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Alan is a Chartered Financial Analyst and 25 year veteran of the financial advice industry. After founding a discretionary portfolio management company based in Western Canada, he undertook the challenge of writing his first book. His goal was to offer readers an insider's perspective on why so many investors are stymied by investment decisions that fail to live up to their expectations.

The Mathematics Of Losses

Will a 30% advance after a 30% decline in a portfolio, return the account to the same market value? The ...
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Money Illusion – “A Dollar Today > A Dollar Tomorrow”

Money illusion refers to the tendency of individual investors to think of investment returns only in terms of nominal value ...
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Framing – Half Full or Half Empty?

Imagine that I am holding a glass that is partially filled with water. Is it half full or half empty? ...
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Why You Hope That Stock Will Come Back

Risk aversion refers to an individual investor’s preference to choose an investment with a more certain, but possibly lower, expected ...
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When Are Stocks Like Hotdogs?

Herding refers to the phenomenon of how individuals, who are acting independently, can sometimes unintentionally act together as a group ...
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Shortcuts to Ruin

Shortcuts to Ruin “Buy low, sell high” is likely the most widely quoted financial market truth of all time. It ...
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Is Your Financial Advisor a Salesman?

By Alan A. Fustey When an advisor recommends that an investor purchase a financial product, there can be as many ...
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