How to Pick the Right Credit Card

There will come a time in every person’s life that they will to pick the right credit card. For those people that are looking to build their credit with a first time card they should be very careful in picking. Some beginner credit cards can have huge interest rates associated which can come back to haunt you when you forget to pay your bill on time. People in different parts of their lives might desire different attributes in a credit card while a person living paycheck to paycheck might want low interest rates a financially healthy person could want travel rewards. Credit cards have really evolved over the years as there is more competition than ever to earn your business. The following are tips to help you pick the right credit cards for your current needs and picking a credit card in the future.

Checking Your Credit Score

People who have no idea whether their credit score is great or poor could have immense problems borrowing money in the future. This can impede you from getting a mortgage as a lender wants to be assured that the loan will be paid back in a timely manner. Checking your credit score is the first step in being able to slightly repair it before applying for any credit cards. This will now give you a better idea of what type of credit cards you can apply for as some have minimum credit scores to qualify. The better your credit the better the credit card that you can apply for in terms of interest rates. Lower credit scores are seen as a larger risk so interest rates are higher so the credit card company can recoup their money as fast as possible.

Make A List Of Questions To Ask A Customer Representative

The one thing that you can do that plenty of people do not take advantage of is getting a customer representative on the phone or meeting with them in person. If your bank offers a credit card then you can sit down with them easily the next time you need to make a withdrawal or deposit. Questions can include everything from fees to the rewards that are offered by a card as not all the benefits are often shown on literature sent to your home. This person might be able to wave your first annual fee or offer some other benefit if you agree to signing up for the card on the spot.


Getting money back for purchases that you are going to make anyway can be seen as a huge bonus for many credit card users. Other people put more stress on credit cards that can allow them to redeem their points for free flights or hotel rooms. Rewards differ greatly between credit cards so getting the full scope of the rewards program is imperative. Understanding your spending habits will come in handy with this so compiling yearly expenditures can easily show you which card to choose. Enough eating out could lead to a flight to another country being earned, simply by eating like you usually would anyway.

Annual Fees

Annual fees usually are associated with rewards programs that are mentioned above Depending on how much money will be spent on the credit card these can be well worth it. People who run their own small businesses and use their credit card for the business can earn immense amounts of rewards. There are other cards that might have monthly fees so you do not have to pay the fee all at once. Weigh the benefits of the card versus the cost with your top cards if you are willing to pay an annual fee. Certain people will not pay for a  credit card that they could use for free as they simply put money on the card and pay off debts monthly.

Interest Rates

Interest rates are the first aspect to look into with a credit card if you do not plan to pay off your balance completely each month. Paying off the minimum can lead to thousands of dollars in interest fees even if you do not use your credit card constantly. For those people that have low credit scores you need to build your credit to qualify for a card with these attributes. Doing things like putting gas for your car on a card then paying it off monthly can be a great way to build your credit.

Credit Limit

Credit limits are usually going to be low for a person without a long credit history or who have a lower score in terms of their credit. For people that want to book trips on their credit cards so they can reap the rewards a few thousand dollars should suffice for booking a tickets to quite a few locations around the globe. People who travel globally will also want a credit card company that is utilized around the world. There are cards that slowly increase a credit limit after a set amount of payments that are done on time. This shows the credit card company is starting to trust a customer more with this increase as they pay reliably.

Multiple Credit Cards

As mentioned above some people might need multiple credit cards as it makes it easier to decipher business versus personal expenses. A business credit card might have a larger credit limit that might come in handy for larger purchases for a company. Having multiple credit cards can be advantageous for some but overwhelming for others. Simply because a credit limit is high does not mean that you should spend to the limit monthly. If you have problems managing one credit card and its payments just do not get another card as it could get you into trouble.

No one credit card is right for a group of people as everyone has different desires and requirements in terms of what they receive from a credit card company. Do your research to figure out which credit card will work better for you!

Situations That Can Cause Financial Hardship And How To Overcome These Difficulties

Your financial health is impacted by a variety of factors so it can be difficult if not impossible to manage all of these variables. Financial hardship can be extremely stressful which is very apparent as financial issues are what many couples cite as one of the reasons they are going forward with a divorce. The worst thing that you can do in a financial hardship is to panic and take out a high interest loan. This can leave you in worse debt than when you started if you know that you will have trouble paying off the loan. The following are financial issues people can have and how to overcome these challenges.

