Microblading Can Add Precious Time to a Hectic Daily Routine, says Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) March 27, 2020

A February 25 article on Woman’s Day discusses the extremely detailed regimen that longtime TV personality Kelly Ripa keeps each morning. Starting at 5 a.m. every day, Ms. Ripa starts by dry brushing her skin while sipping her coffee and selecting the topics she is going to discuss when her show airs live later that day. The routine continues with a workout, taking care of her children, and traveling to the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” studio — leaving little or no room for downtime. Ms. Ripa’s jampacked morning routine will sound familiar to many and Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup says that, for those wanting to add time to their busy schedules, microblading offers a way to reduce time spent on one of the most challenging and detailed parts of a daily beauty routine by eliminating the need to recreate eyebrows every morning.

Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup describes microblading as a process somewhat similar to the tattooing used for more standard types of permanent makeup, but with some very important differences. Pigmentation, as opposed to ink, is placed into the skin by hand using incredibly tiny instruments that ultimately create lines that appear so similar to natural hair that very few people can tell the difference without being alerted, the salon says.

Microblading has become the gold standard for eyebrow replacement, Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup says, because it is extremely useful for people in many situations. In addition to busy women on the go who want to save time every day and athletes who want to look their best all day long without having to deal with runny makeup, many clients may have lost all or part of their eyebrows temporarily or permanently due to their medical situation or aging. Others may be disabled while many may women in particular simply don’t think they have the artistic touch needed to do their makeup correctly, says the salon. It notes that microblading is semi-permanent and will require periodic touching up to maintain the full effect.

Not all salons offering microblading and other services are the same, says Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup. It notes that Ellie, its primary makeup artist, is praised by clients new and old and is highly respected in the Los Angeles and Southern California beauty community. Recommended by reconstructive surgeons, celebrities, and even royalty, Ellie is one of the most reputable names in microblading and is highly trained in all aspects of her craft. She holds numerous certifications and is registered with the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.

Interested readers can learn more about microblading and permanent makeup by visiting Beverly Hills Permanent Makeup website at https://www.bhpermanentmakeup.com or by calling (424) 247-6411.

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Dr. G. Hunt Neurohr Partners with the Exclusive Haute Beauty Network

DALLAS (PRWEB) March 27, 2020

The Haute Beauty Network, well known for its exclusivity, and luxurious lifestyle, is privileged to present Dr. G. Hunt Neurohr as a leading Face expert representing the Dallas market and the newest addition to the Haute Living partnership.

Haute Beauty offers a prominent collective of leading doctors nationwide. The invitation-only exclusive network maintains elite as ever, with only two doctors in every market. This partnership allows Haute Beauty to connect its affluent readers with industry-leading doctors.

Visit Dr. Neurohr’s Haute Beauty Profile: https://hauteliving.com/hautebeauty/member/dr-hunt-neurohr/

About Dr. Neurohr:

Dr. Neurohr is an American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has practiced in Dallas, Texas for over 25 years. He is dedicated to helping improve people’s lives through Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Neurohr developed his interest in faces during his surgical training to treat cancers of the head and neck and immersed himself into the anatomical and surgical study of the region. The face is most challenging area to achieve surgical non-detectability; so, Dr. Neurohr further pursued his post-doctoral studies in facial aesthetic surgery with Dr. Bruce Connell at the Connell Clinic in Santa Ana, California. It was there that he realized he was adept at visualizing possible results for individual patients. If he could “see it,” his hands could make it happen.

Dr. Neurohr and his family moved back to Dallas, Texas in 1990 due to the frequent Southern California earthquakes. He has built an exceptional aesthetic plastic surgery practice exclusively by “word of mouth”. Dallas was a hot spot for developing facelift techniques in the 1990s and the term called “the Dallas look” was coined to describe the tight, pulled appearance of post-operative patients. These surgical techniques were designed to withstand extreme tension (the thought being that the tighter you could pull it, the longer it would last); however, surgical tension looks artificial in a facelift. Dr. Neurohr was well aware of this and avoided the trap. He developed an individualized SMAS facelift with fat grafting. Very few surgeons at the time believed that injectable fat grafts even worked, but Dr. Neurohr recognized how much of a natural improvement the technique produced in his patients. The quality of his results was unparalleled, and he quickly catapulted to the top tier of facial aesthetic surgeons in Dallas and in the state of Texas.

Dr. Neurohr constantly studies natural forms and shapes of living structures, always looking for applications which could further improve his surgical results. For instance, in the very unforgiving lower eyelid operation (blepharoplasty), he was one of the first to implement an array of stylized “canthopexy” procedures to preserve the inherent shape of the eye. He developed a “repair” operation that actually treated the lower eyelid fat bags like a hernia; therefore, restoring the proper spatial relationships of the lower eyelid and the cheek. He developed injectable fat grafting techniques which corrected the aging effects of “circles” under the lower eyelids. Dr. Neurohr was ahead of his time performing these avant-garde techniques.

As Dr. Neurohr became recognized for the quality of his work, he developed an international contingent of surgeons interested in understanding his ideas and methods, and was asked to lecture to plastic surgery groups in North America, Central America, and Europe about facelift techniques, eyelid surgery, surgical philosophy, and body contouring procedures. His expertise in identity preservation generates enthusiasm because it embodies the true art of plastic surgery. Dr. Neurohr has recently completed a chapter titled Avoiding Complication in Facelift Surgery in the textbook, Aesthetic Rejuvenation of the Face, published by Theime in May 2016.

Dr. Neurohr is devoted to his one and only wife of 39 years, Stephanie, and their eight children. He adeptly balances family responsibilities, his medical practice, and his personal health. His children and grandchildren help keep him young along with his deep faith, good nutrition, intense intermittent exercise, and the love of life. He operates a state-of-the-art surgical facility in friendly Dallas, TX certified by the AAAASF. There he personally consults with every patient, takes all his own photographs, and performs every detail of every surgical procedure, from the first marking to the very last stitch.

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Dr. Timothy Katzen Partners with the Exclusive Haute Beauty Network

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) March 27, 2020

The Haute Beauty Network, well known for its exclusivity, and luxurious lifestyle, is privileged to present Dr. Timothy Katzen as a leading weight-loss and Body expert representing the Los Angeles Market and the newest addition to the Haute Living partnership.

Haute Beauty offers a prominent collective of leading doctors nationwide. The invitation-only exclusive network maintains elite as ever, with only two doctors in every market. This partnership allows Haute Beauty to connect its affluent readers with industry-leading doctors.

Visit Dr. Katzen’s Haute Beauty Profile: https://hauteliving.com/hautebeauty/member/dr-timothy-katzen/

About Dr. Katzen:

Award-winning and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. J. Timothy Katzen is proud to offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic procedures to women and men at his esteemed facilities in Beverly Hills, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Having been featured on a number of television programs, such as TLC's The Real Skinny and Discovery Health's The Incredible Shrinking Woman, he has gained recognition for his advanced after weight loss surgery techniques. The most notable of these techniques is his trademark 360 circumferential body lift, which he has performed for numerous patients to help them fully realize their post-weight loss body goals. Dr. Katzen cares deeply for each of his charges and actively involves them in the decision-making process of their personalized surgical treatment plans. This is to ensure that their unique concerns are addressed and goals met.

In addition to weight loss procedures, Dr. Katzen specializes in silicone injection removal, thigh and arm reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, Vaser High Definition Liposuction and facelifts.

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