Kinesis Monetary System Introduces Referral Yield Program

LONDON (PRWEB) October 23, 2019

Kinesis Monetary System, the leading gold and silver based monetary system, has announced its revolutionary referral yield program rewarding Kinesis referrers with a 7.5 percent share of transaction fees generated from those whose account was opened using the referrer’s unique referral link. This referrer yield is available to all Kinesis account holders that refer an individual or business to sign-up and transact via Kinesis and is paid monthly in gold or silver.

“The Kinesis Referral Program is designed to reward System users at the retail and commercial level and to encourage widespread adoption,” stated Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis Money.

“Consumers have used fiat-based digital currency for decades through traditional banking channels. Yet, traditional banking is not accessible to everyone and its rules can be difficult to navigate in a global economy. Kinesis solves this problem by providing a monetary system based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver,” stated Shane Morand, Advisory Board Member and Strategic Consultant leading the Kinesis Education and Referral Development Initiative.

Kinesis is redefining how physical bullion is traded and used as a functional digital currency. The Kinesis Monetary System was founded by ABX, the world’s leading electronic exchange for physical precious metals. Kinesis currencies are based on a 1:1 allocation of physical gold and silver, held in real vaults, fully audited, with the legal ownership title remaining with the customer. To date, approximately $10 million USD in physical gold and silver having been digitized onto the Kinesis system. Current partners include the Indonesian Postal System, XcelTrip, Jakarta Futures Exchange, Finemetal Asia and many more.

Please note that this Referral Yield Program is not an Affiliate Program, which in the U.S. requires FINRA registration for each participant.

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About Kinesis Monetary System

Founded by ABX in 2018 and headquartered in London and Brisbane, Kinesis is a monetary system based on the traditionally stable commodities, gold and silver. Kinesis currencies are based on a 1:1 allocation of physical gold and silver (digital gold and silver), held in real vaults, fully audited, with the legal ownership title remaining with the customer. Kinesis has reduced counterparty risk and allows for physical redemption of owned bullion direct to your doorstep from one of their seven global best-in-class Kinesis vaulting providers.

New users can sign up and begin trading via the exchange, storing with zero fees and transferring physical gold and silver, as well as other leading cryptocurrencies, empowering users to transact globally and more efficiently outside the realm of the current rigid banking infrastructure. Learn more at:

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Unruly Launches Active Play Coding Program for Elementary and Middle Schools

BOSTON (PRWEB) October 23, 2019

Edtech company, Unruly Studios, is bringing their passion for combining physical activity with learning the basics of coding to schools. This Fall, the company launched their one-of-a-kind STEM learning tool and school bundles in schools across the US and Canada.

To encourage kids to be active while they code rather than sitting at a desk, the company created Unruly Splats – super-durable, programmable devices that light up, make sounds, and sense when they are stomped on. Students code Splats using the company’s block-coding app on a Chromebook or tablet to create their own games and play them with classmates. Students have created fun-to-play games like radioactive whack-a-mole, animal relay races, and obstacle courses around school desks to name a few.

Bryanne Leeming, CEO of Unruly said, “We originally envisioned Splats as a way for kids to learn to code at home, but since we announced the product earlier this year, we have had an incredible response from schools. We learned that teachers and principals are looking for an affordable, effective STEM tool and their students love the idea of programming games.”

While visiting elementary and middle schools, Leeming noticed that coding tools like robots and other STEM products frequently sitting unused on a shelf gathering dust.

Leeming explained, “I talked to over 150 principals who told me that many of their teachers are not experienced in computer programming or have never been trained to teach it. As a result, many STEM tools go underutilized. We realized there was a need for ongoing training and just-in-time support to help teachers integrate coding and STEM into their existing curriculum. To meet this need, we created a school plan that bundles our Splats and block coding app with live online training, lesson plans, support videos, and an online community where teachers can share and learn from each other.”

Throughout the development of Unruly Splats and the school plans, Leeming worked closely with Dr. Amon Millner, Olin College professor and co-founder of Scratch, a block-coding language developed at the MIT Media Lab. He played a key role in developing the block-coding system on the Unruly Splats App and provided insights into the needs of educators. Millner also helped create a series of video tutorials for educators using Unruly Splats to familiarize them with the Unruly App and the basics of coding concepts.

Millner explained, “We design our experiences to include physical play at the core of coding with classmates. Kids naturally create their own games on the playground, so we want to bring their creativity and rule-making to learning the fundamentals of code” We also developed a growing library of lesson plans that align with NGSS, CSTA, and PE standards for grades 1-7 to ensure that our offerings add value to a variety of school experiences.”

