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MONEY CA – a Canadian website often confused because of the .ca many North Americans confuse the CA for California State in the United States of America. In fact the .ca is the Canadian international brand for websites recognized worldwide and CIRA the Canadian Internet Registry Association registers and administers Canadian sites in Canada.

This letter, communication and challenge are put out there to not only recognize MONEY-CA as Canadian but to let popular search engines like yahoo google and bing accept us as a distinct nation and county that has its own currency.  Often times Canada a lower populated country beside the Americans is geographically larger than the U.S.

The American economy is considered to be much larger because of it’s population and a large tax paying base of citizens. Canada small, quiet and cool a nice place to visit one of the greatest places on the earth to live. Canadians do have a highly skilled work force are often influenced by America and Americans. Canada is in fact a world player and a G8 nation with an abundant amount of natural resources that many other countries envy.

MONEY.CA is the online destination place for money, finance and financial literacy for many Canadians, Americans and International followers.  Without goal tending and red tape MONEY.CA should and ought to be placed and ranked highly on any world-wide search engine or listing. Yaho0 google bing and youtube along with a few other social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are considered to be the Internet where you are supposed to find good, important and relative information based on your search request.

MONEY.CA and are one in the same and the message is clear here we are and welcome to MONEY.CA Truly we accept all denominations of money and people. The way we go about our business to get your attention when Search Engines fail to do their job and rank top sites with good content high. When goal tending and pay for service enters the picture then greed and not service are the winners.  Find us any way you can and when you do make a marker, create a favorite and tell others in person or online that MONEY.CA is here and where not moving off the Internet or out of Canada. And so the next time you see any of our sites that crawlers miss we can be found in the places that you would in fact most likely look.  MONEY.CA is the main benefactor of important prominent keyword sites like CA-MONEY.COM and stand on guard for thee both locally across Canada and throughout the world we should be found at our usual address and placed prominently and according.

MONEY.CA number one on yahoo google bing and youtube including others is the only goal for MONEY to be found and not lost for any reason. Follow our trend to the top for getting better quality content and information to you, your money and your local search engine crawler.





Week-end Money Update – August 31, 2012

MONEY Canada – Canadian Money

The Toronto stock market registered a solid gain amid signs of Canadian economic growth and U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke kept the door open for another round of economic stimulus.

 The S&P/TSX composite index rose 63 points to 11,949..

 The Canadian dollar closed up 67-100ths to 101.45 cents US as Statistics Canada said gross domestic product increased by 0.2 per cent in June, against the 0.1 per cent rise that economists had expected.

 The Dow Jones industrials moved up 90 points to 13,091 as Bernanke said that the Fed will act to promote growth as needed. The Nasdaq composite index climbed 18 points to 3,067.

 Oil gained $1.85 to US$96.47 a barrel.

 Traders are now looking ahead to the Fed’s next rate announcement on Sept. 14, after officials take in the release next Friday of the August job creation data.

 There’s plenty of other market moving events next week, including Thursday’s interest rate announcement by the European Central Bank, when it’s hoped the ECB will announce moves to control borrowing costs of some of the weakest eurozone countries.

Check back for updated business and financial news Tuesday morning before the market open.

The Last Post Fund

Last Post Fund - Canadian Veterans
Last Post Fund

   We Salute You, In Memory of our Veterans $9,400,000 National Fundraising Campaign Launch.

Montreal, Québec – The Last Post Fund has embarked on a national fundraising campaign, entitled In Memory of our Veterans, with Major-General (Retired) Lewis MacKenzie, UE, CM, CMM, MSC, O.Ont, CD as Honorary Chairman for fund raising and Lieutenant-General (Retired) Lou Cuppens as Campaign Coordinator.

“For over a century, the Last Post Fund has provided dignified funerals and burials for 150,000 Canadian financially challenged Veterans”, states MGen (Ret’d) Lewis MacKenzie.

