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August 2018


DASI Solutions and ExactFlat Announce a Collaboration to Streamline the Furniture Design and Manufacturing Workflow


Combining 3D digital design and patterning expertise to automate all stages of the process for both mechanical and fabric furniture components.

TORONTO, ON, August 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — DASI Solutions, a leading provider of SOLIDWORKS engineering software solutions and training, and ExactFlat, the leading provider of 3D to 2D digital patterning software, announce a collaboration intended to streamline the upholstered furniture design and manufacturing workflow.

The collaboration will emphasize a 100% digital workflow, designed to save designers and manufacturers time and simplify the process of making changes at any stage of production.

Furniture designers and manufacturers have typically had one workflow for mechanical components such as wood, metal, springs, etc. and a separate workflow for fabric and upholstery components. Each process was supported by separate software: 3D software for the mechanical parts, and 2D patterning software for the fabric parts. Neither application shared data with the other, resulting in error-prone manual processes, and reduced time-to-market.

With SOLIDWORKS and ExactFlat, furniture designers and manufacturers can now shift the entire workflow to a single, integrated digital process. Teams can design the entire furniture piece in 3D using the best-in-class capabilities in SOLIDWORKS. Mechanical pieces can be created and then the fabric or leather components can be designed in context with these structural parts. Working with the same tool simplifies training and support, as well as eliminates design conversion and re-creation issues.

In addition to the interdepartmental collaboration advantages, this cross-component relationship is completely associative. This fully digital workflow allows design changes to the mechanical parts to be reflected immediately in fabric pattern and vice versa.

“DASI is an ideal company to collaborate with in this area since they are experts with the SOLIDWORKS and ExactFlat software solutions, as well as their customers’ manufacturing processes,” stated Mark Jewell, founder of ExactFlat. “Our clients want to work with experienced people that can help them achieve their goals. We have worked alongside DASI to assist other clients in the furniture industry, and we are delighted to be collaborating with them to help manufacturers in this industry continue to succeed.”

David Darbyshire, Co-Owner of DASI Solutions said, “Many companies have already been using 3D design technologies for many years, but are now looking for additional ways to further leverage that investment throughout their entire organization. A single integrated digital workflow is no longer optional, it is essential. Furniture manufacturers can now make the full transition to digital with confidence and trust. Our vision is to utilize this partnership with ExactFlat to define, develop and deploy the right set of tools and services to allow our customers to take full advantage of the digital workflow.”

To learn more about DASI Solutions & the SOLDIWORKS 3D CAD product suite, please visit For more information about ExactFlat digital pattering, please visit

About ExactFlat
ExactFlat is 3D to 2D software for pattern making. For designers, engineers, and pattern makers in all industries, ExactFlat is the most accurate 3D to 2D pattern making software for textiles and composites. ExactFlat is up to 16x faster than hand patterning. It uses the first ever Digital Fabric Simulation for superior accuracy.

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About DASI Solutions
Founded in 1995, DASI Solutions assists Emerging Sector companies in the implementation of 3D CAD and other collaborative technologies used in the product development process by the Designing Engineer. DASI Solutions offers sales, technical support and training for the SOLIDWORKS software product portfolio, as well as 3D Printing services for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. The company, which has its headquarters in Pontiac, MI, has facilities throughout Arizona, California, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan and Missouri. For more information on the company, visit, or contact Richard or David Darbyshire, brothers and Co-Owners, at 248-333-2996.

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