Is a Condo a Good Investment?

If you’re looking to dive into real estate investing but don’t have the capital to invest in a development project or a single-family home, a condo may sound like a good compromise. Condominiums are generally cheaper than a detached home, and landlords have fewer maintenance issues, as the association takes care of the lawn and exterior of the building.

But just like any other investment, it’s important to thoroughly research all of the benefits and potential concerns you may face when investing in a condo.

“Too many Canadians are being seduced by the pretty pictures and stories of easy lifestyle and they end up buying into a building that is a time bomb of costs,” Kur Rosentreter, senior adviser at Manulife Securities Inc., told The Globe and Mail.

The Potential Pitfalls of a Condo Investment

Many potential investors consider condos because they sound like an attainable option. They’re cheaper than a detached home or the cost to buy into a major development project.

But experts warn that outside of the purchase price savings, condos may wind up costing more than a house.

In urban areas of Canada, the property taxes can be high. The monthly maintenance costs can also add up quickly. In addition to these costs, potential landlords must also consider that they are still responsible for the interior of the condo. If the water heater breaks, you will be in charge of replacing or repairing it.

Many condo owners also deal with unforeseen expenses. If the pool valve breaks or the community requires a major repair, condo owners will collectively be responsible for these costs.

The Potential Benefits of Investing in a Condo

Still, condos manage to remain a popular investment option, and buying in the right place has a lot to do with the success of your investment.

If the high-priced housing markets of Vancouver or Toronto are out of your reach, you may consider foreign investment if you have the means. In the United States, condo investments in along the Florida coast or in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina often provide a reliable stream of recurring income.

If you prefer to keep your investments in Canada, you may be able to capitalize on the high costs of single-family homes. Because homes are out of reach for many young people, they are left with no other option than to buy a condo.

While you must consider property taxes and maintenance costs, there is the benefit of not having to maintain the grounds. The association takes care of lawn and building maintenance. The only thing you’re responsible for is the interior of the home.

Additionally, condos offer unique amenities that attract certain types of people. Many have gyms, business centers and pools that residents are free to use. These amenities can be promoted to attract potential renters or buyers.

Ultimately, the numbers will determine whether a condo is a good investment. If you can get a nice return from selling or a decent income stream from renting, this investment option may be worth your while.

Gold Investments Remain a Solid, Long-term Component of an Investment Portfolio

Gold ended the week of March 5th with prices rising on Friday to erase a week of losses. The precious metal’s price is up over 9.93% in the past year, but it is down 16% over the course of five years. The precious metal hit highs in 2011.

USA Today discusses how gold held up against the stock market over a nine-year period.

The U.S. stock index between March 2009 and March 2018 rose 325%, providing investors with extensive returns in the process.

Gold prices were strongest following the recession, with investors turning to the precious metal in times of economic uncertainty. Gold rises when the financial world struggles or inflation rises. The price of gold has risen 43% over the nine-year period.

The precious metal has been struggling to gain traction, as the financial crisis led to a period of low inflation rates. Investor fears had also been kept under control as stock prices continued to rise, leading to gold being a less attractive investment vehicle.

A series of scams also led to investor fears rising against the precious metal. Investors chose to buy gold online, but some online sellers scammed investors out of their money. Investment scams came from companies that “held” on to their investors’ gold rather then send investors bars or gold bullions.

The gold companies didn’t have the gold stores available when investors wanted to cash out.

Investing in gold has changed, with numerous investment options available:

  1. Bullion. Direct gold ownership is offered with the gold bullion. The bullion doesn’t need to be a coin or large bar. Instead, the bullion is any form of pure or near-pure gold, which may include bars, coins or any other form of gold. Large bullion sizes make it difficult to sell a portion of your investments, so investors often choose smaller bullion bars or coins to offload their investments easier in the future.
  2. ETFs and Mutual Funds. Gold-based ETFs and mutual funds are an option. Shares represent a fixed amount of the precious metal. Funds are fast and easy to purchase or sell, and the investor doesn’t need to store the gold. Annual expense ratios are very low for gold funds, and this means that it’s an affordable investment vehicle.
  3. Futures and Options. Future contracts and options are also available in gold. The options allow for an investor to hold gold for a certain period of time and sell it off based on the expiry date. Options allow the investor to purchase gold at a pre-set price for the duration of the option if wanted.