Laid Off From Job

Being laid off from a steady paying job can be devastating to a family or individual. Even those people with an emergency fund might find out that money goes much faster when there is none coming in. The freelance world is a great option for those that want to continue to earn while looking for another source of income. This income can also allow a person to wait until they are offered a position that they want instead of taking any position because they need the money. Those people that have skills like copywriting or web design will find no shortage of jobs that could keep them afloat financially. The freedom of being able to continue this work once you have found a job offers a person a solid source of supplemental income. Continually eanring supplemental income will help you avoid financial problems in the future.

Huge Sum Of Credit Card Debt

A lot of people make financial mistakes when they are young that can haunt them for years. Credit card debt is the perfect example of this as interest adds up quickly espceailly if you are not making decent sized payments monthly. Consolidating this debt into one payment can be a huge help and can even drop the interest rate on one of the cards. Not having to balance various payments can make it easier to pay it off anytime you have extra money in the bank. Avoid using your credit cards until the sum of the debt is manageable as you do not want to pay interest on money that you have.

Unable To Work Due To Injury

Being unable to work due to injury that was no your own fault is frustrating to say the least. In these cases it is important to contact a great personal injury attorney like the one available here as cases can have time constraints on how long a lawsuit can be filed. You should not put your family through the stress of not having money especially if you were hurt by another person. This could be a slip and fall in a grocery store or even something like an accident. Regardless of what happens finding a lawyer could not be more important for your financial health.

As you can see you need to take a proactive approach about paying off debt and continuing to earn when losing a job. Do not let financial hardships ruin your life!

How A Person Encountering Financial Difficulties Can Overcome Them

Those people that are faced with debt or not being able to pay important bills need to figure out how to overcome these issues. Diving further into debt simply is the worst decision one could make as it could take years to pay off. With high interest rates it could take over a decade to pay off a delinquent credit card bill that was racked up while you were young making terrible financial decisions. A proactive approach to solving your problems is important as being more cognizant of how you are spending money can make a huge difference. The following are tips for a person encountering financial difficulties and over they can overcome them.

Assess Your Monthly Expenditures

The first thing that anyone needs to do with financial problems is to sit and list out all set costs like that of rent or electric. This can give a person a better idea of where their money is going outside of their living expenses. Far too many people spend quite a bit on personal entertainment whether it is going out to dinner or having drinks with friends. These type of expenditures add up as you will be paying far more at a restaurant for food as well as drinks versus if you stayed at home and invited your friends there.

Make Purchases That End Up Saving You Money

Purchasing a massage chair with holistic massage instead of getting a weekly massage will end up saving you copious amounts of money. These types of purchases as well as home renovations can end up paying for themselves then saving a person money. An old air conditioning unit could be costing you hundreds per month in extra electric while a newer unit would end up paying for itself in a year or two. Replacing old windows with energy efficient ones not only does the same thing but also increases the overall value of the home.

Work A Freelance Gig To Save Extra Money Or Get Out Of Debt

The freelance economy is quite healthy with a plethora of opportunities to make money. A person can be a virtual assistant or try their hand at freelance writing as there is a huge demand for written content. Put all of this money into your debts while saving 20 percent as you will want to keep money aside come tax time. Supplemental income without having to leave the home is ideal for many people as you will be earning and not spending while working at home.

Be Honest With Your Significant Other About Money Issues

Money issues are cited frequently in divorce cases as the stress that financial hardship can create turns couples on each other. The worst thing that you can do is to lie about how the family is doing financially if you are the one who handles the finances. This honesty can allow both parties involved in the financial issues to try to solve it whether it is by picking up another job or making sacrifices. At times living beyond your means can put you in a financial hole so some luxuries might have to be cut out of the budget.

Traits You See In Every Successful Entrepreneur

Starting your own business is hard work filled with long hours, personal sacrifice and a daily array of new problems and challenges. Anyone who tells you otherwise has probably never started one themselves. If you don’t have the drive to navigate these things, your business could implode faster than it began.

