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    Tammy Johnston

    Tammy started working in the Financial Services Industry in 1993.  The first 9 years of her career were spent working in regional offices, for independent agents, and as Brokerage Manager for two different MGAs.  Her focus was on training other agents and helping them solve problems for clients.  After spending close to a decade as an employee Tammy decided to venture into the "sales world".


    Determined to be more than just another insurance salesman, Tammy founded The Financial Guides.  She set about working with clients in a totally different fashion.  Feeling that everyone needs a sound financial education she created her first class "Financial Journeys".  The goal was to provide the accurate, unbiased, basic information in simple English that we all require, but can't easily find.  Knowing that the best way to learn is by having fun and being comfortable, Tammy takes good care of her guests with excellent food and lots of laughter.  Further expanding her educational and value added offerings Tammy created "Sandwich Safaris", "Business Builder Nights", and "Small Business Class".


    Putting time and care into helping with the necessary tasks required to run a successful financial household Tammy works with clients to set up budgets that actually work, reviews credit and debt to make sure it is working for the client and not just against, and makes sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together properly.  Knowing that all financial aspects affect one another she looks at the whole picture.  Honestly tells you what is working, what could be improved, and what is missing.  Tammy's clients understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, and have hope for the future.


    Tammy married her wonderful husband Greg in 1997 and they had a beautiful daughter Ayla in 2003.  They enjoy going to the zoo, racing cars, traveling, and Cashflow.  Tammy is a voracious reader, enjoys good movies, time with her family, and building businesses.  Her special passion is for working with Small Business Owners.


    If you would like to contact Tammy she is available via email or phone (403) 257-6354.


    Tammy Johnston's Recent Articles

    Spare Change

    Consumer debt has become a huge and growing problem in our society today. Access to credit cards, the use of debit cards and the constant media push of buy now and pay later has enslaved the average North American household. I’m a major fan of having fun and enjoying the good things in life and […]

    Posted: November 26th, 2014 under Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Debt, MONEY®.


    Balance is the Key

    Life is all about maintaining a healthy balance. We need to eat, exercise, work, rest, and play. Since money is an important aspect in our life, in order to be successful in managing it we need to employ the skill of balance to this aspect as well. Financial balance means being conscious of how we […]


    Getting Rid of Debt Faster

    Debt unfortunately is a fact of life for a lot of people. Mortgages, lines of credit, student loans, vehicle loans, and credit cards are a part of normal everyday life. The good news is that we can get out of debt and it isn’t as hard as you might think. By making a few minor […]

    Posted: June 11th, 2013 under Credit Cards, Debt, Financial Planning, General.
    Tags: , ,


    Garage Sales are Your Friend

    Spring cleaning time is here and I love it! With even the hint of warmer weather and sunshine I get a major itch to simplify my life and clean my spaces from unwanted clutter. Freeing yourself from the over accumulation of “stuff” in your life serves so many positive purposes. The first advantage of a […]


    Shopping is NOT a Sport

    Everywhere we go the world is set up to part us with our money. It may only be a few dollars, maybe a few more, but it’s okay. You want this gadget, article of clothing, candy, tool, whatever. We put it in our cart, we add it to the till, we pull out our wallet. […]


    Squashing the Biggest Mosquito

    Now that we have figured out a lot of our spending patterns and started putting together a working budget you may have discovered a few areas where you might want to be cutting back on your spending. For the vast majority of Canadians the biggest budget killing mosquito is eating out. For families living in […]


    Cash Is Your Friend

    Okay, so now the next super simple step to having more money at the end of the month without feeling deprived is to start moving from plastic to cash.  Switching more of your regular expenses to cash is very simple.  In fact it is one of the simplest and most effective financial planning tools I […]


    Start Thinking Christmas NOW

    Yes, you read that right Start thinking Christmas Now. Christmas (or whatever major gift giving holiday you celebrate) has a bad habit of sneaking up on people and destroying all the best laid budgets. So how do we save our budgets, our sanity, and still enjoy a generous and joy filled holiday? The key is […]


    The Magic Key

    Okay, so last time we started to put together our working budget. We figured out our three main accounts: fixed expenses, flexible expenses, and the “save your budget” fund. This week we are going to talk about the magic key in making your budget work for the long term. And what is this magic key […]

    Posted: February 25th, 2013 under Financial Planning, General, Personal Finance.
    Tags: , , ,


    Building a Strong Foundation

    Now that we have a good handle on the big picture we need to put together a plan to get us to where we want to go. Yes, we are going to talk about budgeting. I know a lot of people have a strong emotional diversion to the word budget. They equate it to a […]


    So Where Are We?