Mutual funds may dedicate a portion of their portfolio to precious metals, but few funds will dedicate the entirety of their operations to investing in precious metals. Gold mutual funds that are gold-only have a low cost, minimum investment and don’t require significant research by the investor.

Investors can also choose to invest in gold mining companies or jewelry companies to leverage the gold market in a different way.

Owning physical gold is a top choice for large investors that find security in a tangible investment.

Building a Six-Figure Income Through Bitcoin Earnings

Today, there are more millionaires and even billionaires than ever before since the history of the world. In the old days, wealth was restricted to a few people that came from privileged backgrounds or a few merchants that hoard knowledge to themselves.

But today the tables have turned. The internet is a powerful tool that allows anyone to get the information needed to become rich. Transactions can be made in mere seconds, and anybody can buy and sell items with the tap of a button on a smartphone or a computer.

Cryptocurrency is one of the innovations that the internet has brought about. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that make use of blockchain technology. This currency can be used for sending money to anyone around the world and also for making payments and receiving money.

But do you know that you can become rich through Bitcoin? Yes, you can earn a six-figure income from Bitcoin today. There are several opportunities that Bitcoin presents. You can take advantage of any of them and make a lot of money.

Microtask platforms:

Microtask platforms are websites that pay users in Bitcoin when they complete various tasks. Users can translate, test software, fill surveys and complete other simple tasks. There are several Bitcoin microtask platforms online. Just pick anyone you find suitable and start making money. If you use a smartphone, you can also download Bitcoin microtask apps that allow you to complete microtasks like playing games, watching videos, testing apps and doing other activities on your mobile phone.

Bitcoin Faucets:

Bitcoin faucets are websites that give users free Bitcoin when they view ads or complete captchas on the websites. These websites generate revenue through the PPC (Pay-per-click) model so they can compensate their users from some of the money they generate through this model. The sites pay their uses little amounts of Bitcoin that add up. There are several Bitcoin faucets online. You search online, pick a desirable one and start making money right away.

Bitcoin mining:

Bitcoin mining involves the use of powerful computers with high-end graphics cards to solve complex calculations that power the blockchain that Bitcoin is built on. Whenever people send and receive money through Bitcoin, there is a need for the transaction to be verified. The verification process involves complex problems that can only be computed with these powerful computers. There are a lot of people all over the world that specialize in Bitcoin mining. They outfit their computers with powerful GPUs or graphics card and earn Bitcoin while mining. It is a process that won’t require your physical presence. All you need to do is to fire up your computer, connect to the internet, download the app and start mining away.  


Freelancing is a smart way of earning a lot of Bitcoin. There are various freelancing sites that pay people in Bitcoin for their services in Bitcoin. You can put your skills to work and earn money. You can make money from whiteboard animation, writing, video editing, graphics design, website development, translating, social media management, CV editing, proofreading and any other skill that you possess. If you are already a freelancer, you can also ask your clients to pay you in Bitcoin.   


Bitbond is a smart way of investing in Bitcoin. It is a peer-to-peer lending platform that utilizes Bitcoin. No matter where you are, you can invest in this platform and make money right from the comfort of your home. If you lend other people Bitcoin on Bitbond, you can earn a lot of interest on your money. This makes it a great way of making passive income.  


It is possible to make a six-figure income from Bitcoin. There are several methods that you can use. All you need to do is to select the best option for you and be consistent with it.   

How Crypto Currency Data Makes Sense To The Investor By Using Live Coin Watch

Today’s savvy investors understand the volatilities of the market, as well as the “safe bets”.  They do their homework, use sites like Live Coin Watch ( to learn more about the coins and other investments they are interested in, and pay careful attention to the daily news reports, correcting as they go.  What the average American knows about investing is nothing compared to the wealth of information available through websites that aggregate their information, some in real-time and others not.  Investment groups, organizations, and consultancies are all using data rich sites to make their investment decisions.  Apps are everywhere, giving additional investment insight and data, managed through analytics and technology…and that’s just for traditional investments.  Enter crypto: investing’s new paradigm, with high risks, and even higher rewards, when successful.  In order to learn more about crypto, you must be ahead of the curve, at all times, and in real-time.

