5 Realtor Marketing Tips to Build Lasting Relationships

For real estate agents being able to market themselves as well as they can market houses is a key step to business success. Promoting yourself successfully involves building lasting personal and professional relationships, marketing your best attributes and following some time-honored techniques for finding and retaining clients.

It’s a well-known fact that, people prefer to buy things, especially big ticket items like cars and homes from people they like, trust and respect. Add to that, the statistic, that the average person will only purchase real estate two or three times over their lifetime it’s easy to see why it is particularly important for relators to establish an enduring relationship with their clients.

Larry Weltman’s Realtor Tips

1. Stay in Touch With Clients

Sending out a monthly newsletter featuring helpful home ownership tips and links to articles will help foster a relationship that stretches beyond the closing day. This technique can also make a realtor appear approachable and knowledgeable, traits that encourage word of mouth advertising repeat business.

2. Send Out Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Sending out real estate marketing postcards on regular intervals will inspire interest in your business, and raise brand awareness as well.

There are a number of ways to utilize the postcard marketing strategy, a popular way amongst many realtors is using images of a house they have sold in the area to entice homeowners to sell with them.

3. Save Your Clients Some Money

New Jersey-based, real estate broker Ken Baris has taught his sales associates to throw neighborhood get-togethers at which homeowners file petition papers to lower their property taxes. The papers are prepared by the realtor who tells the homeowners what sections to fill out while at the event.

Partygoers fill in a few items in the paperwork, enjoy some wine, and then wait for their petitions to be approved by city council.

“People will remember you if you’ve helped them save cash,” Baris says.

4. Market Wisely

A strategically placed billboard or even a clever marketing item can bring in business and create interest.

Angie Matessa, a real estate agent in Ohio realized that using moving materials to market her business drew in more business and helped clients remember her. Matessa personalizes moving tape with her company logo, her name, and her phone number, “I give tape to someone when we start looking at houses,” Matessa says.

She then gives them more tape once they start the moving process. The tape often remains on the boxes for months and years to come with her business number and name just in case they need to contact her again.

5. Start A Referral Program

Offering perks is a good way to get word of mouth referrals from existing clients. Give past clients and your list of contacts an incentive to refer business to you, gift cards to Home Depot or furnishing stores, or a gift certificate for landscaping or snow removal services are great incentives. 

Create a page on your website outlining your offer, mention it on your business card and add some info about your referral program to your email signature. Incentivizing is a great way of differentiating yourself from your competition in a heavily saturated market.