Weltman Consulting, a needed ally for realtors

Larry Weltman's Weltman Consulting, a needed ally for realtors
Larry Weltman’s Weltman Consulting, a needed ally for realtors

TORONTO, Jan. 4, 2016 /Money.ca/ – Ontario based real estate agents and brokerages have a new ally in Weltman Consulting, a Richmond Hill, Ontario headquartered consulting practice that specializes in the multifaceted real estate sale industry. Weltman Consulting is lead by Larry Weltman, who utilizes his real estate expertise working as a Customer Service Representative at AccessEasyFunds Limited, a leading established real estate commission advance company.

Established to provide comprehensive and strategic business consulting and planning services, Weltman Consulting provides real estate agents and brokerages with a variety of individually crafted consulting services. Implementing his experience in the real estate services sector, Larry Weltman envisions Weltman Consulting enabling, empowering and enhancing the reach, impact and profitability of real estate brokerages and agents.

Weltman Consulting offers structured realtor administration consulting and business consulting that includes business planning, marketing strategies, accounting related.

Utilizing his accounting background, Larry Weltman’s Weltman Consulting offers consulting services to real estate brokerages in accounting and administration optimization, managing accounts receivable, and agent relationships.

With a commitment to offering excellent services to real estate insiders and a proven track record of aiding the top producing real estate teams, Larry Weltman offers a unique and unparalleled industry experience to ensure for maximum profitability and growth.

Larry Weltman has more than a decade of experience in the real estate customer service sector. In addition to his role at Weltman Consulting, Weltman services real estate agents through his work at AccessEasyFunds Limited, a real estate commission advance service provider. Working at AccessEasyFunds exposed Weltman to the growing need for real estate agent & brokerage consulting services, a demand he saw clients lean on him for; which inspired Weltman to establish Weltman Consulting, to further service and facilitate and assist agents and brokerages across Canada.