Most people rely heavily on the data from websites for future crypto currencies.  Much like a Bloomberg, or an even more traditional stock exchange ticker, Live Coin Watch is easier to understand globally, especially when the information is more local.  The site keeps tabs on transactions and valuations. Today, with over 1,400 coins currently in ongoing trading, this space is growing at warp speed.  Because crypto currency is largely unregulated, unlike the traditional stock exchanges, they are more volatile.  With volatility comes the enhanced need for real-time information — and even faster decision-making.  Because crypto currency markets are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and never close for holidays, the investment opportunities are, in effect, limitless.

To understand just how big this space is, and how it is the new frontier of investing, it is essential to understand that there are multiple exchanges where investors can purchase crypto currency, unlike a more traditional exchange.  Until now, the two most prevalent were Coinbase and Gemini for U.S. novice investors.  These exchanges sell a limited number of the major crypto currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, although there are literally hundreds of others.  This is where crypto currency becomes more complicated, largely because once investors have these coins, they can use them to participate in other ones.   The best way for investors to find out about the opportunities is through membership in a variety of “exchanges”.   Many of these exchanges are detailed thoroughly on Live Coin Watch, so instead of having to go to a myriad of sites for information, it can be found in one simple, easy-to-understand location.



As trading ensues, the exchanges monitor the crypto currencies, and the pricing, similar to that of traditional stocks, which are set by the free market, and the demand it brings.  They use a bid/ask system, like their traditional stock counterparts. After extensive research, it is abundantly clear that very few companies offer real-time insights into the currencies, with live price updates, data rich charts, graphs and coin summaries.  To the investor, all of this is critical to proper decision-making.  In contrast, Live Coin Watch is essentially the equivalent of a crypto currency price index updated in real-time, all the time.

Interestingly enough, what most savvy investors won’t tell you, is that regardless of their investment, their entire trading schema is based on mathematics.  This is not the math we learned in high school; rather, it is based on complex algorithms, using logic and back-testing to ensure proper analysis.  These algorithms predict upticks and downticks in pricing, as well was consumer demand.  And to do this effectively, many use bots.

You’ve probably heard about bots before and while many companies are using them today, most are not using them to their full extent.  Essentially, they are small pieces of technology that monitor for information and report back on what they find.  They are being used in the near real-time analysis of crypto, as well as traditional stocks, and have been found to be quite efficient in their big data reporting.  Because the currencies are global ones in nature, for example, there is significantly more information to gather about each.

All investment decisions come with risks.  Investors understand that the better investment decisions come with enhanced intelligence and modeling.  Using technology to find historical patterns, and using those patterns as the basis of artificial intelligence-based predictions, is something relatively new in to the investment community.   At the end of the day, when the algorithms are accurate, and the predictive modeling in timely, it is significantly easier to find spot essential trading opportunities, mitigate one’s investment risk, and harness the growth potential of crypto currencies.

Tips For Investing in an Online Business

In this day and age, making money can be one of the most difficult things ever. More and more jobs are requiring a college degree to even qualify for the hiring process.

Though many take the time and have the ability to conquer the requirements of college, just as many lack the academic talent to take that avenue. That’s not to say they are any less intelligent. Some intelligence can’t be measured with a book and a test.

This leaves about half the population looking for alternative ways to make ends meet. One of the most lucrative options has been to create a business online.

This takes a little work, but can be extremely profitable if done right. Below are three basics you should keep in mind when stepping out into the world of online business.

Have a Product of Interest

Before you can create any business, you have to have a product or service that the public has a great interest in. Whether it is something that they need or want, your product or service must be something that is required in some fashion by the masses.

