Credico UK on How Brands can Survive the Consumer Spending Squeeze

Chester, UK (PRWEB) May 27, 2017

The Bank of England is warning of a significant consumer spending squeeze, which could hit brands hard as the uncertainty of Brexit continues to disrupt business confidence.

About Credico UK:

In a recent statement, the Bank of England’s Governor Mark Carney warned that wages are unlikely to keep up with prices for the remainder of 2017, and while he was upbeat looking at the financial forecast beyond 2017, the coming seven months could be trying times for both businesses and consumers.

The governor’s statement comes after the release of the Bank of England’s Quarterly Inflation Report, which raised its forecast for inflation to 2.8%, a 0.4% increase from the previous report published in February.

The Bank of England also confirmed that the UK’s rate of economic growth is also slowing – falling from 2% to 1.9%

Leading field marketing agency Credico UK believes that both consumers and businesses have many factors to contend with which have significantly contributed to this predicted spending squeeze. With many still reeling from Brexit, the announcement of the snap election and the resulting fall the pound – which is currently trading at around $1.29, 12% lower than before last year’s referendum it’s no wonder that consumers and businesses are facing financial woes.

However, for UK brands that are already facing challenges regarding their future of trading in the EU, the news of a decrease in consumer spending while highly unwelcome, could bring with it an opportunity to change their marketing tactics. Credico UK believes that in this squeeze, consumers are going to need more support when making purchase decisions and are going to be more particular about where they spend their money. As such, the agency believes now is the ideal time for brands to ramp up their face to face marketing and offer a more engaging and immersive brand experience.

Credico UK believes that face to face marketing is a crucial source of support to consumers – offering them a platform from which to really connect with brands and learn more about how a product or service could add value to their lives. Face to face promotes individuality and offers consumers a personalised service which fully addresses their unique needs.

Credico UK is confident that in the current climate, investing in face to face marketing will help brands to secure customer loyalty and drive sales, despite the predicted spending squeeze.

With a network spanning the UK and Ireland, Credico UK is well established to provide outsourced, face to face field marketing solutions to brands looking to rapidly increase their ROI, market reach and customer acquisitions. Working with some of the UK’s biggest brands in the telecommunications, charity and financial sectors the agency has seen first-hand the difference in- person marketing can make to a brand’s bottom line.

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Solis-Chirino Real Estate Group from the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty Miami-Coral Gables Branch Achieves Top 5 Commercial Award

Coral Gables, FL (PRWEB) May 26, 2017

Solis-Chirino Real Estate Group from the Miami-Coral Gables Branch Office location recently beat more than 2,000 sales professionals around nationwide to achieve the Top 5 Commercial Award from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

“When you have a drive for success, the market is always doing amazing” is Miguel Solis and Mario Chirino’s signature quote.

While their practice primarily includes residential real estate sales and leasing, the team known as the Solis-Chirino Real Estate Group, achieved a national milestone of 5th in the Nation for Commercial Gross Commission Income of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in 2016. The term practice is used as an adjective for the team, as Miguel Solis and Mario Chirino frequently say “Practicing to be the best Realtor to our customers.”

Some of their 2016 notable transactions include two sales in which they worked with both the buyer and seller! That’s part of their magic, to match the right buyer with the right property.

“There is my daily business card goal,” explains Miguel. “My daily routine includes dressing for success, putting 20 business cards in my right pocket, and making habitual stops to local walk up cafeterias for a Cuban espresso shot – where my goal is to listen four times as much as I talk. Then I will strike up a conversation or two or three… as many as it takes to be sure that I give out the 20 business cards that are burning a hole in my pocket.”

They leave no rock unturned, particularly when it comes to research, and they find the deal that no one else puts together. For example, in 2016, Miguel and Mario brokered a sale in Edgewater, also known as the Theater and Entertainment District, on a property they had originally sold in 2014 to a hotel institutional investor from South America. The property was listed by an out-of-area firm. Miguel realized the location information was incorrect, resulting in an asking price considerably below market value. He contacted one of their many international investors and proposed the property to them. Miguel let them know what his research has uncovered. As a result, the investor jumped on the opportunity and closed on the sale.

With little improvement to the property, Miguel made the remarkable suggestion to put the property up for sale at $2 million over the original purchase price. Multiple offers later, it sold to yet another foreign investor that outbid all the competition. “That’s my definition of no stone unturned. I found the opportunity in the listing location and presented it to the first buyer. Then, when the timing presented itself through positive market conditions, I continued to turn those stones to find another buyer,” explained Miguel. “Done deal.”

Miguel and Mario closed two other significant commercial deals in 2016 that can be credited to the 20 daily business cards. In both instances, buyers and sellers are individuals they met on the elevator or at one of their daily Cuban cafetería stops for cafecito.

To the Solis and Chirino team, Southeast Florida is their inventory. Performing with the right attitude, establishing relationships, and loving what they do is what propels Miguel Solis and Mario Chirino to excel and rank at the top of the global brand Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty.

