5 personal finance tips your staffing agency should use

Lack of knowledge in finance and accounting is a major issue for small business owners. Research has shown that at least 60% of small and medium-sized business owners fell that they don’t have adequate information in the area, which leads to making mistakes that would have been avoided. Business finance is not the most exciting topic, but for your business to succeed, you have to force yourself to understand and navigate the numbers.

Without looking at your finances from the right lens, you will assume you are making profits while you could be in deep trouble. If you mix your personal finances with that of your business, the problem could be worse. Luckily, there are a few personal finance tips you can use to run your business to success. As simple as these tips may sound, it will take you a lot of willpower to implement them and stick to the plan while remaining flexible enough to change what is not working. Let’s dive in.

  1.     Get a clear financial picture

Keeping your accounting books and preparing a comprehensive budget is the only way to know how healthy your finances are. Create and stick to a budget to help you manage your income and expenses, and reconciling any amounts you might have missed. Your personal budget usually includes your savings, bills, and money you will keep for fun and other activities. In contrast, your business budget will have income, payroll, rent, office supplies, tax, among others.  

  1.     Watch your debt-to-income ratio

A debt-to-income ratio is used to measure how much revenue you get against the credit card and other debts you owe. The same principle will be used to measure your business debt against how much revenue you generate. The bank then uses this information to cap how much money you can borrow and determine how much you can pay every month, and how long it will take to finish paying the loan. You can calculate this for yourself by dividing your current debt with your monthly revenue.

If you are close to reaching your loan limit, it’s always advisable to concentrate on paying it off first before you take out more loans. This will safeguard your credit score and keep your company’s finances healthy. Payroll funding or invoice factoring will be your best bet during this time. This method allows you to convert your invoice to cash immediately, so your business does not hit a financial snug. The payroll company, such as PayrollFunding.com, advances up to 90% of your invoice amount and releases the remaining 10% once the invoice is paid, less their charge fee. 

  1.     Have insurance

Unforeseen circumstances such as accidents can lead to losing a lot of your capital if you don’t take out the right insurance. There are various insurance policies like employer’s liability insurance and general insurance that will come in handy when trouble strikes. If your business was to burn down or be destroyed during a tsunami, you should have insurance to cover the loss.

  1.     Use technology to your advantage

Tech has made our personal lives easier through budgeting apps that track our expenses. If your staffing agency is still in its inception stage, one of these apps will come in handy because they are relatively affordable and will still do what a fancy software will cover. Some sophisticated apps will track your expenses, revenue, remind you to send invoices, prepare payroll and much more. Also, you can save travel time and expenses through video conferences and save time on your social media management through apps that take care of that for you.

  1.     Pay yourself

One of the little-known secrets to sticking to a budget is having enough money for play. As you budget, leave a percentage you can use however you like. This removes the burden and imaginary boundaries you have when you must follow a budget, and can be termed as paying yourself for a hard month’s work. The same goes for your business. Although its where you get your personal finances from, it’s vital that you pay yourself. Paying yourself first motivates you, adds work incentives, increases savings for you and your business, and shows investors that you are committed to your business and personal growth. If you have enlisted the services of an accountant, you can ask them to help you determined this, so your paycheck doesn’t negatively affect the company.

Running your business may be different from running your personal finances, but the principles are the same. If you make the wrong financial decisions, your company will suffer the same way wrong money decisions hurt your personal life.

3 Small Business Trends In 2020 That Should Have Your Attention

As trends shift with time, they present many investment and business opportunities. Some types of businesses will not stand the test of time. Others that seemed like bad ideas a few years ago now look like ripe to be exploited.

Jumping on new trends can be risky as they don’t always last long. The trick is to find some ideas that are trending up but also have staying power.

In this article, we will cover some ideas that should be given a longer look to see if you may want to start a business in that sector.

1 – CBD 

Marijuana and hemp are becoming legal all over the world. The trend is definitely looking good. In fact, the best time to have jumped into the fray was three or four years ago. The second best time to invest is now.

There are so many ways to make money with CBD

CBD is short for cannabinoid which is taken from the hemp plant. It contains no THC which is a psychoactive drug. Taking CBD is known to be safe and is legal in many areas. And it doesn’t cause a person to get high so it is safe for people taking drug tests. 

