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DALLAS (PRWEB) December 05, 2019

Kitchen Tools Club was created by Andrew G. Hopkins, a chef with an experience of eighteen years. As a kitchen tools connoisseur, Mr. Hopkins spent years finding only the best products that are available on the market. He created Kitchen Tools Club to spread the most reliable information about the best kitchen tools on the market.

At, customers who are looking for kitchen tools will be guided in the right direction in order to make the best buying decisions. Purchasing quality kitchen tools is important for anyone. However, customers who want to purchase the tools that suit them the best will discover it can be a little tricky, mostly because there are so many of them on the market from where to choose. This is where Kitchen Tools Club can be really helpful. Here, customers can find kitchen tools reviews that highlight the pros and cons of each product. Furthermore, they will be able to find out the highest-rated kitchen tools out in the market today so they can simplify their work and get the best deals without exerting so much effort.

The Beauty Kitchen section at Kitchen Tools Club presents several tips and tricks that can help visitors transform their kitchens. The kitchen is not only a space for cooking and eating, but also for other activities such as entertaining guests, and gathering together as a family. Anyone can decorate their kitchens in their own styles. Small or large kitchens can be decorated and arranged to become fantastic spaces. In this section, visitors will find out to organize their drawers, how to efficiently enhance the storage, how to create their own cooking space and other ideas that can dramatically change a kitchen for better.

Cooking Today is Kitchen Tools Club’s section where visitors will learn what they need to prepare and how to cook a perfect meal. Although everyone can cook, cooking is more than mixing all the ingredients together and hope for the best outcome. In this section, beginners, professionals, and even chefs can find something helpful that can improve their knowledge of cookery. Also, visitors can find out various recipes for delicious meals such as black forest delight, cookies, smiling potatoes, burgers, and more.

Tips & Tricks is the section where visitors of Kitchen Tools Club will discover how with the help of several cooking tips and tricks, a boring dish can be transformed into a more appealing and delicious meal. Visitors will also find out which meat grinders are the best, how to choose one, and how to take care of them. Furthermore, visitors will learn about the importance of bowls and how to choose them.

Choosing the best kitchen products can be quite difficult because there are so many brands and products available on the market. Kitchen Tools Club’s Buying Guide will help anyone to find the best products for their kitchens. Here, they can find reviews and buying guides for different kitchen products such as meat grinders, meat slicers, spiral slicers, smokers, egg cookers, and more.

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Special Offers to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Tourism Bureau Los Angeles Office and the U.S. – Taiwan Travel Year

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) December 05, 2019

Special Offers to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Tourism Bureau Los Angeles Office and the U.S. – Taiwan Travel Year

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is devoted to promoting Taiwan tourism to the world while pursuing the goals of globalization, digitalization, localization and sustainability. In November of 1999, the Chicago office was relocated to Los Angeles where the population and household average income were higher to strategically penetrate to and develop the Southern California tourism market. After two decades of effort, the number of American travelers to Taiwan has seen an 82.53% increase, from 317,801 in 1999 to 580,072 in 2018. With the implementation of “Project Vanguard for Excellence in Tourism” and the “Tourism 2020 Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy”, the number of US visitors to Taiwan has shown a rapid growth of 40.99% from 2012 to 2018.

2019 marks the “Year of Taiwan Small Town Ramble” and the “U.S.-Taiwan Travel Year” which celebrates 40 years of friendship and partnership between the United States and Taiwan since the signing of the Taiwan Relations Act. “Human rights protection is the core value of Taiwan’s freedom and democracy. The passing of same sex marriage this year further highlights Taiwan’s respect for basic human rights. This brings Taiwan in alignment with the core values of California, the world’s fifth largest economy with a population of nearly 40 million,” says Abraham Chu, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles.

Thank-you cards with the Chinese calligraphy message of “Visit Taiwan. Feel the Hospitality” by Yung-Hui Chou, Director General of the Tourism Bureau along with the premium Taiwanese tea gift sets from our cross-industry ally Ten Ren’s Tea were shared to our long-term partners who have been promoting Taiwan tourism. Social media influencer Owin Pierson was also invited to the event to share his latest experience in Taiwan.

“The State of California has the most flights to Asia, with a total of 66 weekly direct flights to Taiwan operated by Taiwan’s China Airlines and EVA Air, flying out directly from Los Angeles (31), San Francisco (28), and Ontario (7) respectively. We continuously work on ‘deepening existing markets and diversifying the sources of visitors’. In the next 6 months, we will collaborate with travel agencies and airlines to provide limited-time offers targeting younger baby boomers, Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z. This segment marketing strategy is going to take Taiwan tourism to new heights,” says Brad Shih, Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s Los Angeles office.

