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October 2018


Wall Street Exchange Tech Genius Joins Cryptocurrency Startup MoonX


By MoonX Technologies Ltd.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2018 / Rahi Racharla was among the key drivers of core technology at Wall Street. As a critical part of the technology dimension in various leading firms, he has given impetus to aligning business strategy with technology. His technological edge combined with his work for regulatory bodies makes him an invaluable addition to MoonX.

At the very cutting edge exist those whose presence does make a difference. They have the ability to turn things around by their involvement. Rahi Racharla is one such technology pioneer.

Rahi has joined MoonX as Founding Technology Executive. He relinquished his position as CIO of the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), one of the largest commodity exchanges in the world.

He applied his tech genius and forethought at Tullett Liberty PLC, NY. He completed a global implementation of a similar system in six months for Tullet Prebon Holdings, NY. With this assignment, he introduced a game changer – the implication engine which boosted liquidity. This task was an exceptional achievement with the process going from conception to completion in record time.

His pioneering work with Dow Jones Markets in “creating communication layers portable across the platforms that supports distributed computing at lightning speed and true multicasting” are extremely pertinent to MoonX’s efforts.

He also held a position as Executive Director and Head of Equity Trading of JP Morgan Chase building strategic OMS for trading systems and also developing trading systems for the APAC region.

Why would a Tech Whiz look at a Start-up?

Like many of the others who gave up everything to follow their instinct and invest themselves in this venture, Rahi’s background is one of innovation and pathbreaking work in coding. He, like the others, gave up leading and established roles in their previous assignments to join MoonX convinced by its mission, ability and technological base it had built upon a vision that has few parallels.

Rahi says,There comes a certain point in your life when you’ve learned, tested, grown over almost 3 decades in big corporations and the mind takes a shift. I started looking inside for a broader vision that would make a difference to society. Who would I look at? It was then I looked at MoonX who was not the regular ‘run-of-the-mill’ Crypto-Trading platform with an ICO and native coin. The concept of an ownership, decentralized exchange platform, and not-for-profit business vision caught my eye. The Founders’ views on eventually solving social issues that plague us was something that embraced me.”

He further adds “MoonX has become a North Star for leaders in the technology firmament. The concept of a decentralized ownership exchange that offers a concrete plan for change in the financial world and thereafter a sea change in the economic order is drawing the technological sages of our time to the new vista that MoonX represents.”

At its core, MoonX has adopted and is brainstorming and implementing philosophies that are bound to propel not only the project it is executing but the whole sector. The ideas that are at the center of this project have been endorsed by the most discerning minds of our era as not only revolutionary but in the interests of growth and fairness.

The addition of tech pioneers, investors, and mentors, who have changed the way we look at the future of data, investments and money has strengthened MoonX’s position as the engine of change and growth. These members of the Moon Family have the strategic and technological acumen to guide and create a safe haven for trading that engenders the confidence and credibility that customers now demand due to past experiences.

The pioneering streak and rare technology insights allow people like Rahi to foresee the value and potential of MoonX’s technological front and its ability to leverage the burgeoning interest in alternative coins.

Rahi is now part of a juggernaut of technological prowess at MoonX. He joins the founders Dr. Nithin Palavalli and Tony Lee, both of whom have a background of galvanizing and changing the way things were done in their previous assignments.

“He joins the Moon Family having had tremendous experience in understanding Blockchain, the nanosecond order matching engine and working with Regulatory bodies. He also comes with domain experience in Exchange Technology, Investment Banking, HFT’s and Software Products. This is apart from his prowess in many other critical areas.”

Rahi Racharla holds a degree in Industrial Engineering which he followed with a Masters in Finance and eventually an MS in Computer Science from UPenn, USA.

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