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October 2018


I-House.Com’s Blockchain Marketplace Disrupts Global Real Estate Industry



HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2018 / just completed its one-year anniversary in September, and significant advancements were made by the global real estate marketplace to accelerate the progress of blockchain technology. just completed its one-year anniversary in September, and significant advancements were made by the global real estate marketplace to accelerate the progress of blockchain technology. While the blockchain industry has experienced countless ups and downs, was moving full-speed ahead in creating value for users in the commercial real estate industry. The company’s cryptocurrency, IHT (i-House Token), was recently listed on the Bittrex and Korean-based UPbit cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, IHT is listed on seven other exchanges: KuCoin,, Coinw, LBank, HitBTC, CoinBene and CoinTiger. The goal is to keep the momentum going and get IHT listed on several other international exchanges by year’s end.

Also, in the past year, was the first to create the concept of an ATO (Asset Tokenization Offering) and was able to implement such a model swiftly launching projects in the U.S., Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines. The significant advantages of the i-House ATO model enable everyday investors to have the opportunity and ability to participate in the development of sizable scale global projects and receive certain returns. The advantages of blockchain technology and landing projects will add more energy into the rise of the local real estate industry and tourism market and play a very important supporting role in terms of financing models, marketing, and intelligent services in real estate projects. would like to continue its expansion in the global marketplace and establish itself and invest heavily in major markets such as the U.S., Europe, etc. Back in February opened its North American headquarters in the Silicon Valley. During “London Tech Week Festival” in June, it was announced that would open an office in London with the goal of attracting more real estate projects and to spur growth in the European market. There are plans in the works to open a New York City office sometime in Q4 this year as well. also has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

One of the major issues that real estate investors face is related to managing global real estate transactions. Large transactions are secured but others aren’t, and it gets challenging for investors and developers to manage their global assets. is all set to solve this challenge by creating a global real estate blockchain marketplace for investors and developers where they can manage their assets, transfer them, and measure profits.

“Our mission is to give every individual the opportunity to own and share real estate investments seamlessly, making the dream of owning real estate a reality,” said Chairman and Founder Ricky Ng. “Our project is disrupting the traditional real estate marketplace by combining the power of blockchain and emerging technologies.”’s platform has the smart contract technology that helps in splitting real estate assets and are then assigned to different financial institutions. Anyone, including small investors, can invest in small real estate assets through financial institutions. The platform doesn’t just allow small investors to invest in global real estate, which was previously challenging, but it makes these small investments secure, transparent, traceable, and low-risk.

The i-House ATO platform that provides, has also added other key services to their model as well. “As one of the leading real estate marketplaces for investors and developers, we want to continue to provide a platform where we can assist in empowering investors and developers alike, in the tokenization of assets and the bright future that it holds for the real estate industry,” added the chairman and founder. “The team at has added it ATO 2.0 services to further enhance the ATO platform. ATO 2.0 services include ATO (Asset Tokenized Offering) token issuance, ERC 20/ ERC 223 token and smart contract advising, white paper services, marketing/PR campaign services, design, development and implementation services. The new services are available for real estate asset property owners who want to break through the lag that the real estate industry is in.”

Looking ahead, plans to launch a smart asset platform which mainly focuses on IoT and asset management. With deep interest toward new collaborations, is currently looking for potential partners who are looking to tokenize their assets. Apart from that, they plan to launch of ATO 2.0 solution later this year, which will benefit real estate developers and financial institutions by giving them the ability to tokenize their assets via the ATO platform in a more secure way, seamlessly.




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