

Is Investing in CBD oil ethical?

Most investors tend to think that CBD oil is the same as Marijuana – the fact is that this oil mainly contains cannabidiol, whereas medical marijuana contains THC which is currently illegal. So if you are having any ethical considerations, then you need to know that it is perfectly fine to invest in this and given its increasing popularity, to expect good returns on your investment as well.

The growth potential

The Hemp magazine and yes, that really does happen to be a magazine on Hemp, estimates that as far as both hemp and Marijuana (medical), stocks are concerned, you can expect the market to grow beyond $4 billion by 2021. In simple terms, as a lay investor, you can expect a 700% return on your investment.

However, it is expected that the CBD oil market would cross this estimate as well and furthermore, the growth in the health and wellness industry and the current focus on this oil is helping to drive the market more.

Where to invest?

When it comes to this oil, there are various venues that you can take a closer look at but one of the common ways is by investing in Marijuana stocks – companies that primarily deal with Marijuana related products such as CBD oil. You can read up on the various public companies that deal solely in this particular product, and choose the one to invest in.

Keep in mind that as lucrative as it may sound, no one can predict the market, and stock can rise or fall. However, given the increasing demand and popularity of this product, you can expect the stocks to go up even more, in the near future.

Consider the timing

If you have chosen to invest in this oil, then you need to know when to buy or sell your pot stocks. When the stocks are rallying, that’s when you need to sell your pot stocks, a little at a time. And similarly, when the prices are depressed, that is when you would want to purchase more pot stocks incrementally. And, you need to make sure that you have hired an expert broker who can handle this for you.


Here, the point is that this particular product, as stock is vastly undervalued and is yet to be studied in detail. At the moment, a few studies are in progress, and you can expect this to reflect on the pot stocks as well. That is why it is a good time to invest in this oil since you can expect a good ROI on your investment.

These are some of the tips that should underscore the various investment opportunities that this oil seems to come with.

Cannabis Retail Offers Potential Investment Prospects

The role of a merchant banker is in part to provide capital to entrepreneurs and startup businesses that exhibit high growth potential. If you dig deeper, though, what investors are really funding are good ideas that show potential and, moreover, have the potential to disrupt industries.

Possibly the biggest disruption right now in Canada’s consumer market is cannabis. The opportunities that cannabis present are becoming more and more evident to companies around the country, and that means entrepreneurs want to be invested before everyone else gets into the act. In particular, cannabis retail is a promising sector of the industry that is presenting rapid growth potential.

Until April 1st, legal cannabis sales in Ontario were only available through an online government e-commerce store. Today, according to the provincial Alcohol and Gaming Commission, cannabis retail shops and outlets are appearing across the country in Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, London, and St. Catharines.

This means millions of dollars of potential investment opportunity for companies that focus on running recreational cannabis stores. To date, large operators have attracted the lion’s share of investment dollars – but there are opportunities for smaller players too.

If you really think about it, smaller players who are looking to expand in high-value markets need capital. They could see outsized returns without requiring the significant capital investments needed by larger players. To boot, entrepreneurs are continuing to find a number of new opportunities in the evolving cannabis industry and one of those opportunities is marijuana-infused edibles. What was once known as the stereotypical “pot brownie” has moved far beyond to products that include infused beverages, candies, tinctures, and cooking ingredients.

For those who prefer a cannabis-adjacent business, information to accompany new products and uses is another important area that offers business opportunities. Putting the right data in front of consumers, and providing them with knowledge, is a need that entrepreneurs can fill.

As the number of legal cannabis consumers increases, so will the business opportunities.

It’s a great time to be a cannabis entrepreneur, but it’s still crucial to be knowledgeable about your product and your business, and more importantly, you still have to be passionate.

Using Facts to Foil Instagram Myths

Instagram is currently one of the most important social platforms on the internet today and has provided entrepreneurs with opportunities to build their brands. The popularity Instagram enjoys has brought misconceptions, rumors, and myths that prevent ecommerce marketers from taking full advantage of everything the channel has to offer. Here we use Instagram statistics by country to bust some of the most common myths so that your business will not suffer from believing them and acting upon them.

Myth #1: Instagram’s practice of “shadowbanning” is commonplace.