Understand, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. To determine if you have what it takes to make it, you need to be able to possess a number of quality traits. Leadership is at the top of that ladder. If you can’t lead, chances are you won’t be able to guide your company and its employees through growth and on to success.

If you seek a challenge filled with risk but also with financial potential, then you may be on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Here are the most important traits I believe every entrepreneur should possess.

No one has ever gotten ahead by sitting back and waiting for opportunities to find them. Successful people go out and create success by working tirelessly to solve problems that get in their way.

Adapt to change
Entrepreneurs must be able to adapt to changing situations without unraveling. Also, they must be able to motivate their team by helping them reach new goals and opportunities. Often times, successful entrepreneurs are driven by a more complete vision than just the task at hand.

Ethics and integrity
It goes back to the old saying, “cheaters never win.” It’s important to maintain high standards of integrity because, if you don’t, nobody will want to do business with you, especially when you are working with clients or leading a team.

Be willing to fail, then move on
Starting a business is risky and doesn’t always work out. Successful entrepreneurs must be able to accept that things don’t always go according to plan. Do not be afraid to fail, put your idea out there and give it your best shot.

Serial innovators
The mind of an entrepreneur is always spinning with new ideas. There has to be a constant drive to develop new concepts and improve on existing ones. That’s where the term “serial entrepreneur” came from.

In almost every case, entrepreneurs never succeed on their own. You are only as good as the people who support you. Surround yourself with a network of knowledgeable people who are as passionate about your project as you are. It takes a network of contacts, partners and resources to thrive.

A Doctor’s Take On the Keto Diet

In the past three years, type 2 diabetes has grown 41% among young populations. While the disease is typically seen in those above the age of forty, more and more children are facing the consequences of obesity and poor nutrition. It’s a scary epidemic that demands a radical shift in the way we both advertise and consume food. Confronting the latter problem, a new diet has emerged that aims to control insulin levels, improve hormone levels, support fat loss, and encourage greater control over our own hunger signals. It is one of the oldest diets in terms of research, initially tested for epilepsy and gaining traction as a highly researched treatment for diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, cancer as well as autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. The Ketogenic diet has become a popular lifestyle choice among health conscious and goal-oriented individuals. It consists of low-carb and high-fat foods that create a drastic shift in your metabolic state, leading to a condition known as Ketosis.

What Is Ketosis?

The process can get a bit complicated but put simply; Ketosis is a natural metabolic state. In this state, the body produces ketone bodies out of fat that are later used for energy. By limiting the body’s access to glucose, Ketosis allows you to be fueled by fat rather than carbs. For The Keto Doctor’, Dr. John Limansky MD, Keto is a sustainable tool to combat growing health epidemics and to relearn what it means to feed our bodies. The ketogenic diet has gained in popularity for the simple reason that it works.” He continues, “It is a pathway to eating real non-processed foods in the right ratio. This method will promote loss of fat not loss of weight, which can be water and muscle mass. There are no gimmicks with this way of eating, no fancy shakes nor crazy cleanses. It’s a way to optimize our cells by decreasing the constant influx of glucose and fructose found in many of the commonly eaten processed foods products.”

Adopting the Lifestyle

What separates Keto from the latest health craze on Instagram? Keto is a lifestyle focused on real whole foods. Unlike many fad diets out there, Keto does not set calorie restrictions. The options are endless and it will not leave you feeling lethargic, hungry (more like hangry), or restricted in the kinds of choices you have available.

Debunking the Myth

One of the greatest misconceptions about the keto diet is that it encourages people to eat copious amounts of butter, bacon, and fatty foods at every meal. How the heck can that be healthy, we ask ourselves. In reality, a ketogenic meal can be very similar to your favorite meals that you prepare regularly. In the initial phases of transitioning over, carbohydrates do need to be lowered to less than 25-gm per day. Although, the limit to carbohydrates will generally be liberalized as time goes on.

The following are some common staples in a ketogenic diet:

– Wild salmon

– Shrimp

– Oysters

– Lamb

– Grass fed beef

– Bacon

– Eggs

– Avocados

– Olive oil

– Butter

– Ghee

– Avocado oil

– Hard cheeses (parmesan, manchego, etc.)

