MONEY.CA is highly ranked on yahoo google bing and youtube and is popular with social media, Canadian financial consumers and is a favorite of The Advisor Channel. MONEY represents Canadian money at the highest level. MONEY online is the destination place for the average Canadian who needs to make, save and preserve more of their hard earned wealth. We are most proud of the fact that we are a friend of, associated with and are considered a darling business firm focused on Canadian financial literacy. All of our products and services are focused on money, personal finance and financial literacy. While money concentrates on providing a simple line of business in the realm of financial advertising we endeavor to engage and facilitate exchange of knowledge and power with and to Canadian’s.

Our products and services are simple and obvious in nature with a narrow minded aim to provide good, timely and actionable news, information, insight and advice.

Welcome to The MONEY Network and the growing MONEY Vertical that is helping the average Canadian bring up the mean for all the right reasons.

MONEY.CA online with over 10,000 new, unique visitors monthly and growing exponentially.

Money Magazine in print at Chapters Indigo Smith Books Coles and other fine retail establishments. Money Magazine is also available online in magazine format with ISSUU.COM

The Money Newsletter a monthly electronic communique that is well receive by over 10,000 CASL approved subscribers known as loyal MONEY Members.

Money Media we are partnered with the top 10 world class press and media organizations with considerable and unique free access to media and resources.

Money Video from concept to creation and production MONEY Video creates top quality financial content for internal purposes and outside sales.

The Money Show for Television is on TV 2 times daily, 7 days a week in 4 provinces in Canada with regular ‘same channel – same time’ scheduling.

MONEY is online – in print – in the media – with video – and on television. What more do you want? Let us know how we can improve and how we can get MONEY working for you.

As a continuous theme we are always and connecting the dots between MONEY and the 12 core areas of personal finance.

investments – insurance – mortgages – tax – trust and estate planning – financial planning – credit
budget and savings – business – real estate – finance – financial literacy

Advertise, Sponsor – Contribute or Promote with MONEY and be recognized as a champion of Canadian Financial Literacy and an elite social sponsor.

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www.moneyinformation.ca  moneyinformation.ca and Money Information respectively are part of The MONEY Network and considered to be sites, landing pages and online destination places for Canadians – MONEY and Canada. Our main site is MONEY.CA please join us for all the right reasons.

Money Information and this site is intended for long-term use for public awareness and primarily for Canadian Financial Literacy.

This site is all about Money in Canada – Money News, Money Information, insight and commentary including blogs and daily video.



MONEY News Site

Canadian Money News

MONEY.ca and Money Canada have come up with a great new “LogoStrat” meaning a smart new strategy and a creative and vibrant logo that says exactly what it means.  Money isn’t everything but is does mean many different things to many different people. MONEY you love it or hate, you need it even if you despise it and the thought of it. While other just love it, want it and covet it somehow the new saying “bling” has always been around along as people, rulers and royalty leveraged something more than just mite.

MONEY for us at money.ca is important both in meaning, print and online and providing timely relevant news and information takes a dedication that we are committed to. MONEY News has a new logo and it means business, it means finance, it means commerce and it says “invest with confidence”. MONEY by design has 3 powerful layers of online financial content. “Me and My Money” is a well-written personal finance  Super-blog powered by money.ca and pays to follow for your local economy and wallet share. “You and Your Money” not just another blog a Canadian financial, writer, author, blogger perspective with unedited straight talk on personal finance, new prouducts and services.

MONEY News combines a strong focus on Personal Finance with the strongest business media prescence on the Internet today. The next level of website and marketing push is now ready to be revealed; perhaps the first of its kind built at the right time for all the right reasons.

MONEY Media – newswire.ca marketwire.com businesswire.ca prnewswire.com prweb.com and media giants like globenewswire.com are working together with MONEY to get the financial news and information out to where it naturally belongs.  Today collaboration is the keyword to get news and information out to the right intended target audience. Top media companies rely on MONEY to get all their new to all the right target markets, MONEY.ca a purposefully built online destination place for Canadians concerned about their finances look for answers, ideas and advice.  MONEY is “financial content” and naturally our business is selective “financial advertising” and at the same time due to our excellent online prescience and media prowess we take advantage of our ability promote “Financial Literacy”.

MONEY.ca is celebrating the fact that as an important and critical keyword we have worked hard to bring in the MONEY and financial news from the humble beginnings of a small newsletter to a niche and darling company that has all respect and favour in business and charity. MONEY News is moving to the next level of its vertical growth and is re-creating the entire site to be a complete financial news site which will give MONEY greater reach in Canada and the world for all the right reasons.  MONEY – MONEY.ca – MONEY News stay tuned; coming soon…


You and Your Money®

You and Your Money
You and Your Money

Top keyword searches on the Internet are probably sex, love and money but we are only here to talk about “You and Your Money“.

As we begin our journey in describing every aspect of money possible I look to promote our business and philosophy in the best way possible. We now that the internet is exploding; computers are faster and cheaper and more and more people will have them as band with and security grow.  In Learning how to get better rankings for  money.ca and Money Canada Limited we may have to use some of our writing and editing prowess.  I have studied some key words in order to position our own key word of ‘MONEY’ at the top of internet search engines like Yahoo.ca, Yahoo.com, google.ca and google.com. MONEY.CA should join some of the top sites simply because its quality, content and presentation. We are simply promoting a well documented product, service and commodity as well.  Money is an important subject, at MONEY.CA for obvious monetary reasons. Sex for Love not Money…as we all know ‘sex sells’, also literary and literally; meaning that the greatest amount of look ups or searches done on the internet on search engines like Yahoo and google are in the following order…love than money than sex…love comes ahead of sex, but really sex is second to love, also noting that money is between love and sex, often this is typical  of love and sex because people do confuse sex for love and vice verse love for sex. That being said we I have shown you that the internet is as smart as the people who use it. There is an obvious play on words here, and they are meant playfully yet they are also meant to be significant in order to rank highly on search engines every where showing that as humans we might not always have our priorities right and we do enjoy the subjects of Love, Sex and Money. Our philosophy to get noticed maybe unorthodox but our target market is varied, and we would like to be where real people are in order to help them to determine their priorities and tell them about ours. We are promoting money, Canadian money and Canadian money services and products; we are promoting money education and creating wealth through many wonderful offers.  Join us to tell people the simple truth about money through our MONEY Magazine, MONEY Newsletter, MONEY ezine. Find out more on how you can participate in documenting this important subject of MONEY for the benefit of others.

Money Canada Limited

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