Shadowbanning is the practice of banning an account that Instagram deems unsuitable and is falsely perceived as being used regularly and arbitrarily. When people see a drop off in their engagement or reach, they automatically jump to the conclusion that they are being shadowbanned. The truth is that there are many factors that can cause an Instagram post to perform badly. Instead of analyzing if there is an issue of the day or time of post, a poor mixture of hashtags, or a problem with the content itself, account holders assume that they have been shadowbanned without prior warning. Accounts are not shadowbanned for using too many hashtags or some other small infraction. A decrease in engagement is more likely due to poorly designed content, deficient marketing, or the use of the wrong hashtags.

Myth #2: Placing hashtags in biographies helps profiles in search rankings.

The truth is that the content in your Instagram profile biography isn’t searchable and hashtags in your bio have zero impact on your search rankings. While using a branded hashtag in your bio allows people to see content with that hashtag, it is probably the only time you should use one there. It is also important to note that the hashtag you create for your brand on Instagram is not your private property. You don’t technically own it, and other members are free to use your branded hashtag without obtaining your permission. Even if you get a trademark for a specific hashtag, you cannot prevent others from using it on social media. Everything that you publish on the Instagram platform becomes the property of the website. It’s important to learn everything you can about using hashtags on your Instagram account.

Myth #3: Instagram only shows posts to 10 percent of your followers.

For the last time, Instagram isn’t hiding your content. Despite rumors that Instagram’s algorithm changes every so often, the truth is that the Instagram algorithm is, for the most part, the same as it has always been since the advent of the channel. Unlike Facebook, nothing major has been done to it, and it remains a priority ranking system. Instagram no longer shows your posts in chronological order on your timeline in the order that you published them. Instead, the Instagram algorithm determines the value of the post based on the importance to your audience and orders the content according. As a follower, if you like and comment on an account’s content frequently, the algorithm will mark that account as high priority. If you follow an account and you don’t engage with it, the algorithm marks it a low priority.

Myth #4: There is a tie between Instagram Stories and the reach of your main feed posts.

On Instagram, there is no connection between what’s going on in Stories and what is occurring on the feed posts. While feed posts can get a small boost in reach with the new share post to the Stories function, it is important that you share only the wants that are important and are critical for your audience to see. Share the ones that are important and that you want your audience to see, and understand the ways you can use Instagram Stories to boost your brand. Instagram business profiles also retain their rankings in the news feed compared to personal profiles. Likewise, Instagram monitors your personal and business accounts, and the value of your business account is the same as the value of a personal account. Switch to a business account does not negatively influence your brand with your followers, advertisers, or influencers, and it will not decrease your overall visibility. Instagram business profiles retain their rankings in the news feed compared to personal profiles. Instagram is not Facebook, and if you’ve been wanting to switch to a business account, there’s no logical reason not to.

Are you aware of other Instagram myths or rumors you’d like to bust? Feel free to share the information being shared and the truth behind the story. We’re waiting to hear from you!


Auto insurance just keeps getting more expensive for Ontario drivers

After the first quarter of 2019, the Ontario driver will spend on their auto insurance policies by almost 3% more. The entire industry recently adjusted their prices and for the sixth quarter in a row, the prices spike once again. The average rate of auto insurance policies in Ontario, Canada is about $1,445, being exceeded only by the prices in British Columbia, which are now estimated at $1,680.


Auto insurers, given permission to grow their rates

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO, for short) has recently offered the Economical Mutual Insurance Company the permission to raise their rates by 11,4%. The group holds more than 6.20% of the Ontario insurance market. Because of a series of reasons, the same permission was offered to almost all insurance companies in Ontario. Fraud, urbanization and the lack of standard rates are three main reasons to which the high premium rates are attributed. But the insurance market here also seems to offer some of the best benefits and coverage in Canada.

No standard rates

There are no standard premium rates in Ontario. This allows insurers to play with and adjust those, depending on nothing more than interests and profits. Private insurance companies make the rules of the game in Ontario, and this seems to play its rightful role as well.


While road congestion is not Canada’s biggest struggle, urbanization seems to influence the auto insurance rates practiced by insurers. More drivers, more new drivers (the legal licensing age is 16) and higher numbers of accidents also contribute to extreme insurance rates on personal vehicles. While statistics show low auto accident fatality rates in the province, insurers are unwilling to take unnecessary risks. It’s common for these companies to factor traffic and congestions rates as determinants of fatality accident or collision likelihood. Speeding fees, accidents on the record, age, and sex also contribute to premium rates.


