Discover How To Rank In Search Engines with Visual SEO Strategies By Reading Guest Post Tracker’s Most Recent Post

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (PRWEB) December 13, 2019

With the recent rate at which the Internet is growing, it's quickly becoming a land of visual stories a user can get lost. With so much content to choose from and so little time to consume information, readers have adapted to the behavior TLDR or “too long didn’t read." And while content is king, algorithms have taken into account forms of content that capture attention almost immediately.

The rise in video engagement has led marketers to modify strategies into incorporating video campaigns. It has also changed the SEO landscape; it's expected that search engines will continue to reward the ranking factor of video as consumers demand more and more video in search results. Studies report that companies experience a more than 35% increase in traffic if a video is included in their efforts. It can be concluded that video can significantly affect and boost page rankings.

Guest Post Tracker has recently released an article discussing several quick wins to help with “visual SEO." It is said that with the proper implementation, one's SEO game can be elevated to a different level, potentially leading to a faster growing business.

One of the strategies discussed is the use of video or “moving images." Videos are incorporated in Google’s algorithm and are recognized for the quality of their content, making them players in the game of higher page rankings. YouTube has already climbed the ranks and is now the second-largest search engine, which means content posted on YT can immediately boost search rankings. Just by looking at the keyword labels, search engines can immediately identify information like who the intended audience is and the message of the video.

About Guest Post Tracker: Guest Post Tracker is one of the largest resources for SEO service providers. Guest Post Tracker offers a range of services including a mega list with thousands of sites that will let you guest post on their site – one of the hardest parts of SEO. They also have a few different "done for you services" including guest posts and blog content creation.

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NetActuate Continues Strategic Global Footprint Upgrades with Major Expansion in New York Data Center

NEW YORK (PRWEB) December 13, 2019

NetActuate is pleased to announce a major expansion in their New York City data center. Significant additional capacity is now available for bare metal, virtual machines, colocation, and network services. New connectivity partners have also improved network latency and resiliency for US East Coast end users.

“Our engineers have been hard at work expanding our New York City data center capacity,” said Mark Mahle, CEO and Principal Technology Architect. “Having a robust presence and greater availability of services in 85 10th Avenue is an important part of our strategic upgrade plan for NetActuate’s entire global footprint.”

NetActuate’s New York facility is protected by redundant, best-in-class power infrastructure and security measures, including biometric access and 24/7 onsite security personnel. From this location, NetActuate offers direct connectivity back to nearby carrier hotels 111 Eighth Avenue and 60 Hudson Street. From NetActuate’s New York data center, customers can benefit from direct access to NYIIX (New York International Internet Exchange) and more than 800 carriers, financial exchanges, application providers, media and content providers, software-as-a-service providers and enterprises.

The NYIIX is one of the world’s largest and most active carrier-neutral IP peering exchanges, ranking internationally in the top 10 among other exchanges. Redundant fiber cables connect the NYIIX to other carrier hotels in the area. As an NYIIX partner, NetActuate is able to deliver direct NYIIX ports for customers across their global footprint.

NetActuate’s New York data center is certified compliant for HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SSAE-16. NetActuate’s experienced 24×7 NOC and local technicians are available to provide remote hands and expert support.

Providers can easily deploy and expand their global presence on NetActuate’s Anycast Delivery Platform, built on one of the largest peered IPv4 and IPv6 networks in the world. Purpose built to deliver low latency and high reliability across diverse global markets, NetActuate’s anycast platform is available from their New York location, as well as over 30 US and global locations, with simple, predictable monthly pricing.

As part of NetActuate’s global footprint, customers can deploy their hybrid environments into this and over 30 additional US and global locations, without having to manage multiple vendors for their infrastructure and low-latency network services.

To learn more about NetActuate’s services from New York, please schedule a call with a solution specialist by calling 1-800-419-2656 or visiting

About NetActuate

Operating one of the 10 largest IPv4 and IPv6 peered networks in the world, NetActuate helps providers get closer to their end users – no matter where in the world they are. Available from over 30 locations worldwide, our managed network and infrastructure services simplify and accelerate the global distribution of online applications and SaaS platforms. Learn more today at 1-800-419-2656 or at To learn more about BGP anycast and how it can help reduce latency across diverse global markets, visit NetActuate's anycast information resource site at

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Introducing Snowbo, by Roboworx – the world’s first fully autonomous snowblower with weatherproof docking station available for pre-order on Indiegogo now

BOSTON and NEW YORK (PRWEB) December 13, 2019

Introducing Snowbo – the world's fully first autonomous snowblower with weatherproof docking station. Available for pre-order on Indiegogo now.

Roboworx has just announced the launch of their first robotic product, Snowbo. Snowbo is the first fully autonomous snow blower in the market, and is uniquely positioned to disrupt the home-robotics industry.

The idea for Snowbo originated when Youssri Helmy, Roboworx founder, was thinking of ways to build a robot to safely chase rabbits out of his backyard in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As Helmy, who had spent several years battling freezing temperatures in the Greater Boston area, began to develop a mechanical pest-control solution, he realized that the technologies used to chase rabbits out of backyards could also be applied to clearing snow from driveways in colder areas of the world. He began to research how he could leverage this technological commonality. “As I was trying to clear my backyard of pests, it occurred to me that even having moved to sunny California, this was as backbreaking and painstaking a chore as clearing my driveway of snow, which I’d had to do for all those years when I lived in Boston. I really felt like there just had to be a better way to do these things in the twenty first century.” Helmy, whose entrepreneurial resume includes thirty years of startup and venture capital experience in the Middle East and the United States, immediately began to assemble the Snowbo team and seed funding necessary.

Snowbo is an AI-powered snow blower that does not require human interaction or control. The robot uses weather forecasts, which it downloads from the cloud, to determine when and how long it goes outside to work. Unlike its human counterparts, Snowbo does not experience fatigue or the shock of colder temperatures. It starts to clear driveways as soon as the snow begins to fall, and continues to keep these spaces clean during and after winter storms. “Snowbo uses its patent-pending obstacle detection technology, SafeStop, to detect obstacles and navigate around them to safely clean the driveway,” says Bachir Kharraja, P.H.D., Roboworx Chief Technology Officer. “It’s not a clunky, blocky, robot from a bad 1980’s movie. This is a fully electric and self-charging snow-blower that doesn’t create CO2 emissions. It is a much more environmentally safe option for residents of snowy areas–not to mention an easy choice for drivers and people who would otherwise be stuck clearing their driveways.”

Now, backed by several angel investors in the San Francisco Bay Area, Snowbo and its parent company Roboworx are ready to disrupt the homewares platform. “We started Roboworx to automate home chores by providing intuitive autonomous robots that act intelligently in a household environment,” says Ed Metwally, Roboworx Chief Executive Officer. “Our robots provide convenience, peace of mind, and relieve our customers from having to do laborious, time-consuming, and often dangerous chores. It’s a solution for the technology age.”

According to Metwally, “We plan to continue developing Snowbo to help with other winter chores, like salt and sand spreading, as well as ice-scraping.” Now, after three seasons of testing, Snowbo has launched an Indiegogo campaign “It’s time for a better way to do your household chores,” says Kharraja, “and Roboworx is going to be here to help.”

Snowbo is available for pre-order on today. Save up to 50% off today.

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