– Broccoli

– Cauliflower

– Lettuce

– Cucumber

– Kale

– Squash

– Zucchini

-Bone broth

– Soups

Health Care Vs. ‘Sick Care’

As one of the foremost authorities on the Keto diet, Dr. John Limansky has set out to help individuals fulfill their greatest potential in optimal health. “My goal is to revolutionize health care by going back to the basic building blocks which constitute health,” he says. Viewing traditional medicine as ‘sick care’ he intends to practice proactive health care by helping people take simple yet crucial steps. His site, BiohackMD provides insight into the fundamentals of the body with informative videos, articles, and the latest research in health and nutrition. He and his team have also set out to boost human nutrition with the best in keto supplements. Working to augment the ketogenic diet, BiohackMD currently offers three natural keto products, Keto Matrix, Green Matrix, Whey Matrix, along with a Multi Collagen Matrix that is set to launch this coming March. Today, Dr. John Limansky supplements our knowledge and answers some of the most popular questions surrounding the diet.

What type of person is the “perfect” candidate for this diet and why?

There is no perfect candidate for this diet as it can apply to the majority of individuals. Whether their goals are weight loss, reversal of diabetes, improved muscle mass, reduction of seizure activity or improvement in depression, this diet can improve their symptoms. Some would say it is restrictive and may be difficult to follow for long periods of time. For those who are metabolically dysfunctional, such as those with diabetes or insulin resistance, a ketogenic diet can radically improve their metabolic function by reducing fasting glucose, fasting insulin and improving central visceral fat content (which is the most dangerous type of fat). In these individuals, it will be important to be more compliant with the diet and maintain a higher ratio of fat to protein to ensure they are in ketosis and suppressing insulin levels.

How long does the keto diet take for clients to begin seeing results? What results can be expected?

The transition to burning fat is around 2 weeks. During the initial period (1 month) most people will see an approximate 8-10 pound weight loss, mainly from water and glycogen stores being depleted. The ultimate goal of a ketogenic lifestyle is to lose fat, not necessarily weight, which can include muscle and water loss. If an individual is doing a water and electrolyte fast, they will lose around 1/2 pound of fat per day. So, that’s the reference point I like to use. As they continue with this type of eating, a couple key things happen. Fat loss occurs in a step like fashion, with weight loss then plateaus then more weight loss. Insulin is suppressed and glucose levels become normalized. Blood pressure tends to improve and many other symptoms also have been shown to improve, including headaches, joint pains, depression, anxiety and seizure activity. The ultimate goal of this lifestyle is a combination of weight loss but also improvement in metabolic function. Once the metabolism and hormone control is improved, weight loss occurs.


Why Replacement Windows & Doors Can Help You Reduce Building and Maintenance Cost

What Is The Cost Of Replacement Windows? There are so many good financial benefits to building your new home with replacement windows, and it’s hard to fit it all in one place. Below we have listed out the best financial reasons to build your home with replacement windows.

  • Reduced Energy Bills

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, unfortunately for us that own or rent homes, we pay to heat and cool them. Equally unfortunate is the fact that exterior windows and doors are the weakest links of the building envelope in terms of allowing the transfer of heat and cold. Building your home with replacement windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs by over twenty-five percent. With rising energy prices, the dollar savings can be even more significant. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few extra dollars a month to use elsewhere? Think!

  • Return on Investment

What is the return on my investment for building my new home with or upgrading my windows and doors? This is a question that is frequently asked by our clients. Several sources indicate that the return on investment can range from eighty percent to ninety percent and many reports show that window replacement ranks in the top five for the highest return on investment projects.

  • Tax Incentives and Rebates

The federal government is reinstating a tax credit in 2009 for building your new home with or upgrading your windows and doors by using replacement windows that save energy up to star levels. This tax credit is for up to $1500. In addition to the federal tax credit, individuals building a house have an opportunity to earn up to $500 cash back for opting for Canadian Choice Windows & Doors, just so long as the work is performed by licensed, bonded, and insured companies.

  • Low Maintenance

Because replacement windows and doors are designed with low-maintenance in mind, the quality keeps Prompting people to ask What Is The Cost Of Replacement Windows & Doors. For instance, vinyl frames will never have to be painted, and fiberglass frames are inherently stable, so their factory paint stays on for a lifetime.