Having a target audience of only a few people isn’t very beneficial unless you are selling things that kick back a tremendous net profit. There are a few occasions where something you do for fun may catch the eye of friends and family.

They will usually demand that you start selling it and make it available to the masses and remind you of what a disservice it would be if you didn’t. That’s a good sign you may be on to something. Otherwise, just do a little research. There is always a need somewhere, whether that be for vintage furniture and knick-knacks or to clean houses.

Know Your Product Well

Have you ever been to a home improvement store, especially one that claims to have knowledgeable employees, looking for some assistance on a DIY project and not be able to find someone with enough knowledge to help you?

Marketing a product or service that you are not intimately acquainted with will relinquish the same frustration for customers. Know what you are selling. How does it work? What are some things that will definitely hinder it from its maximum performance?

Are there sounds that may warn of imminent trouble? What habits will guarantee your customer gets the most out of the product. Make sure you know these things. They will help you create a trusting relationship with your clients and make sure your sales are plentiful.

Price It Properly

There is a proper price range for everything on the market. For example, a 67 Camaro in pristine condition may go for around $30,000 while a lot of used toddlers clothing may sell for $30. There is an accepted range.

With that said, if you price your inventory too high, you may run off customers. If you price it too low, you run the risk of putting yourself out of business. Take the times to research pricing highs and lows for your idea.

If you have a truly unique idea, research the pricing of similar objects or services or different parts of things in the same category. In the instance your product or service creates a whole new category, just experiment until you reach a happy medium.

An online business can be a very fruitful investment is you will take into consideration the tips above.

Trade Outside Your Comfort Zone to Increase Earning Potential

If you’ve been trading for some time now, then you should know that practice and repetition are the keys to honing your skills. It is only through making trades that you can figure out your flaws and determine what methods work best for you. Any consistently profitable trader will agree that sticking to what works is your ticket to bigger earnings.

But what about other trading strategies you’re not familiar with? Should you just ignore them completely? Well, not really. In fact, trading outside your comfort zone can increase your earnings in the long run. This only holds true if you take the time to learn how to leverage them, even if it means getting back to the basics. By equipping yourself with new trading knowledge, you get access to more trading opportunities. The following are some tips on trying new tactics while keeping your emotional stress in check.

1) Use a demo account

One of the biggest reasons why so many traders fail to expand their trading knowledge is the fear of losing money. But this is easily solved by using a demo trading account. The only necessary investment is time. Without the risk of losing money, you can experiment with different trading strategies before incorporating them into your actual trades.

2) Adopt new strategies gradually

There’s no reason to jump the gun right away and try to make the biggest gains possible. Breaking out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you should forget about everything that has turned you into a profitable trader. For example, you can start with a 0.5% increase in your average position size. Such a small change can lead to big rewards later on.

3) Never stop learning

Even the most successful traders trade outside their comfort zones in an attempt to boost earnings. They utilize test accounts where they can conduct experiments on different trading methods. But not all of these experiments result in a net gain. But even if you end up losing money, the important thing is you learned something.

Challenging your values and ideas is a great way to become a better forex trader. There’s always something to learn no matter how much of an expert you consider yourself to be. Whether you want to explore a new trading strategy or a different approach to analyzing the market, keep in mind that growth is facilitated by curiosity and action.

If you think about it, refusing to make anything different means you’ll just be like the majority of traders. But if you remain open to new knowledge and opportunities, you may see things that other people would never see. This is your chance to turn an unfamiliar idea into something that would bring huge profits.

Trading outside your comfort zone is never easy. Inevitably, you’ll make plenty of mistakes along the way. The increased emotional stress might prove overwhelming, but staying committed to learning new ideas, methods, and skills is the best way to grow as a full-time trader.


RRSP.ORG Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Registered Retirement Savings Plan – RRSP.ORG the original website that best describes everything you wanted to know about Canadian registered plans and schemes has taken a turn for the best. The information and knowledge base on RRSP.ORG is more than ready for change and a complete overhaul.