The specific use of proceeds is very well-defined with contributions (cash or in-kind) directed to these primary, urgent areas of need:

  • $1,000,000 set aside to facilitate the dignified burial of financially challenged Veterans who are not eligible for the Funeral and Burial Program
  • $1,000,000 to support the Last Post Fund’s Unmarked Grave Program, whose objective is to provide a permanent military-style marker for eligible Veterans buried in unmarked graves.  According to Veterans Affairs Canada, between 20,000 and 30,000 Veterans’ graves are unmarked throughout the country
  • $1,000,000 for purchase and clearance of new land section at the LPF National Field of Honour
  • $200,000 for renovation of the Arthur Hair Reception Centre at the National Field of Honour
  • $200,000 for road repairs and equipment
  • $6,000,000 to sustain the perpetual care fund of the LPF National Field of Honour and to support other Fields of Honour set up by the Last Post Fund

Donations can be made online. You may also fill out this form and mail it at the address indicated thereon, or by phone 1 (800) 465-7113.

Several advantages are offered to donors as specified in our Donor Recognition Program.

Mission: The Last Post Fund (LPF) is a non-profit organization whose mission, since 1909, is to ensure that no eligible Canadian or Allied Veteran is denied a dignified funeral and burial due to insufficient funds at time of death. The LPF delivers the Funeral and Burial Program on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada.

National Office, 505 René-Lévesque Blvd West, Suite 401 Montreal, Quebec H2Z 1Y7

Toll-Free: 800-465-7113   Email: [email protected]

Registered Charity No. 11900 9181 RR0002 – Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued.

Last Post Fund                         

Veterans Affairs Canada     

Campaign coverage:

Keywords:  Canadian Armed Forces, Merchant Navy Veteran, Second World War, WWII, Korean War, deceased Veterans, non-profit organization, funeral, burial, military style gravemarker, grave marker, disability benefit, National Field of Honour, Allied Veteran, Allied Forces, Canadian Forces, Canadian Government, military families, The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs, Navy, Air Force, Army, final resting place, bravery, valour, honour, duty, unmarked grave, Pointe-Claire, PQ, Modern Day Veterans, donor recognition, benevolent, LCol, Lieutenant-Colonel, Major-General, LGen, Lieutenant-General, gift-in-kind, philanthropy, philanthropist, charity, donation, not-for-profit

This press release was graciously provided as gift-in-kind by for which we are grateful and hereby recognize as “Friend” of the In Memory of our Veterans campaign.

Jean-Pierre Goyer, Executive Director   Toll-Free:  1 (800) 465-7113

Canada set to Play Halak and the Slovakians

The Montreal Canadiens didn’t have one player that played for Team Canada Olympics. The Habs real  top goalie “Halak” is set to make his mark as one of the best by beating the defending olympic gold medal champions. The Swedes are finished now and the Slovakian team has nothing to lose now in facing the high scoring Canadians tomorrow at 4:30 pm Vancouver time 7:30 pm Toronto time. On the way to the gold medal round television history may be achieved in reaching the most watched hockey game in Canada ever.

Canadians thrash Russians – Swedes or Slovakians next

Canada beats Russia

VANCOUVER – It wasn’t the gold-medal game . . . it just felt like it.

Thirty million Canadians will say they were there. And maybe they were – in the hearts of 20 Canadian players who felt their push.

The best of Canadian hockey was on display in this victory for the ages: Passion. Heart. Hunger. Will.

The Canadians came at Russia like a Tsunami.

“We were at the boiling point as soon as the puck dropped,” said Canadian forward Eric Staal.

As for the top-ranked Russians, they didn’t even come to a simmer, as Canada hung one of the most embarrassing defeats on Russia in its Olympic history. Officially, the 7-3 rout is Russia’s second worst Olympic loss – behind a 5-0 beating by Finland in 1994.

“Unfortunately, our Olympic Games are over,” said Russian head coach Vyacheslav Bykov, “and I apologize for how it happened.”

Russian superstar Alex Ovechkin, targeted at every turn, and especially pounded early by Rick Nash and Shea Weber, looked like he wished he were somewhere else. To paraphrase Pedro Martinez, the Canadians whipped No. 8 like they were his ‘daddy.’ One Weber hit broke Ovechkin’s stick. Subsequent hits broke his spirit.

“OOOOO-vvie!!” fans chanted, mockingly, in the third period.

And then, “We want Swe-den!!”

Finally, “We want gold!”

Make no mistake, Russia wanted this one, too.

But Canada wanted it in the worst way, here on home ice, after Russia ruined the 2006 Olympics by beating Canada 2-0 in the quarter-finals, then went on to win two world titles over Canada.