Nearly every auto insurance provider in Ontario received permission to raise their rates. Fraud is one of the main reasons why insurance rates have grown so much over the past several years. The industry itself is not a high-profit margin one. Each year, insurers in Ontario, Canada lose impressive amounts of money to fraud. From organized crime rings to individual fraudsters, the insurers in the province are struggling with such attempts. These events cost Ontario consumers $1.3 billion yearly.

No matter the end result of fraud attempts, they always end with higher claims costs. To see sensitive changes in the auto insurance rates, fraud has to be stopped. The costs involved by claim settlement also have to be lowered, according to experts in the field.

Insurance companies lose money

A common misconception about insurers in the province is that they are gouging consumers. This is far from being true. Most companies in the sector lose important amounts on a yearly basis. Only in 2016, the overall combined loss for personal vehicles in Canada is estimated at 102%. To explain the situation in more simplistic terms, for every dollar collected by insurers from premiums, they have to pay $1.2 in claims and operating costs. While in other provinces insurers practice significantly lower rates, they still make a good return. This is no longer the case in Ontario.

The Auto Insurance Landscape in Quebec vs. Ontario

How is this possible? What can you do to avoid high premium rates, besides packing up and moving to Quebec?

Apparently, an insurance policy in Quebec costs a modest amount of $640, on average. This is more than two times less than the rates you will find in Ontario. The Alberta ARC Insurance brokers show that what helps Quebec maintain low, competitive rates is an effective combination of public and private insurance policies and limits on liability.

In Ontario, insurance comes exclusively from private companies. The high number of claims and lawsuits they face yearly make them struggle in keeping their premiums at competitive rates. Organized crime and fraudulent claims are two other relevant motives, as seen above.  

Tech-Heavy Automobiles Lead to Higher Premium Rates

Ontario is one of the most economically developed provinces in Canada. This means that the average consumer affords to invest in tech-heavy automobiles and in all the extra expenses that come with those. According to a How Canada Performs Report from June 2017, Ontario worked its way up to the second province with strong growth over the past few years. Overall, it ranks in the sixth place, but it seems to catch up with the more developed provinces.

Tech-heavy automobiles usually come with multiple sensors and camera. What was previously inexpensive to repair, it has now become a costly affair. Lane detection systems, blind-spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control equipment demand higher repair costs than dents and minor collision repairs. The added labour time necessary to repair these sensors and the tech tools specialised shops must invest in also increase the repair costs.

Insurance companies react to these changes in consumer behaviour and adjust their premiums accordingly.

And for those drivers that think the penalties of driving without insurance are lower than buying one, the news is bad indeed. The average fine for driving without insurance is about $5.000 and it can even reach $25.000. Besides, drivers might have their licenses suspended for a year. This also results in the driver’s recognition as a high-risk driver and the insurance rates will be sensitively higher, in the future.

Although the driver in Ontario is seeing themselves as victims of a poorly-tailored insurance system, there are multiple real motives for the premium rates practiced in the province. Insurance fraud and other factors influence how much or how little consumers pay on their premiums. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, drivers should research which are the best premium rates in the province. There are numerous online tools and platforms that will come in handy, making the process smoother and ensuring consumers make the best decision.  

Car Loan Mistakes People Make

Buying your dream car can be an exciting experience but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  So whether it is your first time of buying a car buyer or you are looking to replace your old vehicle, considering the following 8 car loan mistakes people make and how you can avoid making them.

Mistake No.1: Low Credit Score

Your credit report plays a significant role when applying for a car loan since it is used by the lender in determining the interest rate. It is also used to evaluate the creditworthiness of an auto loan applicant because it is provided by credit bureaus that monitor your credit history.

In this light, it is prudent to learn what range your credit score falls into first, before applying for the car loan as high credit score equals better interest rate and approval of your loan request. On the other hand, a low credit score tells your lender it’s risky to lend to you, so they charge you high-interest rate or a reject your loan request.

Mistake No.2: Focusing Only On The Monthly Payment

When you securing a car loan, it is essential that you make both your monthly payments and budget compatible. However, it is a huge mistake to negotiate with the car dealer only the monthly payment rather than the full amount of that dream car. If you do, your negotiating power is forfeited, thus, giving an unscrupulous salesperson an opportunity for price manipulations and potentially higher interest rates.

Nevertheless, a smart borrower insists on knowing the total cost of the vehicle before negotiating car finance over the length of the loan.

