Money Pug Releases Home Safety Guide for Travelers

Money Pug Releases Home Safety Guide for Travelers

Money Pug, a site designed to save consumers money, has released their own guide for travelers in the digital world that want to prevent home burglaries. The guide begins with a series of questions for travelers along with useful tips on how to reduce the risk of a home being burglarized.

“No matter how tempting it may be, make sure that you do not give the game away and tell the world about your travel plans online. If you have children, make sure they are also aware of the dangers of sharing too much information on social media,” explains the guide.

Statistically, 80% of robbers check Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps before a robbery occurs. Broadcasting travel plans on social media is one of the biggest mistakes that travelers can make. The guide further questions if someone is watching a person’s property, and explains how thieves will often stop by a home multiple times to check if a potential victim’s travel plans have changed.

Those coming from abroad and immigrating to another country, such as Canada, can be particularly vulnerable because they are unaware of these dangers. The best immigration lawyer in Toronto would advise new settlers to be particularly vigilant.

Money Pug provides quick and simple solutions to common errors travelers make that result in their homes being robbed. Digital errors are most common, and methods are discussed that can further secure a home and possibly make it look like someone is home to deter thieves.

“One final thing to consider is that a GPS left in your car at the airport could be used to lead thieved back to your empty home. If your car is stolen, thieves could use a GPS to find out your home address and steal more from you,” explains Money Bug

Money Pug offers travel insurance comparisons which further protect consumers when traveling. This is especially useful if you’re taking a Prague to Berlin bus or to some other European city. The extensive guide also walks readers through a key set of instructions to follow.

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