Furthermore, many of the hardware systems for windows and doors are made of durable, die-cast zinc or stainless steel material that go through thousands upon thousands of cycle-tests to ensure they will hold up in your home. Most window and doors manufacturers today offer a full lifetime warranty to the original homeowner that covers both labor and materials. Wouldn’t you like that kind of peace-of-mind and low-maintenance from your windows and doors?

Your home is your castle. That’s why you should choose Canadian Choice Windows & Doors. It’s the place you go for comfort. The benefits of replacement windows are way higher than the cost. They improve your home’s overall environment with benefits like natural light, noise reduction, improved views, and custom style.

New windows can offer UV protection for walls, fabrics, flooring, and furniture, which lengthens the life and quality of your home’s interior. They also require very little maintenance, allowing you more time for activities you enjoy. Consider the benefits of new windows for your home and how they can improve your quality of life.



5 Tips That Help Will You Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

It’s time to replace some of the shoes in your closet. While it’s not possible to replace them all at one time, you can buy a pair now and another pair next month. The key is to know what to look for in those new shoes. While you already know to consider the style and the colour, remember to employ these five tips. Doing so will help you know if those wonderful shoes by Merrell are what you want or if you need to check out a different pair.

Don’t Let Anything (or Anyone) Rush You

Consumers often find themselves under pressure to make a purchase or else lose out on a great deal. That may be all right if you are buying canned vegetables at the supermarket, but it doesn’t work when you are purchasing footwear. Your goal is to find the right type of Rieker shoes for men and women and make a purchase that serves you well for a long time.

If you come across shoes that would work but don’t seem to be exactly what you had in mind, go ahead and pass them by. Take your time and find out more about what’s available. The next pair you come across might end up being exactly what you want.

Shopping Online Means Access to More Styles and Colours

There was a time when shopping online was mainly a convenience. Retailers didn’t place as much emphasis on providing competitive pricing or even offering the widest possible range of styles and colours. That’s not the case today.

Thanks to the growth of online shopping, you can find many more styles and colours for different types of footwear than in the past. Retailers know that if you don’t see what you want at their site, it’s easy enough to visit another dozen and see what they have to offer. The result is a number of retailers who carry inventories of shoes by Merrell as well as Rieker shoes for men and women that rivals anything you could find in a brick and mortar shopping outlet. Sit back and spend all the time you want checking out all those options.

You Might Come Across a Sale Too

Online retailers didn’t use to worry about sales that much. With little competition, they relied on the convenience of consumers shopping at home and being willing to pay a little extra. The increased competition paired with the popularity of online shopping has changed this too.

Today, there are sites that offer loyalty points on each purchase, Accumulate enough and you may enjoy a hefty discount on a pair of shoes. Others conduct flash sales that may only last for 24 hours. Assuming the site has the type of shoes by Merrell that you want, that sale may be perfect. You may even come across a close-out on certain styles and colours of Rieker shoes for men and women and end up paying less than half the typical price for something you like.

Find More Than One Pair You Like? Compare Them Side by Side

Since you need to purchase one pair of shoes at a time, it can be difficult if you come across two pair that you really want to buy now. Fortunately, online retailers provide a lot of detail about each pair of shoes they offer. You can literally pull up the details about each pair on a different tab in your browser. That makes it easy to compare those two excellent pairs of shoes by Merrell side by side and determine which one you will buy this month. Remember you can always book the shoes you want to get later and retrieve them when the time comes.

Focus on Quality and Less on Price

Everyone likes to save money, but never skimp on the price and settle for footwear that’s poorly made or uses only inferior materials. It’s true that not all inexpensive shoes are low in quality, but you can bet that low-quality shoes are more likely to be sold at a cheap price.

Remember that it isn’t thrifty to buy a pair of shoes that will need to be replaced next season, just because they cost less. You’re better off to spend a little more and buy quality shoes by Merrell that will hold up well for several seasons. When the goal is to get new shoes for the entire family, apply the same approach to sticking with quality brands like Rieker shoes for men and women. In the long run, you’ll actually save money.