Mistake No.3: Long-Term Car Finance

While long term car finance sound appealing as it focuses on smaller monthly repayments, it could be another costly mistake.  When you choose to take on a long-term car loan, you may see higher interest rates compared to a short-term loan that is five years or even less.

Those additional payments you could have saved during the extended period of the loan could amount to thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest charges.

Bear in mind that new cars depreciate quickly in the first few years of usage, so the longer the tenure of the auto loan, the higher the interest rate you’ll have to pay. What is more, by the time you end up paying the loan, the car’s value in the market will have depreciated to a great extent if you choose to swap or sell it.

Mistake No.4: Financing Add-Ons

Car dealers make extra profit for the dealership by selling add-ons such as anti-theft devices, interior protection window tinting, and extended warranty. While some of these items, they are available at a cheaper rate from other sources outside the dealership.

When they are added to the rest of your car loan, you’ll end up paying extra in interest amounting to hundreds of dollars over the life of the loan.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they try to pass some of their offers on you.

Mistake No.5: Not Making a Down Payment

From a long-term point of view, a down payment of a loan is very helpful as it reduces the cost of your car finance. Another advantage of making a large down payment is that it lowers your monthly payments and cuts down negative equity. However, the drawback of not making an upfront installment is that it won’t lower your interest rate especially if your credit score is low.

The ‘zero down payment‘ offers are marketing gimmicks used by an auto lender to make extra money for the dealership. A minimum down payment of $1,000 will make you enjoy a better price of your car and could spare you a great amount of cash over the period of the loan balance.

Mistake No.6: Beware Of Rolling Over Negative Equity

 Negative equity, also referred to as “upside down” are the terms used to describe owing more on your vehicle than it is worth. Dealers and lenders may tell their customers to roll over that negative equity, or what they owe on their old car into the financing of the new one.

For example; you owe $25,000 on a car that’s worth only $20,000. In this scenario, you have negative equity of $5,000. So, if you decide to sell, not only would you have to give the lender the $20,000 you owe, you’d also have to come up with an additional $5,000.

This suggestion is a trap and should not be taken lightly, because it will make your monthly payments bigger and also increase the chances of finding yourself upside down. What is more, you’ll be stuck with the negative equity from the old car every time you want a new deal.

Mistake No.7: Not Comparing the Loan Options

When it comes to buying your dream car, it is prudent to shop for multiple lenders at several car dealerships.  Car financing can be done via two major sources. The first is directly from local banks and the second one is through the financing arms of automakers.

Both offer different interest rates, loan lengths, and terms and conditions. While these two loan options have their advantages and disadvantages, it affords you the opportunity to investigate and choose the best loan offer. LoansGeeks can help you make car finance comparisons, and also secure loans.

Mistake No.8: Not Being Able To Walk Away

Once you at a dealership, and are negotiating with the salesperson, you are not obliged to stay if you do not like the deal or the direction the negotiations are headed. You can simply walk without being afraid or embarrassed. Walking away without feeling pressured is a powerful tool that can save you from making a big mistake that can cost you for the entire tenure of the car loan.

A salesperson might persuasively tell you that you are throwing away the opportunity to purchase a good car if you walk away as the vehicle could be gone tomorrow if you don’t buy it today. That’s true, that specific car could be sold the next day, yet, and there is no scarcity of good cars as manufacturers make thousands of them every day. So, one dealership does not have your choice car, check another one, or even go online and check out a few dealerships around town.



How to Protect Your Money during Divorce

If you are planning to get a divorce, many things keep running in the mind such that you forget about yourself but one thing you should remember is that there is a life to live after divorce, and without financial stability, you may keep regretting the best part of your life,

One should, therefore, act swiftly to ensure that the money remains secure. It may be in the form of liquid cash or investments that you have owned as co-partners.

CompleteCase shares some useful tips that will enable you to protect your money during divorce.

  1.      Get a way to secure your liquid cash.

If we may take an instance where you have joint accounts in a bank, it is essential that you open a separate personal account and transfer part of the money there,

This will restrict your partner from accessing all the cash which he may use for his gain.

You may not withdraw everything in the personal account but ensure that you have withdrawn sufficient enough to keep you moving even as the court proceedings are on.

You will also have some cash to cover the attorney’s bills which could have been used in other ways by your spouse.  By exercising this, you will be sure that when divorce is declared, you will have a stepping stone where you will start your life with some finances at hand.


  1.      Close the joint Bank accounts that you may be having.

In most cases, couples open joint accounts to help them access facilities such as a mortgage, use credit cards effectively and even have joint savings account with a purpose.

