Re-energizing Advisors with the Art of High Performance

Ready to Run?

If you’re not getting ready now, it will be too late later. OK, it’s the dog days of summer, as
close to over as beginning but this is the time to prepare yourself for the busy fall season. If
you try to get ready in September, you will miss so much prime time that it’ll be half over
before you start. You’ll miss your chance at high performance this year.

Traditionally, advisors do about 60 percent of their business in September, October, November
and December – one third of the year but almost two thirds of the business. If you have any
goals you want to meet, you meet them starting in September. You don’t miss them in
December. Don’t run out of time on your goal by being slow out of the blocks now.

What can you do to hit the ground running in September?

I find that some of the best advisors I know and work with are reworking their presentations
now to be more focused and effective. They are adjusting their sales talks to account for the
ideas they found during the year that made them more effective. They are adding more of what
worked and eliminating what didn’t. They are preparing or polishing professional PowerPoint
presentations they can use in front of their prospects. They want to look more deserving of the
business they get than ever. They make sure they cover all the important issues prospects need
to make the right decision.

That’s what the best advisors do. They prepare for high performance. Do you have a practiced,
polished, professional presentation to help prepare prospects to purchase products promptly? If
you don’t, this is the time to get to it.

You can also prepare your contact list for September. Rather than scramble in September to
get your best leads together, get those lists together today. Prepare these people for your
contact. That could mean sending a newsletter, email or staring a twitter account and asking
them to follow you for “pearls of financial wisdom from your friendly neighbourhood financial

Maybe you do like my old friend, associate and Stanley Cup winner, Gary Dornhoefer used to
do. Take your best prospects out to play golf over the summer, pay for it and dinner and don’t
mention business at all. Then call for a coffee in September to talk about how you can help. It
worked like a charm.


Charm your business by preparing for the busy season right now… when you have fewer
distractions and can get it done. Practice – and make perfect.

I’m Jim Ruta and that’s just the way it is.

Jim Ruta

Jim Ruta is the author of four books, contributor to online and offline magazines around the world, he has spoken on stages featuring the leading insurance and investment financial service professionals/advisors representing the highest standards of ethics, knowledge, service and productivity, including the Million Dollar Round Table Main Platform representing 36,000 individuals in 78 countries.