Toy Company – Goliath Gives Back During Covid-19 Crisis

RICHARDSON, Texas (PRWEB) April 08, 2020

There’s more that one virus that’s reaching unexpected proportions across the U.S. When Richardson, Texas-based Goliath launched the card game, Virus, in January of this year, it never expected a global pandemic to boost consumer sales by 10 times overnight. Now, the company is giving back all proceeds to the World Health Organization during the month of April to support research necessary to stop the pandemic.

“When we launched Virus, the concept was a fun family card game where players attempt to be the first one to get four healthy organs while blocking their competitors from achieving the same goal.” said Mary Higbe, Director of Marketing for Goliath.

“Now, it’s hard to believe that we are living with a new reality, and we want to do want we can to contribute to our global community in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

All profits made from the game during the month of April will be donated directly to the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

These donations support work to track and understand the spread of the virus, to ensure the distribution of essential supplies to patients and frontline workers and to accelerate the development of tests, treatments and vaccines needed.

Goliath is also giving to the community in non-monetary ways. With shelter-in-place forcing families to stay home, the demand for their board games is also on the rise.

The toy company has donated hundreds of puzzles and games to local centers such as Children’s Medical Center Plano, Children’s Medical Center Dallas and Highland Springs Senior Living Community to give these children, and children at heart, an opportunity to enjoy some fun and entertainment while facing these challenging times.

“Our residents are sheltering in place in their homes to maintain safety, and these games provide some fun distraction from the reality of what’s going on outside", said Jill Studly, physician at Highland Springs. "Both Sequence and Rummikub are huge favorites here.”

“At a time when life is disrupted, Goliath is pleased to be able to contribute our games to medical facilities and senior centers in hopes of providing some normalcy and fun for patients and their families,” said Higbe. “As our community continues to shelter in place to help flatten the curve, we hope puzzles and games are a way to strengthen bonds and ease the anxiety, and we look forward to continuing to give in multiple ways during this crisis.”

Members of the media are invited to schedule interviews to further discuss Goliath’s philanthropic initiatives. Please reach out to Goliath’s PR Team at

About Goliath

Goliath was founded in 1980 by Adi Golad and he cofounded the Goliath’s USA division with David Norman in 2008. Goliath is now a global manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of products. Examples include Wahu®, Rocket Fishing Rod®, Rummikub®, Rubik’s Cube®, Tri-Ominos®, Sequence®, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo™, Gator Golf®, Let’s Go Fishin® and Phlat Ball®. The company has continued to see substantial growth with the acquisitions of Pressman Toy® and JAX® in the US, Crown & Andrews® and Britz ‘n Pieces/Wahu in Australia, Modelco® in France, Elephanta® in New Zealand, and Vivid® in the UK. Goliath is a market leader in TV-promoted games and is active in many other toy categories, such as puzzles, arts & crafts, outdoor, activity, and novelties. Goliath products now sell in more than 75 countries worldwide and the company has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. For more information, please visit

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New Philips ActionFit Wireless Sports Earbud with UV Cleaning Technology

MILPITAS, Calif. (PRWEB) April 08, 2020

Envision Peripherals, Inc. (EPI), the sole distributor of Philips-branded monitors and audio products in North America, today announces an addition to the Philips audio line with the Philips ActionFit Wireless Earbud with ultraviolet (UV) cleaning technology (TAST702BK/00). The earbuds harbor a compact soak resistant design, clear sound and comfortable fit. The Philips ActionFit Wireless Earbuds are now available on Amazon, for $179.99 USD.

Clean is King

Built into its charging case with hygiene in mind is a UV light designed to kill bacteria that can take up residence in any earbud. Its UV light automatically and safely sanitizes the earbuds during charging keeping the earbuds clean and users healthy.

Soak Resistant

Rated IPX5 soak-resistant, these true wireless sports earbuds are the perfect workout companion. With IPX5, the earbuds are resistant to sustained training in rain, sweaty gym sessions, most water activities and they can even be worn in the shower. Users can enjoy a worry-free workout.

Smart Pairing

Easily pair the Philips ActionFit Wireless Earbuds to a mobile phone or tablet on the go for chatting or music listening. User friendly buttons on the earbuds allow to you to play, pause, answer calls or adjust volume. The earbuds have six hours of play time and up to 18 hours of playtime with a fully charged case. Its Quick Charge capability means a further 1.5 hours of playback is available in just 15 minutes.

The earbuds come with three interchangeable soft rubberized ear-tip wings that fit securely under the ear ridge to ensure the perfect seal.

High resolution images are available here and a full list of specifications are available here.