Businesses using CBD can be in the form of baked goods that use CBD oil in the recipe, oils to use for tinctures and even body lotions and creams. There are many niches within the industry that there is always room for a small business using CBD to succeed.

Just do a little research on sites like Money Monarch to learn about financing and productivity no matter which type of business you are starting. 

2 – Plus size clothing

People are demanding that the fashion industry be more inclusive t what women actually look like. There is more demand than ever for fashionable clothes for plus size women. 

If you are a designer, then this is the most logical area to be focusing on for a small business in 2020. From dresses to lingerie, plus size women are looking to be fashionable and comfortable.

Avoid using terms in your advertising like plus size as it turns many women off. Instead use terms like “Curvy Attire” or “Curve Appeal.”

3 – HIIT gyms

Short for High Intensity Interval Training, these gyms are gaining popularity thanks to the success of Crossfit.

You don’t have to franchise a Crossfit gym to be successful. Even a small mom and pop type gym in a town or city that is underserved can do very well.

This is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down as people are looking for unique and interesting ways to work out. The traditional gym where the focus is either on cardio or lifting weights is becoming seen as boring, uninspiring and ineffective for the modern gym goer.

The market is not even close to being saturated yet, so this is the ideal time to start a gym or personal training service that is almost guaranteed to take off. 


CEO Mindset: Taking Risk in Business

Growth and comfort don’t coexist. As an executive, one major question to ask yourself is how to create an entrepreneurial, risk-taking mindset inside a large company. In order to keep up with your competition, you have to update procedures and bet on new opportunities.

The most successful companies didn’t become that way without leaders putting themselves outside of their comfort zones. In fact, with the world changing at a rapid pace, the biggest risk is not taking any risk at all.

Before you take any major steps, however, make sure your company can handle failure and loss. Look at financial projections before you commit to change and have your business strategy ready to handle the move.

By budgeting in advance to accommodate risks, it will give you a clear picture of how much you stand to lose. Even if projections show that the risk will eventually pay off, be aware that this can take a very long time. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Interestingly, in a 10 year study of high-performing CEOs, executives who considered setbacks to be failures had a 50% smaller chance of thriving.

When we are talking about leading with a risk mindset, it’s also important to discuss the importance of assembling a company that rewards its employees for generating innovative ideas. Convincing your team (and yourself for that matter) that it’s necessary to take risk instead of playing it safe can be a challenge. As CEO, it is best to support an environment where it’s okay to take risks, keeping communication open and allowing team members to make mistakes.

Regular communication ensures that everyone is working towards the same company goals and this also builds better relationships between teams and management.

In my view, experience has a lot to do with it. Over time, you learn to take risks without looking back. In the mining business in particular, it is about understanding the implications of dips in commodity prices and how to wait them out. It’s also about utilizing a combination of skills and instincts and putting them together to try to create true growth for your investors.

The following tools will make starting a recruitment agency simpler

A recruitment agency does more than identifying and contacting candidates for jobs. They work hard to offer people career choices that allow them to grow and improve their skills. The entire process comes with a win-win spirit that motivates both of them to continue the collaboration. 

If you are a skilled recruiter then you may consider starting your recruitment agency to make dreams come true. When it comes to jobs, people dream to get one that allows them to accomplish certain goals. 

Before listing the tools that make a recruitment agency successful, we will share some tips on how to start it. 

Identify your niche

Start with determining the type of company you want to run. You can start an IT-focused agency or you can help retail-oriented candidates. Your network tells you the niche you should choose because your connections in the industry determine your success. If you don’t know what niche to pick think what you are good at. Do you have a good relationship with companies from the tech world? Do you have connections with candidates interested in real estate? Are they seniors or fresh graduates? Answer these questions to identify your recruitment agency’s niche. 

Asses your competitors

Once you identify the market, assess the other staffing agencies that operate in the local market. Use SWOT analysis to assess them and understand how you can stand out. To be successful you need to bring something new. You need to improve the game if you want people to choose you. 

