Makor Ranked #1 in EXTEL Survey

Makor Ranked #1 in EXTEL Survey

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LONDON, June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Makor has been ranked #1 in the Extel Pan European Brokerage Special Situation / Risk Arb Sales Survey

Makor Securities London Limited (“Makor”) is extremely pleased to announce that we have been ranked #1 in the EXTEL Pan European Special Situation Sales survey for 2017. This marks the second year in a row that we have received the 1st place distinction in Thomson Reuters’ EXTEL survey, Europe’s leading investor ranking.

Since our inception, we have worked vigorously to maximize our equity research potential to enable our valued clients to make fully informed investment decisions and valuation judgements. We seek to minimize uncertainty through the engineering of sophisticated quantitative research models and products. The revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive comes into force in January and will force fund managers to break out the cost of research from the trading commissions they pay their brokers.

Our unique approach remains faithful to the deep roots of institutional investment and traditional broker service while incorporating the increasingly significant ability of data and technology. This distinctive approach permits Makor’s unrelenting commitment to excellence in Risk-Arb Research, advice, and execution, further providing relevant and comprehensive intelligence on companies involved in mergers in which specific events influence significant price volatility in a security. Makor’s methods include avant-garde financial models, unrivalled analysis, bespoke advisory, and around the clock access to pre-eminent, unique, and highly specialized legal and regulatory advisors.

Michael Halimi, co-founder of Makor, based in Tel Aviv commented: “Fintech is omnipresent at Makor throughout every facet of our firm, from the research and data analysis all the way until execution. Algorithm trading is proven to generate profit more quickly and frequently than human traders, thus at Makor it is with pride that we provide this optimized profitability service to our clients. Our objective is, and always will be, to deliver an uncompromised commitment to each of our clients around the world 24/7. From Savile Row to Park avenue, we extend our sincerest gratitude to our clients for their unwavering trust and support in Makor, and of course we thank our employees for their dedication and their pursuit of excellence”.

Avi Bouhadana, co-founder of Makor based in London, added: “The annual We Convene Extel Survey, often referred to as the ‘Oscars of the City’, ranks the top teams and individual analysts across sectors at investment research providers all throughout Europe. It is a significant achievement, though not to our surprise, to be ranked above well-established Investment Banks such as BOA Merrill and UBS, to name a few. This achievement comes as a result of our dedication and unprecedented procedure. Our firm’s increasing success at such a young age, provides us with the credence that our innovations will continue to categorically alter the landscape of investment strategy and execution for years to come.”

Makor Securities  
Avi Bouhadana, Founding Partner

Makor Capital
Michael Halimi, Founding Partner and CEO

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Blacklight Solutions Assists Research to Improve Energy Recovery

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) June 29, 2017

Blacklight Solutions, an applied data analytics firm in Austin, has developed a cloud-based tool to enhance the energy recovery research of the University of Texas’ Cockrell School of Engineering. The project is a collaboration with the work of Jon Olson, Ph.D., who has been studying hydraulic fracturing and fracture pattern development in the petroleum industry. Blacklight’s analytics and software engineers built a tool that visualizes the size and formation of fractures by using data delivered by Olson’s programming.

“We are always looking for new approaches to increasing the value of data,” said Chance Coble, CEO of Blacklight Solutions. “Doctor Olson’s work is critical in helping the energy industry understand hydraulic flows, rock mechanics, and impacts on recovery, and we’ve added to his project by offering a 3D visualization that petroleum engineers can utilize from anywhere with their data. Now they can literally see the shape and location of an underground fracture.”

Blacklight designed and developed the solution for Olson’s innovative fracture modeling program known as JOINTS. The company took his Fortran program and transitioned it into a modernized web application that is secure, multi-tenant, and can be operationalized on the cloud.

“Because it was based in Fortran, this was considered a ‘brownfield’ application,” said Giovanni Farris, VP of Development at Blacklight. “And we consistently find ways to take legacy applications being used by our customers, and turn them into modernized tools that can be wrapped in real time messaging and then hosted on the cloud. For businesses, this type of transition can be critical.”

