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CA money mostly known as Canadian Money – meaning MONEY in Canada. others may think the meaning is for California Money. Just the same it is North America and the dollars although diminished in purchasing power still has significant meaning to those who hold it and to those who want it.

With companies and counties and coutries going bankrupt there is room for an honest online blog that looks at money by itself, in a different province, state or country today the idea of money is more meaningful now than ever before.  It doesn’t matter if you are from California or Canada – lets start with microeconomics and then move on to macroecomomics and include the rest of the world on how to change the economy, invest in the future and generate a higher standard of living for more people and improve the lives of the less fortunate where and when we can.

CA money lets talk about the local economy the news changes and innovations that help people learn and grow as a responsible citenzenry we can pay back with the social currency. Give what you can with what you have: money, information, time, talent or anything you or your company have to be part of the Social Media. is exactly that at a time where everyone is talking about social media we have figured out what it means and how to get paid for it whilst exchanging and challenging the status quo with there time and money the public is much better served.


You and Your Money®

You and Your Money
You and Your Money

Top keyword searches on the Internet are probably sex, love and money but we are only here to talk about “You and Your Money“.

As we begin our journey in describing every aspect of money possible I look to promote our business and philosophy in the best way possible. We now that the internet is exploding; computers are faster and cheaper and more and more people will have them as band with and security grow.  In Learning how to get better rankings for and Money Canada Limited we may have to use some of our writing and editing prowess.  I have studied some key words in order to position our own key word of ‘MONEY’ at the top of internet search engines like,, and MONEY.CA should join some of the top sites simply because its quality, content and presentation. We are simply promoting a well documented product, service and commodity as well.  Money is an important subject, at MONEY.CA for obvious monetary reasons. Sex for Love not Money…as we all know ‘sex sells’, also literary and literally; meaning that the greatest amount of look ups or searches done on the internet on search engines like Yahoo and google are in the following order…love than money than sex…love comes ahead of sex, but really sex is second to love, also noting that money is between love and sex, often this is typical  of love and sex because people do confuse sex for love and vice verse love for sex. That being said we I have shown you that the internet is as smart as the people who use it. There is an obvious play on words here, and they are meant playfully yet they are also meant to be significant in order to rank highly on search engines every where showing that as humans we might not always have our priorities right and we do enjoy the subjects of Love, Sex and Money. Our philosophy to get noticed maybe unorthodox but our target market is varied, and we would like to be where real people are in order to help them to determine their priorities and tell them about ours. We are promoting money, Canadian money and Canadian money services and products; we are promoting money education and creating wealth through many wonderful offers.  Join us to tell people the simple truth about money through our MONEY Magazine, MONEY Newsletter, MONEY ezine. Find out more on how you can participate in documenting this important subject of MONEY for the benefit of others.

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