3 Times Flagship Location Opens In Manhattan

NEW YORK (PRWEB) January 17, 2020

On January 13, 2020, New York City witnessed the phenomenal grand opening of 3 Times restaurant’s flagship location at 90 Clinton Street, New York. After months of redesign and renovation, 3 Times is back to feast the awaiting eaters with the most authentic Chinese cuisine and mouth-watering dim sum at its two NYC locations.

Headed by Chef Xu, the legendary dim sum master with over 40 years of cooking experience, 3 Times (@3timesnyc) is a brand new Chinese restaurant dedicated to Southern Chinese dishes and dim sum. Compared to its first location in Union Square (818 Broadway, New York), the flagship location in Lower East Side is designed with more entree options and a much larger kitchen space, which allows the chef's team to showcase their creativity and exceptional culinary talents.

Founded by Jason Zhu in 2019, 3 Times celebrates the traditional and modern interpretation of Chinese cuisines. In addition to the old Chinese saying, “eat 3 times a day,” the restaurant's name also conveys a touching personal story between Jason and Chef Xu. Back in 2012, when Jason was a tour guide, he found it disappointingly hard to eat authentic Chinese food in the U.S. After years of searching, he eventually met Chef Xu, whose recipes were often imitated or purchased by other New York restaurants. The legendary chef was not convinced to join the team until Jason visited her multiple times over the years and impressed her with his passion and persistence.

“I’d like to define 3 Times as a combination of traditional Chinese cuisine and modern restaurant concept,” says Jason, “Our mission is not only to bring authentic Chinese food to American customers but also to connect both cultures in a universal language – good food.”

Both the Lower East Side and Union Square locations are open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 11:00 am to 11:00 pm on Saturday and Friday. The restaurant is available for take-out, delivery and catering services.

About 3 Times:

3 Times (@3timesnyc) is a New York-based Chinese restaurant featuring Southern Chinese cuisine and dim sum. It was founded by Jason Zhu in 2019 and led by Chef Xu, a legendary New York dim sum master in the Asian community. 3 Times is dedicated to connecting Chinese and American cultures by providing the most authentic Chinese cuisine to the American market. You can find 3 Times at 818 Broadway and 90 Clinton Street in New York City.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For more information about 3 Times, please contact Cynthia Xin or Jordan Mualdin at (646)430-9018.

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Kajava Mama’s Pour-Over Ceramic Coffee Dripper for Home, Cafes, and Restaurants Now Available on Amazon

MIAMI (PRWEB) January 17, 2020

Representatives with Kajava Mama announced today that its Pour-Over Coffee Dripper for homes, cafes, and restaurants is now available on Amazon.

“We’re excited about this,” said Lisa Mays, owner and spokesperson for Kajava Mama, and went on to add, “The slow-brewing, pour-over ceramic coffee dripper is an Amazon Choice product which is now available in two sizes and three colors.”

Amazon Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately.

Mays explained that the three available colors are white, brown, and black, and the two available sizes are one cup and two cups.

Mays also highlighted that special volume discount is available to cafes and restaurants. “To avail the discount, businesses either need to buy it via Amazon Business to Business or contact Kajava Mama directly at info (at) kajavamama (dot) com.”

“Our café and restaurant clients stock our pour-over coffee drippers in sufficient numbers as having several drippers available for their counter helps speed up their service and generate more revenue,” highlighted Mays.

Mays also mentioned that the company works with cafes and restaurant clients on co-marketing. “We work with our clients to grow each other's brands by promoting each other on Facebook and Instagram.”

As to how customers rate the product, a customer identified as Mandy K. on Amazon gave it two thumbs up and highly recommended it to others.

“I’ve loved pour-over coffee my entire life, so I just had to get myself one of these. It is much more sturdy than I had expected and easy to use and clean up. It fits most mugs but it will not fit some of the thinner mugs and coffee cups. Make sure to check your measurements before buying. However, I have several mugs that work perfectly with this. The flavor is so much stronger when you do the pour-over, and it’s a quick and easy way for me to make coffee without wasting an entire coffee pot since I’m the only one drinking it for the day. Highly recommend!!!”

But she isn’t the only one raving about the pour-over coffee dripper. A second customer identified as Catherine H. said, “I love my new coffee dripper! Super fast shipping. The quality is excellent, especially for the price!! So convenient to make just a cup or two of great-tasting coffee when you want. While I haven’t figured out the right ratio, I’m getting close. I like my coffee strong!.”