Create a marketing plan

Your company needs a name and a logo that share your values. The first impression is still important in the recruiting world. Once you decide on the look create a marketing campaign that matches the brand. Use LinkedIn to reach out to clients and candidates because it’s the best channel to connect with people interested in your services. 

What your goals are?

How big do you want to be? You must be objective when you establish the goals. You can run a large staffing agency only if you have a massive number of clients and candidates. Create a flexible business model that evolves as your business grows. 

Invest in people

Employees decide the success of a business, so you need to collaborate with talented recruiters if you want people to pick you. Hiring the best recruiters and investing in them ensures a successful business. Identify their strengths and train them to improve them. 

Invest in tools

Technological tools are of great help for recruitment agencies nowadays. Using the right tools allows you to save time and money. It’s simpler to manage candidates and organise their files when you use tech tools. 

Here are the tools recruitment agencies need to revolutionise the process

With so many options available, you need to identify which ones work best for you and how you can use them efficiently and effectively. 

An applicant tracking system

The first applicant tracking systems appeared in 1990 and they did more than tracking CVs. Since then the systems evolved, and nowadays they match skills with jobs and allow you to recruit candidates via various channels. Nowadays, applicant tracking systems work like integration platforms that connect multiple tools and services essential in the process. 

Even if the applicant tracking systems have always been present in the recruitment process, the latest versions bring multiple features together. Some of them gather job-related information from anywhere on the web because they have intelligent skills-matching functionalities that allow you to evaluate the applicants that can perform best for a given job. 

You can create communities based on their skills and location to easily communicate with candidates when a job that suits their profile is available. You should extract maximum value from this system and capitalise its features to easily achieve your goals. 

Mobile recruiting apps

Nowadays people are using their smartphones and tablets to search for jobs, so you’ll need a mobile recruiting app if you want to reach a wider public. Mobile recruiting plays a crucial role in the hiring industry. Jobseekers access job listings from mobile devices more often than positions they can from the desktop because it saves them time. Studies show that one in three candidates is keen to apply to a job using their smartphone. 

Mobile technology takes recruitment to a new level. You need to ensure that the employers you collaborate with are aware of how important is to communicate with prospective candidates through platforms and channels applicants can use on their mobile devices. Mobile recruiting tools include mobile-optimised websites, apps, text alerts and quick response codes. 

Online expenses portal

You’ll work with many clients so you’ll need some help to keep track of client expenses and mileage. A portal that records multiple currencies and sends receipts is always useful for companies that operate internationally, for example recruitment agencies. It’s crucial to use a portal that helps you manage all projects because it’s an overwhelming work to perform complex analysis of your employees’ time and expenses. An online tool provides you with real-time data of project expenses and you can quickly bill your clients and send them invoices. You should designate someone to log all expenses in the program because for the portal to be effective you need to introduce complete data. To ensure the data is correct ask for multiple approvals from project managers.  

Location technology

A tool with geolocation capabilities allows you to identify the real-world geographic location of a candidate from their computer or mobile phone. It’s a cost-effective way to target possible candidates based on their location. You’ll work with people at an individual level because you’ll send alerts only to the candidates that live in the location where the open position is available. 

This technology has the potential to bring you closer to the right talent. Even if people are willing to relocate for jobs, a large part of the recruitment process is still focused on the location. 

Here is everything you need to know if you want to start a recruitment agency. Good luck!


Highest Safety Rated SUVs for the Money

Out of all the vehicles on the road, SUVs tend to hold some of the highest safety ratings. If you’re looking for the safest vehicle to drive in the event of a car accident, then there are plenty of SUV models on the market to choose from. These are the highest rated SUVs available. 

2019 GMC Acadia

With a USN safety score of 9.2 out of 10, this all-wheel-drive model from GMC is one safe pick. It also received a five-star crash test rating from the NHTSA. You can also choose the front-wheel-drive model, which received a four-star rating from the same agency. 

While the car doesn’t have a lot of tech to speak of, like lane assist or departure, it did earn a good rating on all six tests from the IIHS. One area it could improve on is its headlight performance, however. This SUV also includes a Teen Driver System that can help parents see how their children perform behind the wheel. 

