An Alberta executive focused on new hires not lay-offs

Riaz Mamdani, an Alberta executive focused on new hires not lay-offs
Riaz Mamdani, an Alberta executive focused on new hires not lay-offs

CALGARY, ALBERTA—Strategic Group, a Calgary commercial and residential real estate development company, has used the tough economic times in Alberta as a chance to re-align their business focus. Riaz Mamdani, CEO of Strategic Group, has shifted the company’s focus away from office space development to place a higher priority on the rental housing market.

Strategic Group continues to work on a variety of rental property projects in southern Alberta and plans to start at least three more this year.

More importantly, Strategic Group’s realigned business strategy is allowing the company to look at where it must add skillsets to support its business plan objectives.

Strategic Group’s founder and CEO, Riaz Mamdani, has made it his number one priority to ensure that all staff clearly understand the company’s goals, their role in delivering on them and how important to have everyone aligned and working together as a team.

Alberta’s economy has been under pressure over the last twelve months.  So much so that it has caused some companies in the province to downsize and lay off some of their workforce.

Despite the slowdown in Alberta’s commercial real estate market, analysts see the demand for rental housing growing over the next year, which has been a large motivator for Strategic Group’s move toward the rental property market. Strategic Group currently has five apartment buildings under construction and plans to start work on more in the next few months.

Riaz Mamdani believes that it is prudent to be proactive when it comes to the economy and that we cannot simply wait for a potential recovery. Leaders who desire to remain competitive and relevant in the economy must continually strive to meet concrete business goals and, more importantly, must be willing to adapt to new economic environments.

In shifting its business focus, Strategic Group has re-affirmed its culture of accountability and delivery at the company. Each employee is well versed on what their individual goals are and Riaz Mamdani ensures that each executive at his company has the tools they need to achieve their respective goals.

Calgary has faced setbacks before, the 2013 catastrophic flooding described by the provincial government as the worst in Alberta’s history, being the most recent. The resilience of Calgarians has allowed them to persevere in the past and this time will be no different. As Riaz Mamdani and Strategic Group prove, focusing on the future is the best way to ensure Calgary is ready for the next wave of economic prosperity.