Kubb&co Develops Virtual Influencer for essence, the First Cosmetics Brand to Launch Its Own CGI Influencer

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (PRWEB) December 05, 2019

Today, Kubb&co, a full-service digital agency that uses the latest tactics in social, web, video and paid media to drive business outcomes for its growing list of clients, launched a virtual influencer for essence, maker of affordable, fun, cruelty-free, high-quality cosmetics. Working with essence, the first cosmetics brand to launch a virtual influencer, Kubb&co developed Kenna, a self-described girlbot. essence will feature Kenna on its Instagram channel starting today. Kenna will also have her own channel.

"In addition to our focus on innovation and creativity, it is extremely important to us to be close to our customers," explains Kristin Jaskolka, Director of Brandhouse at essence. "We want essence's target group to be able to identify with our brand and give it a voice," continues Jaskolka. The solution: the development of an Instagram avatar.

“Kubb&co is excited to be working with essence on this innovative approach to influencer marketing,” said Chris Kubbernus, founder and CEO, Kubb&co. “While other brands including KFC have launched their own virtual influencers, this marks the first time a cosmetics company has showcased one. essence’s goal with Kenna is to get even closer to its followers, tell a unique story through Kenna and show true innovation in technology and social media.”

To help Essence create even stronger connections with cosmetics fans around the world, the brand worked with Kubb&co to develop Kenna, a product marketing intern at essence, who represents the latest advances in 3D technology.

Virtual influencers are computer-generated digital avatars who are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram. Lil Miquela, Noonouri and Shudu Gram are three of the best known virtual influencers, all controlled by agencies and production houses, who have worked with brands like Samsung Mobile, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and Valentino. Virtual influencers have almost three times more engagement than real influencers, according to a recent study.

Kenna will give fans a unique insight into working at essence, showing everything from product development to what goes on at company events and parties. Her life will be further explored through her day-to-day activities, her love of animals and her life as a ‘girlbot.’

About Kubb&co

Founded in 2016, Kubb&co is the fastest growing social media agency in the Nordic region. Working with brands like Red Bull, essence, LOV, Coloplast, MSD, Jabra, Copenhagen Airports, Milestone and The European Invest Fund, Kubb&co specializes in scaling content through creative and paid media distribution. Learn more at http://www.kubbco.com.

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New High Resolution Ultrasound Study of Silicone Gel Implants Provides Information to Women about Their Breast Implants

RICHMOND, Va. (PRWEB) December 05, 2019

Dr. Stephen Chen is one of several plastic surgeons around the nation offering new, high resolution ultrasound (HRUS) technology to help his patients more easily detect ruptured silicone gel implants and reporting on their experience. While the FDA currently recommends regular MRI scans for women with silicone gel implants, compliance rates are low. Now that several studies have documented the excellent accuracy of in-office high-resolution ultrasound (HRUS) scans for detecting silent rupture of silicone gel implants, this new technology can tell patients if their implants are intact or ruptured.

“In my experience with ultrasound, the positive predictive value is as close to 100% as you can get,” reports Dr. Mark Salzman, a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Louisville, Kentucky for 27 years, and the lead investigator for the study. “Ultrasound has been really, really helpful for our practice.”

The national study is being conducted in nine facilities around the country in order to evaluate how women feel about having the new HRUS scans of their silicone gel breast implants. HRUS is being offered at no cost to the first 150 women in each facility who have silicone gel implants that were placed between 2000 and 2015. Women not eligible for the study, wishing to check for implant rupture, are offered the ultrasound option at a low cost.

Most women with silicone gel breast implants are aware that their implants may rupture without any symptoms, called a “silent rupture.” The FDA recommends that women with silicone gel breast implants receive MRI scans every two years for life in order to detect silent ruptures. However, MRIs are expensive, and are usually not covered by health insurance plans.

The latest HRUS technology allows women to know what is happening inside their body with their breast implants right in their surgeon’s office. Dr. Salzman explains how HRUS benefits both his practice and his patients, “In fifteen minutes you can say, ‘Mrs. Smith, your implant is not broken.’ It’s a relief. No one’s going to go spend $2,500 to find that out and have an MRI. But now you can find out in 15 minutes, it’s worthwhile. I don't know how in today's world you can practice state of the art, cosmetic breast surgery and not do ultrasound. It's impossible.”

Women in the Richmond area with silicone gel breast implants placed between 2000 and 2015 who are interested in ultrasound to verify whether or not their implants have silently ruptured may contact Dr. Chen’s office at (804) 482-5313 to schedule an in-office High Resolution Ultrasound scan. For more information about Dr. Chen, please visit https://www.stephenmchen.com/.

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Cartessa Aesthetics releases Subnovii Plasma Technology to the US Marketplace

MELVILLE, N.Y. (PRWEB) December 04, 2019

Cartessa Aesthetics, one of the fastest growing aesthetics companies today, has launched Subnovii Advanced Plasma Technology for U.S. dermatologists, plastic surgeons and licensed aesthetic providers. The newest addition to their breakthrough portfolio, Subnovii is the only plasma to employ LF technology – low frequency plus a patented wavelength and power combination. Subnovii’s highly controlled, low frequency emission means treatments are more precise and predictable and healing time is reduced.

Plasma, the latest trend in aesthetic treatments, takes advantage of the fine layer of ionized gas, or plasma, that exists along the surface of skin. Subnovii emits a voltaic arc which sublimates the skin and kick starts fibroblast activity to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Only Subnovii’s internal control system ensures the emitted energy is always consistent and that the toughest areas are treated with unmatched precision. The device is ergonomically superior and crafted from lightweight materials used by NASA and Airbus.

“As the market for non-invasive procedures continues to dramatically increase, areas surrounding the eyes and mouth remain difficult to treat and for which, no consistent, durable, predictable treatment has taken a lead position” shared Cartessa CEO and Founder, Gabe Lubin. “We feel Subnovii advanced plasma technology will quickly become an invaluable tool to deliver the results the market demands.”

Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons across the US have applauded Subnovii’s versatility:

“I have not found anything similar which can easily and precisely target lesions without leaving pigmentary or texture changes after treatment. It has become a staple in my practice.” – Philadelphia Dermatologist, Dr. Thomas Griffin Jr.

"Subnovii has been a great addition to our aesthetic practice. Its unique and patented LF technology creates reliable results and is especially impressive for skin around the eyes, lips and neck.” – Boca Raton Dermatologist, Dr. Jordana Herschthal

“Small areas can be treated in about 20 minutes, the results are fantastic, and you can carry it in your lab coat.” – Chatanooga Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Carey Nease

The launch of Subnovii is aligned with Cartessa’s mission to bring superior devices for both provider and patient at a reasonable price-of-entry for the practice. Aesthetic providers interested in adding Subnovii to their practice are encouraged to reach out to a Cartessa agent.

About Cartessa Aesthetics

Cartessa Aesthetics, LLC sources leading aesthetic medical devices for distribution to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians and medical spas. Cartessa selects the most cutting-edge technologies that offer clinically proven efficacy, patient safety, and the best possible investment for patients and professionals. For more information visit: http://www.cartessaaesthetics.com

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