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Laurie is a financial coach who practices what she preaches: she has always effectively managed her finances and used the budgeting systems she shares with others. Combine this with a non-judgmental, straight forwardcommunication style and Laurie has been able to successfully help many others make sense of their finances and take control of their lives. She guides and educates people to examine roadblocks and patterns so they can have a healthy relationship with money. Her company Goodcents was established in 2005 when she realized that she could help others learn to live within their means and become debt free! The fundamental goal for her customers is to live a life of balance where you spend your time and money in a manner that reflects your values and priorities. "My work is so rewarding. The magic for me comes when a client takes control of their finances and then begins to dream again. The risk is small and the reward is great!"

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At a very young age, I would accompany my mother to the bank with the crazy parking lot.  I would ...
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Mindset Definition:  A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.  What is ...
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Together or Apart

Together or Apart? Do you keep your money to yourself, the old what’s mine is MINE or do you share ...
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Take Ownership

Take Ownership OWNERSHIP.  Use this as your “mantra” for 2013 and you can experience a new way of living. I ...
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Avoidance….. As young children we learn to avoid, it is human nature.  My two daughters try every day it seems ...
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