Barge Transportation Streamlines Operational Efficiency of Scrap Metal Recycling

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 29, 2017

Leading scrap metal recycling company, B.L. Duke, streamlines operational efficiencies of the metal recycling industry by introducing barge transportation to its logistics management process. After successfully opening a second recycling center in Joliet last year, B.L. Duke made a strategic decision to utilize a portion of the 25 acre spread to further its expansion efforts by adding in barge accessibility.

“This was the largest expansion project in our company’s history,” states Lou Plucinski, President of B.L. Duke. Our 25 acre spread completes B.L. Duke’s array of logistics to now include dual barge docks, dual rail spurs along with our trucking services. Barge access has reduced transportation cost and created operational efficiencies, facilitated new consumers in stronger markets all making B.L. Duke more competitive and driving our customer’s value.

“Logistics are B.L. Duke’s largest variable expense,” states Plucinski, “minimizing this cost was paramount as it gives us a competitive advantage in the Chicago industrial market.” Moving material via barge has cut B.L. Duke’s transportation costs significantly. For example, it costs over $100/NT to move material via truck to Mobile, AL but only $25/NT via barge. The savings have allowed them to maximize their customer’s value and offer them a more competitive price.

Barge transportation also creates operational efficiencies by reducing the number of trucks required, which improves material flow and adds to material handling efficiency. One barge is equal to 17 railcars or 75 truck-loads. Not only is B.L. Duke cutting costs by limiting trucking, but by also reducing time and making transportation more efficient. These efficiencies reduce environmental emissions, making B.L. Duke a greener company; another example how they are revolutionizing the metal recycling industry.

Unlike other Chicago-based scrap metal recycling companies, barge access has allowed B.L. Duke to expand its reach by adding new consumers in stronger markets. The company has created new scrap homes along the Mississippi, Ohio Valley, Gulf Coast and export markets. They are also moving material via barge to places as close as Peoria, IL and Muscatine, IA, as well as down south to New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL. The opportunities are endless when it comes to the efficiency of moving scrap metal via barge.

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About B.L. Duke

B.L. Duke is an industry leading scrap metal recycling company in Chicago. Established in 2000, B.L. Duke has revolutionized the Chicago recycling industry through technology and transportation efficiencies to drive responsiveness and maximize client value. Learn more about B.L. Duke at For a fresh look at your metal recycling program, contact B.L. Duke at 773.778.3000 or info(at)

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Consensus International Expanding Geographical Reach

Doral, FL (PRWEB) June 29, 2017

Consensus International, an SAP NA Partner Excellence Award winner for 2017, is expanding their operations by opening offices in Atlanta, GA and Santa Ana, CA. Already one of the leading resellers and support organizations for SAP Business One ERP software, this move will help Consensus serve customers in the Southeast and Pacific Coast regions of the United States.

In addition to the new offices, the Consensus team has added 13 new team members to their ranks with many years of ERP implementation, process improvement and project management experience. The two new offices will be operating immediately, and our new team members will begin helping clients in these two important regions of the country.

Joining Consensus as General Manager of these new locations is Len Reo, a tier 2 ERP specialist with 35 years of experience in software implementation and consultancy. He has helped hundreds of companies implement ERP to help them improve efficiencies and grow profits.

Other key management personnel joining Consensus are Tracy Beblie and Jim Reo. Beblie brings 28 years of ERP experience with him, including founding his own consultancy firm for 17 of those years. Jim Reo will bring his extensive background in guiding major implementation projects from conception to fruition. With 26 years of experience as a controller, CFO and Project Manager, Jim’s wealth of experience in a variety of industries provides an invaluable asset to the Consensus team.

“We are absolutely thrilled to add a team of professionals with the diverse skill set and impressive background in ERP software that Len’s team brings to Consensus,” said Andres Castrillon, President of Consensus International. “Bringing on this amazing group to help us open up our Atlanta and Santa Ana offices shows our continued commitment to serve small to mid-sized business across the United States.”

About Consensus International:

Consensus International was founded in 1990 in Colombia. In 1996, they began selling Macola software, and in 2006 they became a SAP Business One reseller. One year later they opened their first US based office in Miami, FL. Consensus has offices in Boston, MA and Austin, TX. To date Consensus has helped over 650 small to medium sized business achieve their business goals. With the opening of the Atlanta and Santa Ana offices, Consensus will be able to extend their expertise to a significantly greater number of small and medium size companies in the coming years.

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DeTect Releases Pro Version of DroneWatcher APP – the APP that Makes Smartphones into Personal Drone Detectors

Panama City, FL (PRWEB) June 29, 2017

DeTect has announced the release of the Pro version of the popular DroneWatcher APP – the app that makes Android smartphones and tablets into personal drone detectors for security and privacy protection. The $5.00 (US) Pro upgrade version has all the features of the free app plus provides detailed information on the detected drone, includes a signal strength indicator, and allows multiple users to create a crowdsourced network for wide-area drone monitoring. The free and Pro versions of the app are available on Google Play.

When installed on a smartphone, tablet or other Android device, the DroneWatcher APP makes the device into a drone detector with a detection range of ¼ to ½ mile. With the Pro version users can group multiple devices together to form low-cost, wide area mesh networks for monitoring of large areas and, when one device detects a drone, all devices in the group will be alerted. The signal “power bar” also allows each app user to determine the general direction of detected drone’s controller and the drone ID feature shows the drone type and unique ID number. The app currently detects 90-95% of the non-encrypted consumer drones on the market. For added, multi-layer security, the DroneWatcher APP can integrate with DeTect’s DroneWatcher RF and HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar (DSR) sensors to provide a near 100% drone detection and defense solution.

About DeTect: DeTect ( is a US-based leader in remote sensing technologies with offices in the US and Europe and projects worldwide. DeTect’s products include drone surveillance and interdiction systems, aircraft bird strike avoidance radars, UAV Ground-based Sense-and-Avoid radars, airspace and marine security radars, border protection systems, and bird radars for wind farm and industrial bird control and protection. Since 2003, DeTect has manufactured and delivered over 350 systems worldwide. DeTect most recently installed a DroneWatcher™ drone detection and defense system at the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) in Panama City, Florida.

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