Shamrock Announces New Partnership with Access to Distribute Formatta Enterprise eForms Software

Olathe, KS (PRWEB) August 22, 2017

Shamrock Solutions today announced that it has finalized a partnership agreement with Access, the leading provider of eForms and eSignatures. This agreement enables Shamrock to sell a wide range of software products, including the Access Formatta web-based forms solution family.

“Access is the global leader in eForms and electronic signatures technology and we’re looking forward to sharing their technology with our clients,” said Shamrock founder and CEO Robert Albright. “With Formatta, users can eliminate paper delays and inefficiency, and work faster and smarter.”

Access Formatta offers a complete, web-based forms management software platform that transforms any process using paper forms into an electronic, paperless one–empowering users to:

  • Design and create electronic versions of paper forms
  • Publish and manage the forms securely
  • Access and organize all enterprise forms in one place
  • Complete forms online or offline and submit them anytime
  • Authenticate and sign forms officially without paper
  • Distribute forms and notify others as part of any process
  • Output forms and share data with other systems

“Shamrock has a great track record supplying custom ECM solutions and professional services to the enterprise market,” said Access President Mark Johnston. “We’re excited to partner with them to deliver the benefits of paperless forms, electronic signatures and automated workflows to their existing customers and new clients in a broad range of industries.”

About Shamrock Solutions

Shamrock Solutions is a fast-growing IT professional services and software licensing company that provides technology solutions to organizations of all sizes and from all industries. Our range of services includes implementation, support, tune-ups, configuration, staff augmentation, project management, software delivery and sales and more for Lexmark Enterprise Software (formerly Perceptive Software and ImageNow), Jadu, Concerto Cloud, Formatta, and other enterprise content management (ECM) technologies. We also provide “Special Ops” projects that address customized development and integration solutions that help organizations achieve their unique business objectives. Learn more at

About Access

For more than 15 years, Access has developed electronic forms management solutions that eliminate the unnecessary expense, risk and inefficiency of paper forms. Our 100 percent paperless technology enables organizations in any industry to capture, manage, sign and share forms data without printing or scanning. Learn more at and help Access’s partner The Last Well bring clean water and the Gospel to Liberia at

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Gravity4 Launches Lydian, its BlockChain Marketing Cloud Token, Aimed to Provide Market Leading Advertising Services, Reduce Ad Fraud, & Increase Transaction Transparency

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) August 22, 2017

Gravity4, a deep learning marketing cloud platform, introduces its subsidiary division, LydianCoin Pte Ltd., a Singapore limited company (“Lydian”). Lydian has licensed and has forked the G4 Marketing Cloud to provide pre-paid digital advertising services for the blockchain community, accessible by the Lydian cryptographic token.

The name “Lydian” pays homage to the first human civilization to use currency.

Lydian is currently developing blockchain driven technologies to reduce advertisement fraud and to maximize the effectiveness of advertiser marketing expenditures. It aims to address the trust and transparency issues affecting digital marketing platforms using blockchain- distributed ledgers and industry exclusive data sets to democratize trust at scale. Ad fraud has plagued digital advertising for years. Many corporate strategies have attempted to avoid, circumvent, or innovate around ad fraud. However, the ad tech ecosystem has continued to suffer over the years from bot traffic, and falling rates of return on advertiser investment due to a lack of transparency and a host of rent-seeking intermediaries

Earlier in the quarter, Gravity4 announced its artificial intelligence (AI) powered marketing cloud, Mona Lisa, for online advertisers that uses machine learning’s predictive solutions to forecast the highest performing media channels within the programmatic ad placement ecosystem. Mona Lisa gives marketers the ability to control their consumer data as it applies deep learning algorithms to data aggregated through Gravity4’s proprietary app center to maximize ad placement efficacy.

This week, the Gravity4 company has announced the launch of Lydian, a utility-token which will offer cryptocurrency-enabled and A.I. driven digital advertising services especially focused to curb ad fraud. As reported by AdWeek, in 2016, digital ad fraud resulted in $7.2 billion loss industry-wide. This year, digital ad fraud is expected to cost brands over $16 billion. Lydian token enabled advertising will provide the (exclusive?) opportunity to access anti-ad fraud features found in the MonaChain, currently under development by Gravity4, which expects to leverage blockchain technology to track advertising market data, use that data to curtail ad fraud and maximize brand return on investment.