To request samples or more information on Philips Audio, contact Jamy Reyes at

About TP Vision

TP Vision Europe B.V. (‘TP Vision’) is registered in the Netherlands, with their head office in Amsterdam. TP Vision is a wholly owned company of TPV Technology Limited (‘TPV’), which is one of the world’s leading monitor and TV manufacturers. TP Vision is a consumer electronics key player in TV and audio entertainment. TP Vision concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips-branded TV sets (Europe, Russia, Middle East, South America, India and selected countries in Asia-Pacific) and Philips-branded audio products (globally) under trademark license by Koninklijke Philips N.V. We combine the strong Philips brand with our product development and design expertise, operational excellence, and industry footprint of TPV. We believe in creating products that offer a superior audio and visual experience for consumers.

About EPI

Envision Peripherals Inc. (EPI) is an affiliate of TPV Technology Limited (TPV), who holds all Philips-branded home and personal audio licensing worldwide. EPI is the sole distributor of Philips-branded monitors and audio products for business, education, government and consumer use in US. The Philips monitor line offers customers an unparalleled combination of smart innovation, vivid imagery, and timeless style – all backed by an industry-leading four-year advance replacement warranty in the US. With over 50 years of heritage in headphone acoustics, Philips audio products surpass exacting standards in both sound production and ergonomics.

EPI’s main office is in Milpitas, California. For more information on the complete range of Philips and AOC products, visit,,, or call (510) 770-9988.

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The Current State of Hand Sanitizers: Special Permitting allows Organic Alcohol Company to Donate to First Responders and Highly Vulnerable Citizens

ASHLAND, Ore. (PRWEB) April 08, 2020

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has put in place provisions to relieve certain requirements to allow permitted distilled spirits businesses to fast-track the approved production of hand sanitizers in direct response to the Novel Coronavirus – COVID 19. Permitted Distilled Spirit Plants, DSP's, who manufacture hand sanitizer in strict accordance with the formula manufacturing guidance issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) will also receive temporary exemptions to specific Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for the production of Hand Sanitizers.

Many hand sanitizers on the market are not what they seem, and with increased sanitary health concerns prompted by the current state of emergency necessitated by the COVID-19 virus, this shortage has not gone unnoticed.

The FDA has issued warnings to several companies that are not in compliance with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) requirements. The CDC requires that the alcohol content in hand sanitizers must be at least 60% to adequately prevent bacterial growth. Additionally, widespread demand and price gouging has made it difficult for many to purchase hand sanitizer.

In response to the demand for hand sanitizer and for the health and safety of our local community, Organic Alcohol Company of Ashland, Oregon has committed to donating hand sanitizers to local first responders and the most vulnerable citizens.

Aaren Glover, CEO and Founder of The Organic Alcohol Company explains, ” When I first learned of the ineffective products on the market, the shortage of hand sanitizer due to demand and hoarding, along with price gouging, our leadership team met and went to work finding solutions. We immediately began producing some test batches of simple yet effective sanitizing spray to offer as donations in our community and began implementing a plan to go into full-scale production of a Hand Sanitizer spray in accordance with WHO formulation guidelines and in compliance with TTB and FDA requirements. We’ve committed to donating to the Ashland Police Department, Ashland Fire department and Ashland Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, American Red Cross, Mercy Flights and Ashley Senior Housing. We intend to donate to many other high-risk and high exposure individuals, institutions and organizations on an on-going basis during this crisis. In addition, we will have this product available for purchase in our community and the larger market in the very near future."

There has been some concern circulating about the safety and effectiveness of homemade hand sanitizers. If formula guidelines by the CDC and WHO are followed, there is no need for concern as to the effectiveness of a homemade sanitizer.

Until the OAC hand-sanitizer line is available to the general public, DIY recipes are posted on the OAC website and feature the correct ratio of ingredients so people can make their own.

Effective immediately, and due in large part to the efforts of Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, The Organic Alcohol Company is able to sell our high proof spirits to anyone making Hand Sanitizers in accordance with the WHO formula guidelines free of Federal Excise Tax.

About: The Organic Alcohol Company (OAC), located in Ashland, Oregon, is the first organic distillery in Oregon and among the first organic distilleries in the US. Founded in 2001, OAC specializes in producing and supplying the highest quality and most premium organic alcohol products available. The Organic Alcohol Company was founded on principles of sustainability and has been proudly serving botanical extractors, medicine makers and craft manufacturers for two decades. For more information visit The Organic Alcohol website or contact OAC and request an interview with CEO and Founder, Aaren Glover.


Christina Polendey

The Organic Alcohol Company, General Manager

650 Mistletoe Road

Ashland, Oregon 97520


Telephone: 541.201.1050 extension 1007

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