Settle into a comfortable chair and start looking around for a pair of shoes that happen to be exactly what you need. Compare all the options for Rieker shoes for men and women and focus on the ones that will be ideal for the setting that you have in mind. Before you know it, those new shoes will be on the way and you can look forward to enjoying them for a long time.

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Building an Emergency Fund: How to Get Started

The hot water heater breaks, the roof is leaking and your car just broke down. Home emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye, and with all of life’s other problems, coming up with the money to take care of these repairs can be a challenge.

Having an emergency fund to fall back on can help ease the burden and reduce the stress of unexpected repairs.

What is a Home Repair Emergency Fund, and Why Do You Need One?

A home repair emergency fund is exactly what it sounds like – money set aside for emergency home repairs. The fund ensures that you have money on hand at a moment’s notice to take care of a broken water heater, plumbing issues or any other unexpected repair.

An emergency fund will prevent you from having to put the repair on a credit card or a high-interest loan.

How Much Should You Save?

How much money should you put into your home repair emergency fund? Experts recommend setting aside three to six months of living expenses. Aim to save 1%-3% of your home value.

The amount you save will depend on the home and your lifestyle. If your home is newly built, you may not need to tap into your emergency fund for quite some time, but if you have a fixer-upper, you will likely need to tap into your savings more quickly. In the latter case, you may need to save more aggressively.

Where Should You Put Your Emergency Fund?

Because an emergency fund needs to be accessible at a moment’s notice, it’s important to avoid putting the money in a long-term savings portfolio to avoid massive fees for taking out the money early.

Ideally, the money should be placed in a separate bank account. Putting the funds in a separate account will help you avoid temptation to tap into those reserves.

Consider a high-yielding savings account. These accounts are federally insured up to $250,000, and the money will earn interest. Funds can be withdrawn at any time through a funds transfer or withdrawal.

How to Start Building a Home Repair Emergency Fund

The prospect of building a home repair emergency fund can seem daunting. Here are some tips to get started:

Set a Goal for Monthly Savings

Set a monthly savings goal to get into the habit of saving. One way to reach your goal is to automatically transfer funds to your savings account from each paycheck.

Cut Expenses

If you have no money left at the end of the month, cut back on your expenses. Go over your expenses with a fine-tooth comb to find areas where you can cut back. Try cooking more meals at home, eliminating your daily takeout coffee or lowering/eliminating your cable bill.

Earn Side Income

If you’re determined and motivated, you can take on a second job or find a way to earn some additional income on the side.

Save Your Tax Refund

If you receive a tax refund each year, try saving it instead of spending it. Consider having your refund deposited into your emergency account.




The Growing Popularity of Trading

There’s no doubt that trading has become more popular over the past decade or more. For some investors, working from home, where ever home might be, and earning consistent profits through trading stocks, options, futures, or currencies, is both appealing and lucrative.

On top of that, markets are more accessible than ever, information is readily available and internet access has become widespread. Perhaps even more importantly, experts are willing to share their knowledge, so mentoring and coaching help are accessible.

However, no one is saying that trading to earn money is easy. You need market knowledge, a willingness to dig deep on technical patterns and an understanding that all trading requires some level of risk.

Successful trading also requires a specialized mindset, an idea explored in my 2014 co-authored book, The Winning Way.

3 Traits Every Trader Needs

In The Winning Way book, we look at three psychological mindsets that are necessary for a trader, regardless of experience, to be successful. Those mindsets are: one, accept market uncertainty; two, focus on the “now”; and three, think probability.

I thought it would be useful to outline these qualities in a little more detail here.

Accept Market Uncertainty

You have to believe that each trade is a random event and the outcome is out of your control and beyond any kind of analysis. Unless you know what each of the millions and millions of investors and other market participants are betting on each day, it’s impossible to predict what the markets will do.

I began making a trading profit when I started to believe in my own tools and systems for trading. I accepted that markets are uncertain and that leads to randomly distributed winners and losers, at least in the short term. However, in the long run, I trust that my edge gives me a higher probability of winning than losing.

Focus on Now

We’ve all been conditioned to learn from past experience. That works, mostly, since a change in behaviour usually leads to a different outcome. But in trading, it is detrimental to associate current trading decisions with past results. As every mutual fund prospectus tell us: Past results are not indicative of future performance. Professional traders understand that each trade is random, operating independently of previous trades.