    Okay, so far on our journey to financial health, wealth, and happiness we have made the decision to take control of our financial lives, we have picked our annual financial day, chosen to make financial education a part of our habits, and brought the whole family into the game. Now we need to figure out […]


    Make Money Decisions a Family Affair

    Now that you have chosen your Financial Day and started to get a handle on what exactly is going on in your financial household I highly recommend that you bring the whole family into the discussions and decisions. In most households you have one person who takes on the job of managing the money. They […]

    Posted: January 28th, 2013 under Children, Debt, Financial Planning, General, Saving.
    Tags: , , ,


    Self-Education is THE Path to Prosperity

    You are playing the Money Game. There is no way to take yourself out of the game. It is just a fact of life. The good news is you can learn how to play the game better. How you do that is by committing to getting an education on money and to make learning about […]


    One Day Makes All the Difference

    So last week we made a commitment to make changes in our life to bring us to a happy conclusion with our financial goals. It is the small steps that are actually taken that get us through the journey. This week we have a very simple step to take and that is choosing our annual […]


    52 Weeks to Success in 2013

    Happy New Year! The time for fresh starts and better endings. The time for setting resolutions that this year will be different. Did you know that the top three New Year’s Resolutions are: 1. Lose weight / get in shape 2. Improve your financial position / make more money / get out of debt 3. […]


    The Easiest Way to Find Money

    Do you want to have more money at the end of the month without feeling deprived?  Do you want to automatically reduce your expenses without having to come up with a complicated system?  If you answered yes, then there is a delightfully effective way of accomplishing those two goals.  One of the simplest and most […]

    Posted: November 28th, 2012 under Cost of Living, Debt, General.


    Teaching Kids How to Make Healthy Financial Choices

    Every parent wants their children to grow up to be financially responsible. They want them to be able to look after themselves, achieve the Canadian dream of homeownership and financial security. The big question that the parent’s have is not what, but HOW? Unfortunately financial responsibility and literacy is not something that is taught in […]

    Posted: November 14th, 2012 under General.
    Tags: , , ,


    Your Springboard to Success

    Our success and our failure is a result of our habits. Good habits take us up the path to success faster than you can imagine, even if it doesn’t seem fast enough in the current moment. Bad habits take us down the path to failure slowly, but steadily, even if we can’t see the consequences […]

    Posted: September 26th, 2012 under General.
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    Wading Through the Options

    Last week we started talking about Critical Illness Insurance and how it is possibly the best insurance product on the Canadian market. It was introduced to our fine country in 1996 and it is a definite “life saver” in my opinion. While having Critical Illness insurance will not take away the accident or the disease, […]

    Posted: September 19th, 2012 under General.
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    The Best Insurance YOU Can Have

    You have just received the horrible news that you have cancer or some other major illness. Getting better is now your number one concern. A thousand and one questions start to run through your mind: How does this affect your job or your business? How does this affect your family? Where are you going to […]

    Posted: September 12th, 2012 under General.
    Tags: , ,


    Is Money Your Friend?

    How do you feel about money? Is it something that makes you happy? Does it bring you joy? Does it make you worry, stress, and fret? Does it make you feel guilty? How you feel about money determines the impact in has on and in your life. Money is a tool. It is totally and […]

    Posted: September 5th, 2012 under General.
    Tags: , , ,


    Turning Pennies Into Pounds

    Little things add up. $20 here, $10 there, $5 at another place. Next thing you know you’ve gone through a few hundred dollars and you can’t even remember where they went. The good news is by making small, conscious choices you can put those “yuppie food stamps” (also known as $20 bills) back in your […]

    Posted: August 29th, 2012 under General.
    Tags: , ,


    Building Mountains Out of Mole Hills

    Summer vacation is almost over and hopefully the weather stays pleasant for a while longer. With the coming of the ‘second’ new year most people start thinking about getting back into the normal swing of things and making a fresh start on achieving their goals. If I could show you a simple, painless, and even […]

    Posted: August 22nd, 2012 under General.
    Tags: , ,


    Who Is Watching You?

    Criminals are lazy scum. If they had ambition and brains they would be out creating something rather than being dirt bags that leach off of the efforts of others. Identity Thieves like easy targets, and here are some simple ways to cover your ass. Guard your personal information. Take a lesson from the British and […]

    Posted: August 2nd, 2012 under General.
    Tags: , ,


    The High Cost of Clutter

    I hate clutter. It drives me nuts. In fact I have been accused on more than one occasion of being an anal retentive neat freak, but I’m okay with that. Even with my natural tendencies to keep things clean, simple, and organized it still blows my mind the amount of “stuff” I have around my […]

    Posted: July 19th, 2012 under General.
    Tags: , , , ,


    Sunburns aren’t the only things that could hurt this summer

    Summer is here in full swing and we are looking at getting out of the house and visiting great places in and out of our home province. As long as we stay close to home and don’t cross any borders all is good. The moment you cross a border, provinical or national, you MUST HAVE […]

    Posted: July 11th, 2012 under General.
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    Ask the RIGHT Questions

    Everyone seems focused on getting the right answers. I have to say that this is backwards. In order to get an answer, first you must ask a question. In order to get the RIGHT answers you first have to ask the RIGHT questions. The answers that most people are looking for cover things such as […]

    Posted: June 27th, 2012 under General.
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    The Financial Guides Presents Financial Foundations Children’s Books

    CALGARY, ALBERTA (May 14, 2012) – Financial Foundations is a fully and beautifully illustrated series of children’s books designed to teach kids that money can be fun! We are all playing the money game, but how many of us really know the rules? Join The Financial Guides at Financial Foundations Summer Camp as they teach […]

    Posted: June 5th, 2012 under Book Reviews, Children, Financial Planning, MONEY®.


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