However, when divorce starts to knock at your door, it’s critical that you seek advice on how these accounts should be closed to manage any further cracks that may be in the family from taking place.

In case you have incurred debts using the joint accounts that you are using, you can request your partner to take them up and especially if he has a better source of income. Your name can be removed in this case, and you will have less stress during the divorce negotiations. If this is not done, remember that the debts will be split into two and as such, it’s important that you play it wisely to avoid being overburdened.

The issue may arise if your income earning partner refuses to handle the entire debt, the court is always lenient to listen to your side and give you a chance to repay the debt once you are financially stable.

At this point, only the amount that you are demanded will be placed upon you. Otherwise, it will be hard to protect your money if caution is not exercised.

After divorce, your income streams may expand, and you can pay for such a debt without much stress. But imagine of a situation that you did not request to close the joint accounts, and your spouse keep on misusing the account it will be hard for you to manage the finances even after divorce.

  1.      Take care of your valuables.

There are instances where you may have bought items without the intervention of your partner. In such a case you have every right to own such assets in your name. While doing the valuation of the assets, ensure that recording is put under you whether they are in the marital home or you have moved them.

It is essential to be truthful enough and ensure that you declare all the assets you have during the divorce process. Ensure that you do not sell any of the assets even if you are in an urgent need of money. This will be used against you, and you will be forced to pay the cash when the divorce negotiations are still on.


  1.      Do not incur any additional debt.

By this time you are aware that in a short while, you will be living a single life with all responsibilities being bestowed on you. You should, therefore, ensure that you do not incur any debt that would compromise your credit rating until the divorce process is over.

What you need to look forward to is to ensure that you open a personal bank account when the divorce process is on.

This will help you to build a good credit rating, and once you are set for a single life, you will be in a position to invest and get bank advances with ease.


  1.      Get a separate post office Box.

If you have had a post office box which you have been sharing with your spouse, it is the high time to disassociate yourself from it. Endeavor to open a new one and change all official communication mails to the new box.

This will limit your spouse from accessing your financial documents which could otherwise be used against you.

Your financial statements should also be delivered from here, and confidentiality will be enhanced.

  1.      If you own a home, protect the rights to it.

Let’s consider a situation whereby the home is registered under one person only, yet you had a share that you contributed when the house was being bought. You can express an interest in having the home secure and stop it from being sold until the decree for the divorce has been done.

If the property is under both your names and you are not living together, your spouse may still play tricks on it, and you need to learn early enough and stop any transaction taking place by getting a stop order from the court that no transaction should take place.

Think of the situation where you can die before the divorce process is over. Ensure that there is a court order that will stop your spouse from inheriting the property by his own. Your dependents should also have a share as per your will.


  1.      Identify all the assets that you own as a family and clarify what belongs to you alone.

You may opt to use a financial consultant who will help you do a valuation of what you own as a family. Still capture individual investments such as household assets, vehicles, houses. This will act as a guiding factor during the divorce settlement.

Failure to having complete records, your spouse might decide to play tricks on you may end up losing so much money that is needed when divorce is over.


  1.      Apply for a copy of Credit reports for both of you.

It is essential to know how your credit report looks like. This is because if it has been misused, it will reflect negatively on your credit rating. Requesting a credit report of your spouse is important too because if he used it for malicious acts, it would reflect negatively to the joint accounts that you have been operating.

As you learn such information, you will be in a position to start working on your report for a better rating with the hope of financial stability as you begin the single life.

  1.      Before filing the court papers, document and file copies.

This will be used as a backup plan to claim for any personal assets that are in your possession or your marital home. After divorce, you can opt to sell the assets that were placed under your name and have a starting point that is stress-free when it comes to the handling of finances. Your money will not get lost if you have proper documentation.


  1. 10.  Ensure that Alimony is not listed as part of Divorce Decree.

Alimony is a taxable income should not be listed anywhere in the legal framework of divorce negotiations. This is because it will have an implication in your finances and as such, it is advisable for you to take care and ensure that alimony is not listed otherwise it will only reduce the savings that you have.


  1.  Use a Family Law attorney to protect the sale of your financial assets.

Your spouse may be thinking of selling out family property without your knowledge as such. Use an Attorney who will place a court order that will prevent your spouse from selling, transferring the name of the property until the court determines how the assets will be divided amongst yourselves.