To kick off the launch of their school plans, Unruly is announcing a Twitter sweepstakes contest open to any school teacher or administrator in the US and Canada. They are giving away a 12-Splat 1-Year School Plan valued at $1,200. The contest is held on their twitter account and runs until October 31st, 2019.

Unruly Studios has already seen the contest take off in the first few days. Leeming stated, “It’s been great to see enthusiastic entries from teachers and hear their creative ideas for Splats! For example, we have had a ton of excitement from PE teachers who are thrilled to bring Splats to their PE classes.”

About Unruly Studios: Unruly Studios is an edtech company that empowers students to learn critical STEM skills through active, social recess-style play! Their flagship product, Unruly Splats, are super-durable, programmable devices that light up, make sounds, and sense when they are stomped on. Splats were designed as an affordable school-wide tool that integrates easily into a variety of elementary and middle school learning spaces, including: STEM, PE, Technology classes, Libraries, After-School Programs, and Makerspaces.

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Midwest-Based Revenue-Based Financing and Venture Capital Firms Partner to Provide Startups with Diverse Sources of Capital

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (PRWEB) October 23, 2019

Novel Growth Partners, a new revenue-based financing (RBF) firm recently partnered with Flyover Capital a well-respected midwest venture capital (VC) firm to provide financing to ABODO, a Madison, Wisconsin-based startup focused on making apartment hunting easier.

ABODO is the most recent example of a startup utilizing the combination of revenue-based financing and venture capital. Novel Growth Partners and Flyover Capital, both Kansas City-based firms with Kauffman Fellows roots, partnered to provide funding that would enable ABODO’s next stage of growth.

“While many entrepreneurs believe that venture capital financing is the only solution to achieve their financing needs, there are additional financing options that can be complementary at the various stages of a company's growth,” stated Alec Slocum, Co-Founder and CEO of ABODO. “By partnering with both Novel Growth Partners and Flyover Capital, we were able to secure the financing we can benefit most from at our current stage.”

While a relatively lesser known option compared to VC financing, RBF provides an option that enables companies to grow while preserving their equity by providing growth capital based on an instrument where the company pays that capital back as a small percentage of its monthly revenue up to a predetermined return cap over a set number of years.

“Our approach provides early stage companies an option that provides them a meaningful amount of growth capital without a long and tedious fundraising process. Instead, we provided a more flexible investment that aligns both of our interests,” stated Carlos Antequera, co-founder of Novel Growth Partners. “While venture capital has long been the traditional method of early stage ventures getting the growth capital they need, the fact is that only a small percentage of companies will be successful in achieving the rapid growth and other requirements that the majority of these deals require. By partnering with venture capital firms during a round of financing as well as offering standalone revenue-based financing, we are able to provide capital that is a better fit for a large number of early-stage technology companies.”

Thad Langford, Managing Partner of Flyover Capital continued, “As an early investor in ABODO, we've witnessed the company’s rapid progress in re-imagining the way that renters search and find their ideal apartment. We’re excited to have Novel Growth Partners supporting the team's journey and providing additional fuel to the mission. In addition, this showcases the power of the Kauffman Fellows network of global investors, as both Flyover and Novel were founded by Fellows.”

About Novel Growth Partners

Novel Growth Partners is a revenue-based financing venture fund that provides flexible capital solutions to early-stage software companies. Novel provides companies up to $1M in growth capital and leverages the operational expertise of its founders and partners to provide tactical sales and marketing support to entrepreneurs via its proprietary Growth Bootcamp. Novel invests in entrepreneurs focused on growing revenue and building a near term profitable company. Unlike other growth capital, Novel does not take equity or require personal guarantees. More information is available at

About Flyover Capital

Flyover Capital’s mission is to invest in the next generation of technology success stories outside of the traditional tech hubs. Based on the belief that seed and Series A stage companies between the coasts have been underserved and undercapitalized, the firm aims to find aspiring technology entrepreneurs with actionable vision and a market-validated product solving an acute problem in a large market. In addition to a strong work ethic, “flyover country” boasts lower costs of development, access to Fortune 500 companies, a strong collection of universities and technical institutions, and an educated workforce. Combined with the operational expertise of the Flyover Capital team, this provides an impactful platform for both investors and portfolio companies in this region.


ABODO is an online marketplace that empowers renters to find their best home. Used by twenty million millennial and Gen Z renters across the country, ABODO offers the first frictionless, completely digital home shopping experience for renters. Based in Madison, WI, ABODO is a 50-person company with $12MM raised-to-date.

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