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October 2018


Excolony – Assuring Speed and Safety in Digital Transactions



BELIZE / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2018 / Excolony is a Blockchain powered trading platform that assures its users of speed and safety in their transactions. Most trading platforms have decentralized architecture, but their funds are deposited on a centralized platform. This means that all the funds are controlled by one central authority. This kind of arrangement is fraught with risks as hackers might steal away financial information, leaving investors high and dry.

Excolony avoids this risk because its platform is safe from the online phishing and other hacking activities. At the same time, this platform realizes that speed is of the essence. Every day, there are more than a billion transactions happening on various platforms all over the world. Excolony is geared to meet the twin challenges of huge volumes and quickness of transactions. Excolony is different from the other exchanges in another way as well. It promises to compensate its users in the event that their funds are hacked or stolen from the platform. This is a significant promise since very few exchanges and platforms are sensitive to their clients’ welfare.

Assistance For New Investors

Excolony enables new investors to join its platform, pick up an expert and begin trading straight away. This is a significant value addition as many aspiring investors take a long time to decide among the funds to invest in and the right advisors on the basis of their experience, profits, and expertise, and reduce your risk exposure significantly. There are many investors in the market who are simply unable to identify the right course of action. Excolony guides such individuals with the help of EXC INVEST, a cryptocurrency investment tool.

Cross-Platform Trading

Whether you use an Apple device or a Windows PC, Excolony trading experience is built just for you. Our native solutions are built around customer experience and best-in-the-world userinterface. They also support the WeChat platform.

The Referral Program

Excolony believes in sharing rewards and incentivizing its users. If you refer your friend, colleague or relative to the platform, you stand to receive a 5% bonus. Your referral will have to buy the EXC token in the ICO. All referrals will be paid by ETH in the ICO, and you will have 50% of your referral trading fee on EXCOLONY exchange.

Excolony and Smart Contracts

A smart contract has several checks and balances to ensure that its signatories adhere to its various conditions. Such a contract covers every possible gap in the interpretation of the terms and conditions and is verified by all the members in a Blockchain. To get a smart contract, all you have to do is to deposit a Bitcoin in the ledger.

Smart contracts on the Excolony platform have the following advantages:

1. They ensure the anonymity of their users
2. Low transaction fees
3. Fast transaction
4. High security
5. Insurance Policy

Through this insurance policy, a user is compensated by the platform in the event that his insurable assets are stolen or hacked.

A Unique Decentralized Exchange Platform

Excolony is a next-generation cryptocurrency platform that assures safety, and speed to its users. New users will find it extremely useful as they can avail expert advice on trading from their chosen experts. This platform has a great referral platform that incentivizes its users, thereby allowing them to earn more by actively participating on the network.

EXCOLONY, the FIRST EXCHANGE using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in trading, having SAFU INSURANCE for users who have been hacked, owning tokens CAN BE CONVERTED TO COMPANY SHARE via ICCO, will become a trend in the future. There are several functions such as Paygate, delegated investment and demo exchange for traders in crypto world

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