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How do you eat an elephant? Book Review

how to eat an elephant
Book Review: how to eat an elephant

 MONEY.CA Book Review


Written by Ian R. Whiting, Senior Editor

Not exactly what you had in mind when you think elephants but this analogy turned idiom is a great way to describe and explain the complexities of personal finance in an easy and manageable way.

Frank Wiginton has developed a reputation as an easy-to-understand financial educator and has written an interesting book entitled “HOW TO EAT AN ELEPHANT – ACHIEVING FINANCIAL SUCCESS ONE BITE AT A TIME” that includes access to a self-help website ( that takes people through his entire process. His chosen title is very appropriate as developing a sound financial plan is perceived as a daunting exercise for most people.

Frank uses a variety of stories and scenarios to share his thoughts and perspectives on each part of your plan. Frank takes people through a logical process beginning with setting goals followed by that most feared word – budget! To his credit, his process helps relieve people of the much of the stress that often accompanies this challenging exercise.

Frank takes his readers on a journey through all of the important parts of a sound plan including debt and cash-flow management, life and disability insurance along with critical illness and long term care needs. He discusses pensions and other retirement resources including OAS and CPP/QPP, your RRSPs and TFSAs. He provides sound guidance on savings for education requirements and the legal niceties required to ensure our wishes are carried out in the event we are unable to act for ourselves and after we pass away.

After reading the book, I came to a series of conclusions about his process and style:

a) he emphasises that achieving your own definition of financial success is a journey, not a destination;

b) each person is accountable for their own successes and failures;

c) working with a professional team of advisors will reduce your overall level of risk of failure and enhance your probability of success, but you can’t abdicate your own responsibility to your team;

d) common-sense is your greatest ally;

e) you need to have patience – starting with the patience to devote time each month to your own financial affairs; and

f) you need to monitor your progress regularly against your goals and make needed adjustments as soon as the need becomes apparent.

Like every effective author, Frank has strong personal beliefs and has done a very good job at sharing them with his readers. Even if you choose not to agree with his perspective or views, the process he uses to explain each part of the plan ensures that you go through a logical evaluation of the various options before making a decision rather than shooting from the hip.

Throughout the book, there are “One Frank Thought” boxes in which his personality shines through while sharing some unique perspectives on the topic in question – they add greatly to both the material and the concepts he presents.

A very worthwhile investment of $21.95 plus taxes is available at fine retail establishments including Chapters and Indigo through Wiley and Sons Limited the publisher or

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Financial Literacy – Canadian Financial Literacy

Canadian Money

MONEY.CA the site that best does what everyone else talks about; when it comes to online “Financial Literacy” for Canadians we share the wealth and wisdom online and in print, bringing a little bling and a lot of the real thing to all the right target markets for all the right reasons. New site:

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Money Video also known as Market Update Video brings the most trusted name in online news to Canadians 4 times a day 5 days a week giving you in depth business and finance news as it happens receiving updates direct to your desktop or phone.

MONEY has a great vertical potential because it is a keyword and one of the most important as it affects all people and it affects them all in different ways. Even if you are not a Canadian capitalist you just have to understand something about it and how it works if you have it or not most will reluctantly abide by its principles in order to survive.

MONEY has many definitions and expressions to numerous to count, some of the most important things according to Canadians and their money will be a primary focus for MONEY to continually research, study and report all that is money and all that is worth knowing and sharing when it comes to personal finance and the local Canadian economy.

MONEY.CA with all it’s resources will help investors, students, youth and new comers to Canada all the important news, information and insight they need to know to hold up a world class economy that starts with more children having enough to eat and access to education, books and computers.

Between investors and financial companies there exists a social media platform ready for the best and most healthy exchange of information and ideas to create the next well-informed group of Canadians that will have fostered a more even playing field while creating more efficient markets and market partners. Mass collaboration changes everything along with several important government and financial businesses have partnered to continually bring real and realistic products and services to encourage change in under-served communities and forgotten Canadian children that are our better future once lead wisely.

Best Rate Around and Investment Marketplace are just 2 of the primary lineup of landing pages that attract and retain the attention of the Canadian consumer online. Canadian Financial Traffic sites that help develop traction and get more Canadians to destination sites that gives them good, accurate and helpful answers to the most common questions always with the ability to learn more about you and your money from me and my money.

Canadians – Financial Literacy = Poverty Sucks

Financial Literacy

The new effective campaign name for Financial Literacy is here. “POVERTY SUCKS”

MONEY.CA  Powered by “You and Your Money”  brings you a stream of  MONEY Video and Market Update by the Canadian Press news, information and insight brought to you by Canada’s most trusted name in online news.  Before the Bell –  Opening Market – Midday Markets and After the Bell news and newsflashes all less than a minute and a half. You get what you need: often updated , frequently re-freshed and relevant news delivered quickly and on time.  MONEY.CA online and MONEY Magazine have the same high standards to deliver the money news and fianncial information to the Canadian investor how and when they want it, online blogs, audio, video and in print publication full 4 color process Magazine and Newsletter.

MONEY news, information and education: how it should be. In the fight against poverty MONEY will make in roads, maps and highways to children, students, the investing public and new Canadian immigrants to forward the saving, making and preserving money philosophies toward wealth and riches. The new campaign has to be strong a meaningful and get the attention of those target markets that definitely overspend and have unreliable savings or ability to control spending.  It is often said the youth don’t know anything about money and with clear and conscious study it is a fact children, students and youth in Canada know nothing or very little about the value of it, how to make it and how to keep it. The new campaign has to be in your face to even try to get the attention it truly deserves. It has to be made sexy at least in terms of re-action that may lead to action.

MONEY will try to attract and retain the attention of an unwanting youth or an un-interested adult.  Above and beyond what we do with MONEY.CA and MONEY Magazine, newsletter and blog we have created online tools and interactive technology to engage the target market and future particapants of Canada’s capital markets and consumers of financial services.  There really is no better reward than money, no rewards or point system can be better than getting a deep discount, money off or money refunded or rebated to you. Its the start of some idea and concept of incentive that keep them interested and coming back for more.

A mutual fund contest is just one of those things that could teach, interact and benefit an individual or a contestant.  Regardless if you are a new immigrant, youth, handy investor or professional advisor we can all learn a lot and teach a lot with a fair competition that challenges everyone individual to interact to learn more and acheive more.  The knowledge and information base alone are well worth it, the money up for grabs by individual catergory sums it up by saying up t0 $10,000.00 up for grabs…You Can Win!

Imagine that a simple mutual fund contest online could calm the nerves of a society that is quite concerned almost alarmed at the level of financial knowledge Canadians have on average; pretty low!. Lets take what weve got and turn it into something great.  The Mutual Fund Contest with real money for reward, patience intellegence and careful portfolio planning to make as much money as you can over the contest to call yourself a winner in one of 4 categories.  Get them where they live and that is online and on there wireless device, yes a mutual fund contest available as an app – wow a downloadable Mutual Fund Contest why not after MONEY has just finished creating the first Top 10 Mutual Funds List. Top 10 mutual funds in 53 Mutual Fund Categories and the 10 Major Asset Classes and finally the Top 10 Mutual Fund List overall.

We can do it! ok who’s with us; or are we all by ourselves. Advertise, prompt and promote education, a competition and challenge that anyone can join in and particpate.  What can you do beside joining can you get others interested, individuals groups, classrooms; tell the world! Ok Canadians only.