MONEY.CA the leading Canadian money and personal finance website has acquired the aging website for all the right reasons. RRSP is just one of many keyword subject sites that most of Canada wants and needs. For over 20 years this small and meaningful site providing news and information in the world of Registered plans for Canadians has now been taken over by people who know and care dearly about the subject matter and the benefits and advantages it brings to Canadian’s, the government and the country as a whole.

Look forward to the changes and updates as Canadian financial consumers will learn how to make, save and preserve more of their hard earned wealth. The advisor channel is more than welcome to contribute news, information, stories and articles that make sense and pays dividends to the average Canadian.

Understanding the Differences Between Financial Advisors and Brokers

Advice Channel
Advisors Channel

As a fee-only financial advisor, I am surely biased to this type of advisor. I do think everyday investors are much better off if they have someone in their corner who is recommending a particular investment product because it actually is the best product for them, given their circumstances and life stage. Not because there’s a commission on the sale at the end of the day.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you shouldn’t be mindful of possible issues – and that’s for any financial advisor, whether fee-based or full-service brokers. For that matter, you also should be mindful of potential drawbacks to other options that may seem (superficially, at least) appealing.

Let’s look at the options.

Fee-only financial advisors are considered advantageous because there’s no inherent conflict of interest as there can be with full-service or commission-based brokers. Brokers often recommend investments owned by their company, which is an inherent conflict.  You simply have to consider whether the products recommended are going to be best for your personal financial goals.

What you pay for is financial guidance, planning and assistance. This may be a flat fee. Some advisors charge a percentage of your account’s assets. You may be able to negotiate the amount. But, the fees you pay do not fluctuate according to the type of investments that are being recommended. What you get with this approach is objectivity and investment advice that’s unbiased. Your interests and your advisor’s are aligned.

The commission-based approach to financial advisory services is less the norm today than in the past. You open an account or buy a stock or bond and your advisor gets a percentage. Recurrent trading may also be encouraged – which may not be good for investors with a longer-term perspective. This all can pose a conflict with your best interests and goals.

And on the do-it-yourself front? Well, as attractive as this might sound on the surface, consider the relevance of the saying about the attorney who represents himself. For investment purposes, you might find good information online, but it’s just as likely you’ll find speculative information, if not real fake news. Investing is a risky business; if you don’t have the time or the expertise to do an adequate job of qualifying research, get a professional to help. Your future – financial and otherwise – depends on it.

Speaking of your financial future, it’s never too early to start planning for it. That means Millennials – and even the oldest Generation Zs who are just entering the workforce – should be putting money aside as they think about their long-term financial goals. It’s a challenge, of course, especially for those who are still trying to pay off college. Retirement is maybe too much to think about, right?

With that said, I’ve developed a service package to make it less painless. My new Robo-Advisor Professional service package is specifically targeted to the needs of Millennials and utilizes an in-depth financial data collection sheet, as well as a plan discussion with myself, to collect essential information about your financial background and goals.  This provides a strong base of understanding for clients to invest in ETFs through WealthSimple with a superior portfolio manager with a track record of beating the index.

ETFs are ideal for those with more limited resources, as a “wrapper” around a group of securities. They have a cost advantage over individual stocks and can be traded commission free. They’re similar to mutual funds, but with more flexibility as they can be traded throughout the day, not just once.

Looking at an Oftentimes Forgotten Trading Pattern

As a technical trader, I spend a good amount of time looking for repetitive patterns that re-occur over and over and over again. With the help of data-crunching software, anyone can easily write a few scripts and perform their own analysis to find highly repetitive setups.  

When it comes to repetitive patterns, we often talk about chart patterns such as breakout confirmation, bullish and bearish reversal pivots, and continuation patterns that occur frequently with a high degree of accuracy.  However, we often overlook ONE type of highly repetitive pattern that occurs every year.

This pattern is very easy to trade.  

It is not s-e-x-y, which is why I consider it “The Forgotten Pattern”, but it works!

~Seasonality Patterns~

Seasonality is simply a period of time when an asset (i.e., stock) tends to move in the same direction every year. That’s it!  So, if XYZ stock moved up from November 2 to November 22 over 17 of the past 20 years, the assumption is that it is also likely to move up this year as well. 

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