With a combined thirty-five years of experience continually providing customers with the best experience possible, the Solis-Chirino Real Estate Group strives on professional service, as well as building relationships to last a lifetime. On a daily basis, numerous return clients count on the team members’ knowledge, experience, and understanding of the real estate market. The proof is in the cafecito, as Solis-Chirino Real Estate Group thrives on referrals of past satisfied clients. This is a true testament to customer satisfaction and trust.

Contact Miguel Solis, 305-343-9554, or Miguelsolis(at)bhhsfloridarealty(dot)net and Contact Mario Chirino, 786-253-7653, or Mario(at)mchirinosold(dot)com and

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty serves 19 counties throughout Florida with over 40 locations and approximately 1,800 Sales Professionals. The full-service brokerage company, founded in 1999, is a subsidiary of Lennar Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and is a franchise member of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ network, one of the few organizations entrusted to use the world-renowned Berkshire Hathaway name. The company offers residential and commercial services as well as seasonal rentals, property management, REO & Foreclosures, corporate relocations, referral services, title, home service plans, and personal concierge services. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty ranks in the Top 10 in the network among 42,000 Sales Professionals in 1,200 offices throughout 47 states. The company is the overall No. 1 fundraiser for The Sunshine Kids Foundation, having generated more than $3.37 million since 2001.

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Key Housing, Leaders for San Francisco Serviced Apartments, Announces New Post for Extended-Stay Housing Dilemmas

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 26, 2017

Key Housing, one of the top sources for so-called serviced apartment units in San Francisco and all of California, is proud to announce a new blog post about finding temporary furnished apartments in the Bay Area. (It should be noted the British citizens and Europeans may use the term "serviced apartments," where Americans would use "furnished apartments.")

“San Francisco is a world-class city known as a hub for business and pleasure,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “It’s also known as a tough city for long-term accommodations, especially so-called 'serviced apartments' or 'furnished apartments.' Our new post explains how we can help visitors find that elusive rental in the City by the Bay.”

To review the new blog post for finding an extended stay apartment in San Francisco, please go to Information for furnished short-term rentals in the Bay Area can be found. Details about temporary housing locations, such as the featured Strata Mission Bay can also be reviewed at Furnished apartments can also be known as serviced apartments or extended-stay corporate apartments. Amenities can include secure parking, concierge and walking distance to restaurants and sightseeing destinations. Finally, those looking to browse available San Francisco apartment listings can visit

San Francisco Serviced Apartment Can Be Harder to Find than a Needle in a Haystack

In many cities, searching for a fully furnished temporary apartment may be simple. If the visitor plans to stay in San Francisco, serviced apartments may appear more difficult to acquire. The Bay Area can have a reputation as being expensive for both permanent and temporary housing. Costs can climb further as visitors add up the price for dining out and renting a car. Tourists on holiday or contracted employees may be discouraged by the lack of choices for a serviced apartment in San Francisco. Still, visitors from Europe and other countries may prefer the comfort of a home-away-from-home type of environment. A solution must be found to help contracted employees and out-of-town guests find a perfect match.

For these reasons, Key Housing, leaders in sourcing serviced apartments for Northern California, has announced a new blog post. Finding furnished short-term rentals in the Bay Area can be possible and affordable. Budget-conscious visitors may be able to save money on food and travel by renting an extended-stay apartment in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission Bay. Key Housing has also announced Strata Mission Bay as the featured apartment for May 2017. Walking distance to farmers markets and access to a full kitchen can help a food budget. Easy access to public transportation such as the Muni T-Line can help cut costs for car rentals, parking and gas. Proximity to Union Square and South of Market can be perfect for sight-seeing adventures. Amenities may also include on-site gym, laundry services, free WiFi and swimming pool. Serviced apartments in San Francisco may seem out of reach, but Key Housing can help visitors find one easier than searching for a needle in a haystack. Reading this post is just one way to get started.

About Key Housing

Based in Folsom, California, Key Housing Connections Inc. ( specializes in serviced apartments, corporate housing and corporate rentals in large cities like San Francisco or San Jose as well as smaller cities like Fremont and Sacramento. Whether the need is for a serviced apartment in San Francisco or a short term rental in San Jose, just browse our listings to find the rental that fits one’s short term corporate housing needs. We are competitive with extended stay hotels in cities such as Cupertino, Redwood City and Mountain View. Many nurses, interns and people seeking pet friendly corporate rentals or corporate relocation services depend on us for their furnished apartment or other temporary housing needs. Whether after San Francisco corporate housing, short term rentals in Redwood City, or a serviced apartment near Palo Alto, we can aid the search for the right apartment in the Golden State. After all, we're among the top-rated short-term apartment listing service in places San Francisco and just about every city in California. Whether it's serviced apartments or a furnished rental, just search, click or call today!

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