This sweet victory was a long time coming. At the Olympics, Canada hadn’t defeated the Russians in any form – as Russia, the Soviet Union or United teams since 1960, that black-and-white TV era when Canada was represented by the Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen. That was also a rout, 8-5. Canada’s overall Olympic record against Russia just improved to 2-9, but 1-1 since the NHL joined the Olympics in 1998.

Yes, it’s been 50 years since Canada celebrated an Olympic win over this nation, and if that number rings a bell, it should. It was also 50 years between Olympic gold hockey medals when Canada won at Salt Lake City in 2002.

All day long, the city anticipated this match, and clearly so did Canada’s team, storming up ice from the opening faceoff. The Russians had to wonder what hit them (usually it was Brenden Morrow or Mike Richards or Jonathan Toews or Shea Weber . . .).

Ovechkin would have loved to upstage Sidney Crosby and his Canadian team in their own rink, but it was not happening, especially with Evgeni Nabokov springing leaks in the Russian net. The goal he let through off Morrow’s backhand, after Russia scored to close to 3-1, was horrific as well as fatal for the Russians. Canada got the bounces it did not get against the USA.

Where’s Mike Keenan when he’s needed? Nabokov should have been hooked after Morrow’s goal, if not earlier. Mercifully, Ilya Bryzgalov relieved Nabokov after Canada’s sixth goal, a slapshot by Weber. Corey Perry scored two goals, as he and Anaheim teammate Ryan Getzlaf put on an offensive show, with some dazzling passing plays. Defenceman Dan Boyle got it started, setting up Canada’s first goal and then scoring the second one himself.

“We wanted to play that physical game,” Perry said. “We grinded, played that cycle game. That’s what we have to do to be successful.”

Toews said the Canadians knew pressure would fetch rewards.

“An offensive team like that,” Toews said, “is going to turn pucks over. We weren’t going to give up and give them a chance to come back.”

The pressure on Russia’s defence was designed to limit stretch passes to their dynamic forwards. Mission accomplished. Russian goals by Dmitri Kalinin, Maxim Afinogenov and Sergei Gonchar made things mildly interesting as far as drama, but really, it was over when Canada pumped four past Nabokov in the first period.

Ovechkin was supposed to be saving himself for Canada (or maybe it’s the 2014 tournament in Sochi?). Ovechkin did little in the three preliminary games, and throughout, he’s been miserable. Par for his Vancouver behaviour, Ovechkin spoke to Russian media post-game, then brushed off all other inquiries, twice blowing through the mixed zone.

Canadian head coach Mike Babcock was heard spinning lovely pre-game yarns about this game turning into the Sid vs. Ovie show, which was a smokescreen, of course. Babcock had no intention of running Crosby’s skill line against Ovechkin, Alex Semin, and Evgeni Malkin. That assignment went to a new bulldog line of Nash, Toews and Richards. Nos. 61, 16 and 18 didn’t check Ovechkin, they put him on, and wore him out. The Toews line started the game and starred in it – an especially gritty, effective performance by Toews, the young Chicago Blackhawks centre, who has found his tournament niche.

Oddly, despite the buildup of Sid vs. Ovie, neither protagonist played much of a role. Crosby did not score a point in the rout.

Still, what a chapter for young fans, just catching on to this Canada-Russia rivalry thing, rooted, in the Cold War days when Father David Bauer’s amateur nationals tried their best, then finally Canada’s NHL pros were assembled in 1972, and won a cliffhanger eight-game series on Paul Henderson’s historic goal.

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Canadians ready to help Haiti Earthquake Victims

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Military medics have begun treating Haitian earthquake survivors as the Canadian relief effort continues to expand. For the past two days they have been supporting a Belgian relief team at a makeshift clinic treating overflow patients from a neighbouring hospital. There are currently more than 115 Canadian military personnel in the country busy preparing for the Disaster Assistance Relief Team.

Canadian police officers posted with the UN have been acting as escorts for search and rescue teams. Today, a Dominican operation pulled out an elderly woman who had been pinned in her apartment since Tuesday’s earthquake.Consular officials have so far evacuated more than 500 Canadians, with two planes due to arrive in Canada today.