“As technological awareness of blockchain continues to increase, every sector of business stands a chance to be disrupted. There is a tremendous opportunity to utilize blockchain technology to create efficiencies within the ad tech industry. By enabling condition-triggered mechanisms for data to be accessible, it can be shared at scale without any middlemen. Lydian leverages the computing power of the G4 Marketing Cloud, and its data-driven marketing services to provide efficient advertising solutions for the cryptocurrency market. This will allow the community to effectively target customers, with verifiable metrics supporting their campaign efficacy. This will eliminate the need for an intermediary to validate the data integrity or ad serving transaction,” said founder and CEO, Gurbaksh Chahal.

Lydian is targeting new companies that have substantial cryptocurrency holdings, but that may be reluctant to liquidate large sums of cryptocurrencies into fiat to purchase services. Furthermore, the use of Lydian tokens to purchase advertising services from Lydian would support and strengthen the crypto-community by creating a deeper and more circular cryptocurrency economy. With Lydian tokens, businesses in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry can access these services without payment through conventional fiat channels.

“100% of the funds received by Lydian for Lydian tokens will be held as reserves against the cost of advertising and media services to be provided for token holders in exchange for Lydian tokens. Any and all product development costs to develop AI, smart contracts, other blockchain features will be funded by Gravity4,” said Chahal.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology may transform every data intensive industry, especially ad tech, as it digitizes and decentralizes the validation of transactions. Lydian’s advisory board consists of world-class leaders, seasoned executives, and entrepreneurs having been working with Gravity4 to prepare for this launch. Dentons US LLP and Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP are the legal counsel for this token sale. Stay tuned as in the coming days the team will be announcing some of their founding advisors. You can also visit Lydian directly at:

About Gravity4

Gravity4 is the world’s first high-frequency machine-learning marketing OS, built to enhance the advertising and SaaS industries. It collates customer experience so marketers can target a customer throughout the entire purchase journey and across all consumer touch-points, regardless of delivery channel. Its proprietary AI technology, Mona Lisa, builds a consumer persona by aggregating data across channels. The platform’s fluid and constant in-stream of data is sorted into a semantic graph to form connection clusters, using the correlation variables. All through a single click, it empowers agencies and marketers to allow connected software to optimize a manually driven $200 billion global advertising market. The company’s headquarters are in Miami, but it has offices in Sydney, Stockholm, Oslo, Auckland, Madrid, Singapore, Copenhagen, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Christchurch and Taipei.

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Rigaku Presents Live Data Collection at International Union of Crystallography Meeting

Hyderabad, India (PRWEB) August 22, 2017

Rigaku Corporation is currently participating in the 24th Congress & General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), being held August 21- 28, 2017 in Hyderabad, India. Rigaku, the sole Diamond Sponsor of the event, is presenting its advanced lines of instrumentation and software in Hall 3, stall number 46.

In addition to hosting workshops and a competition, Rigaku Oxford Diffraction (ROD) is conducting an eagerly anticipated LiveLab, providing IUCr2017 delegates with the opportunity to collect single crystal or powder data live at the event. In a collaboration between Rigaku and IUCr Journals, delegates were encouraged to sign up to collect data on either a Rigaku single crystal or powder benchtop X-ray diffractometer and prepare an article for submission to an IUCr Journal.

Participants have the opportunity to avail themselves of one of two working benchtop diffractometers – the Rigaku XtaLAB mini II single crystal diffractometer or the Rigaku MiniFlex powder diffractometer.

The XtaLAB mini™ II benchtop X-ray crystallography system is a research grade, compact single crystal X-ray diffractometer designed to produce ready-to-publish 3D structures with exceptional quality, exceeding IUCr publication standards.

The new sixth generation MiniFlex™ X-ray diffractometer is the newest addition to MiniFlex series of benchtop X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers from Rigaku, widely used in research fields and in industry. It is a multipurpose analytical instrument that can determine: phase identification and quantification, percent crystallinity, crystallite size and strain, lattice parameter refinement, Rietveld refinement, and molecular structure.

Live updates of data collection are available via Twitter by following Rigaku Oxford Diffraction at

More information about single crystal diffraction solutions from Rigaku is available at

About Rigaku Oxford Diffraction (ROD)

ROD was formed as the global single crystal business unit of Rigaku Corporation after the acquisition of the former Oxford Diffraction organization from Agilent Technologies in 2015. ROD is a leader in the field of single crystal analysis, both in the field of chemical crystallography as well as well as macromolecular crystallography. Formed in 1951, Rigaku Corporation is a leading analytical instrumentation company based out of Tokyo, Japan.

For further information, contact:

Paul Swepston, Ph.D.

Global Manager

Rigaku Oxford Diffraction

281-362-2300 x 111



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