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October 2018


BLABBER Launches First Tokenized and Location-Based Social Platform



MONACO / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2018 / A new social media platform aims to disrupt online networking. BLABBER is a decentralized, location-based social platform that allows users to monetize their posts by creating and sharing quality content with the BLABBER network. The platform contributes an entirely decentralized social network to the future of Web 3.0.

BLABBER aims to revolutionize the unfair framework currently being implemented by other social networks. Current networks would access the behavior and personal information of users and monetize it for themselves by selling it to advertisers. Those platforms and marketers benefit, but the users are left out – not receiving any incentive from both entities for their contributions or their personal data. This problem is what the new social media platform from BLABBER wants to resolve.

BLABBER is a democratized, location-based social platform where content and data can be monetized by the user. A first of its kind where participants of the ecosystem are incentivized for contributing quality content. Each user can compensate another user with BLA Tokens when they deem data being in any way considered helpful – a means to show appreciation for the contribution. Users can also earn profits by predicting and investing in viral content.

With BLABBER users can influence events, predict social trends and collect tokens. Collected BLA Tokens of viral posts are distributed to all participants after a certain period of time. The earlier a user backs up content, the higher their share.

Aside from the intra-network incentive system, users can also control whether an advertiser can access their content. The BLABBER network earns BLA Tokens from advertisers who use its platform. In the same way, as with participant’s content, users who consume advertisement content earn BLA Tokens.

This incentive system encourages and motivates the community to create quality content and shapes a community of values.

“BLABBER offers a new approach of how content is consumed by users. Users can share text, photos, audio, video, and even AR/VR content that is attached to a user’s current location. This allows other users to explore what is happening nearby or in their favorite places around the globe.” BLABBER CEO, Michael Freund, explained.

“Unlike other social media networks, BLABBER returns the control to its users over how much of their data they want to reveal to advertisers. The more data a user reveals the more valuable the user becomes to advertisers, and the more BLA Tokens that user can earn from “consuming” advertised content.”

If users decide that they don’t want to monetize their data, they will then be excluded from receiving BLA Token rewards for consuming advertised content. This is a huge difference from the advertising models of established social networks.

BLABBER also gives users the freedom to choose their level of exposure while also ensuring privacy and security. BLABBER allows anonymized profiles by requiring only an email address and pseudonym and does not collect any other data. Only public communications are available and no private communications will be stored.

The platform will also be using the ERC20 token protocol of the Ethereum blockchain to ensure the security and safety of the community.

“The described reward system must be engraved into the blockchain to operate reliably. Furthermore, with the blockchain technology, the chance to issue tokens allows us to easily develop a robust reward system, thus building a true community of values.” Freund added.

The BLA Token will have a hard cap of $15 million. Unsold tokens will be burned, once the crowd sale has ended. The price per BLA Token is $0.025. Public sale and ICO date will be announced soon.

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