  1.  Use of Second Credit Cards on your account.

In case you had incorporated your partner in your account and a second credit card was advanced to him, remember for any transaction that takes place, you will be solely responsible for paying for it. To avoid this, ensure that you request your partner to give it back to you. In case of disagreements to release it to you, you may ask the bank to block the card so that it is no longer used.


  1. 13.  Contact your Mortgage provider.

If you are both paying for the mortgage, it is essential to let the provider know that you have intentions to divorce and each party will be paying for the mortgage on their own.

This will help you from being listed negatively in your credit rating and will help you in the future should you want to borrow.


  1. 14.  Stop any Financial Power Imbalances.

If your partner has been paying for all the bills in the house, it’s high time that the trend should stop. This is because you will find life miserable when you start living on your own. Start budgeting and catering for the needs in the house so that you build a habit of financial management.  Get to know how much money is needed to foot the bills and also how your spouse is using it once you file the petition.

This will help you to make sober decisions when you start negotiating for the divorce settlement. On the other hand, you will also have the first-hand experience on how to handle financial challenges as they trickle in.


Practice proper financial management during the divorce settlement negotiations because you will need to be financially secure after divorce. Ensure that you research from people who have had similar experiences and how they have managed to be successful financially.

But remember that the final decision that relates to finances depends on you.

Hand-Picked CBD Gift Basket Ideas

If you know someone that uses CBD products regularly, a hand-picked CBD gift basket of CBD products would be the ideal Christmas gift. It is also an ideal option for those that want to try CBD but haven’t yet. The potential benefits of CBD continue to increase in number. The guide here provides suggestions for items to include in your special picks.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil


One of the most important items for a CBD user is the full spectrum CBD oil by itself. Some come flavored, others use natural terpenes that provide flavor. Those using natural terpenes should take precedence over any products containing unnatural or artificial ingredients for flavor or color.


Full spectrum is important because it uses the entire hemp plant and doesn’t isolate just the CBD. Whole plant medicine is the only way to achieve the entourage effect. Be sure to view our buying guide on tinctures for tips regarding purchasing CBD oil online. It will help you understand what to look for and what to avoid.


Variety of Tinctures


If you are able to locate tinctures formulated for a specific reason such as inflammation, sleep or anxiety, consider adding those to the gift basket too. If you know your friend or loved one experiences pain, has anxiety for any reason (even just from too much stress) or has difficulty sleeping, a formula like these may benefit them. Make sure that you purchase the varying tinctures from the same company to ensure that you are providing cohesive items from one source that has a successful formula.


CBD Bath Salts and Bath Bombs


CBD bath salts, soaks and bath bombs may be a little difficult to purchase online. They are mostly seen in medical cannabis dispensaries, but are offered by some online retailers. Choose scents that will help relax and calm as these are the most common reasons a person would require a hot soak.

If you cannot find suitable products online at an affordable cost, please view these recipes to make your own items to include in the gift basket.


CBD Infused Honey

CBD infused honey is not an easy to find item, but you can absolutely make it yourself if you can’t find it. Honey is a versatile ingredient and some people add it to their daily cup of tea or just have a teaspoon of it by itself. Use full spectrum hemp CBD oil and a good organic honey. Combine 1 cup of honey with ½ bottle full spectrum hemp CBD oil and whisk until combined. This will create a whipped honey product that looks great, is fluffy and can be used alone or in any recipe calling for honey. Adjust the measurements to fit your chosen vessel.


If you’d like to get even more fancy, consider adding a cinnamon stick or other whole herbs/spices to enhance the flavor of the honey even more. Cinnamon and honey go very well together, as to orange and honey. To make orange infused honey, just add either zest or peel of one orange and mix.


Vape and a Vape Pen Battery


Vaping CBD and cannabis is trending. Get your friends and family members currently using a CBD product on that bandwagon. You can find CBD vape and vape pen batteries online and they can be shipped to your home. Some companies even offer a disposable CBD vape pen, so that may be an option as well.


When purchasing the vape pen batteries, consider purchasing two. If the user needs a battery in a pinch, they should have a backup that is charged and ready to use while the other charges back up.


CBD vape cartridges should include either coconut or MCT oil as the cutting agent to keep the product as natural as possible. The CBD should also be full spectrum and not isolate. If it is not listed on the package or in the product’s description, make sure to ask before purchasing. Isolate is typically not as effective as full spectrum products (the same rings true for traditional cannabis vape).