2019 Nissan Pathfinder

Earning a good rating in five out of six crash tests from the IIHS, the Nissan Pathfinder was awarded Top Safety Pick thanks to its headlight performance as well as excellent marks on its airbags. The NHTSA gave this SUV a five-star rating overall with five stars in side crashes and four in frontal crashes as well as rollover resistance. 

Automatic emergency braking and rear parking sensors add to the level of safety. You can also pick up blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts, and a 360-degree camera system. Finally, this SUV also features adaptive cruise control as an option. 

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan

Acing all six crash tests from the IIHS and earning good ratings across the board, this Volkswagen model is one of the safest on the market. High scores continue in rollover, side, and front crash tests from the NHTSA.

While there is no assistive technology in the Tiguan, it does come with a rearview camera. Rear cross traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, and lane assist all are options to choose from. As are a surround view camera, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian detection. 

Mazda CX-5

Coming in with a USN score of 9.8 and an Top Safety Pick+ from the IIHS, Mazda’s CX-5 may be the safest SUV of them all. It holds top marks in all NHTSA crash tests as well as four out of five on the rollover test. 

Every model features low-speed automatic emergency braking, rear cross traffic alerts, and blind spot monitoring. Drivers can also choose to add lane-keeping assist, traffic sign recognitio9n, a parking camera, and full-speed automatic emergency braking if they choose. 

The Safest SUVs

Finding the right combination of crash test ratings and safety technology isn’t always easy, but these features can keep you from needing a personal injury attorney like the ones at Jolly Berry Law. Whether you just want to feel safer or have a family protect, you can’t go wrong with the models on this list. 

Associates Home Loans Shares 5 Tips For Getting a Loan After Bankruptcy While It’s Still on Your Credit Report

If you have a bankruptcy on your credit report, it is still possible to get a home loan or other forms of credit. However, you may have to spend some time putting your financial situation into its proper context. This generally means explaining why the bankruptcy occurred as well as any adjustments that you’ve made to ensure that it won’t happen again. Let’s take a look at some strategies that you can use to get a home loan while bankruptcy is still on your credit report.

Time Heals Credit Report Woes

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for up to 10 years while a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for up to seven years. However, you may only have to wait a year or two to get a loan after bankruptcy. As long as you don’t have any more issues over that period, lenders are generally willing to forgive your past and focus more on your ability to manage debt now.

Look for Alternative Funding Sources

You don’t necessarily need to get a traditional mortgage from a bank or credit union to obtain financing to purchase a house. Instead, you can work with companies such as Associates Home Loan to get hard money or other alternative types of funding. Hard money loans tend to have terms that last for several weeks or months, but a hard money loan can be repaid for up to 30 years depending on your needs.

Hard money lenders tend to make loan decisions based on your income and the value of the asset that you’ll purchase with the money. While they may have minimum credit score requirements, your credit score and history won’t play as much of a role as it would working with a traditional bank or credit union.

Find a Cosigner

It is generally easier to get a loan after bankruptcy if someone else is willing to vouch for your ability to repay. There is often no greater way for someone to vouch for you than to cosign the loan with you. A cosigner is responsible for making any payments that you fail to make, and the loan will appear on this person’s credit report as well.

When applying for a mortgage, it may be possible to improve your odds of getting a loan by having another person apply for the loan with you. This may be more appealing to an outside party because he or she will likely be on the deed to the property as well as the loan. Therefore, this person has an ownership stake in the home that he or she may be able to profit from.

Put More Money Down

You can reduce the risk that a lender such as Associates Home Loan takes by asking for less money to finance your home purchase. For instance, you will be asked to put at least 3.5% down to obtain an FHA mortgage. However, those with poor credit may improve their chances of obtaining approval by putting 10 or 20% down. Depending on the type of loan that you are applying for, it may be possible to have someone else gift you the funds for the down payment.


For instance, your mother, sister or employer may be able to provide you with $5,000 or $10,000 to cover the down payment and other closing costs. The seller may also be willing to make concessions that can save you money at closing. Local, state and federal government agencies may have programs designed to assist with the costs associated with buying a home.