Great traders focus only on opportunities that are happening right now.

Think Probability

The focus on uncertain markets can be difficult for some traders as they wonder how to achieve consistent and profitable results in such an environment. Although markets are uncertain in the short run, long-term predictable results are achievable. Your own trading strategies and systems give you an edge. You will have both winning and losing trades in the short run, and in the long run your edge will give you a higher probability of winning than losing. Being able to understand probability also helps you become a more disciplined trader. You will be able to trade with less emotion, allowing you to think more clearly and ultimately make better trading decisions.

My Story

I started trading in 2001. By 2003, my initial success had disappeared. I was spending thousands of dollars on complex trading systems that just didn’t work. In short, I was struggling to find a new path that would suit my goals.

At that time, I was fortunate enough to meet the late George Fontanills, one of most respected options traders in the world. I needed George to help me understand my trading personality and what type of trading would be most suitable for me. More importantly, I needed a mentor to send me on the path of developing a winning mindset.

George mentored me on trading strategies and techniques, but most importantly, he guided me to my own trading personality. He knew I wasn’t suited to day trading, because I hated the idea of staring at a screen all day. He also knew I didn’t have the patience for long-term trading. So he came up with the idea of short-term or swing trading.

Swing Trading

The timeframe of my trades is anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the stock and market volatility. And because swing patterns are highly repetitive and happen over and over again, stock movements can be predicted with a high degree of accuracy.

George was able to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses as a trader. He taught me valuable risk management skills and how to protect my trading capital. He also taught me how to trade small but win big, and how to scale up. Under George, I learned to focus on mastering one or two markets before expanding into other areas of trading.

In conclusion, I believe that you must apply the three psychological mindsets mentioned above at all times to keep trading simple. If you can do all that, you will see a breakthrough in your trading, and very soon you will become a consistent and profitable trader well on your way to achieving success.

8 Mistakes Drivers Make When Shopping For Used Vehicles

Purchasing a used vehicle is a great way to buy a car at a reduced price, but buyer beware. Purchasing vehicles that are used mean that they may have problems that the dealership or the person you’re purchasing the car from may try to hide. Make sure that you do your homework and check out the entirety of the vehicle before purchasing. Avoid these 8 mistakes so that you purchase the best possible vehicle for your needs.


  1. Not being realistic about what you can afford

When you go to a dealership or have a meeting with a private seller, have a very clear price range. Most of the time, you’ll be able to negotiate with the dealership or private seller, but you’ll still want to have a clear picture of what you’d be willing to spend based on how the vehicle is in person, and don’t forget taxes!


  1. Not having a clear idea of what you want

Don’t go into a dealership without a clear idea of the kind of car that will fit your needs. It’s okay not to know exactly what make and model, but things like size, gas mileage, and price range should be something you decide on beforehand. Make sure that you take a look at the insurance rates so that you know how much your car insurance will cost you before you buy.


  1. Blindly trusting the dealer

Just because a vehicle looks good on the outside, doesn’t mean that it drives well or works the way the dealership advertised. Check the reputation of dealers in your area and choose one that has positive reviews.


  1. Buying without an inspection

If the dealership or private seller refuses to let you have the vehicle inspected, there’s probably something wrong with the car. Any reputable dealership will allow you to check the car from head to toe, and a private seller should be able to provide details on the vehicle and the most recent inspection.


  1. Not test driving the car

It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of a new car, and used car dealerships may not offer a test drive. Test drives are standard practice, so make sure to ask to take the vehicle for a drive before purchasing.


  1. Not asking for a vehicle report

Vehicle reports are an important part of the used car shopping process. They have valuable information such as whether or not it has been in major accidents, had flood damage, or carries a salvage title.


  1. Shopping at just one dealership

Shopping at multiple dealerships gives you a great frame of reference for the going price of a vehicle you’re looking to purchase, and it also gives you an idea of how much to negotiate when you’re ready to buy.


To save extra money when purchasing your used vehicle, check with your automobile insurance and find out which models will save you money on your premiums. If you’re not satisfied with your current policy, compare your policy with other insurance companies to ensure you receive the best rate possible.