USA Rx: How to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

USA Rx: How to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

If you’re one of the 41 percent of Americans that take at least one prescription each day or one of the 17 percent that takes three or more prescription medications per day, you’re likely well-acquainted with the stress and uncertainty that can come from a visit to the pharmacy counter. With prescription drug costs rising each year with no relief in sight, many Americans are going without their prescriptions or cutting back on their doses against their doctor’s orders. If you’re lucky enough to have good insurance coverage, prices for some medications can be manageable, but others may not be covered at all. More than 80 million Americans are uninsured and underinsured, meaning they have no health insurance or have a high deductible health care plan, and these individuals receive little or no discount on their prescription drugs. Regardless of whether you’re trying to manage a chronic health condition or you need a new medication to recover from an acute illness, the monthly costs associated with prescription drugs don’t have to cause anxiety.  Pharmacy discount card providers like USA Rx offer the opportunity to save money on your prescription drugs regardless of your insured status.


What is Pharmacy Discount Cards?

Pharmacy discount cards are a new answer to a long-standing problem: the high cost of prescription drugs. Pharmacy discount card companies negotiate prices with drug manufacturers in order to help lower rates. The companies receive a referral fee from their participating pharmacies when they fulfill a prescription.


What is USA Rx?

USA Rx is a healthcare savings company that offers discounted prescription drugs to cardholders. Members of USA Rx are offered discounts ranging from 10 to 75 percent on all FDA-approved brand and generic prescription drugs at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.


How Can USA Rx Save Me Money?

If you’re looking to save money on prescriptions, it might seem hard to believe that a free program like USA Rx can help you save money. However, the company negotiates with drug companies to offer a discounted rate on medications at participating pharmacies. About 60,000 pharmacies in every state in the country participate in the program, with most medications priced within several dollars of each other. USA Rx makes money from a referral fee paid by the pharmacy to USA Rx when you pick up your prescription, at no additional cost to you.  USA Rx’s discounts are available on all FDA-approved generic and brand name prescription drugs, unlike most insurance plans, and there are no coverage limits.


Do I Still Need My Insurance if I Have USA Rx?

It’s important to know that USA Rx is not an insurance plan, and you’ll likely want to keep your insurance. There are no deductibles, co-pays, premiums, paperwork, or maximum coverage limits associated with USA Rx, and your card never expires. If you’re fortunate enough to have insurance, we recommend having your pharmacist compare the costs of your prescription using your USA Rx discount and using your insurance to see which one is less. USA Rx discounts cannot be combined with your insurance discount.


How Else Can I Save Money on Prescriptions?

Requesting the generic version of your prescription can help keep your costs down, so ask your doctor if the generic form of your drug is right for you. Generic alternatives use the same active ingredients and are rigorously tested by the FDA, just like the brand name medications, but use different inactive ingredients that may affect the color or appearance. You’ll be receiving the same treatment at a lower price. 


USA Rx isn’t insurance, but it can still help you save money on your prescription drugs. Joining the program is easy: just provide basic contact information on the company website and print your card! Present it to your pharmacist and you’re ready to start saving. You can even check the prices of your medications online before heading to the pharmacy so there are no surprises.

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