Make Sure Your Credit Report Is Accurate

It is easy to assume that the presence of a bankruptcy on your credit report is the reason why you haven’t gotten a home loan yet. However, there could be other pieces of information that lenders are using to deny your application that you aren’t aware of. Therefore, it is critical that you review your credit report to make sure that your financial information is being reported accurately.

For instance, after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, unsecured credit accounts should all show $0 balances. This is also generally true after a Chapter 13 case has been officially discharged. If you have renegotiated the terms of an auto or another secured loan, make sure that creditors are reporting this to the credit bureaus. If inaccurate information related to bankruptcy is not removed in a timely manner, it may be possible to have the bankruptcy itself removed before seven or 10 years is up.


Filing for bankruptcy may make it harder to obtain the credit that you need to live a comfortable lifestyle. However, it doesn’t have to put a stop to your quest of becoming a homeowner. As long as you are willing to be patient and thorough when reviewing your options, it is certainly possible to find a loan with terms that you can afford. 

Online Security: How to Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Chances are, if you haven’t started, you’re busy making a holiday gift list and getting ready to make your online purchases. The spike in holiday shopping this time of year is inevitable, but it can also make you more vulnerable to a myriad of online threats.

In fact, any computer or device visible on the internet becomes a target for hackers, who try to send it connection requests and expose its weaknesses. Fortunately, you can shop safely by implementing some of these proven safety strategies.

Shop from secure sites: Now is not the time to use new sites for your online purchases. Your best bet is to shop from trusted, well-known sites that you’re familiar with. A rule of thumb: check for the ‘https’ in the web address. This usually indicates a “safe” site.

Install updated antivirus software: Installing updated antivirus software is a good start to keeping your devices secure. Oftentimes, companies will send periodic software updates to cover the latest malware attacks, so make sure to install them.

Don’t shop using public wi-fi. Transmitting credit or debit card information over a public Wi-Fi connection leaves you more vulnerable to cyber attacks. It is best to shop online from home using a protected and secure Wi-Fi password. Even better, using a virtual private network (VPN) provides you with greater security online because it encrypts all data traffic.

Use a credit rather than debit card: In the event that your credit card information is stolen, there are laws in place that will limit your amount of liability. You may not have the same protection with a debit card.

Log out of each website: Leaving a website open or neglecting to log out will leave you more vulnerable to an attack, especially if you entered your personal information and a form of payment.

Don’t allow websites to store your financial information: It can be convenient to store your address and payment information so that the next time you visit the website, it’ll already be entered. In reality, it leaves that information vulnerable to hackers.

Remember, with holiday shopping in full force, it is best to remain vigilant in order to prevent your private information from falling into the wrong hands.

How a Misaddressed Email Can Lead to a Security Breach

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated as hackers continue to find loopholes to gather information and use it against their victims. With new digital threats occurring at a rapid pace, it is more important than ever to remain vigilant when connecting to the internet.

Despite the warning, many don’t realize the potential consequences of sending an email to the wrong contact; however, when it comes to data security, a misaddressed email can seriously impact an organization. Businesses, especially those that are highly regulated like in finance and healthcare, need to be ready in the event a misaddressed email ends up in the wrong hands.

For instance, think of a time you accidentally dialed the wrong number. It may have been embarrassing, yet, you probably didn’t overthink the mistake. Sending a misaddressed email that contains private information about a patient, client or a company cannot be brushed over. Further, the misuse of CC and BCC functions could expose your entire database to potential hackers.

If a hospital were to accidentally leak confidential patient information to the wrong person, that health care system could face serious reputational damage if the incident was reported in the media. The same goes for company information such as trade secrets; if it were to fall into the wrong hands, the damage could be irrepressible.

A misaddressed email can be caused by a simple missed character in the address or pressing send too soon. The information that was once confidential is now sitting in the wrong inbox, perhaps an unknown individual or worse, a cyber criminal.

You are probably asking yourself by now, “so what is the solution?” For starters, a strong security strategy will prevent data loss before it occurs. For large corporations, it is important to implement staff training on email security best practices to mitigate against potential data loss. Cyber security solutions that use machine learning to monitor employee behavior and intervene to stop a breach can also be effective.