Among our cross-industry allies are well-known gourmet, and chain restaurants such as Boiling Point, Meet Fresh, Ten Ren’s Tea, Pine & Crane, Joy, and others. They have all joined us in this event of celebration and within the next 6 months, they will invite Taiwan’s Oh!Bear mascot to pop up at various flash mob events at their restaurants to promote Taiwanese cuisine and offer travel sweepstakes to southern Californians.

Please follow our Tour Taiwan Facebook fan page ( and the TripAdvisor Taiwan page ( for offers and great deals on Taiwan tourism!

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Buddy’s Pizza, the Detroit-Style Pizza Originator, Names Its New CEO, Burton Heiss; Plans to Continue to Deliver on Promise of Flavorful Pizza for All

DETROIT (PRWEB) December 05, 2019

The Original Detroit-Style Pizza purveyor, Buddy’s Pizza, is ready to take a bite out of new markets thanks to the announcement of its new Chief Executive Officer, restaurant industry veteran and former Nando’s U.S. CEO, Burton Heiss. The pizza brand has been steadily leveraging an exciting development strategy since early 2018, when restaurant financier and private investment firm CapitalSpring acquired a majority stake in Buddy’s Pizza. Heiss will take over the reins from former acting CEO, Jim Balis, who remains the Head of CapitalSpring’s Strategic Operations Group.

In the last two years, CapitalSpring has laid the groundwork for continued growth of Buddy’s Pizza, including introducing back-of-house technology, a new point-of-sale (POS) system and delivery. Other locations include Michigan’s Grand Rapids, down river in Woodhaven and Plymouth. With momentum building in recent months, CapitalSpring knew it was time to bring on Heiss.

Heiss worked for half a decade as Vice President for Baja Fresh–a role in which he said he learned how to grow a team and scale operations–before serving as the CEO for the U.S. arm of peri-peri chicken chain, Nando’s, for eight years.

“It was definitely a challenge at the time, because here we were trying to grow Portuguese-South African fast casual fare in the U.S. market,” said Heiss. “But we did it. By the time I left, we’d grown the footprint from two to 40-plus locations.”

Heiss said he was drawn to Buddy’s thanks to “the brand’s palpable realness” and the opportunity to grow the beloved pizza concept into a new phase of growth and development.

“My focus was: ‘How do you protect the brand and guard against losing its essence, yet scale and grow into new markets and new opportunities?'” Heiss said. “That was much like what I navigated at Nando’s–and that, to me, was incredibly challenging yet also incredibly fulfilling. I see that same opportunity with Buddy’s.”

As of the end of August 2019, Buddy’s stood at 15 total locations, all presently corporate-owned. CapitalSpring has been at the helm for the preceding 20 months and, Heiss said, has focused on optimizing the partnership and fostering exceptional collaboration.

“The CapitalSpring team has a lot of experience in the space. I think they will stay closely involved and continue to offer insight,” Heiss said.

So what’s next for the Motor City pizza brand?

“We’re committed to focusing on what makes Buddy’s special and leaning into that,” Heiss emphasized. “We’re all about Original Detroit-Style Pizza and how can we expose more people to what we feel is a spectacular brand. I don’t see any limits to what we can do and where we can take Buddy’s. Again, because of our exceptional core product that’s unique and our verifiable provenance around Detroit-style pizza, it’s about how can we grow organically and with purpose.”

Heiss said that, under his leadership, the brand will continue to expand in Michigan while still looking for similar markets in the Midwest.

“It’s all part of our plan to take Detroit-style pizza nationwide,” said Heiss. “We’re already on our way.”


Founded in 2005, CapitalSpring is a private investment firm focused exclusively on the branded restaurant and food service industries. The Firm currently manages assets in excess of $1.4 billion and has completed investments in over 60 different restaurant brands and 5,000 restaurant locations. CapitalSpring focuses on supporting proven management teams with a range of structured credit and private equity solutions and has offices in Nashville, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York. For more information about CapitalSpring, please visit


In 1946, Buddy’s Pizza became the birthplace of the Original Detroit-Style Pizza. For more than seven decades, the restaurant has been feeding patrons and earning accolades from fans across the nation, including recognition from CBS This Morning, USA Today, Zagat, Food Network, Pizza Today, Eater, Travel Channel, and more. Consistently voted Detroit’s number one pizza locally, regionally and nationally, the Farmington Hills-based restaurant remains true to its Detroit roots, legacy and traditions that began on the corner of Six Mile and Conant years ago. For more information, visit or connect with Buddy’s on Facebook (, Twitter (@BuddysPizza) and Instagram (@BuddysPizzaDET).

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