Contrary to popular belief, the vape pen battery brand does not have to match the CBD vape cartridge brand. The cannabis industry creates standardized vape pen batteries that use 510 threading. The cartridges use the same threading.


Creams and Lotions


Consider adding a few small CBD topicals to the gift basket. These may help with minor aches and pains, relaxation and reducing skin inflammation. Topicals are available for purchase online, and locally where available. Some adult stores offer hemp-based massage oils that are also ideal for relaxation.


If you have a medical cannabis card and have access to a dispensary, or live in an area where recreational sales are permitted, you are likely to find several CBD creams, lotions and rubs available. Topicals designed for pain relief often start working almost instantly.


Author’s Note: My favorite CBD topical is CBD for Life Tiger Rub Lemongrass scent. It is available online and starts working within minutes. It helps reduce arthritis pain, minor aches and is great for women for menstrual pain.


Essential Oils


Many CBD users also use essential oils. Essential oils are used in diffusers for aromatherapy and topically on pressure points throughout the body. The bottoms of the feet are the most absorbent part of the body, so many techniques include application to the bottom of the feet. Choose essential oils that will help the gift receiver with whatever troubles they have regularly such as anxiety, stress, depression, pain or insomnia. Incorporating essential oils into a CBD oil regimen may be beneficial for achieving a higher level of relaxation or relief.


Consider Homemade CBD Infused Goodies

Something homemade is always appreciated. If you are a crafty baker or candy maker, consider some CBD infused treats and candies that your friend or loved one would enjoy. Make sure to tell them that they are also include CBD as an ingredient to go along with the theme of the gift.


Closing Thoughts

If you have trouble finding the right container, consider a metal pail. These are often an ideal size with multiple uses after the holidays are over. The plain exterior leaves room for you to dress it up. Get creative and include items that you think your friend or loved one would enjoy, or give them a little stock of items they already enjoy regularly. Knowing that you pay attention to what they like and how it benefits them makes the gift all that more special and meaningful.

How Restaurant Scheduling Apps Save Your Business Money

Like the name suggests, the primary function of restaurant scheduling apps is to create excellent work schedules quickly. But it also serves other important functions which can directly help your bottom line. In this notoriously difficult industry, every penny saved is crucial — here are the different ways restaurant scheduling apps can help you save big bucks.

Key Data on the Dashboard

Managers will love the way key data is presented simply and directly on the dashboard — this feature is essentially the ultimate guide to understanding restaurant expenses that gets updated in real time. It presents every key stat, from labour costs, daily sales, total sales, and more.

It even includes integrated staff feedback and data about the weather, which is crucial for seasonal restaurants, and makes it easy to understand how rain or a sunny patio day made business boom or bust.

Your managers will have the tools they need to understand your restaurant’s finances, and you can’t possibly reduce costs in your operation if you don’t know what they are.

Labour Compliance

Restaurant scheduling software alerts managers when a staff member is approaching overtime, and when law requires they be paid at overtime rates. Ensuring that they work within the normal allotted hours helps prevent the staff from getting burned out, and reduces the operating costs of the restaurant.  

Reducing Turnover

One of the great perils restaurants face is high turnover: it takes an investment of time and money to bring a new employee up to speed, and finding the right employee for the job is always a challenge. Everything that helps retain employees is important, and restaurant scheduling software contributes to job satisfaction.

This software improves job satisfaction by helping maintain work-life balance: the time clock function can be programmed to ensure staff comply with mandated breaks. The primary features of the app keep staff updated if there’s a change to their schedule by issuing a notification on their phone. Employees can also easily send time off requests to their manager, and let them know their availability easily. They’ll love these features, and this will help keep them satisfied on the job.   

Keep Employees Working Where They’re Needed

Both staff and managers benefit from reducing the time it takes to perform inessential work. Nobody likes wasting time doing frustrating tasks that aren’t really the main job. Employee scheduling software cuts down the time it takes to create a schedule by as much as 80%, which keeps your employees working with the customers or inside the kitchen, and saves your restaurant money.

There’s no sense in paying people to stay shut up in a backroom, plugging away at a calendar trying to figure out when they can actually work.  

Restaurant scheduling software does a lot more than the name suggests. It won’t just make life easy for your employees; it can help significantly reduce the operating costs of your restaurant. In an industry where the smallest margins can make or break you, restaurant scheduling apps are technology you can’t afford to miss.