Further, tools that prompt email users to double check their emails based on a set parameter can also be helpful in preventing a message from being sent out in error. The takeaway here is that organizations need to implement a plan to increase awareness and improve email culture so that data remains safe and secure, the way it was intended.

4 Ways to Afford Expensive Dental Work

In a nation that has focused a great deal of time and energy on finding affordable healthcare for all, oddly, there is quite a way to go before we can say that everyone has access to good dental care. In fact, a whopping 33.6% of Americans do not have any dental insurance at all. And given that dental procedures can be quite costly, this is leaving many people’s dental health totally in the dust. If you are looking for ways to afford costly dental procedures, the following is a list that should serve you well.

Dental Schools

One of the best ways to afford costly dental procedures is by visiting your local dental school. It is a little known fact, but dental schools often provide discounted or even free work to their patients. This is because dental schools are essentially using your mouth to train new dentists. However, do not be alarmed. All procedures are done under the supervision of a qualified dental professional. Therefore, you can get your work done and save a lot of money in the process.


While it may seem like their prices are set in stone, this is rarely the case. In fact, many dental practices will provide discounts to help their patients afford the dental care they need the most. If you need costly dental work and believe you will never be able to afford it, visit a local dentist to see if they are willing to negotiate. On rare occasions, you may even find a practice willing to accept your payment on a sliding scale.


Another option is financing. Many dental practices work directly with financing companies to offer patients the chance to receive their much-needed dental care. Often times, these companies will provide you with financing with little to no interest for a specified period of time. This is a great option for those who have decent credit and need thousands of dollars of dental work completed.

Smile Makeover Contests

Lastly, you may have already heard of a smile makeover contest in your area. If not, these contests are often used as a way for dental practices to get publicity and give back to the community. In general, a participating practice will choose one recipient each year. The winner gets to receive all their much-needed dental care for free. All the winner typically has to do is enter the contest and agree to allow the practice to use their pictures for promotional purposes. This is a great way to get your dental work completed if you do not have many other options, or even if you do.

Dental work can be highly expensive. However, by trying to suggestions on this list, you are likely to find an affordable way to finally get your teeth fixed for good.


Skip the Hotel and Book an Affordable Corporate Apartment

Many companies are now investing in renting out corporate stays. Today, it has very common to travel for work, and people keeping that thing mind are working on providing home-like comfort for those travellers. It is more prevalent that corporate guest is more likely to boost apartment occupancy over the period. As a corporate traveller, they look for comfort and convenience. Today, the corporate housing market is growing at an alarming rate. Even the brand hotels are launching their housing property for accommodating business travellers. Hoteliers are focusing on the market, and companies demand such corporate apartments. These are not only cost-effective but also give you great comfort.


If you are looking for such corporate apartments in Houston, without a doubt, you can book from Nova Houston. You will feel a significant difference in staying at their property. They offer you a wide range of room type that you can choose as per your requirement.


Efforts increase corporate reservations

Owners make several efforts to provide the best service possible. But how they can ensure that they will stay with them every time they visit your city? Apart from serving the best quality amenities and bagged their apartment will all sort of comfort, owners have to be professional? As a business traveller, people want professionalism in everything. Keeping their expectation in mind, apartment owners can greet them for their enjoyable stay. Owners need to manage things online for frequent and easy bookings. Proving your guest with corporate offers proves to be a smart move.


Making friendly relation with guest

If you are going to put effort into creating a close relationship with a single corporate guest, why not upgrade? Why looking for a single employee, why not go for the whole company? If a company has many business commitments to you and are likely to need accommodation for their employees travelling regularly, then it will be an excellent opportunity for your business.


Location can be a benefit

Hotels are typically located in areas that are designed for tourists. It is evident and subtle if you are here for vacation, but if you are in town for an extended period of work, you need a practical and convenient place to live. Corporate apartments are located in ordinary neighborhoods where the locals live. That means these apartments are accessible from public transit or near to major highways. You can find corporate housing across the most desirable areas of Houston that may include all necessities around it. On the top, when you live like a local, you will end up knowing something new about them. Of course, this has made our choices clear, where you should book your stay when travelling abroad.