Is there such a thing as the “perfect” asset?

If you found an asset that met all 13 of these criteria – would you purchase it? What about if the asset made 12 out of 13? What about 6 out of 13? Or 3 out of 13?

◊ Safe harbour against the vagaries of market turmoil
◊ Welcomed by lending institutions as “Grade A” collateral – welcomed everywhere
◊ Excellent liquidity
◊ Can’t lose money through market movement once it has accumulated the values
◊ Tax-deferred or tax-preferred growth
◊ Competitive return on investment after set-up
◊ Guaranteed internal loan options without recourse
◊ Deductible contributions or deposits
◊ Creditor-proof to the greatest possible extent
◊ Unstructured and optional loan repayment plans
◊ High contribution limits
◊ Tax-free distribution to named heirs
◊ Survivor benefits many time greater than accumulated internal values

Chances are if you could purchase such a product, you would do everything in your power to acquire as much as you could!

I haven’t found one single product that matches all 13 – can you? I have one that meets 12 of the criteria. Can you guess? Stay tuned to a future blog – or you can email me at for the answer if you are impatient!