Can You Make Money Live Streaming?

Can You Make Money Live Streaming?

These have been boom times for fans of live-streamed entertainment. Last year the average earnings per month for popular live streamers was $5,800, with many making much more than that. So, if you’ve always wanted to make money live streaming, the time is now. But, deciding on what kind of content you want to fill your stream with will decide if you can actually earn a living streaming video. There are many popular topics these days, but deciding which one you will make your stream about should come down to one thing — what do you like? Streaming about something you are passionate about will bring in the kinds of audience numbers you need to really make good money doing this. Today, we will discuss the important topic: can you make money live streaming?


Having a podcast about something you love is a great way to dip your toe into the big world of live streaming entertainment hosting. Maybe you love a particular show and know every word to every episode. Your genuine excitement for the next chapter of your show could translate to big bucks in the live streaming marketplace. Just let your own natural emotions take over while you discuss the plot points, and twists and turns of each episode. No detail is too small to dedicate an entire episode to, and you can be sure there are other super fans out there who will appreciate every word that you have to say about the most minute facets of each character on the show you love. Superfans are the bread and butter of some of the most popular podcasts out there today, and the sooner you start giving it a shot, the sooner you will begin to gather fans of your show.


Some of the biggest live streams out there are about games. Games on phones, games on PCs, and games on consoles are all very popular these days. Just getting on your stream and talking about a new character release, and everything that means for the player in-game is a great way to get fans and subscribers. Games for phones are getting more and more revenue, and top streamers can make huge amounts of money just streaming their gameplay. Maybe there is a new character, and your stream will highlight his or her abilities in different game modes, and your audience can get a sense of how the new character will play for their team, and decide from your stream if they want to invest in getting him or her. The best part is you will have the satisfaction of making a great living doing something you probably heard was a big waste of time over and over again. Your passion for your video game hobby could become a huge career investment.


Whatever you decide to live stream about, you can be sure that the one big factor that makes for a big paycheck is something very simple — authenticity. The genuine thrills, happiness, and excitement that flow from a live streamer that actually loves their subject will be perceivable to your audience because they share the same feelings, and want to see someone get as giddy as they feel when the subject of their favorite topic is discussed. Getting these super fans like yourself on board, and ready to subscribe will actually be your job as a professional live streamer. It is really a dream come true for people who love to talk about their favorite obsession with other fans. So, if you think you have what it takes, and your love of your favorite subject is strong, don’t hesitate, try live streaming today!

David Jackson

David is a personal finance expert, a professional male model, and an entertainment writer.