The twenty different companies contributing to the JOINTS research project can now access a program that was previously only executable in a laboratory environment, and the user interface is completely mobile compliant. UT can also begin to look at the prospects of transferring the technology to the commercial marketplace.

About: Blacklight Solutions is an applied analytics company based in Austin, Texas. We help our clients solve business problems by putting their data to work with products designed to improve their revenues and customers’ satisfaction.

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ENGEL ICE Outperforms All Competitors In Independent Review

Jupiter, Fla. (PRWEB) June 29, 2017

Anglers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and road-trippers alike can keep their provisions colder for longer periods of time with ENGEL Cooler and Freezer Paks, which boast ENGEL’s proprietary dry ice replacement solution. A recent independent review pitted ENGEL Cooler and Freezer Paks, which utilize a Phase Change Material technology developed by Dr. Cliff Glade in 2010, against top competitors and ENGEL outperformed the competition. The full review can be seen here at

ENGEL, the leader in AC/DC fridges and freezers, high performance roto-molded coolers, vacuum insulated drink ware, outdoor adventure gear and soft-sided coolers for more than a half a century, is thrilled to make their Cooler and Freezer Paks, the highest performing ice replacement in the industry, available to consumers at select sporting good retailers and online at


ENGEL Cooler and Freezer Paks utilize a Phase Change Material (PCM). A phase change is defined as a transition between liquid and solid, like ice, or a transition between solid and gas, like dry ice. When a PCM like the one in ENGEL Cooler and/or Freezer Paks freezes, it releases a large amount of energy and does so at a relatively constant temperature. When a PCM melts, it absorbs a large amount of heat from the environment and does so at a relatively constant temperature. The PCMs used in ENGEL products have been engineered to solidify at different temperatures allowing them to maintain a constant exact temperature in the frozen or refrigerated range necessary to provide optimum cooling.

The PCMs ENGEL has chosen to ensure optimum performance were originally developed for the medical community. Portable blood banks used PCMs to maintain precise temperatures required to store and transport blood, allowing blood to remain with patients in the critical hours following surgery. Today, the largest health care services in the world use the same insulated PCMs that ENGEL brings to consumers. The precise and reliable cooling that hospitals trust keeps cooler contents cold for days. In fact, ENGEL Freezer Paks have added to the success and influence of ENGEL’s MHD13F-DM, a Fridge-Freezer designed by ENGEL to meet the needs of the EMS market for the transport of temperature-sensitive medications or storage of cold saline solution for induced hypothermia.

All ENGEL ICE products are non-toxic, non-hazardous, re-usable for up to five years and can maintain a sub-zero temperature “charge” in a freezer or other insulated environment for an extended period of time. The Engel Cooler Pak, which is available in medium and large size options, is an ideal cooler companion to keep contents chilled and dry. It works great in lunch boxes, beach coolers, soft sided coolers and cold shipping and it extends the life of traditional bagged ice allowing users to enjoy recreational sports without the mess of melted ice. Or, users can select the Engel Freezer Pak, also available in medium and large, which will keep keep cooler contents colder than ice for days. The hard-shell products retail for $19.99 for the medium, or $29.99 for the large, in either the Cooler Pak or Freezer Pak options.

“Often, a cooler is only as effective as what’s on the inside to keep provisions cool,” said Paul Kabalin, CEO of ENGEL Coolers. “Our ENGEL Cooler and Freezer Paks are the best way to ensure optimum chilling out of your ENGEL Cooler. Hospitals across the country trust our Paks, and we know ENGEL Cooler customers crave and deserve that same level of performance.”

For more information on ENGEL products, please visit or check out ENGEL’s online catalogs at and

About ENGEL Coolers:

ENGEL Coolers has designed a line of heavy duty coolers that are built for more than just keeping things cold. Rugged, durable, high-performance marine coolers and AC/DC overland fridge freezers are just some of the products that we have become known for. If your outdoor adventure or recreation require a heavy duty cooler solution, look no further. When the heat cranks up, ENGEL is here to cool things down. Adventurers, fisherman, hunters, and campers the world over rely on ENGEL high performance, heavy duty coolers. For more information, please visit

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