May said, “We believe that enjoying a cup of coffee can be one of the best parts of the day,” before adding, “Our mission is to provide high-quality coffee accessories at a fair price and give our customers the ultimate coffee experience. Our premium coffee dripper is affordable and easy to maintain. It is the perfect way to start your day.”

As it relates to the three available colors and two sizes, Mays noted that Kajava Mama is growing a vibrant community of java lovers.

“We have partnered with a superior design team and manufacturer to bring you high-quality ceramic coffee drippers in convenient sizes and beautiful colors,” Mays stressed. “Finally, we are able to offer products for you to enjoy at affordable prices. We love happy customers.”

For more information, please visit: https://kajavamama.com/about-us and kajavamama.com/blog.

About Kajava Mama

Our journey began with my pure passion for coffee and my husband's ambition to grow a legacy we could leave to our children. Together, we created Kajava Mama. We wanted to build a community of like-minded coffee drinkers with an appreciation for the good things in life. We wanted to offer coffee accessories to make drinking your morning (…or afternoon…or evening) coffee the best part of your day.

Contact Details:

Lisa Mays

13727 SW 152nd Street #723

Miami, FL 33177

United States

Phone: 954-980-2273

Source: Kajava Mama

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Natufia to feature the world’s first fully-integrated and automated hydroponic kitchen garden at KBIS 2020

LAS VEGAS (PRWEB) January 17, 2020

Luxury smart home appliance brand Natufia will be exhibiting at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Jan. 21 to 23 in booth SL1625. The company will feature the Natufia Kitchen Garden, which is the world's first fully-integrated and automated hydroponic kitchen garden.

The technology of the Kitchen Garden automatically maintains the perfect light, temperature, water and pH level to ensure optimal health for the plants. It also optimizes all minerals, nutrients and vitamins for the non-GMO leaves and flowers. Since it is controlled indoors, homeowners do not need to worry about pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. These are year-round, 24/7, kitchen-to-table ingredients without the concern of weather challenges or seasons.

"The Natufia Kitchen Garden goes beyond farm-to-fork and provides herbs and plants from kitchen-to-table," said Gregory Lu, Natufia co-founder. "Moreover, it reduces waste in the food supply chain and gives the homeowners year-round control over what they want to grow, regardless of climate or season. "

TWEET THIS: At #KBIS2020 in booth SL1625, @NATUFIA_Labs features the Natufia Kitchen Garden: the world's first fully-integrated and automated hydroponic kitchen garden. #natufia https://youtu.be/Y982SjpKB5c

“With the combination of our robust technology and high-end design, you can now practice a sustainable lifestyle and eat healthy while minimizing your environmental impact through packaging, pollution, food miles, food waste and toxins,” said Lu.

The seeds are strictly non-GMO, certified both organic and Demeter–today's most strict certification for seeds. They come in individual, patented seedpods and can grow anything from basil to lemongrass. The unit simultaneously grows 32 plants in handmade ceramic cups. The watering is fully automated, cascading from the top, down to each cup. This ensures that each plant receives the necessary amount of water and nutrients, which are dissolved directly into the water. Each Kitchen Garden can produce enough plants and herbs to ensure two harvests a day.

Also, by connecting it to the Wi-Fi, owners can monitor and control the machine through the cloud. It even has three playlists to play music for the plants: classical, ambiance and nature sounds.

Additional benefits and features include:

  • Specially developed LED lights mimic nature and provide the optimal range of the light spectrum for plant growth.
  • Tinted glass so people can see their plants growing in real time.
  • Food-grade stainless steel for aesthetics and a clean environment for plants.
  • The unit can be integrated seamlessly into any high-end kitchen design, similar to other appliances.

Natufia was recently awarded Best in Category for "Socially Responsible Design" at the WestEdge Design Fair, and a Product Innovator Award 2019 from KBB Magazine. For more information about Natufia, please visit https://www.natufia.com/.

About Natufia

After four years of substantive investments and efforts, Natufia Labs has become a leading research lab and a specialized manufacturer of high technology content hydroponic equipment specially designed for the greatest chefs who share Natufia’s vision about original taste, traceability, pesticides, GMOs, herbicides, and a responsibility toward the planet. For more information, please visit https://www.natufia.com/.

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