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Brad Fauteux (Bradley Fauteux) is an experienced leader, business strategist and innovator who has succeeded at building and leading teams, developing critical relationships and fostering transformative environments during his sixteen-year-plus career.

Brad Fauteux earned a bachelor’s degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and followed this by earning a management certification from the American Management Association International.

The Ontario native currently combines his business capabilities and skills with his affinity for the environment as a consultant in the areas of business strategy and leadership and natural resources management. Most recently, he has consulted on the Credit Valley Trail Strategy and the Conservation Areas Master Strategy for the Credit Valley Conservation Authority.

Much of Brad’s work has been in the area of public lands and resource management, where he has led organizations in business development, capital and infrastructure planning, Strategy development and planning, finance, human resources management and tourism marketing.

From 2012 to 2015, he served as the Managing Director of Ontario Parks and the Ministry of Natural Resources, a leadership position which resulted in several major accomplishments, including the completion of the Mid Canada Line Project, an $85 million environmental remediation in the north end of the province – the largest such project in Ontario’s history. Brad also helped forge new public/private partnerships with more than 300 intergovernmental, community, Indigenous and private partners, an effort that resulted in service delivery to more than 10 million clients annually.

Over the course of his career, Brad has been recognized for his work, earning a number of awards, including the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Award in 2015 and the Tourism Marketing Partnership Award from the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario in 2014.

Brad’s leadership in expanding Ontario’s Learn to Camp program has been particularly recognized. The program won recognition for the way it combined social media communications strategies with face-to-face outreach to drive substantial growth of the program. The result was a highly inclusive initiative that doubled the program’s locations. Additionally, over four years it grew to over 8,000 campers with a return rate of core campers of 75 percent. Importantly, Brad also connected with his counterparts in Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Parks Canada to share the strategy – which earned it more widespread implementation.

Brad Fauteux continues to pride himself on being a relationship builder and working horizontally with an emphasis on thoughtful communication to achieve organizational goals.

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