Getting the Money You Deserve in a Personal Injury Claim

Sustaining an injury due to the negligence of another person or entity changes your life. Even if you eventually recovery fully, there is all that lost time and opportunity to consider. Those who lose something and never fully get it back will live with the consequences of the injury for the rest of their lives. In either scenario, you need help from a personal injury lawyer in order to get the money you deserve. Here are some of the ways the lawyer can determine what sort of settlement would be equitable.

Assessing Your Current Medical Bills

It’s not unusual for an Ajax injury lawyer to begin by taking a look at the expenses that the injury has already created. What have you paid in terms of out of pocket expenses for emergency care after the event, a stay in the hospital, surgical procedures, physical therapy, and maybe even home care? Those expenses often form the basis for the amount your legal counsel will seek to recover.

Replacing Income Lost Due to the Injury

Are you unable to work because of the injury? That means you are losing income. While some of your benefits through work may be temporarily making up the difference, the fact is that you would not be exhausting those benefits if the injury had never taken place. Most personal injury lawyers will factor in the money clients would have made if they weren’t sidelined by some time of injury.

Thinking About Future Expenses

Some injuries may require weeks or months to recover and then life gets back to normal. Others are so severe that you will need some type of ongoing care for the rest of your days. You can bet that the team of Lerners LLP personal injury lawyers will want to know what sort of ongoing care you will need. With the aid of medical and insurance professionals, it’s possible to project how much that future care will cost and include it in the settlement amount. The goal is to ensure the money is there when you need it to maintain a reasonable quality of life.

Protecting Your Credit Score

The combination of medical bills plus being out of work is a recipe for financial difficulties. When you begin to fall behind with things like mortgage payments, car payments, credit card bills, and other debts, the impact on your credit rating will be significant. You can bet that personal injury lawyers in Ajax will work to secure a reasonable settlement before your benefits run out and your credit score is adversely affected.

While it may be tempting to take whatever settlement the responsible party offers and run with the money, sign nothing before talking with a personal injury lawyer. The insurance provider for the other party wants to settle the issue and spend as little money as possible. By contrast, your own lawyer will be seeking a fair settlement that protects you now and in the years to come. Call today and engage the services of a lawyer. In the long run, you’ll be glad that you did.

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.